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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jabberwocky: Blogging the War Business

    by Christopher Burns
    When Aya, a 14-year-old Iraqi-American girl, starts blogging about the sharp spike in cancer and birth defects in post-war Iraq, she and her internet "swarm" stumble on a new class of weapons, first used in Bosnia, then Iraq, and now in Afghanistan and Gaza, made of material that can blow through walls of steel and shield tanks from even the largest roadside bombs. But the new weapons also sow the seeds of radioactive poison that will keep on killing for generations to come. Ike Angel, a senior... more
  • Growing Pains

    by Paris Love
    Growing Pains is a story about best friends searching for true love. Kiki is a naïve young lady who falls madly in love, but all is not as it seems. Myra has planned her entire life right down to the wedding ceremony, yet she struggles with finding Mr. Right. Darren wants to have his cake and eat it too, until it blows up in his face. Through good times and bad, they try to stay afl oat and ahead of the game. Growing Pains captures the innocence of the heart, the mind, body and soul of friends ... more
  • Growing Pains: Sex, Lies, and Deception

    by Paris Love
    Though they are older and wiser, not all is as it seems in the lives of Darren, Kiki, and Myra. Best friends to the end, they still have some lessons to learn. In this second book in the Growing Pains series, the group struggles with betrayal, loss, and, most importantly, commitment. Through ups and downs, heartache and breakups, Darren, Kiki, and Myra find themselves in a quest for self-assurance, confidence, and good, old fashioned love. But will history repeat itself? Darren has been know... more
  • If Your Girl Only Knew

    by Kenya Moss
  • Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    BENJAMIN (BEN, BENJY) SCHREIBER has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes him to display uncontrollable tics and hops, and to stutter and swear inappropriately. He is bullied through his school years and can never form firm friendships, especially with women. He is simply incapable of happiness. In his late twenties, he plunges into a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse, which culminates in an attempted bank robbery using a cell phone as a fake bomb. He is arrested and placed under psychiatric... more
  • My Yellow Balloon

    by Tiffany Papageorge
    It all started at the carnival...That’s where Joey makes a new friend: a bright yellow balloon. Joey and his beloved balloon do everything together, until the balloon accidentally slips off Joey’s wrist and flies far, far away. What will Joey do without his special friend? Tiffany Papageorge has crafted a poignant tale of love, loss, and letting go that will serve as a comforting guide to children who are navigating the complicated emotions of grief. Rich, luminous illustrations by Erwin Madr... more
  • Berlin Dancer

    by Cindy Hurst
    In New York City, 1989, after a man is murdered in cold blood, world-renowned prima ballerina Andrea Brandt is accused. She admits to her attorney that the devil got what he deserves, but tells him that she cannot remember what happened. As her attorney presses her for more information, Andrea begins to tell him her story, taking him back in time to WWII, ten years before her birth, in what would eventually become known as East Berlin. Step into the past, in an unforgettable journey spanning t... more
  • Transplanting Hope

    by Jessica D. Lovett
    An aspiring mystery writer mines his world for greater meaning, and perhaps a soul mate along the way. A kind-hearted chemical engineer casts a cold eye on his disappointing marriage. A stunning journalist conceals her surprising shyness through her well-chosen words. Transplanting Hope, the debut work of fiction by Jessica D. Lovett charts the sometimes hapless, sometimes hopeful lives of divergent individuals whose paths cross in the heat of a corporate cover up, and whose connections help eac... more
  • True Blue Confederate

    by Staten M Rall
    The battle in middle Tennessee has begun and Confederate Sergeant Jon Lyhton is lost amid scattered skirmishers. Jon obtains a Union overcoat but his desperate attempt to survive the freezing night backfires in a horrid twist that only war can deliver. Now faced with failure and dishonor, he must avert the very judgement of God. In vivid contrast are Jon's experiences of the previous summer at the Cumberland Gap. While in the 11th Tennessee Regiment, he is introduced to garrison duty, comba... more
  • Tinker and Other Short Stories

    by R.L. Herron

    The general fiction short stories in TINKER touch on everyday things like life, love, loneliness, desperation and despair. Some of them shine a light on dim places we often choose not to talk about...societal illnesses like hatred, bigotry, despondency and war. 

    Yet, they also touch gently on the subtle butterfly wings of love and hope that, even in the midst of depair, occasionally tickle our minds and hearts.

  • There's a Goat on My Porch

    by Ellie Mae Kay
    Vicky Van Goat gets all the farm animals stirred up in this rhyming children's story with watercolored photographs.
  • Do You Like Pancakes?

    by Andreia Chavis-Douglas
    This colorfully illustrated children’s book is about a young boy who loves to eat pancakes. He even loves to eat them for dinner. When he invites his best friend home from the playground for a family dinner, they must decide how many pancakes to eat. Both boys love to eat pancakes but sometimes they like to eat something else. The rhythmic language and recurrent phrasing along with the surprise ending to the story makes this book an engaging read for parents and children.
  • Grateful Jake

    by Emily Madill
    A homework assignment on gratitude leaves Jake completely stumped. After all, he's just an ordinary 8 year old boy - what's so great about that? But a weekend of adventures opens his eyes to the true meaning of gratitude, and just how lucky he is that it's always within his reach. This engagingly illustrated picture book will help introduce your young readers to the concept of gratitude, and the accompanying Grateful Jake Resource Guide (also available from Amazon) will help you expand on those... more
  • Captain Joe Teaching Resources

    by Emily Madill
    This Teaching Resource Guide is perfect for extending students learning and solidifying the confidence boosting skills presented in the Captain Joe series. This guide is made for classroom use by teachers and can easily be adapted for home schooling purposes or to have some fun activities to do together as a family! The guide includes: * 24 different lesson plans based on the 4 books * Distinct learning objectives and Assessment Rubrics * Variety of handouts to complement the lessons * 20 additi... more
  • Grateful Jake Resource Guide

    by Emily Madill
    This Resource Guide is perfect for solidifying children’s awareness and practice of gratitude as presented in the Grateful Jake Book, and encouraging them to begin developing an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. This guide is made for classroom use by teachers and also includes adaptations for home schooling purposes or to have some fun activities to do together as a family! The guide includes: * 12 different lesson plans based on the Grateful Jake Book * Distinct learning objectives and Assessment Rubri... more
  • The Captain Joe Collection

    by Emily Madill
    The Captain Joe Series© was designed as a tool for adults to teach children about constructive imagination. The four stories are a fun and interactive way to introduce the concept of "Thoughts Turn into Things, so Choose the Ones that Make you Happy" to young children, ages five to nine years. Joe and his thought-zapping superpower will invite children to use their imaginations to constructively choose thoughts that promote healthy self-esteem and self-awareness. Each of the four stories is desi... more