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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Phoenix Rising A Poetic Tale

    by M. K. Mann
    From its own ashes, a Phoenix rises. This is a poetic tale of family, loss, love, heartbreak, motherhood, and uncovering your inner Phoenix. It is from your deepest, dark pain that you grow into your highest self and rise reborn. This poetry book is divided into 10 chapters; mirroring the Phoenix’s transformation and journey throughout different life stages. It is a poetic story with deep intimate poems capturing raw authenticity and emotions. The Nest explores themes of childhood and gro... more
  • Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories

    by K.
    A wide-ranging collection of twelve short stories that are ties thematically to the idea that love is the most revolutionary of all acts. A startling array of characters explore their perspectives on love. The stories sweep from sharp realism to heady allegory, haunting fables to sci-fi thrillers, starring teens and drifting husbands, futuristic automatons and talking dogs, gardeners and gatekeepers, a blind girl, a young father, and many more.
  • Pomegranate

    by Weam Namou
    In the weeks before the election of Donald Trump, Niran, a young, liberal, Iraqi Muslim immigrant struggles to find her footing in a neighborhood of well-to-do, conservative Iraqi Christians. Inspired by her idol Enheduanna, the first recorded writer in history and famed priestess of Ancient Mesopotamia, Niran navigates societal challenges, fights against cultural stereotypes, and most of all, aims to make her voice heard by all around her. With a desire to study, work, and love, Niran rediscove... more
  • Odyssey of Attachment

    by Maria Yrsa Rönneus

    Forgive me, but I cannot accept Lord Whysleigh's offer.

    One act of bravery leaves Lady Odyssa disowned by her father and disgraced to the London ton. Of noble birth, but without a dowry, she has little choice but to live with her aunt, destined to be the poor relation. A succession of serendipitous events lets Lady Odyssa alter her future, but leaping free from the bonds of convention requires all her trust and courage.

    Taking us from elegant ballrooms, thro... more

  • Orient of Adoration

    by Maria Yrsa Rönneus

    "I have nothing, except my looks. I do not wish to be merely a man's pretty possession; but unmarried and unskilled, I am nothing. I need change."

    Miss Millicent Barbian has lost everything. To acheive any sliver of happiness, she must change, not only how others perceive her, but also how she sees herself.

    When her cousin asks her to go out to India as her companion, Millicent is happy to accept. But instead of a new beginning, she finds that her father'... more

  • Oaths of Affection

    by Maria Yrsa Rönneus

    “Your mother was a whore!”

    After her parents' tragic accident; the spirited, principled, and romantic Lady Marigold is plunged into a bleak existence at the hands of her vindictive aunt. Inexplicably, her aunt and uncle seem to oppose any marriage match. Is she doomed to remain her beautiful cousin's companion? And what exactly is up with her uncle's shady, overly familiar lawyer?
    The attentions of the gallant Major Arthur Hastings present a r... more

  • DIVERSITY: A Colourful Collection of Short Stories

    by Monique Gliozzi
    Diversity is a delightful collection of short stories taking the reader on a charismatic adventure mixed with suspense, drama, and even humour. A close shave with death in The Twin, a humorous account of the stubborn character in The Mask, the romantic and comical rendezvous of Burning Love, the ghostly memories of the El Caballo Inn, and so much more! Gliozzi's exploration of diverse themes invites us to experience and acknowledge the colourfulness of life itself.
  • The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Novel about the Greatest Literary Deception of All Time

    by Ted Bacino
    1593 -- Elizabethan London... ...He was gay...a spy for England, ...the country's foremost playwright at the time, ...about to be tried for treason, ...who had hired a bumbling actor named Shakespeare to front for his plays, ...and had become a fugitive, trying to evade clever Inspector Maunder -- who had dedicated his life to catching this criminal, the Black Plague was spreading everywhere. IT WAS TIME FOR CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE TO FAKE HIS OWN MURDER. (It's based on real people an... more
  • Only Forward, Never Back

    by Andrew Sarto

    A story of three expats making a mess of things abroad. Harper lands in Toronto. His plan? To make himself a respectable adult life and stop being such a screw-up. Adrian arrives in Rome. He's a 21-year-old bundle of insecurity and Presbyterian inhibition who wants to trick a handsome Italian into being his boyfriend. Natalie, a habitual escape artist, flees to London. Behind her, and catching up fast, is a tsunami of past missteps and misdeeds. Far from home, these three New Zealanders&n... more

  • World Language

    My book eventually changed the languages we learned in school and in long run we speak one language in world.
  • The Nucleus of Reality, or the Recollections of Thomas P–

    by L.A. Davenport

    The truth is all around you

    Thomas P– is exhausted. He's been travelling for work so much he barely knows where he is. And then, while waiting for a table at a restaurant, he sees someone from his past. Exactly as she was twenty years ago, when they first knew each other. Deeply shaken, he tries to carry on as if nothing happened.

    But when it happens again, in a different restaurant, in a different city, Thomas's world begins to unravel. Haunted by a... more

  • The Isa Book 1: Isa's Very First Book

    by Linda Gruenberg
    The Isa Book 1 is a child's very first learn-to-read book. The vocabulary is first-book simple, illustrated with whimsical watercolor to help the child work out the story and read it themselves. In this book, Isa "likes" a thing, and it likes her too. Isa likes some surprising things, as you'll find out.
  • Robotastic!

    by Sari Karplus
    It starts with a big birthday wish... Alf closes his eyes and wishes for a best friend. Not wanting to wait around for the magic to happen, he takes matters into his own hands. Alf sets out to build his own best buddy: a robot.
  • Kool to Be Kind

    by Carolina Cutruzzola
    Charlie, the friendliest boy in school and President of the #Kool2BeKind Club, is eager to become a friend to Pat, the new kid in class. However, he soon realizes that this is not an easy task. Regardless of how many times Charlie tries to win him over with kindness and cookies, Pat continues to bully him. Just as Charlie is ready to give up on the idea of being Pat’s friend, he is surprised to discover why Pat was being a bully in the first place. By understanding Pat’s point of view, Charl... more

    by Allen Wittenborn
  • Brandon Goes to Hong Kong - Xiānggǎng (香港)

    by Eugenia Chu
    While on a trip to Hong Kong, Brandon thinks he sees a great red dragon – but is it real or imaginary? Join Brandon as he tours the city and learns about dragons in this multicultural, multigenerational chapter book which includes some Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) with Pinyin pronunciation throughout, adding educational elements of the Chinese language and culture. Is Brandon the only one who sees the dragon? Can legendary or mythical creatures ever be real? What do you believe?