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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • water softener

    by amlu paul
    . These downsized scale creature might be the reason behind some authentic afflictions, So one of the most basic thing to guarantee is that , the water we drink is perfect. The measure of afflictions are developing when showed up distinctively corresponding to quite a while back. The fundamental job behind these sickness are the un clean drinking and sustenance tendencies. The water which we use for drinking and cooking ought to be liberated from all illnesses causing little extension creatures.... more
  • Origami Orchestra

    by Ammie Elliott
    Let your imagination unfold as an orchestra of origami debuts its soulful tune just for you. In this 286-word story, readers are introduced to a whimsical land where the art of origami is anything but stiff. Origami Orchestra is part of a new book series titled The Dreamscape Series. The collection is a celebration of inclusiveness. No matter our gender, race, or cultural differences, everyone dreams. This book, and the others in the series (coming soon), incorporate new words and informatio... more
  • How the Ə Got Producted

    by NK von Stade

    A childhood trauma leaves N. yearning for connection and vulnerable to the seductive but damaged Jeremy Sahkdvar, a young product liability attorney with a technology vendetta. Their one-sided relationship ends abruptly when Jeremy marries another woman and runs for elective office. Adrift but resilient, N. mines a series of seemingly random hookups for the raw materials she uses to reinvent herself. N. becomes a prominent lobbyist for the biomedicaltechnology industry and, years later, a top... more

  • The Joke's on Me

    by Laurie Boris
    Stand-up comic Frankie Goldberg’s Hollywood dreams fall apart with an exclamation mark when a mudslide destroys her hopes, her home, and her entire collection of impractical footwear. Needing comfort, she returns to her mother's B&B in Woodstock, New York, where she spent her teen years doing chores and chasing after the handyman's hot, high-school-jock son. But the joke's on her. Now she has to deal with the mess she left behind, including her non-relationship with her bossy older sister and th... more
  • The King's Broad Arrow

    by Kathryn Goodwin Tone

    Despite the revolutionary fervor sweeping across the American colonies in 1775, Sam Nevens, a 13-year-old from New England, is reluctant to fight. Sam is outwardly skeptical of the war and inwardly doubtful of his own courage. He is tested and transformed by a remarkable journey which includes: being trapped on a British prison ship; hiding out in occupied Boston; joining Paul Revere in a search for gunpowder for the Continental Army; helping Thomas Paine print and deliver copies of Ameri... more

  • A New God in Town: Book 2 of the Red State/Blue State Confessions

    by Thomas Keech
    The Red State/Blue State Confessions is a two-volume dystopian series set in the very near future in Kansas and Massachusetts. The United States has essentially split into two different countries. Stacey Davenport fights back against a regime that is quickly reducing women to concubinage in Kansas. Even as a motorcycle gang, deputized as religious police, rounds up the designated women, Stacey starts a political campaign to overthrow the regime. But Stacey's initial victory does not really chang... more
  • Mrs Johnson's Psychedelic Gathering

    by Christopher Anthony Rhodes
    One Year after the 2020 Nimbus Pandemic, Mrs Johnson has a mystery visitor, who gives her the power to save the world. Who is Mr Lovegrove and how will Mrs Johnson gather The Six together after more than 40 years? Join them on a psychedelic adventure spanning eight decades and crossing time and space as they attempt to save their world from extinction.
  • Polly Goes to the Fair

    by Marcia Miles
    For everyone who loves adventure, Polly is always offering new ones. Polly is busy learning more, and more about her world. In the second book in this series, Polly visited the fair, what will Polly learn. Continue reading to find out.
  • Black Republicans

    by Anton D. Morris
    Black Republicans, a 90,700-word novel, begins at the end of HORUS FITSROY'S run for his party's nomination. He leaves the courthouse to face a swarm of reporters who want to know if Horus is guilty of conspiring to kill a suddenly famous internet journalist - APOLLO GIVENS. Once home, Horus and his brother JASON recall days when life was more straightforward for them. They remember the night of the company Christmas party when things changed. Through multiple points of view, we learn why... more
  • The Last Word

    by Ron Miner
    A small town journalist is tasked with the most important assignment of his life––a conversation with the last surviving World War II veteran. And the man is willing to talk. Gleaned from real life filmed interviews with ten squadron members, this novel is a poignant tale of a life well lived, and an evocative legacy of rescue missions and night flight from New Guinea to the Mariana Islands of World War II’s South Pacific. Dan Callahan’s next three days take him on a pilgrimage of over ... more
  • Hamilton's Choice

    by Jack Casey
    A historical novel about the emotional and political events that led up to the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. A vivid portrayal of Hamilton's conflicting loyalties to his family and his country.
  • Jam Sessions: Sometimes in Middle School, the best you can do is survive.

    by Jerry Harwood
    Meet Phillip. His mom relocates him to a new school in the middle of the school year. Things do not go well. Phillip lands himself a trip to the dean of student’s office when he tries to forge his mother’s signature. Maybe if he spelled her name correctly it would have gone better. Phillip also finds himself having more and more anxiety. And the song some bullies are singing is certainly not helping: Phillip Willip, Puddin and Pie. Got a bad grade and made him cry. There i... more
  • American Blasphemer

    by John Matthew Gillen

    Would you dance with the Devil at a rock and roll show?

    Even if she wanted to kill you?

    American Blasphemer is the story of a lovesick writer named John who moves to NYC to escape his dysfunctional family after getting dumped by his girlfriend.

    An epic literary novel written in the tradition of Denis Johnson, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson, each chapter delivers new characters and unforgettab... more

  • Can I Tell You Something?

    by Karl Kristian Flores
    Rich. Dense. Hopeful. Can I Tell You Something? (CITYS) is a tender and brutal book of philosophy. Its collection is composed of 100 poems about age, addiction, disease, poverty, romance, art, friendship and more. Flores’ poems are a nuanced assembly of our questions, our instincts, and our most concealed emotions like shame, purposelessness, and lust. These poems are accompanied by fifty illustrations by Marta Maszkiewicz to create a powerful thrill for readers looking to be inspired by new ide... more
  • The Showdown at San Benito

    by Roy Calvin Moore
    In the times of post-Civil War reconstruction comes a Western page-turner of epic proportions. Who are the good guys? • a tormented Texas Ranger • a murdering priest • and a teen-mother collide in the lawless land of South Texas. Gambling, gunfights and the wealthiest whorehouse in Texas all play starring roles in this legend of struggle and ambition. This twisted tale of morality brings to light how bad folks can reform and good folks can turn bad. You’ll love... more
  • What the Farmer Told the Bard

    by Paul Cornell Du Houx

    It's a world where you build your personal panoply of credit. You wear it like armor and rise as a cybertype in a hierarchy of avatars, by watching your own Orpheus Chronicles. One of you is suspected to be the return of the Christ. The camera is on a computer scientist who has developed a sexual truth-seeking path-finder that uncovers past lives. A race to identify and save him -- or sacrifice him for credit -- builds into a global crisis of monotheism. Puck, Titania and other p... more