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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ruined Wings

    by Ashley Fontainne
    Seventeen-year-old Callie Novak is on the cusp of changing her life as she warms up for the final heat in the Women's 1600 meter track and field competition. While she sets a new state record, her family's worse nightmare is just beginning. When tragedy strikes the Novak family every reader will feel the pain of grief, the perils of drug abuse, the despair that leads to a shocking downward spiral and the strength that’s needed to overcome addiction.
  • Knights of Enmity

    by Sedrie Danielle
    Knights of Enmity is an adult urban fantasy series which follows the lives of the modern-day Knights of the Round Table. Sworn to defend Earth from the coming onslaught of angelic threat, the Knights find themselves immersed in drama as a series of bad decisions, love affairs, and murders creates tension within the magical world; hindering their ability to defend the Earth. Baron Samedi, the lord of Purgatorio and guardian of the spirit realms, witnesses the failures of the humans and descends t... more
  • The Dreamer Sleeps Without Dreaming

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    The novel thrives in the realm of anti-art, testing boundaries and throwing clever punches. "This example of anti-art deserves nothing short of scathing criticism," asserts the first page of Jonathan Harnisch's massive novel The Dreamer Sleeps without Dreaming. By turns aggressive and coy, The Dreamer plays with themes of rejection, desire, and self-discovery, but never reaches a firm conclusion. Georgie, sick and overly medicated, checks himself out of the local psych ward just in time for his ... more
  • Pastiche

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    Intense and artfully self-centered, this novel wraps around itself in search of release, after which the pleasure is over all too soon. Jonathan Harnisch's Pastiche is an exhaustive and frequently painful catalog of the struggles of the weirdly shy and chronically frustrated character Benny, who struggles to find a way to connect to the outer world. Benny likes latex. He likes to be encased, totally enclosed, and separated from reality by a thin, impermeable layer of rubber. His anxiety is that ... more
  • Meeting of the Mustangs

    by Cathy Kennedy
    A black colt is born into an exciting and dangerous world. Will his parents be able to protect him from becoming a victim? The wild mustangs encourage and protect each other, but what will happen when the man and his tame horse show up? Can the mustangs save themselves or will they be forced to abandon all they've ever known?
  • Skippy's Favourite Honey

    by Anthony Rebuck

    Imagine if you couldn?t find the food you liked most in the world. How would you feel? What would you do to get that thing you love?

    That is Skippy?s problem in Skippy?s Favourite Honey. Author Anthony Rebuck tells the story of the little kangaroo who lives in Australia. Unfortunately, all the stores there are out of the best honey in the world. When Skippy discovers it comes from Guatemala, she?s off on her search. And when she?s disappointed again, Skippy is off to England. Fat Fred ... more

  • Puck

    by Kim Askew and Amy Helmes
    Fifteen-year-old Puck thinks life as a foster kid can't get any worse, until she's abducted in the middle of the night and taken to every troubled teen's worst nightmare: brat camp. The DreamRoads director may speak in feel-good euphemisms, but she rules with an iron fist. Bending to her will is the only way to get back home, but with no real home to speak of, Puck has other ideas. She's clever and cunning enough to work the system, after all, including manipulating the lovelorn camp counselors ... more
  • Love Leads the Way

    by Claudia Pemberton

    Newlyweds Mikayla and Jesse Daulton are living a fairytale life. Jesse is a retired United States Army Ranger working as a flight medic on a rescue helicopter, while Mikayla runs a small advertising business out of their home. Although they are madly in love, there is one thing missing from their private paradise: a child of their own.

    Jesse, who is as noble as his profession, is determined to give his wife the desires of her heart. After being suspended from his job for not following p... more

  • The Ugly Guys Club

    by Dan K. Oh

    About the horniest guy living in Los Angeles always surrounded by beautiful women, who becomes very angry at God (or The Bing Bang) because he can't get any.

  • Skunks Dance

    by St John Karp
    Spivey Spillane's grandmammy always said there were only two good reasons to kill a man -- for cheating on a woman, and for serving drinks to a Yankee. She may have had a hand in winning the Revolutionary War, but even she never met the likes of Alabama Sam. Sam robs a bank under Spillane's name, casts him in an obscene one-man play wearing only a pink tutu, and starts a betting pool on how many wieners he has. Despite the indignities Spillane suffers, he chases Sam across Gold-Rush-era Californ... more
  • Loretta's Pet Caterpillar

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Loretta finds a caterpillar egg on a milkweed plant. She breaks off the leaf and brings it home. Mom won't let Loretta keep it in the house, so she tapes the leaf back on the plant, and watches over the egg. It hatches. It eats the leaf, and more leaves. As the caterpillar grows and molts, Loretta shoos away a bird that wants to eat it. Then a wasp, and even a ladybug. The caterpillar survives. When it forms a chrysalis, a lizard bites it. It heals and eventually a monarch butterfly emerges. In... more
  • Five Nights with Pharaoh

    by Kristen Reed

    Shortly after entering Egypt with her husband, Sarai is taken into Pharaoh’s harem as his newest, most favored concubine. The breathtaking, ageless beauty is forced to cling to her faith in God as she prays for the strength to accept her new position and endures a series of mysterious plagues that can only be indicative of a wrathful deity’s divine judgment.

    Discover a remarkable reimagining of Sarai’s plight in Egypt, where she humbly set aside her own honor to protec... more

  • Just Like Ziggy

    by Julie Oleszek
    Anna desperately needs her family, but how can a family who needs rescuing save her? Seventeen-year-old Anna has just returned home after three months in a locked psych ward. Now, she must get her parents and eight siblings to relive the tragedy that changed their lives forever. Disheartened when her family remains aloof, Anna is forced into making rash decisions and contemplates the worst—even while under the care of her psychiatrist. Then, Anna’s family gathers for an unusual occasion on... more
  • "Buster Bunny Does a Dare: He Goes Over Niagara Falls and Disappears!"

    by Robert Feller

    My 6th book,"Heidi the Lamb and Her Adventures," and my 7th book, "Buster Bunny" tell a tale of wonderful, beautifully illustrated stories about animal friends who look out for each other. Every chapter has a lesson to help children of all ages: how to do Life better!

  • Forgotten Letters

    by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo
    A trove of forgotten letters reveals a love that defied a world war. In 1924, eight-year old Robert Campbell accompanies his missionary parents to Japan where he befriends a young Makiko Asakawa. Robert enjoys his life there, but the dark tides of war are rising, and it won't be long before foreigners are forced to leave Japan. Torn from the people Robert has come to think of as family, he stays in contact by exchanging letters with Makiko, letters that soon show their relationship is blos... more
  • The Hampshire Project

    by Kitty Beer
    Dear Editor, I’m submitting my new novel for your review. THE HAMPSHIRE PROJECT is the third in a trilogy called RESILIENCE: A Trilogy of Climate Chaos. The first novel is WHAT LOVE CAN’T DO (2006); the second is HUMAN SCALE ( 2010). The publisher is Plain View Press. The due date is Earth Day, April 22, 2017. It would be hard to find a novel more relevant to today’s issues. Climate change is under way. What will life be like for people in fifty years? Coastal cities are inundated; mass mi... more