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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • One Little Wish

    by Kelly Kas
    After a wish gone awry, 8-year-old Simon receives a magical ball that won't stop growing larger. He realizes what his new ball is capable of and that wishes really do come true.
  • Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer

    by Powerful Astrologer
    If accurate measurements taken by an expert like Love Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer N.K Shastri, your problems can go in the blink of an eye. The only delay is that you contact him and share with him what the annoying elements of your life are, which he denies leaving you alone. (+91-8544845150)
  • Airport Taxi In Tunbridge Wells

    by twexpresscars cars
    Tw express Cars presents nearby taxi services, lengthy distance taxis & airport transfers in Tunbridge Wells and its surrounding areas. With expert drivers and reliable cars, we continually attempt to supply the nice service to our customers.
  • When the Time Is Right

    by Kim Cano
    As veterinarian Michelle Catalano helps other people's ailing animals earn their angel wings, she tries not to think about the empty cat perch in her own home. Or the empty side of her bed, grown cold since her boyfriend left town. Then a pet psychic's uncannily accurate reading leaves Michelle with more questions than the answers she thought were set in stone. And warnings so dark, she wishes she still had her cat at her side to cuddle the fear away. When a brutal murder devastates Michel... more
  • Love's Labour's Won: The Secret Life of William Shakespeare

    by William Gray

    This imaginative, cradle-to-the-grave, fictional autobiography of the world's most admired playwright dramatizes the surprisingly tumultuous life of William Shakespeare, from his colorful childhood in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, through his precarious adult years as a recusant player and playwright in London, and his final, scandal-plagued years back in Stratford. The novel seamlessly integrates many of Shakespeare's poems and play excerpts to create a compell... more

  • Flying Change

    by GG Collins
    Molly dreams of becoming an Olympic equestrian. When she lands a job at a local stable against her father’s wishes, she is excited and hopes dad will acquiesce. The owner of Reintree Stables exchanges her work for riding lessons and she believes she is on her way. But life has a habit of throwing challenges in front of us. Molly is no exception. Two frightening incidents occur and Molly comes to believe she is a coward. If she can’t overcome this notion, her riding career is over. What she doesn... more
  • Without Notice

    by GG Collins
    Blended families are okay until it affects Courtney’s family. It’s bad enough her father moves the family to a new city after her mother is killed, but then they meet his girlfriend Silky. Courtney resists in the only way a thirteen-year-old can; being unkind even when she doesn’t want to be. But a new friendship with a troubled but adventurous girl allows Courtney to try new experiences, until one of these lands them in trouble. Courtney will have to depend on Silky for help.
  • Bougainvillea

    by John Deupree
    The Bougainvillea is not what it seems. This novella explores our acceptance of other dimensions and places of existence. At once a literary, mystical and metaphorical journey, Bougainvillea delves into mysterious realms and takes the reader into uncharted territory.
  • Cheese? Yes, Please!

    by D.A. Jennings

    Kip, the mischievous mouse is back still causing chaos. Friends are not always easy to find. if you're lucky, you may come upon someone special and different. Kip learns what it means to be a friend in my new illustrated book. While searching for something to eat, he meets a lonely girl and together their imaginations soar, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Joy A Modern Fable

    by Alisha Berger Gorder
    An unforgettable debut novel that thoughtfully captures the hopes and dreams of American families. Five loosely connected characters navigate love, parenting, rejection, loss, community and reinvention in this deeply moving and optimistic story. Joy A Modern Fable is contemporary American fiction at its finest. It will restore your faith in the goodness of others and solidify the notion that for all of us, the best is yet to come.
  • Knocking

    by Robin Merrill
    How do you walk a tightrope when it's unraveling beneath your feet? Tonya is a tireless pastor's wife, but when her daughter plays a prank on their reclusive neighbor, her orderly life blows up. Is her husband really having an affair? Who is this neighbor, and why won't she come out of her house? How can she get her daughter to come back home? Does Tonya even have a home anymore? Meanwhile, seven senior ladies are starting a church down the street. What are they thinking, taking on such a ... more
  • The Groston Rules

    by Mark Binder
    Seven friends trying to graduate high school get caught up with bullying, climate change, and other dysfunctions… THE GROSTON RULES is an edgy book for high school readers. With suspenseful twists and turns, it is a captivating and lighthearted high school tale about teens in trouble, surviving through their strong friendships.
  • segways

    by clifton mora
    Segway is an original device that is used for fast and safe movement on city streets. This is the best choice for those who value comfort and do not like to get stuck in traffic jams. The Segway is equipped with an ergonomic footrest, monochrome screen and a heavy duty battery. The device is capable of supporting a pilot weighing up to 110 kg, so children, teenagers and adults can ride it without any problems.In our online store you can order Segways at an affordable price with home delivery. 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy For Restaurants

    by Restaurant Funnel
    Check out the digital marketing strategy for restaurants with us! We work with you to custom build a complete marketing system so that you can attract people.
  • Marvelous Masks

    by Nicole Billick
    Do you know any little ones who are wary of wearing masks because of COVID-19? Or know any who are wondering why everyone suddenly seems to be wearing masks? Have you been trying to find a way to make your young children comfortable wearing a mask without feeling strange or anxious? Have an upcoming event or travel where your child will have to wear a mask? Then Marvelous Masks is for you! A fun and beautifully hand-drawn story that explains how masks have been part of our world for a LON... more