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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mark Christopher

    by Stan Matthews
    Mark Christopher is the tale of one man's faithful journey through poverty, war, tragedy and opposition as he searches for his destiny and meaning in his life.
  • I Love Me and the Skin I'm In

    by Jessica N. Crutcher
    Love yourself no matter what others say. Follow Jessica on her journey to understanding what it means to love yourself despite how others may view you. See how Jessica handles the challenges of bullying, and learns to love the skin she is in.
  • The Moons of Mars: Short Stories of Adventure & Romance

    by Charles E. Jones
    Short Stories for the Adventurous Stories range from military adventures to everyday life. Characters endeavor to excel and succeed with inviting romance and action backgrounds
  • Losers and Sinners

    by Michael B. Proud
    A man whom is a career criminal, a womanizer, and a drug addict has come to Las Vegas . . . not to seek, women, or drugs . . . but redemption, and this is his story . . . . Losers and Sinners Written by Michael B. Proud
  • The Love Knot

    by John Slavin
    "The Love Knot" is a sequel to D.H.Lawrence's classic "Women in Love". That novel concludes with the suicide of the English industrialist Gerald Crich in Switzerland. His lover Gudrun, an expatriate English artist, accepts an invitation by Loerke, a sculptor to come to Munich in order to work in his atelier. The year is 1922. Gudrun finds herself caught up in the dazzle and political turmoil of the Weimar Republic. In Munich she is sexually drawn to an English writer called Birkin and she also ... more
  • Full of Wonderment

    by Josh Greenfield

    Jordan Fineman's second year of college has almost done him in.  His solution is to head off for a summer of work and adventure in Alaska.  All the while mental illness is setting in.  A summer to remember.  A tale to grow on.

    This novel is a quick read, told in a conversational first person voice, that is quick to see the humor of the circumstances.  In the end it has something positive to say about the most stigmatized, most human of conditions, mental ill... more

  • The Life That Got Away

    by Clay N Sauls
    Rallying at the news that a girlfriend in Seattle was sexually assaulted, the narrator abandons his life in Massachusetts and drives west to avenge her. Dreams of Beatrice’s gratitude for his concern and noble action carry him over the long miles. Unfortunately, this damsel has no desire for rescue. The Life That Got Away alternates between adventures of the narrator’s past cross country road trip and his current adjustment in Seattle. Dealing with Beatrice’s rejection of his desire to right ... more
  • Little Nick in the Cannoli Cream Thief

    by Jillian Palmieri
    Pasta and meatballs and cannoli, oh my! Life in Little Nick’s house is full of fun, food and family. Each story begins at the family table where Little Nick’s adventures always begin. The Little Nick series teaches children and parents alike how to navigate childhood through the exciting and funny adventures of Little Nick.
  • Gobbles and His Turkey Trick

    by Beatrix S. Tambunan
    Turkey humor! A Parody on Thanksgiving. See how Gobbles changes his fate. We all can change
  • Monkey Bandit and the Naughty Ball (Monkey Bandit Funny Children's Books for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4 Book 2)

    by Maria Ellis
    Do you have a toddler who is ever so slightly tempted to bend the rules every once in a while (all for a “good” reason, of course)? Then you will like the story of Monkey Bandit and the naughty ball! Monkey Bandit, much like any toddler, forgets about the rules. He knows he cannot play with a ball inside the house, but are bending over the ball or touching it with one finger considered „playing with the ball”? This colorfully illustrated, funny children's story will make babies and toddler... more
  • Monkey Bandit Goes Potty (Monkey Bandit Funny Children's Books Series for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4)

    by Maria Ellis
    My mess… your mess… it all belongs in the potty! Do you have a toddler who is reluctant to go potty… and admit it when he is messing up? Then you will like this story of Monkey Bandit. Monkey Bandit, much like any toddler, sees nothing wrong… when he’s doing something wrong. But when others do the same “wrong”, the offense is immediately obvious! Here is a funny story about how Monkey Bandit became motivated to go potty in the potty… because he realized that to do otherwise was simply wro... more
  • Monkey Bandit and the Monkey in the Moon (Monkey Bandit Children's Books for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4 Book 1)

    by Maria Ellis
    Monkey Bandit, much like pretty much any toddler, will not go to bed. He must (must!) finish his castle tower first and then draw some circles on a piece of paper. But then he hears about the monkey in the moon. Is he finally going to go to bed? This colorfully illustrated, funny children's bedtime storyfor toddlers is sure to get your child in bed - and fast. You will all have fun staring at the night sky and looking for the monkey chasing butterflies! Who says that going to bed means the... more
  • Gilded Cage

    by Sherry D. Ficklin
    Masie, the flaxen-haired daughter of notorious boot-legger Dutch Schultz, returns home from boarding school to find her family in crisis. Her mother is dangerously unstable, her father's empire is on the brink of ruin, and the boy she once loved has become a ruthless killer for hire. To keep her family's dangerous secrets Masie is forced into a lie that will change the course of her future--and leave her trapped in a gilded cage of her own making. As she watches her world fall apart, Masie must ... more
  • Undivided Lines

    by Robert Lampros
    Undivided Lines is a collection of stories about wisdom, love, adventure, and redemption, featuring a diverse range of characters who brave challenging and life-altering experiences. From a tenacious senator defending the legacy of his work, to a Native American youth fighting for survival in his homeland, to a new mother traveling the galaxy to solve the mystery of her husband’s disappearance, these stories entertain, amaze, and enlighten.
  • Rough Hurech: Adventurer

    by J. F. Dargon
    Having heard the amazing and alluring accounts of seafaring men who spoke of a strange land at the edge of the western ocean's reach, Rough Hurech assembles a group of adventurous men. He tells them a tale of fame and glory and vast Templar riches that awaits each man brave enough to follow him across the storm tossed sea. The Staffordshire Men, as they are called, assemble at Hurech Manor where they kiss their wives and children goodbye to seek out fame and fortune. As they follow their lord, R... more
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