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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Struggles of the Women Folk

    by TM Brown
    Life is extremely hard for young Georgie, and she dreams of a better life, since she ends up experiencing great loss and hardships in her current life. The book is highly relatable and is an excellent read for anyone who wants to curl up with a book on a quiet day. It highlights the struggles of black women, during the early 1900s, and takes you on a captivating journey, which is extremely relatable for every woman. -
  • The Lost Codex of the Christian Heretics

    by Kyla Merwin

    The Da Vinci Code meets The English Patient in this thrilling new novel by Oregon author, Kyla Merwin.

    Unravel the mysteries of early Christianity as three daring friends search the remote and mysterious landscapes of 1947 Egypt--unveiling the most controversial archaeological discovery in 2,000 years.

    In their search for the lost Gnostic Gospels, the intrepid adventurers confront religious zealots charged with destroying the manuscripts, a clan of feuding tribes... more

  • Sleepy in the Savanna

    by Nicole Serra-Gonzalez
    This is a great bedtime story for your little ones. Mama Giraffe goes to tuck in her calves and learns just how much they all need her, even the older ones. After she finally gets them all settled, Papa Giraffe comes home and wakes everyone up. What will Mama Giraffe do?
  • Scary, Scary Sasha

    by Starr T. Balmer
    Creepy, crawly bugs give Sasha goose bumps. First, she found a bug in her favorite food. Second, she saw a bug crawling all over her favorite toy. Then, she dreamt that thousands of bugs invaded the world. And now Sasha has to pick vegetables from her mother’s garden — a dark, eerie place where she believes all of the creepy, crawly bugs live forever and ever. Her mother tries to convince Sasha that everyone is afraid of something, and that many of the bugs in the garden are there to protect the... more
  • The Washing of Brains

    by Johnny Townsend
    A world-weary man becomes a widower for the third time. A non-Mormon couple allow their teenage daughter to be baptized but are then shocked when she rejects them and moves in with a more righteous family. A man awakens to celebrate a milestone birthday only to discover that horrifying world events demand his attention instead. A budding feminist tries to make a political statement by giving birth to her “illegitimate” son in church just before Mother’s Day. Missionaries in Rome try to prevent a... more
  • Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines

    by Charlotte Bennardo

    In a quiet wood, a common gray squirrel will declare war on the construction machines that have come to cut down his tree. Named Jack by the boy who befriends him, he learns how to use simple machines, like the wheel. He must convince the other woodland animals to join the fight. But as they take on the humans and machines, people notice Jack and his friends are smarter than ordinary animals. Now they are in more danger because the scientists want to capture them.

  • Mellow Submarine

    by Michael Atchison
    When his heiress fiancée Jenna vanishes, Mike McAfee falls under suspicion. When a tabloid trumpets his one-night stand with a co-worker, his world crumbles. His boss – Jenna’s father – fires him. The police grill him. The media devour him. To escape the pressure, Mike retreats to his childhood home. When a news crew shows up on the doorstep, Mike assumes the worst. But when he learns that Jenna has been living a secret life with an old boyfriend, Mike's reality changes instantly. With help from... more
  • Olivia's Revenge

    by Rejane Ross
    Olivia's Revenge is a coming of age story. It narrates the life of a child who discovers at the tender age of seven, nearly by accident, that she is an illegitimate child. What's worst, her father turns out to be the local preacher. Now that might not be a big deal in 2016. But, in the 40's and 50's when Olivia grew up, that was like being branded with the infamous "S" scarlet letter. The shame and betrayal Olivia felt as a result of this secret spilling out, would turn her into a vicious, self-... more
  • The Stove-Junker

    by S.K. Kalsi
    In the winter of 2012, 79-year-old Somerset travels back to his ancestral home in idyllic Drums, Pennsylvania, to renovate his dilapidated house. Burdened by the loss of his beloved wife, the long- ago disappearance of his rebellious son, and angry at God and at himself, Somerset hopes to reach a nal understanding of the meaning of his life. While a blizzard barrels down from the north and “Armageddon” draws near, Somerset discovers an unnamed boy squatting on the property, a strange child who... more
  • The White Boats

    by Mark Marinovich
    Nine-year-old Cesar lives with his mother and grandfather in a remote fishing village on the Pacific Coast of the Baja Peninsula. Each morning, the boy and his grandfather, Abuelito, go to sea to catch baitfish that they sell to captains of tourist-laden sport fishing boats. Cesar yearns to crew on the boats—which he calls “white boats” for their gleaming white fiberglass hulls—just as his grandfather did when he was a boy. Cesar and Abuelito also share profound gratitude to the ocean for pr... more
  • Sid the Sasquatch

    by Wendy Elliott

    Sid the Sasquatch introduces you to a fun-loving sasquatch as we follow him through his daily adventures. Sid does his best to follow the rules, but things get tricky when he stumbles into a friendship with a kind, human boy. What will become of Sid and his new friend? Will Sid's sasquatch family accept him? Take a journey into the forest with Sid to find out!

  • Paesano

    by Bettina Baggetta
    Young boy leaves his poverty stricken village in southern Italy for America in the early 1900s. His life changes dramatically when he arrives in the new country; through the people he meets, the devastating events he lives through, the horrific living conditions he witnesses of the Italian immigrants and the critical decisions he must make over the next four decades. But through it all, he remained “PAESANO” to all who knew him. It is a story of hope, family, perseverance and endurance.
  • Legend of the Forest Beast

    by Don M. Winn
    The beloved tutor Alchir has vanished! And a dangerous criminal with a grudge against Alchir has just escaped from prison. Kaye is determined to find the tutor and earn a fine reputation as a knight. The search leads Kaye, Reggie, and Beau to a sinister manor house at the edge of a dark forest where nearby villagers live in terror of a deadly monster. As they investigate the mystery of the forest beast, they uncover a terrible plot that could destroy Knox. When there’s no one to turn to for help... more
  • Change of Heart: Never Say Never...

    by Nikki R Miller
    In Change of Heart, Calvin Hardy Jr., a project development engineer, refuses to forgive his father for hurting him and his mother after catching him with another woman when he was a teenager. He ends up carrying this anger and bitterness into his own family until it backfires against him. The trap is set and he falls right into it. He makes an unwise decision regarding a job opportunity causing him to be absent from an important game for his son. And to make matters worse, the unthinkable happ... more
  • Taming the Twisted

    by Jodie Toohey
    Taming the Twisted is written in a similar style to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books though updated for modern times. It might read as if she'd left in all of the juicy tidbits about things people didn't talk about during the time when she was writing. Taming the Twisted is a story of destruction, romance, mystery, and deceit set against a back drop of an actual historical event. In early June, 1860, Abigail enjoyed a peaceful home life with her parents, younger sister, and twin toddler... more
  • Missing Emily: Croatian Life Letters

    by Jodie Toohey
    y February of 1991 when Amicus Sinkey is assigned to correspond with Nada, who lives in Rijeka in the Republic of Croatia, Yugoslavia, her life has already begun to unravel. The only bright spot in her life is her favorite cousin, Emily. Ami’s life further unravels when Emily is hit by a car and dies. Ami doesn’t respond to Nada’s letters at first, but when she does, she learns having a friend so far away comforts her. Through her own letters, Nada shares insights into life in a country at war, ... more