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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Scent of the Lilies

    by T.S. Riley
    Nine-year-old Imari's best friend is his mother. Tormented by his classmate Bruce at school, and variably ridiculed or ignored by his father at home, nothing feels safer than his mother's warm embrace. But when Imari enters fifth grade, loss turns his world upside down, and grief makes him an even more vulnerable target for Bruce's relentless bullying. He begins to fear for his life. Taking things into his own hands feels empowering-but could land him in trouble. Set in 1980s North Geo... more
  • The Alchemy of Bridges

    by Charlene Williams

    The Alchemy of Bridges is contemporary fiction combining romance, mystery and suspense with a touch of the supernatural. This metaphorical title suggests the underlying themes of the book: a sense of mystery, transformation, and connection. Ronan Byrne and Emily Walton are both broken people. A cataclysmic event sends them on separate journeys of transformation and healing. Upon meeting again, years later, they are much different people, though both are still dealing with remnants of the past... more

  • Hatfield 1677

    by Laura C. Rader
    Colonist Benjamin Waite, a devoted husband, father, and skilled military scout in King Philip’s War, reluctantly obeys orders to guide a brutal attack against a camp of Algonquian Natives. After the catastrophic event, Benjamin is burdened with guilt and longs for peace. But the Algonquians, led by the revered sachem Ashpelon, retaliate with vengeance upon Ben’s Massachusetts town of Hatfield, capturing over a dozen colonists, including his pregnant wife Martha and their three young daughters.... more
  • Curious

    by Philos Fablewright
    Dive into the captivating world of 'Curious,' where fiction, philosophy, and humor intertwine to explore the complexities of human experience. Meet Edward, a former CEO navigating divorce, unemployment, and existential questions against the backdrop of Sydney’s stunning landscapes. As he wrestles with the concept of the 'Human Machine'—our biological and emotional complexities—readers are invited on an enlightening journey that challenges assumptions and sparks curiosity. With its engaging story... more
  • subspace

    by Stuart Stromin
    subpace, a collection of kinky tales and stories, dares to explore the deepest, darkest desires of the human psyche. from the power dynamics of dominance and submission to the tantalizing allure of kleptomania and the raw exposure of exhibitionism, each story is sensually crafted in a high literary style. encounter characters who surrender to their most forbidden fantasies and fetishes, who pursue gratification at any expense, and who venture into uncharted realms of passion, yearn... more
  • Sor Juana, My Beloved

    by MaryAnn Shank
    Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the brilliant 17th century Mexican nun, had two passions in life: Poetry and the Viceroy's wife. Explore the passions of her life, from her awakening childhood, to her international reputation as a stunning poet, to her sizzling love for the Viceroy's wife, and ultimately to her standing before the Inquisition. Through it all is a woman who is certain of herself and her destiny, one not afraid to challenge authority, one who will go to any lengths to protect those she ... more
  • Courting the Sun

    by Peggy Joque Williams

    Can a free-spirited country girl navigate the court of King Louis XIV and still keep her head? France, 1670. On her 16th birthday, Sylvienne d’Aubert receives an invitation to attend the court of King Louis XIV of France, unaware of her mother’s secret past with the monarch and unprepared for the intrigue, illicit affairs, and power-mongering that take place behind the shiny façade of Versailles. The brightest student at her village convent school, Sylvienne has always been... more

  • Instead of Goodbye

    by Sadie Mueck
    Everyone has a dream, and sometimes that dream begins with a teacher. Instead Of Goodbye is a heartwarming story that captures the feeling of the last day of school. As the class explores their dreams and plans for the future, the teacher bids farewell to her class using the phrase "I'll see you when I will!" Through encouraging words and lost of perseverance, the students accomplish their goals! Just as she promised, their teacher is there cheering them on! It's a charming reminder that goodbye... more
  • Eye of the Nomad

    by Umberto Nardolicci
    Author Umberto Nardolicci takes the reader to the 12th-century Eurasian Steppe in this heart-pounding tale of adventure. Book I, Eye of the Nomad, so begins the legend of Yasotay, a gifted young prince whose search for purpose takes a dramatic turn saving an illiterate nomad from captivity. He embarks on a hero’s journey far from home to learn the true meaning of life. Murder, kidnapping, and revenge soon find Yasotay in a thrilling race against time to save someone he loves from a fate worse... more
  • Four Teens on Everest

    by Linda LeBlanc
    Four teens set out to climb Everest to earn a million-dollar donation to a children's cancer hospital. They arrive in Nepal with fears, self-doubts, and parental issues. Each must make a life-altering decision. Blizzards, avalanches, crevasses, altitude sickness, and frostbite threaten them at every step. They struggle with themselves, each other, and a rival Brazilian team. Tempers flare between the two boys over shared lies and dark secrets. Jealousies and romances unfold when Jaya falls for t... more
  • Grandmother Carried Her Pearls

    by Patricia Carney
    Set in the late 1970s, Trudy finds herself abandoned at a truck stop by Harold Faust, the attorney who counseled her through an unwanted pregnancy and private adoption. The plot doubles back to the prior year, finding Trudy full of hope with plans to enroll at the university after moving to the big city from her small farm town.
  • Sandy Senses Adventure in Thailand

    by Nicole Natale
    Join Sandy the elf and his friends on an unforgettable journey to Thailand in "Sandy Senses Adventure in Thailand!" As they celebrate Leon's Day, the halfway mark to Christmas dedicated to helping endangered animals, Sandy, who is visually impaired, navigates the vibrant sights, sounds, and scents of Thailand, forming heartwarming bonds with the animals along the way. This enchanting tale of friendship, courage, and discovery will captivate young readers and inspire them to embrace new adventure... more
  • The Prince of Pirates

    by E. H. Casteele
    The Prince of Pirates: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Lots O’Loot is a captivating historical fiction novel that weaves a thrilling narrative around the legendary pirate Black Sam Bellamy, his unconventional young lover Maria Hallett, and the infamous ship, The Whydah Gally. Set against the backdrop of the 18th-century Atlantic, the story unfolds as a grandfather recounts the mesmerizing tale to his wide-eyed grandchildren in present-day Massachusetts. The grandchildren learn how their present-day l... more
  • Road to Eden

    by Tim Twombly
    Mild mannered Dewey “Doc” Ruggles needs to step it up. He and his wife Margaret Ann aren’t just drifting apart; they’re being pried apart by her Life Coach, a scurrilous, self-serving, arrogant blowhard. A real sleaze. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Doc looks to the stars for answers. A mysterious young nun appears. She tells him that if he wants his wife to fall back in love with him they’ll need to journey to the New Eden. Doc knows his wife won’t come along willingly, but she’ll come charging ... more
  • A Gift of Life

    by Rachelle Burk
    Sam has always been a hero to his son, Noah. When a tragedy happens, Sam becomes a superhero to many others. A Gift of Life: A Story of Organ and Tissue Donation is a unique and meaningful story about a child learning to live with loss, while discovering the powerful, life-saving impact their loved one made through the gift of organ and tissue donation. The sensitive picture book shows how their final gifts change the course of others’ lives, and help their own families find meaning in their los... more
  • The Sisterhood of Motherhood

    by Darla Nagel
    As Bethany, the baby sister of the family, steps up to support her sister-in-law and brother through their infertility and cancer diagnosis, she steps into the role of a gestational surrogate. Determined to push herself beyond her comfort zone, Bethany faces a year of medical and legal challenges. She thinks she's prepared for the emotional, physical, and family changes that come with her decision but is soon surprised by shifting family dynamics and even questions her own motivations for surrog... more