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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mimsy the Michigan Mitten Mouse: Mimsy goes to school (Volume 1)

    by Cindi Walton
    A delightful story about Mimsy, a tiny mouse living in a basket of mittens at the local resale shop. Mimsy's entire world changes when she is rescued by Jenna, a third grade teacher at Kingsley Elementary School. The fun starts when Mimsy finds out that she will be sharing a cage with Tessa, the class hamster and encounters a boy named Gavin who thinks Mimsy is just a "dumb old field mouse." Mimsy learns the importance of rules and kindness as she adjusts to her new life and in the process learn... more
  • A Family Institution

    by Howard Reiss
    Based on an event from the author’s life, this is a story about an unusual mid-life crisis triggered by the discovery of an aunt who was mistreated for mental illness in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Coming to terms with his own family history leads to a journey of self-discovery that tests not only current relationships, but new ones as well. This novel about secrets and revenge is told with a comic touch and will have you reading until the wee hours of the morning.
  • The Year of Soup

    by Howard Reiss
    At the age of 30, Tess has had three jobs and three significant relationships with two men and one woman – each lasting three years. Drifting through life, confused about her sexuality, Tess decides to live a life of celibacy and to open up a restaurant devoted to soup. Tess has a talent for making soups with strong medicinal and spiritual qualities – something passed down from her great-great grandmother, a descendant of one of the alleged Salem witches. In the second week of the restaurant’... more
  • The Laws of Attraction

    by Howard Reiss
    At 88-years old Ben Everett is killed by a loose truck tire that smashes into his windshield and his grieving family soon discovers that he has left his multi-million dollar estate to his new 24-year old wife, Susannah McCreedy. When the marriage and the will are challenged in court, Susannah claims to be the reincarnation of Ben’s first wife, Rose. This quickly hits the national wires and the small town of New City is turned into a circus with reporters, demonstrators, believers and non-beli... more
  • Art Appreciation

    by Tim Pingelton
    Dam (short for Amsterdam) is an anglophile living in Boston who speaks with an English accent to conceal his stuttering. He works under cover of a legitimate art brokerage stealing art for a living—art that had previously been stolen, so the “owners” do not report his thefts. When dramatic events bring about the dissolution of management of the brokerage and the girl he met on a brief trip to England appears in Boston, Dam is forced to rethink his life and how it fits with those for whom he care... more
  • Gold in the Mud: A Hungarian Peasant Novel

    by Virginia L. Lewis
    Torn between the torpid bliss of his home life and a seething quest for prosperity, Dani Turi, the peasant Don Juan and leader of Kiskara village, follows his urge to break the bonds of his low social status, only to find his path barred by the aristocratic landowners bent on maintaining their centuries-long hold on the reins of power.
  • For One More Tomorrow

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Back from the dead and lurking in shadow – the real Macbeth versus Shakespeare’s villain. Truth or lies? Is he man, myth or phantom? Haunted by the ghost of a king long dead, Sadie Grey’s directing instinct falls apart. A romantic ghost story with a shocking twist.
  • Fly the Wild Echoes

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Romance, Intrigue and Murder A mystery of the mind. Set in the 1990s, an evocative story told in dual time. A search for deeply buried truths revolves around the intertwined lives of three women: faded Fifties star, Edana, actress Fliss Gregory, and the haunting mystery of the tragic 18th century aristocrat, Adelaide.
  • Killing Bill O'Reilly

    by Tom Christian
  • Monsters

    by Chris Nichols
    When human rights worker Steve Shoda finds himself bonded to Sora Wek—the lone survivor of a grisly Sudanese massacre—he commits that she will have a good life in America no matter the costs or consequences. With elements of crime, romance, travel, metamorphosis, and struggle, Monsters is a plot-driven narrative that challenges our ideas of right and wrong and takes us to the very bottom.
  • One Holy Night

    by J. M. Hochstetler

    It’s 1967, and the Vietnam War is tearing the country apart, slicing through generations and shattering families. Because of Japanese atrocities he witnessed as a Marine in the South Pacific during WWII, Frank McRae despises all Asians. Now his son, Mike, is a grunt in Viet Nam, and his wife, Maggie, is fighting her own battle against cancer. When Mike falls in love with Thi Nhuong, a young Buddhist woman, and marries her in spite of his father’s objections, Frank disowns him. The... more

  • Eddie Fitz's War

    by Elliot Schatz
    Eddie Fitz on the cusp of 16 bullied at home by an overbearing surgeon father and at school by his classmates goes on a road odyssey with a rambunctious senior Chloe Morgan. On their way to Berkeley to protest the Vietnam War they encounter an array of zany and dangerous characters. Afterwards the classmates go their separate ways. Eddie returns home where he has a tragic confrontation and faces the supreme challenge of his young life.
  • Northkill

    by J. M. Hochstetler

    Written with Bob Hostetler.

    In 1738 Jakob Hochstetler and his family arrive in America, seeking sanctuary from religious persecution in Europe and the freedom to live and worship according to their Anabaptist beliefs, which include the doctrine of nonresistance. Along with other members of their church, they settle in the Northkill Amish Mennonite community on the Pennsylvania frontier between civilization and wilderness. They build a home near Northkill Creek, for which their comm... more

  • Crucible of War

    by J. M. Hochstetler

    Returning from the Shawnee, Brigadier General Jonathan Carleton rejoins General George Washington’s army to find the patriot cause on the verge of extinction. In a daring gamble the American force crosses the Delaware on Christmas night 1776, to defeat outposts at Trenton and Princeton before vanishing into the mountain bastions around Morristown.

    Back in New York, Elizabeth Howard is drawn ever deeper into the intrigues that swirl around British General William Howe. She and... more


    by Jeanne Farewell
    The discovery of a Victorian novel by Henry Radcliff is big news in academia, providing much material for scholars, biographers, and pundits. When Professor Sarah Bolton arrives in Dublin for a tour that will take her and fellow members of the Henry Radcliff Society on a journey to retrace the author's footsteps. she little knows that the experience will prompt her to question her own steps as well.
  • Wind of the Spirit

    by J. M. Hochstetler

    Elizabeth Howard’s assignment to gain crucial intelligence for General Washington leads her into the very maw of war at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, where disaster threatens to end the American rebellion. Yet her heart is fixed on Jonathan Carleton, whose whereabouts remain unknown more than a year after he disappeared into the wilderness.

    Carleton, now the Shawnee war chief White Eagle, is caught in a bitter war of his own—against the white settlers encroaching on S... more