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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Oakland's Lost Murals

    by Lisa L. Schoonover
    This award-winning children's book from the Anitya Press Ancient Tales™ Series explores murals that once existed throughout different neighborhoods in Oakland, CA. This book is a limited edition fundraiser available in print only, and can only be ordered through the Laurel Bookstore at:

    by Diana Stevan
    It's 1972. Women are breaking out, families are breaking down, and men are trying to hold on for the ride. Dr. Joanna Bereza is a psychiatric intern who wants to have it all: a career, a loving marriage, and a family, but her passion to do what's right sets her against a system that's as stuck as the people it treats. On ward 2B, Joanna becomes obsessed with the treatment of two women―a mute young mother suspected of trying to kill her baby and a feisty old woman who's been through the m... more
  • Unusual Things: We All Need Fairy Tales

    by Michael Fleischer
    There was once a race of highly intelligent beings who had everything a person could ever want to have and who were everything a person could ever want to be. Of course, it was a bloody long time ago, and no-one can even say for sure if that’s actually true or not. This book is not about them, anyway. (After all, who wants to read about super-intelligent beings? One probably couldn’t even follow the dialogues, and one’d also get bloody jealous of their intelligence and wit.) Nah, this book he... more
  • Are You Eating My Lunch?/Manges-tu mon lunch?

    by Nicole Audet
    Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Silver Medal Mom's Choice Awards Xavier is visiting the zoo. At lunchtime, he can't find his lunch. Xavier investigates. Who ate his lunch? Read this story to know more about zoo animal's favorite food and find out where is Xavier's lunch. This book is written in English and French. Xavier visite le zoo. À l'heure du midi, il ne trouve plus sa boîte à lunch. Xavier enquête sur la disparition de son repas. Il interroge les animaux du zoo. Ce livre est écrit en français... more
  • Interviews With Legendary Writers From Beyond

    by Cathy McGough
    WHAT WOULD YOU ASK CHARLES DICKENS IF YOU MET HIM? Ever wondered what you would ask your favourite author if you met him? Find out more when you read my interviews with: Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Wilkie Collins, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robbie Burns, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Stephen Leacock, Rudyard Kipling, John Keats, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, A. B. "Banjo" Paterson, Henry David Thoreau, Lord Byron, Charle... more
  • Catastrophically Consequential

    by Stephen C. Bird
    Chapter 1: The Blonde Boy, the Brunette Boy, the Other Boy and the Father of the Brunette Boy find themselves in a dangerous situation wherein none of them can be trusted with each other's lives. Chapter 2: Lord Szczmawg oversees the "Toxification" of the Gulf of Mecks-Sicko. A post-apocalyptic Gothra Schvulkopf surveys the damage she has done--via the destruction of her competitors. Pluto von Polyphemus and Poseidon Advenszczur fer sher fight over Garic, a Cumbrian slave, in the Orphic Underwor... more
  • Hideous Exuberance

    by Stephen C. Bird
    Chapter 1: At Szczmawgwhorets, academy for sorcerers-in-training, the Unholy Trinity (Higher Parterre, Whoremoania Gangster and Traan Mrs. Beasley) join forces with former nemesis Malfaux to thumb their noses at Head–Neckro-Misère Kallous Humblewhore--While submitting to Quasibzjhborg (AKA “He Who Would Not Be Loved”) of the Not-So-Krystal-Lite-Side. Subplot: Higher and Whoremoania are aggressively courted by Madame Saline, who sends them X-rated, sadomasochistic missives. Chapter 2: On the Gr... more
  • Any Resemblance to a Coincidence Is Accidental

    by Stephen C. Bird
    Chapter One: An anonymous female “Fakebook spokesperson” deconstructs sociological manifestations of popular culture, as they occur on Fakebook. She ends her lecture by introducing the central character of Noloso Chushingura. Chapter Two: Noloso Chushingura returns to the wretchedness of Mucha Nieve and is shocked by what he sees. Dreams, fantasy, nightmares and memories are his only comfort. Noloso flees Mucha Nieve, crossing the border by bus into Kanuckya. Chapter Three: An anonymous narrator... more
  • To Be Frank Diego

    by Dominic Carrillo
    Frank Diego is compelled to use public transportation for the first time. But his walking, busing, and trolleying through San Diego becomes a zig-zagged comedy of errors as he encounters odd, colorful characters along the way. Frank's daylong journey prompts flashbacks to events that have shaped his bicultural identity (half Mexican and half white) and account for his recently failed relationship. By the time Frank makes it to the beach to meet his so-called girlfriend, the journey has transform... more
  • Le Bal des Abeilles

    by A.A Schenna
  • Brides of Rome: A Novel of the Vestal Virgins

    by Debra May Macleod
    Their world was one of punishment, power and privilege. It was a world of war, secrets and sacred duty. It was the world of ancient Rome. And the esteemed Vestal Virgins - priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the home and hearth - protected the Eternal Flame that protected the Eternal City. Dedicated to a thirty-year vow of chaste service, Priestess Pomponia finds herself swept up in the intrigue, violence and bedroom politics of Rome's elite: Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra, Octavian and his ma... more
  • Red Horse (An Uncivil War 1)

    by M J Logue

    October 1642

    When idealistic young poet Luce Pettitt volunteers as a junior officer in the Army of Parliament, he expects to take up arms in the noble cause of liberty against the tyrant King, Charles I.

    What he takes up instead is a post with a scruffy ex-mercenary who couldn’t care less which side he’s fighting for, so long as he gets paid, and an equally disenchanted cavalry troop.

    Captain Hollie Babbitt doesn’t expect the world to do h... more

  • Postmark from the Past

    by Vickie Phelps
    In November 1989, Emily Patterson is enjoying a quiet life in West Texas, but she's lonely and it's the holiday season. Then a red envelope appears in her mailbox. It's a letter from a man named Mark who declares his love for her, and promises to come for her if he makes it home alive. But who is Mark? No return address and a postmark from 1968 only adds to the mystery of the letter. But finally one of the letters reveals that Mark is a man from her past, a man her parents didn't approve of, a ... more
  • Ladies In Waiting

    by Linda Rettstatt
    Five very different women, each carrying her own secret, meet on the Jersey shore for a retreat: Embracing the New You: Reinventing Yourself After Fifty. A story about change, self-acceptance, and sisterhood. The flyer reads: Embracing the New You: Reinventing Yourself After Fifty. Liv, Andi, Julia, Markie, and Cee Cee each arrive at the women’s retreat with her own agenda and her own secret. Retreat director, Bree, is called away for a family emergency and the five women are left on their own t... more
  • The Basquiat Bounce: Great art can be anywhere

    by Chris Murphy
    Acclaimed Abstract artist Sun Yat Pill has just had his most successful Gallery opening. After the exhibition, he goes home and retrieves the painting he has been working on for the last 2 years, his masterpiece, 'The St. Matthew'. With painting in hand, he takes the subway to the South Bronx. On a deserted ghetto block, he leaves 'The St. Matthew' in the backseat of an abandoned, rusted Volkswagen Bug. With his mission accomplished, he returns home and promptly hangs himself, committing sui... more
  • Command the Raven (An Uncivil War) (Volume 2)

    by M J Logue
    February 1643, the beginning of the English Civil War and for once Captain Hollie Babbitt thinks his luck's turned. After a typically daredevil assault on Prince Rupert's elite cavalry troop, he's presently in favour with the Army of Parliament's commander. He's also personally in favour with Luce Pettitt's fragrant Auntie Het. And although they haven't managed to break Luce of the poeting habit, he's turning into a competent and capable officer. But what seems on the surface to be a minor promo... more