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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bella Toscana

    by Nanette Littlestone

    An explosive yearning that can’t be denied.
    Disturbing visions from an ancient past.
    A mysterious stranger that somehow feels familiar.

    On the night of her fiftieth birthday, the comfortable ride of Toscana’s life takes an alarming plunge. Haunted by seductive visions, she tries to push aside the desire and focus on the husband who adores her. Then she falls for Flynn, a younger man with an eye for adventure and a heart full of romance, who leaves her doubting ever... more

  • Ready for Whatever (The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 1)

    by Kathryn R. Biel
    "Look on the bright side, Millie. At least you don't have cancer." Testing positive for the BRCA gene only means one thing: Millie Dwyer is almost certain to develop cancer at a young age. After losing her grandmother and mother to the dreaded disease, Millie's always feared a similar fate. But now the twenty-nine-year-old has technological advancements on her side, including radical surgeries, that can save her from ever having to deal with the Big C… but at quite a cost. Now Millie has... more
  • Stolen Valor - A Carson Brand Novel

    by Craig Rainey
    Carson Brand was a regular guy with a reputation as a tough guy. After his best friend is murdered by a major Mexican Drug Cartel, his toughness is put to the test. His efforts to avenge the murder of his best friend places him in the deadly crosshairs of a bloodthirsty Sicario, local and federal law enforcement, and the lovely Christina, high ranking Lieutenant within the cartel.
  • Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation

    by Samyann
    A tender love story pulls the reader back to previous lives and a time richly elegant. In modern day Chicago, deja vu draws together a handsome mounted policeman and the beautiful young woman who saves his life. Yesterday is also a harrowing tale of escape through the American Civil War, the heart wrenching love of slaves for their young white charges, and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. In this historical romance, Mark fights through Amanda's rejection to prove that she will love again as she o... more
  • Shrink Unwrapped

    by Joel L. Schwartz

    To treat patients using psychoanalysis, psychiatrists must first undergo their own analysis. And Dr. Jacob Fink plans to coast through his own stint on the shrink's couch as quickly as possible. After all, there's nothing wrong with him! But soon, his forty‑five minute sessions unearth long‑buried struggles that are both profound and profane.

    Can a three‑year‑old who was unable to sit still on his carpet square in nursery school and constantly joked his way through his schooling... more

  • Home To Kentucky: A Western Novel (The McCoys: Before The Feud)

    by Thomas A. McCoy

    A treacherous journey. Wagons packed with gold. Will the McCoys outrun a group of lawmen or swing from the gallows?

    Kansas, 1865. Wiley McCoy can’t wait to return home. He counts down the days until his family can stop laying low and return to Kentucky with the rightfully plundered valuables they took back for the South. But crossing the open prairie with four wagons full of gold may bring Wiley a lethal set of new problems.

    With desperate outlaws and opportunistic deserters... more

  • Back At The Ranch: The McCoys Before The Feud Series vol.3

    by Thomas A. McCoy

    Southern honor. Northern greed. The cost of failure could be their lives…

    Kansas, 1865. Tommy McCoy sees a bright future ahead. After succeeding in several risky raids to reclaim the South’s gold from a thieving Union general, he’s finally back home with the woman he loves. But when Pinkerton detectives start snooping around, he’s worried his temporary comfort will end with an execution.

    To keep his family safe, Tommy devises an ingenious but dicey plan to... more

  • The McCoys Before The Feud: A Western Novel

    by Thomas A. McCoy

    A corrupt general. A stockpile of plundered Southern riches. Can a proud family reclaim the gold for its rightful owners?

    Kansas-Missouri border, 1865. Tommy McCoy burns for justice. Reeling from the end of the bloody Civil War, he learns that a corrupt Northern general has raided the bounty of the Confederacy and plans to keep it. Tommy and his shrewd father vow to get back the valuables for innocent Southern families or die trying.

    With time running out before the general's ... more

  • Crowning Glory River's Journey

    by Taylor Thompson

    River Thomas is eight-years-old when she begins to hate herself. This is when her mother started straightening her hair with the hot pressing-comb heated on the kitchen stove. Often, the seeds of self-rejection are unknowingly, and even lovingly, sown and nurtured. This can be especially true for a young black girl growing up in the 1950's south. This story about passion and dreams in the dark and dangerous world of child abuse, bigotry, and lust introduces the reader to River. Her person... more

  • Myscal Taylor's Civil War Series

    by Michol Polson
    Myscal Taylor just wants to be left alone. He tries to live a peaceable existence. But; conflict, violent men just seem to find him. They have all his life. The Civil War rages far away to the East. He and his family live a good life on the frontier of the Wasatch Mountain range in the American West. It has its dangers; Bannock arrows have left their livid scars. A crazed Oregon Trail traveler shot him once. The frontier teems with pugnacious men; Myscal knows how to defend himself with fast,... more
  • Get Real: An Adaptation of the Velveteen Rabbit

    by John Jimerson

    This is the journey of Alberto, the toy rabbit.  Along the way, he learns the thrills of loving friendship, the sorrows of loss, and what it means to be real.  After many joyful experiences with his closest friend, he loses what seems like everything.  Then, when he thinks there is no hope, out of his grief grows the magic that transforms him into who he was always meant to be.  This book is a meditation on love, loss, and personal transformation.  This is the Ve... more

  • An Even Exchange

    by Christine F. Tomalin

    When independent student, Beri Baines,  is selected to study abroad, she has no idea her independent nature will be challenged by the very charming and conservative Brit, Colin Chapman.  Their strong attraction for one another continues to create conflict in their lives as the story leads them along and unforeseen events intervene and transform their future.

    Their lives come full circle not realizing the implications of the choices they make.

    The unique format of how thi... more

  • Journey to Glastonbury

    by Lawrence Compagna
    After viewing the summer solstice at Stonehenge, a gray haired man finds himself five thousand miles away and ten years in the past. Armed with knowledge of the future, he believes that he has power to change the destiny of a young man and the girl he loves as they prepare to embark on a journey to fulfill a dream. A haunting story of loss and redemption, Journey to Glastonbury is sure to move you in ways you don’t expect.
  • The Adventures of Gary the Rabbit & Jerry the Elephant

    by Steven Friedman
    From the debut author, Steven Friedman comes the new tale, The Adventures of Gary the Rabbit & Jerry the Elephant. Children who love Peter the Rabbit, will adore Gary and Jerry the tiny elephant. It takes a place in the forest of Redwood, but when all the water goes missing, the animals have to adapt. Gary’s dad, Geoffrey travels with a few other rabbits up north to a new forest and home. Gary on the other hand stays in Redwood with Jerry. They found a cabin with a garden and fresh water. Gar... more
  • Detaching Roots: Poetry and Prose

    by Beverly Maier
    Detaching Roots extracts the pain that we all experience and bleeds it onto paper, spilling out words that everyone can understand. This book targets anyone who has dealt with the atrocities of life and faced most of them alone. It is divided into four sections: Detaching, Hurting, Healing, and Falling. Detaching Roots will take you on an emotional journey as you read this unfeigned collection of raw, and truly unfiltered, poetry.
  • Moon Flower

    by Neil Perry Gordon
    It’s the year 1675. Eighteen-year-old Lukas Pietersen is about to consume the ceremonial substance, known as Moon Flower. The potent seeds from this nighttime blooming plant, as prepared and administered by a shaman, will cause Lukas to lose his memory and begin his quest to become a warrior of the Pequawket tribe. This epic tale follows Lukas, a young boy in the Dutch controlled territory of New Amsterdam, as he meets chiefs, shamans, warriors, and the English army on his quest to seek a... more