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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Book Simulator

    by Chris Yee


    We all know you don't like to read, but don't worry, Book Simulator is here to save the day. Convince your friends that you are an avid reader. Utilize techniques that almost anyone can learn. Techniques include: page turning, eye movement, note taking, and much more. Book Simulator includes interactive exercises that allow you to practice your craft. Impress your friends and master the art of book simulation.

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  • The Militarized Zone: What Did You Do in the Army, Grandpa?

    by Wayne E. Johnson
    In the spirit of M*A*S*H and Good Morning, Vietnam, this predominantly humorous tale is told by Will Jensen, a twenty-three year old college grad, musician, and business owner, intent on getting through life having a good time without bothering others. In 1969 he’s drafted but determined to make his time in the military pleasant. His determination is tested at Eighth Army Headquarters in Seoul. Korea, where he experiences love and loss, joy and tragedy, and gets a true education about lif... more
  • The Last Up: A Curious Tale About The Future Of Sales

    by Jimmy Vee
    Meet Mark Dunham, a guy struggling to keep his life afloat who reluctantly finds himself selling cars. The next up is his, but he's clueless and hasn't sold a single car. Having tried nearly everything, including standing roadside in a gorilla costume, he comes across an old movie projector in the basement of the dealership, which opens a portal through time. This unlikely discovery thrusts Mark into an epic adventure where he uncovers a new way of selling cars, taught to him by the late founder... more
  • My Pet Shop

    by Kathleen Long Bostrom

    When a little girl goes to the pet shop to buy her first pet, her imagination gets the best of her. What if she owned a pet shop? What animals would she include? A dog that drives? A horse that sings? A turtle that has purple wings? You won't find the normal pets in this pet shop: it's one-of-a-kind! Join the fun and let your own imagination run wild!

  • 5859873

    by Anne Shmelzer
    This story portrays Will Nicol's internal struggle to regain his sanity after five long years in the WWI trenches of Flanders Fields and explores the central themes of lasting love and friendship. Will's journey plunges readers into the moral ambiguity of war, his recuperative convalescence with Trappist monks and his courage in confronting his memories and demons, as he searches for redemption.
  • After and Before: The Story of Hatley Chambers

    by Glenn Seerup
    A horrendous and unexpected event occurs in the course of normal life for Hatley Chambers. Two intertwined plots chronicle the aftermath of this event as well as the series of occurrences that led him to it. A coming-of-age story about a young man trying to find his place in the world.
  • Morning Snow

    by Ronald Paul Speakes
    An eccentric young man comes of age in Michigan during the time of the Vietnam War. Thomas Tarakhanov Teniers, known as Taty, the grandson of a Russian immigrant and an American Episcopal minister, faces, on his own soil, a war fought in a distant land. Just like those growing up in other generations, it was a time for him to come to grips with the self, with others, with institutions, with political and religious dogmas. But it was also a time for Taty to try to be rebelliously different in... more
  • Tripi Takes Flight: The Amazing Adventures Of Tripi The Fly

    by Lori London

    This is the story about a fly who can't fly, but who longs for adventure! Tripi is different, and special you see; he can talk, read and write — he can even dance and sing! Tripi is unique in his ability to look at the bright side of things. He does not let this get him down, instead he goes to the library — the one downtown. At this wonderful place he met The Great Book! The book talks of tantalizing travel, and far-off lands — destinations that Tripi would love to land! Will this chance enc... more

  • Dream Butterflies

    by P.M. Kelly
    Dream Butterflies" is a story about a young princess who faces her fears and learns what it takes to make her dreams come true by sharing them with others. The story begins at a time before young girls had dreams. This tale is about a princess who, even though she is rich beyond imagination, has a quest to find her own dreams and learns something about herself along the way.
  • Bender

    by Alexander Rigby
    Two souls. Four love stories. Ancient Egypt. Renaissance Italy. 1980s Pittsburgh. Futuristic Argentina. Bender tells the story of four couples across space and time, chronicling their relationships from the moments they meet, until their love stories ultimately end. These interconnecting tales follow a princess who falls for a slave, two men whose love is taboo, a dysfunctional couple struggling to make it work, and two women who discover a fascinating machine that reveals they’ve lived m... more
  • The Taste of Air

    by Gail Cleare
    When Mary Reilly turns up in a hospital hundreds of miles from the senior community where she lives, Nell and Bridget discover their mother has been hiding a second life. She has a lakeside cottage in Vermont and a series of complex relationships with people her daughters have never met. The thread of mystery leads back to the middle of the 20th century, and it knits together all three women, the sacrifices they've made and the secrets they carry. Nell is a carpool mom and corporate trophy wi... more
  • The Falling Leaf Review

    by Jay Ruvolo
    A Monthly Literary Review Publishing and Contributing Editor Jay V. Ruvolo
  • Does the Queen Fart?

    by Heather Gordon
    Valentine doesn’t understand why his mum thinks farting is such a big deal, especially when she feeds him healthy fruits and vegetables that make him gassy. After all, everyone farts, don’t they? One day, Valentine and Mum learn that the Queen is in town—and she’s planning a visit to their home for tea! As they prepare for the royal arrival, the gassy little boy can’t help but let his toots tootle and his poots pass. But when the Queen arrives, he’ll make a startling discovery about his mum a... more
  • Emma Has a Dilemma!

    by Dana Wall and Amber Wall
    Emma has a Dilemma! and she doesn't have a clue what she is going to do. She got her first F ever on an easy grammar exam on Nouns and Pronouns. Wizard Jake hears her crying and offers to help; a genius in grammar. Wizard Jake teaches Emma the ins and outs of Nouns and Pronouns but will it be in time? Only this glorious tale of characters from two different worlds can answer this question.
  • In Fashion's Web

    by Lynn Russo Whylly
    After a lifetime of hard work and personal sacrifice, Tracey's fashion design business is finally taking off. No longer a boutique designer, Tracey's success is taking her to exotic places like Paris, Milan and Tokyo to build her brand. As the company grows, however, employees and bitter rivals Kara and Allison vie for power. But things aren't always what they seem in business or in love. When Tracey gets caught in the middle of a struggle between her lover and a New York City crime boss, Kara a... more
  • The Competition

    by Caroline Miley
    Two hundred years ago, Edward Armiger stood at his easel and wondered what to paint. His problems are contemporary, even if his setting is different. His was a world in the grip of war, change and radical new ideas, but what was his place in it? He and his friends enter a painting competition at the Royal Academy that will establish the winner professionally, but when he’s pitchforked into the gritty world of northern woollen mills, frame-breaking and food riots, his ideas are disrupted by L... more