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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • "More Than A Game"

    by John Fuhrman
    To Jack Bosen baseball was what made sense. Raised in a house built on family and faith, he lost his mother at an early age and his father died of cancer in his senior year of high school. With his faith shattered, his only comfort zone was on a pitcher's mound and there he excelled. He was drafted and rose through the minor leagues and when called up to pitch he went three prefect innings before suffering a freak stroke. Through flashbacks and memories, Jack relives and rebuilds his life an... more
  • Unwise Guys

    by J. C. Bass
    Rocco and Jimmy are the lowest ranking members of the Italian mafia. Their eccentric boss always gives them the worst jobs; anything from picking up his dry-cleaning, to carrying out a hit on a rival boss's dog. "Unwise Guys" chronicles the ridiculous and often hilarious escapades of two gangsters who have a tendency to shoot the breeze (not to mention the occasional troublemaker) while doing whatever outlandish task their boss has given them.
  • Breakfast at Tuli's

    by Paul Mosier
    TulI is a young woman with a compulsion to have sexual relations with men she finds pathetic or repulsive. She falls in love with a guy she is initially attracted to for his physical maladies just as she determines to stop her unhealthy behavior. The story is narrated by her pet fish, Fish, who grapples with the hopelessness of his own desire as he waits for Tuli to learn to trust her instincts and find happiness.
  • Georges the Goose from Toulouse who only ate Couscous

    by Tracey Koch
    Georges Goose is a finicky goose from the town of Toulouse. He is so awfully picky he will only eat couscous. His family does try to cook new foods for him. When Georges says "no", he becomes so weak that he sinks when he tries to swim and he grows sluggish and frail. Poor Georges cannot even keep up with a snail. Then in is weakened condition, Georges discovers a valuable lesson. By trying new foods, his energy and school work improve. As for couscous, Georges says, "it's delicious do t... more
  • At the End of the Line

    by Kathryn Longino

    An unlikely long distance friendship between two women, spanning more than fourteen years and thousands of miles, forms in the midst of a time when the country maintains that not all men, or women, are created equal.

  • A Singular Captain

    by john regan
    It’s 1518 and the Catholic Church is under attack from a man named Martin Luther while the Spanish empire extends its bloodthirsty rule across the world against the wishes of its arch-rival, Portugal. The Line of Demarcation divides the world between Portugal and Spain but no one knows on which side of the line the fabulous Spice Isles lie, least of all the inhabitants. Only one man has the knowledge, experience, talent and determination to settle the question: Ferdinand Magellan, who is hated... more
  • The little lamb who counted clouds

    by Immaculine Jolivert

    Join the little lamb on his amazing quest as he chases his dream to count every cloud in the entire world. His journey is filled with ups and downs as he travels the world. This book will encourage children to remain positive every day, reach for the stars.The Lamb Who Counted Clouds experiences differences in cultures, perseverance, and courage.

  • Paper Souls

    by Allie Burke
    From the author of the bestselling genre-defining Enchanters series, comes a new literary tour de force about Emily, a young woman balancing two worlds between her fingertips: the one that is real to her and the one that is real to everyone else… The question is: which one will she choose? Never romanticizing what it means to be a twenty-something schizophrenic in a world broken by normalcy and half-baked fairytales, Allie Burke’s latest novel unites Emily and her world at large, spannin... more
  • Summertime Blues, 978-0-9838201-5-4

    by B R Fleming
    Summertime Blues by B. R. Fleming follows the coming-of-age story of Peter Bennings during the '60's as he weaves his way through high school and the sturm und drang of the teenage years. The novel simultaneously traces the “British invasion” and the emergence of the relatively new genre of music, Rock and Roll, and the impact of that music on Peter’s journey of discovery. As J. D. Salinger infamously created a complex and tragic character in Holden Caulfield, so too does B. R. Fleming create in... more
  • 9780994193902

    by Roy Humphreys

    Patrick Rourke is a 17 year old Irishman in the year 1790. Like mnay young men he is adventurous, headstrong and feels assured of a bright future with his sweetheart Catherine. Patrick's world comes crashing down around him when he becomes a pawn in the political aspirations of the United Irishmen under Wolf Tone. He finds himself in prison sentenced to transportation to the penal colony of New South Wales and begins a downward spiral into rage and depression. Patrick's saviour comes ... more

  • Waiting for a Sign

    by Esty Schachter

    Shelly and Ian used to be close, but after Ian leaves home to attend the Hawthorne School for the Deaf, Shelly feels abandoned, and the two drift apart. When Ian returns home with news that the future of Hawthorne is in jeopardy, Shelly isn’t sure she wants him back. And Ian, who has enjoyed living with students and staff who sign all the time, feels angry when his family forgets to do the same.

    An explosive argument that could drive brother and sister further apart actually offer... more

  • Of Giants and Other Men

    by Caspar Peek
    Tomas Delacorte is five years old when his father’s ashes are brought home. Avenging his death becomes an obsession that follows him into manhood. But the murderer has become the country’s dictator, and his best friend and cousin Fausto becomes a trusted lieutenant of the president’s son. Called to the dictator’s sickbed, Tomas has the opportunity to kill him, but fails. Ashamed, he accepts to become the head of the city morgue, where he spends his days surrounded by dead people. But when he ... more
  • by

    Sentenced to life in Pittsburgh's notorious and brutal Riverview Penitentiary, young Olive Priddy needs something to give him hope. College offers his mind a freedom denied his body. he embarks on an Ivy League career which will transform his life in ways he has never dreamed. He encounters corruption, violence, love, intellectual enlightenment and finds out who he truly is.This is a tale not only of susrvival within one of the most repressive institutions imaginable, but also of per... more


    by Patrick Middleton
    Sentenced to life in Pittsburgh's notorious and brutal Riverview Penitentiary, young Oliver Priddy needs something to give him hope. Within the American penal system filled disfigured with violence, corruption and danger, he embarks on an ivy league career of higher education, changing his life 180 degrees in the process.. Amid riots, collusion and periods of solitary confinement, Oliver achieves national status as a nationally acclaimed prison scholar. As KIRKUS has reviewed: "A searingly ho... more
  • Mister Moffat's Road

    by Stan Moore
    The Denver Northwestern and Pacific Railway was formed by David Moffat and his friends in 1903. It was to build and run a full gauge railroad from Denver to Salt Lake City. There were difficulties - the country to be crossed was remote and mountainous, and established competitors did not want to see it go through. Drawing on letters, diaries, and other materials, the story is told from the point of view of regular workers. A plot to stop the railroad entirely is foiled. This is fact and ... more
  • Magda

    by Ian MacFarlane
    The lives and interactions of three men and one woman, one American and three Germans during WW2. . Jonas is a committed Nazi and concentration camp medical assistant while Aavron (atheistic Jewi) and Magda (nominal Catholic) are prisoners in separate camps. Ray is an American soldier. Their stories, comprising a novel in toto, are closely interwoven without one person really getting to know the other.. I want to release the stories in weekly audio as well as written chapters