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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Matador Who Ran Away from the Spider

    An original and funny story about Perreras who runs away from a spider. Perreras is used to fighting such huge bulls as a matador, however he is scared of a tiny spider! Perreras tells all his friends - Ana, the flamenco dancer, Pedro, his costume maker and Eduardo, an accountant, about "the big and hairy and VERY scary spider." Ana, Pedro and Eduardo enter his house to help Perreras search for the cheeky spider. "The Matador Who Ran Away From The Spider" is a fast-paced, good-natured rhyme ... more
  • Days of Hope, Miles of Misery

    by Fred Dickey
    The shout “giddap” starts the oxen down a path to the end of the world. For five months, and two thousand miles, the wagon train lumbers toward California on the Oregon Trail and into big trouble. The emigrants endure disease, dirt, and attacks from outlaws, and invaded Indians. Bitter strife erupts between ill-matched pioneers forced together by necessity. The 1845 wagon train is part of a vast westward movement; a monument to Americana that fascinates readers 175 years later. In one of ... more
  • The Epic of Gabriel and Jibreel

    by Marin
    The Epic of Gabriel and Jibreel is a cautionary tale of the ultimate friendship. It is a heartbreaking story of two boys, a refugee and a child from a wealthy suburb. Gabriel lives with his father in a large house surrounded by other large houses. One day, while exploring the beach, Gabriel meets Jibreel. Jibreel lives with his father in the upside-down boat that brought them across the sea. With similar stories of devastating loss, yet joyful dreams and a love for flying, the boys form an incre... more
  • Wordscapes Puzzle Guide For All Answers

    by Nale Fransh
    Wordscapes is really a fun game that requires that you develop phrases with your fingers by simply connecting and swiping letters within the correct order. The game is mainly a combination of common sense as well as vision. You should make utilization of both sensory faculties to resolve the puzzles since your vision and sound abilities do not actually allow you to solve the puzzle without judgment. Every level is made up of 3 circles along with phrases on them. At the start of each stage, y... more
  • Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock and the Magic Library

    by Davon Miller
    Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock loves to read. He has books from A to Z. He loves to read so much that he's always wished to venture in the books in his library. A witch hears him and ensures magical chaos for Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock!
  • Do You See the Giant?

    by Srividhya Lakshmanan

    A colorful picture book that can teach your toddler to compare sizes through animals. And, learn thirteen animal names and their favorite foods.
    What’s included in this book:
    1) FUN and EYE-POPPING illustrations.
    2) LARGE BOOK for an easy flip through.
    3) BIGGER Fonts.
    4) LIMITED text keeping in mind toddlers attention span.
    The book can help subtly communicate that no one is big or small, and everyone has got a unique place in our world.

  • Too Cute to Spook

    by Diana Aleksandrova

    Lorry wants to be the scariest monster of all, but unlike the other monsters, he doesn’t look scary at all. Lorry is cute and kids aren’t afraid of cute little monsters.

  • Gauge Black: Hell's Revenge

    by Mark Justice
    The Civil War has ended. Gauge Black, a Union soldier, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and is sent to prison in Hell, Arizona Territory, where he spends three years enduring unimaginable and sadistic conditions. Upon his release, he sets on a grim course of violent and hate-fueled revenge against those who sent him to Hell.
  • The Travels of ibn Thomas

    by James Hutson-Wiley
    The adventures of a man torn between religious and political loyalties, and embroiled in international conflict and intrigue, The Travels of ibn Thomas, the second book in the series that began with The Sugar Merchant, is a gripping story of one man’s life, and a fascinating glimpse into the tumultuous twelfth century’s commercial and scientific revolution when the three Abrahamic faiths meet in both cooperation and deadly conflict. Thoma, son of Thomas Woodward, born in Egypt but raised in Eng... more
  • The Kneelees and The Standees

    by Roy Adorjan
    Separately, the Kneelees and the Standees have come to a crossroad... But, where will the road chosen take them? Will the road taken be of equal ground? And which way will the whispering wind blow? In a story for the ages, in a tale for the next generation, The Kneelees and the Standees face a change in the world; gasping for the breath of a nation. This is a story rooted in the basic, fundamental message of freedom and equality. It is an age old tale told about being different, yet still the sa... more
  • When Courage Comes

    by Paul M. Fleming


    It’s 1943 in Huntsville, Texas. Stephan, a German army conscript, is imprisoned in one of the first POW camps hastily built in America. The hostile community fiercely opposes enemy prisoners on American soil, but Stephan’s greatest threat lurks inside the camp – where Nazis demand his loyalty to a cause he despises. Does he ignore his conscience or... more

  • Short Stay Apartments

    by FOX Corporate Housing LLC
    Do you need short stay apartments individually or for your families? We will provide you at an affordable price range and professionally well-managed apartments.
  • Ballet Orphans

    by Terez Mertes Rose
    It's 1990, and New York soloist April Manning is trying to rebalance her world in the aftermath of her parents’ deaths. An offer to join the struggling West Coast Ballet Theatre as a principal dancer seems like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start—a new life in San Francisco, an exciting step up in her career, and the hope of a redefined sense of family. But the other dancers are wary, clannish and tight-lipped, particularly about an incident that hastened the departure of their beloved art... more
  • The Brass Starling

    by Isaac Peterson
    The Brass Starling focuses on a Jewish family in 1910 who have had to flee Eastern Europe to New York City. The main character, 16-year-old Talia, uncovers proof of an ancient evil (only named in Jewish mythology) asserting its influence over corporate bosses: the Amalek. The book is filled with turn-of-the-century technology and magic set against the historical backdrop of the labor movement.
  • One Little Wish

    by Kelly Kas
    After a wish gone awry, 8-year-old Simon receives a magical ball that won't stop growing larger. He realizes what his new ball is capable of and that wishes really do come true.
  • Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer

    by Powerful Astrologer
    If accurate measurements taken by an expert like Love Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer N.K Shastri, your problems can go in the blink of an eye. The only delay is that you contact him and share with him what the annoying elements of your life are, which he denies leaving you alone. (+91-8544845150)