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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • How My Dog Became the New Messiah

    by Stephen Wallace

    How My Dog Became the New Messiah is a timely literary satire about events that spiral out of control when Ned Belton, a recently widowed, retired physician in a small town in Missouri, wakes up in the middle of the night to discover his St. Bernard surfing the internet - or so it seems. 

    Astounded, he videotapes the event to show his three life long buddies who meet every morning for coffee at the local diner.  Always the pranksters, one of them posts the video on Yo... more

  • Mission Chandler

    by Drew Harry

    Mike Chandler has a neurological disorder which affects his mobility, but during certain months of the year he recovers his movement. It is during this time when MI6 makes use of Chandler as an overseas operative. On his latest mission he is hunting down Heung Chin, the notorious leader of the Sun Yee On group, a subsidiary of the Triad Kuomintang. Initially he travels to Mexico to deal with a drug cartel with which Heung Chin is involved. Then Chandler follows Heung Chin, as he escapes to Ho... more

  • The Kochia Chronicles: Systemic Challenges and the Foundations of Social Innovation

    by Khanjan Mehta
    Kochia, a sleepy community on the shores of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya, is caught in the turmoil among traditional ways of life, excitement brought about by development projects and the throes of relentless globalization. Cellphones are spreading HIV and funerals are killing people. Cows are drowning in enormous holes dug by white people. Girls are dropping out of school and children are being rented to orphanages. Crusades and miracle services are blurring the lines between religion and cri... more
  • When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer

    by Susan Plunket
    The day she returns from her mother's funeral, Georgina discovers her husband Colin's affair. A remote Englishman, he is unsympathetic to the fact that Georgina’s world has been capsized by the death of both her parents and her daughter, Kate’s, suicidal depression. Already down on her hands and knees, fighting for her child’s life, Colin’s affair lands Georgina face down in the mud. As Kate grows sicker and nothing helps, Georgina descends into a nightmare world where all her assumptions abou... more
  • Schneid's: A Novel

    by Timothy F. Dempsey
    In the mid-sixties, drugs rode the subways from the inner city to the eastern suburbs of Queens, New York, where middle class families would be changed forever. Young men who came of age during that period lived in fear of the draft, as Vietnam took over the national psyche. To cope, some enlisted, some went to great lengths to dodge the draft, even to the extent of harming themselves, and some ran away to Canada. Some didn’t get out of the decade alive. Schneid’s is a novel that chronicles DAVE... more
  • Moon Over Alcatraz

    by Patricia Yager Delagrange

    Romantic Women's Fiction

    Brandy Chambers was looking forward to the birth of her first child. She and Weston move from San Francisco to the small town of Alameda to start a family, she’s writing her second book, and Weston has a fantastic job working on the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge project. Having this baby would make her already-wonderful life perfect.

    But when the baby dies after a difficult birth, Brandy’s perfect life blows up in her face. Stricken with... more

  • Before the Court of Heaven

    by Jack Mayer

    BEFORE THE COURT OF HEAVEN is based on a true story that I heard as a Yom Kippur sermon at Middlebury College about Ernst Techow, one of three fascist assassins responsible for the 1922 murder of the highest ranking Jew in Weimar Germany, Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau. While on trial for his life, Ernst receives an offer of forgiveness from the mother of the man he helped murder if he repents.  In prison, his cell-mate, Puck challenges Ernst's fascistic belief... more

  • Beautifully Naked. At Last.

    by Lisa Avery
    Beautifully Naked. At Last., explores how my relationship with fear shifted from isolation, loneliness and anger to possibility, strength and joy. I discovered that change is not nearly as painful as living with an unforgivable self. The beautiful aspect of this evolution was my discovery that unconditional love of self and others exposed inherent courage. This courage was often challenged but those challenges were always overcome. Now I move forward knowing the possibilities are limitless.
  • The Misses Bronte's Establishment

    by Amy Wolf
    Meet Maria Shelby, the spoiled – and rich – daughter of an English knight. She has a habit of getting into trouble: at eighteen, she’s already been sacked from six schools. No one else will have her, except: The Misses Brontë’s Establishment in Haworth, a remote Yorkshire village. With time, Maria comes to appreciate the genius of her teachers: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë. Part suspense, part Victorian novel, this novel takes the reader on a profound literary journey along with young Mari... more
  • Don't Call Me Crazy! Again

    by Swiyyah Woodard
    Stressed to marry her lover, Anika, is beset by a foreboding of ghosts and mental illness. Will her lover leave or stay because his own darkness makes Anika's seem like a fairytale. Don't Call Me Crazy! Again is the sequel to, "Don't Call Me Crazy! I'm Just in Love."
  • Mark Twain Presents the Adventures of Tom Sawyer: A Stage Play

    by mike parker
    When The Adventures of Tom Sawyer first appeared in 1876 it was a dismal failure, selling fewer than 24,000 copies during its first year on the market. It wasn't until Mark Twain published his masterpiece, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that Tom Sawyer truly gained an audience, perhaps due to the rapscallion's brief appearance in that novel. Tom Sawyer, perhaps even more than Peter Pan, is the icon for eternal boyhood. Whether playing hooky from school, exploring the depths of a cavern, rom... more
  • When Doves Fly

    by Lauren Gregory
    Lily Wright craves independence in a time when men control every woman's destiny. She flees her cruel husband for freedom and opportunity, but brutality and vice lurk in the Colorado Rocky Mountains of the 1870s. Lily discovers the Wild West is a fool's paradise. Independence has a price. It will cost Lily her sanity and her life, unless she finds the strength and courage to make her own destiny.

    by matthew lukenjon

    Indian George whose real name is Coyote Three Toes shows three boys how to make a dugout canoe. The boys were able to take their canoe down the Truckee River to Reno and along the way saved a little girls life who had fallen in the river. This exciting adventure of building this canoe and the adventure of the river trip will grab your heart and take it on a magical ride through the beauty and majesty of the the High Sierra Mountains. Tippy the Wonder Dog will tickle your funny bone with ... more

  • An Invincible Summer

    by Betta Ferrendelli
    Jaime Monroe is a young prosecutor who has a bright future with the Denver District Attorney’s office. Jaime, however, is tormented by demons from her past. But when she learns that Leigh Roberts, a local reporter for a Denver daily newspaper, intends to have her mentally challenged daughter, Ashleigh, forcibly sterilized, something within Jaime stirs. Whether it is anger, pity, or simply the need to do what’s right, Jaime decides to turn her back on her promising career with the DA’s offic... more
  • A Village in the Fields

    by Patty Enrado
    A retired Filipino farm worker looks back on his long and costly struggle for civil rights.
  • Casting Lots

    by William D. McEachern

    This is the tale of how a Greek slave, Lucinius, becomes an influential religious leader and literary figure in the First Century A.D.  His spiritual awakening is prompted by an unlikely mentor, a Centurion, who was at the crucifixion.  


    Lucinius is ordered by his master to assemble the stories told by eye-witnesses to the life and death of Jesus Christ.  Cornelius was the Centurion at the Crucifixion. Cornelius is hated by the Jews and the Romans... more