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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Things That Make You Go Vroom

    by James Hewitt
    Things That Make You Go Vroom is a fun picture book that shows kids how the things that make a car go vroom are just like the things that make them go vroom. The book makes whimsical comparisons between a skeleton and a car frame, a heart and a car’s engine, a tummy and a car’s fuel tank and several other fun vroom things.
  • A Passel of Trouble

    by Joe Epley

    Written from the Loyalist's perspective, "A Passel of Trouble" is a saga of David Fanning, one of the most notorious and feared partisan leaders fighting to destroy the rebellion against Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. He rose from an uneducated, naive teenage sergeant in South Carolina's backcountry royal militia at the start of the war to becoming a feared commander of Loyalist creating havoc in North Carolina. Captured fourteen times during the first ... more

  • Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou

    by Steven Burgauer

    Imagine a dead German in a whorehouse bed. A pair of bloated corpses floating in a Mississippi bayou. A mysterious notebook filled with unknown codes and hand drawn maps. Brave young Marines and Navajo code talkers landing in the Pacific. A Mafia Don helping the Allies seek revenge on the Fascists. A secret meeting of U.S. marshals with a New Orleans crime boss. A series of anagrams challenging the code-breaking talents of the bril... more

  • Snowman Paul Save Kate's Birthday

    by Yossi Lapid
    Kate’s birthday party is tomorrow and preparations are in full swing. But then, oops, Dan makes a big mistake! He “accidentally” eats his sister’s birthday cake. Can Snowman Paul help Dan save Kate’s special day? Will Kate be able to forgive Dan? And what will Mom do when she finds the empty cake tray? Written in rhyme, the Snowman Paul book series celebrates the magic of winter through the evolving friendship between a young boy and his mischievous snowman. Whimsical and humorous, the storie... more
  • Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics

    by Yossi Lapid
    Snowman Paul dreams of becoming a Winter Olympics champion. When he persuades a skeptical Dan to join him on his Olympic quest, Dan is surprised by how well his snowman is doing in competition. But then Dan becomes suspicious. Snowman Paul knows everything about snow and ice, but is he competing fairly? Or is he perhaps, enjoying some unfair advantages? If so, what should they do about it? Written in rhyme, the Snowman Paul book series celebrates the magic of winter through the evolving friends... more
  • My Snowman, Paul (Snowman Paul Book 1)

    by Yossi Lapid
    On a snowy winter day, Dan builds himself a nice snowman named Paul. Snowman Paul wants to play and Dan hesitates because his friend Bill is watching and Bill thinks snowmen are dumb... But Paul is no ordinary snowman and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Dan and Paul become best friends and, together, they embark on a series of exciting adventures. Dan’s life will never be the same. Written in rhyme, the Snowman Paul book series celebrates the magic of winter through the evolving friendship ... more
  • North Side Hellion

    by Ben Broeren
    Chicago Prohibitions comes alive through Irish-American young man Aiden McCarthy. While teetering between loyalty to family and the dangerous passions of the Jazz Age, he matches wits with such figures as young Alphonse Capone, falls in love, and befriends misfits in a story for history buffs, romantics, and adventure-lovers alike.
  • The Sea Sprite Inn

    by Lynnette Adair

    Please, won't you come in?

    Sit down, put your feet up and relax with us at The Sea Sprite Inn.

    The Sea Sprite Inn is a charming tale about the owner of a Rehoboth Beach Bed and Breakfast. As the book opens, Jillian finds herself in the middle of a perfect storm of stressful situations. She's newly divorced, lost her job and now her daughter is leaving for college abroad. When her beloved grandfather has a health crisis, Jillian inherits the responsibility for a dilapidat... more

  • Grandma BallyHuHu and the Mystical Coin

    by Marti Melville
    There is always magic and adventure in a day spent with Grandma BallyHuHu. When Boone finds a mystical coin hidden inside Grandma BallyHuHu’s treasure chest, he suddenly finds himself on board an ancient ship and discovers the real hidden treasures lie within his imagination as he voyages at sea with pirates.
  • Midnight Omen

    by Marti Melville
    Besieged by the supernatural, modern day teens are haunted by18th-century marauders, but when faced with life on board an ancient ship, they learn their survival depends on haunting events lived long ago as Caribbean pirates.
  • The Game That Never Ends: A Story of Love and Games

    by David Adamson Harper
    In 1953 Sandy and Alex meet and fall in love in Adelaide, South Australia. She comes from a wealthy Catholic family and he is the son of a shopkeeper and an Anglican. Her mother has marriage plans for her and takes Alex to Italy to keep them apart. He goes to Oxford University where he achieves great success in cricket and rugby football. For the next seven years their love has to overcome many conflicts and is sorely tested by a tragic event and her Catholicism. In 1961 now working in San Franc... more
  • The Annals of Petronius Jablonski: An Odyssey of Historic Proportions and Priceless Treasure of Philosophy

    by Petronius Jablonski

    When his classic Pontiac is abducted by a deity who lives in the depths of Lake Michigan, Petronius Jablonski is offered enlightenment in compensation. To obtain it he must decipher the coded features of an odyssey. He neglects to share these minor details with his longsuffering girlfriend, Sandy, who accompanies him. Home-schooled by an eccentric father, Petronius holds the modern world in contempt, the demise of polytheism and eighteenth century English in general, the plague of democracy a... more

  • Stirring Li Chao

    by S.E. Brandenburg
    The Taiping Rebellion in China was the greatest Christian uprising of the nineteenth-century. Responsible for upward of twenty million deaths before its defeat, many, including Li Chao, had to wonder, "What is Heaven's reason?" The Empire is corrupt and failing. People are starving. The Manchu government has lost the Mandate of Heaven. Inspired by heavenly visions, a leader emerges. His popularity grows. Encouraged by western missionaries, a nascent Christian nation is on the brink of embrac... more
  • Harrington Manor

    by Ronald M. James

    A murderer stalks the orange groves of 1923 Southern California.

    Detective Sidney Snipes is called to the Harrington Manor when retired Colonel Peter Wescott Harrington is found slumped over his desk by his family. Snipes entrusts the sensational new crime fighting technology—Fingerprint Analysis to find a fierce fiend.

    Just when he thinks he has the murderer cornered, an unsolved missing person cold case rumples his proficient sleuthing skills. Then another Harringto... more

  • Now I Know It's Not My Fault

    by Laurie B. Levine
    Alexandra Geller is a bright, underachieving fourteen-year-old coming of age in the big hair 1980’s. Alex is from an accomplished, well-educated family. The sudden death of her mother five years ago, and her relationship with her well-meaning but emotionally unavailable father, leaves her unmoored and vulnerable as she tries to figure out who she is. Early in her freshman year, she’s befriended by Paula Hanover, a young, attractive science teacher at her high school. Paula’s irreverence and char... more
  • Darker the Night

    by Lisa London

    Books on WWII typically focus on famous people & events - and usually from the vantage point of the winners.  Darker The Night instead focuses on the viewpoint of the German people trying to live their lives. Hedy wants to help the war effort by becoming a physical therapist, but the Nazi's have other plans. She finds herself working on farms and in airplane factories, dodging bombs and battling hunger. As the war comes to an end and news of the atrocities crush her pride in her country, her ... more