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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Strange Monsters: A Music & Words Collaboration

    by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

    Strange Monsters is a music and words collaboration of imaginative fiction and poetry set to contemporary jazz. Read by actors, Stufflebeam's stories unveil a world where the fantastic is familiar. In these six tracks, each set to one of Brewer's ethereal compositions, women challenge what's expected of them and find their voices in unexpected places: Rumpelstiltskin's wife endures police questioning regarding the disappearence of a local boy; a group of deadbeat friends in lo... more

  • Here to Stay (The Fish Tales Book 3)

    by Suanne Laqueur
    Love is never so sweet as when it receives a second chance. In the sequel to her award-winning novel The Man I Love, Suanne Laqueur continues the story of Erik Fiskare’s romance with Daisy Bianco. Though separated for twelve years, the extraordinary bond forged in their youth has endured. But when your soulmate has caused you indescribable pain, how easy is it to forgive? How much trust is needed to place your heart back into the hands that once broke it? How much faith does it take to ask the q... more
  • Give Me Your Answer True (The Fish Tales Book 2)

    by Suanne Laqueur
    Suanne Laqueur's award-winning debut novel The Man I Love thrilled readers with its memorable characters and depth of emotion. Erik Fiskare's journey of love, recovery and forgiveness captivated hearts but also left questions unanswered. Now Daisy Bianco has a chance to tell her story.
  • The Man I Love (The Fish Tales Book 1)

    by Suanne Laqueur

    "You never got over her. You just left. "

    Erik "Fish" Fiskare loves the theatre, but his guarded nature prefers backstage to center stage. While studying stagecraft at college, his spotlight turns on a talented dancer named Marguerite "Daisy" Bianco. Soon, Erik is drawn into a first love as soulful as it is passionate. For two years, the romance thrives within a tight-knit circle of artists and friends. Then a newcomer arrives: Ja... more

  • Shiver and Fears

    by AJ Hard
    So far there's 23 all include strange situations with ghosts, witches, weird friends, and strange objects. These fiction chapter books includes readers in a way that other books do not.
  • Molly Harper

    by Emelle Gamble
    Molly Harper. Anne Sullivan. Norma Wintz. These three strong, flawed, passionate women will be forced to confront and reveal a secret that will rock each of their lives in the most intimate way. In Molly Harper, each must come to terms with the errors they’ve made in hiding behind lies when it came to their family and their loved ones. And they will each be freed from the tyranny of fear they all lived with that their secrets would be discovered. Neither Anne, Norma or Molly emerge unscathed... more
  • Secret Sister

    by Emelle Gamble
    To their friends, Nick and Cathy Chance have the perfect marriage. High school sweethearts who’ve been together for ten years, they’ve weathered challenges and are as committed as they were when they first fell in love. Cathy trusts Nick, Nick’s world revolves around his wife, and the future looks golden. To everyone who knows them, Cathy Chance and Roxanne Ruiz have a perfect friendship. They connected in grade school and since then have been each other’s confidant and trusted advisor. Cath... more
  • Love Over Logic

    by Inilya Spencer
    Nadine McKeelan always plays it safe, especially when it came to matters of the heart. She doesn't make a move until she thinks things through from start to finish (which probably explains why she has had such a short list of suitors. One day life throws her a curve ball--one that's tall, not so dark, and handsome--then another one. Suddenly Nadine finds herself in a perpetual state of "senselessness." It's only when things seem to be the most out of control that she accepts that everything does... more
  • The Crystal Journey Adventures:Mermaid City

    by Deni Bressette
    Simone loves to daydream about swimming with mermaids. She finds herself traveling through a tunnel of light with her beloved Great Dane, Coop, and her stuffed animal, Wizard Fox, who takes her into her daydream. The adventures in store for them ar about to happen under the sea. What will happen when they try to enter the Mermaid City? Coop morphs into a powerful sea dragon, taking Simone on the ride of her life! Between meeting bully pool sharks, a mean moray eel Queen, and then finding a mer... more
  • Guts.

    by Ryan Maguire

    GUTS is a story about acknowledging and coping with universal feelings we all encounter. We all have Guts; Friendly, Sad, Hope, Hungry, Brain, and Anger. The story is illustrated with bold graphics that are contemporary yet primitive in appearance allowing the reader to engage and reflect about their own feelings.

    As each of us are continuously finding balance between our own feelings and lives, GUTS is a story for all ages. It takes guts to talk openly and honestly about your feelings. ... more

  • Juliana

    by Vanda

    Alice “Al” Huffman comes from the potato fields of Long Island with her beau, her best girlfriend and her girlfriend’s beau to make it on the Broadway stage only to find she has no talent. On the kids’ first day in New York City, they meet Maxwell P. Hartwell III, a failed nightclub owner and Broadway producer, who, according to Al, looks a little like Clark Gable. He invites them to a nightclub where Al hears Juliana, the glamorous, perpetually-on-the-brink-of stardom... more

  • Jerusalem Ablaze: Stories of Love and Other Obsessions

    by Orlando Ortega-Medina

    In Jerusalem's Old City a young priest and a dominatrix converse in the dying light; on Oregon's windswept coast a fragile woman discovers a body washed up on the beach after a storm; and in Postwar Japan a young protege watches his master's corpse burn, with bitter thoughts blazing in his mind.

    Jerusalem Ablaze: Stories of Love and Other Obsessions collects thirteen eclectic works of dark fiction, taking the reader from Los Angeles to the eastern townships o... more

  • Honeyball

    by Pete Liebengood

    After a distinguished career as a professional beach volleyball player, Rachel Haslett’s father hands her the reigns to the Santa Barbara Charros, a class A minor league baseball team. She shakes the very foundation of the sport by hiring an all female staff and creating a highly successful marketing campaign called honeyball. To baseball purists it represents marketing sex over baseball. It’s a concept that results in the Charros’ becoming the all time minor league leader i... more

  • Settling Down

    by Dawn Keable
    When Dayna Morrison spontaneously treats herself to a diamond ring for her 33rd birthday, she proves to the world that she doesn’t need a man to enjoy the finer things in life. The real question is, can she prove it to herself? Logically, Dayna knows she can survive solo; she doesn't need anyone to help her apply mascara, start her car or to clean up the messes she tackles daily as assistant to the editor at Mrs. magazine, where 'only wedded women find the ultimate bliss'. But she's always b... more
  • Certosnia: The Season of Tribulations

    by David Rattler

    Ingrid, Elizabeth, and Kelly face their greatest challenges of the season. Could Ingrid Vãduvã be mistaking cultural identities for reincarnation, will Elizabeth Khyler successfully escape the religious zealots and will Kelly Holland die in a plane crash and never see Liz again?

    Full Book Description:
    The journey to enlightenment has always been perilous. But after Ingrid Vãduvã meets an eccentric artist Alyssa Michaels and a photographer Tsukiko Fujioka... more

  • A journey of Souls

    by Michael Mckinney
    After ten people reach the end of their earthly life, they awaken to find themselves in strangely familiar surroundings. In a realm where the past, present, and future flow freely in and out of each other without contradiction they encounter a mysterious woman named Brianna who greets them in their souls journey. From an innocent child to a vicious serial killer, from a lovingly faithful wife to an unrepentant sex addict, all are directed to a destination that is woven from the fabric of their o... more