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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • River and the Amazing Yellow Wellie Adventure

    by Emily Dreeling
    Bertie, Lexie, Miley, and Teddy, are four child-sized, animal-themed (a bee, ladybird, mouse, and tiger, respectively) pairs of yellow wellington boots, who embark upon a journey to the mystical Galoshes Mountain to ask its three resident elders two very important questions. First, they want to know how they can best thrive in the big wide world, and second, how they can be the bestest friends they can be to their little owner, River, whom they hold in the highest regard. Although the adventur... more
  • From G to PG to R to X

    by Stephen C. Bird
    Sunnie and Brother mourn Mother; an apparition visits Sunny. Mother appears in Sunnie's disturbing dreams. In one dream, Sunnie meets Momma Leg, a vicious dominatrix … Comedy writers Pamm Demmyck and Remmy Dessyvyr then appear. Pamm is the boss; Remmy fights back. Remmy has principles; Pamm just wants to write jokes … Amourrica Profunda descends into political chaos caused by endemic polarization. The nation is in peril; Amourrica Profunda becomes “Mourrzicka” … Pamm and Remmy find success ... more
  • The Lost Diary of Cécile Dubonnet: Forgetting the Yesterdays of World War II

    by A.P. Harper
    IN 1999 PARIS, Hénri Durant, a jilted photographer, was remodeling his apartment and discovered a diary under the floorboard which had been there since 1938 when Cécile Dubonnet celebrated her twentieth birthday. Cécile, a naïve, romantic young woman, had fallen in love with a German diplomat in pre-war France, which, as Germany invades Poland and France enters the war, challenges the bond between her friends and details her struggles in her diary.
  • Just Janey's Way

    by Mandy Woolf
    Janey wants EVERYTHING her way and she won’t take no for an answer. Her friends do their best to fit in with her demands until they decide that enough is ENOUGH! Is Janey a STUBBORN BULLY? Or is it that Janey just needs time to understand the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP? This is the second book in the Janey series which demonstrates the importance of kindness, friendship, and teamwork.
  • Captain Hornigold and the Pirate Republic

    by Martin A. Frey
    Benjamin Hornigold, an out of work sailor, leaves Port Royal, Jamaica, after the Queen Anne's War (1713), and sails to Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, where he purchases a.sailing canoes and become a pirate. The next year he acquires a sloop and crew and becomes the leader of the non-Jacobite faction that frequents Nassau Harbor as their safe haven. He sails in consort with Blackbeard (Edward Thache), Major Stede Bonnet, Black Sam Bellamy and his partner Paulsgrave Williams, and ... more
  • Ryan Goes Mountain Biking

    by Katie Dalton
    Ryan Goes Mountain Biking is the story of a courageous young girl who loves weaving through trees, climbing over rocks, and zooming down hills on her bicycle. But before she can hit the trails with her Mommy and Daddy, Ryan’s body needs fuel, her tires need air, and Charlie needs a belly rub. Soon, she’s fully immersed in the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest. Leaves crunch, birds chirp, and mud splish-splashes against her sweaty skin. On her mountain bike, Ryan feels free! But it’... more
  • Return to the Lion's Den

    by G.S. Treakle

    When eighteen-year-old Daniel MacRae escaped his father’s alcoholic abuse in 1981, he left his Indiana hometown, uncertain he would ever return. In the years that followed, he pursued an education and embarked on a very successful career in broadcast journalism.

    In April 2005, as Daniel is settling into his new role as a senior network news executive, he receives a desperate plea from his estranged mother to come home and help deal with the affairs of his dying father, Jerome. Des... more

  • The Only Girl on a Motorcycle

    by Lisa Changadveja
    This is a short picture book about a girl who was told that girls couldn’t ride motorcycles. After a family trip to Thailand, she learned that many girls ride motorcycles and that she could be one of them someday. She eventually meets other girls who ride and goes on adventures with them. Available on Amazon here:
  • The Douglas Bastard: A Historical Novel of Scotland (Archibald the Grim Series Book 1)

    by J R Tomlin
    King Robert the Bruce and the Black Douglas are dead — and Scots must once more must fight for their freedom. Young Archibald, the Black Douglas's bastard son, returns from exile to a Scotland ravaged by war. With treachery and danger on every side, he must learn to sleep with a claymore in his hand and one eye open because even his closest friend may betray him...
  • Private Admission: A Black Comedy

    by Antonio Robinson

    “Famous? … Being famous don’t mean much nowadays if it ever did.  They’re making murderers famous now."

    Private Admission is a dark comedy about a man named Jimmee who's trying to write his breakout novel to elevate his stalled writing career.  He uses Muffin and the other unsavory characters that he encounters during his day as his muse.

  • Reading With Matthew

    by S. D. Turner
  • Into the Maelstrom

    by Douglas Cornell
    1922 - OKLAHOMA: Oil-rich Osage Indians are being murdered one by one. It's up to a veteran US Marshal and a young FBI agent to catch the killer and solve one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history.
  • Mama's Secret Strength

    by Vanessa lim
    "Mama has a secret superpower. Not many people know about it, but I know about it. And now I'm going to tell you about it too." Vanessa Lim's debut children's book on themes of diversity, inclusion, and the powerful love of a mother. Brought to life by the gorgeous illustrations of Josephine Satyakrama.
  • A Very Smelfy Christmas

    by Edward Hargreaves
    Here is a heartwarming Christmas tale, a story yet untold, of a kind little elf and her reindeer friend Bob who find themselves in a truly peculiar and challenging snowy situation. You and your children alike will be taken along with our two characters on their journey to find something unexpected and even transformational. The story brings to light the importance of inner peace and harmony, forgiveness, and that it is never too late for personal growth and also just having fun! Smelfy in her un... more
  • Strange Child

    by G. J. Daily
    Marvin Johnson was an influential author before his daughter was murdered nearly three decades ago, and now with the death of his wife, he is contemplating suicide. Until Samantha Wilkins, a homeless 16-year-old, invades Murphy's sheltered existence in an impoverished neighborhood in Boston and forces him to face parts of his past he would rather forget. Known as the neighborhood recluse, Marvin is a man whose mystery and eccentricity border on the mythical, especially when he begins talki... more
  • Oversight

    by Dennis Batchelder
    A young adult tale of friendship, betrayal, and destiny, Oversight depicts one girl's journey to observe her past lives-and how they will shape her future. Zelly is a seventeen-year-old computer geek growing up in present-day Seattle. She's also one of the last three reincarnated leaders of Soul Identity, an ancient organization that promises to pass people's fortunes and memories to their future selves. Along with her two closest friends, she'll ascend to power when she turns nineteen...if s... more