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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • I Don't Need a Second Mother

    by Maria Psanis
    Sasha doesn’t like the fact that her mother has hired an overweight woman, Ms. Grace MaClean to be her babysitter. Yet, her sister Bella is thrilled. Can Sasha learn to accept, respect, and listen to someone upon whom she has passed judgment at first sight? Will Sasha come to realize that there is much more to Ms. MaClean than her great weight?
  • I Love My Sister But Sometimes I Don't

    by Maria Psanis
    Sasha, the tomboy who loves to play soccer with the boys, is always getting in trouble with her older sister, Bella. No matter what Sasha does it’s never good enough. She can’t gain her sister’s approval. She loves her sister, but sometimes she doesn’t. Bella is perfect and she knows everything. Sasha doesn’t know much, she just wants to have fun.
  • Divine Hotel

    by Nicole Loughan

    Time is running out for Philadelphia’s Divine Hotel.

    One woman is tasked with saving two children who went missing from the once majestic hotel but she soon learns that there is more to this rescue than she ever thought. To save them she’s going to have to re-set the clock for everybody at the hotel and the only way to do that is to go all the way back to 1964. Righting the wrongs of the past will be no easy feat, because there are people willing to fight to... more

  • Chaturanga

    by Andrew C. Katen
    Chaturanga centers around Patrick Eaton, a fourteen-year-old who has been raised on the legendary tales of his forefathers, each intrepid explorers in their own time. As an American boy in the twenty-first century, Patrick doubts whether he will have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. The surprising opportunity to accompany his geologist father on a business trip to Azerbaijan leads to an adventure that encompasses a secret journal, codes, political intrigue, buried treasures, and fam... more
  • God, The Moon and My Friend Coco

    by Maria Psanis
    Sasha, who doesn’t like to cry has been crying and can’t find comfort. She talks to God, dances with the Moon, and Believes in Miracles. She’s perplexed and questions why children die. Why is her friend Coco fighting cancer? Does God hear her prayers? She wonders . . .
  • "Teeth"

    by John Henry Brebbia
    Teeth is a wicked, politically incorrect comedy-satire about stout, horse-faced Miriam Potts and her balding, obese, thirty-something son, Hans. In 1979, this pair of self-righteous bigots flee ethnically challenged Camden, New Jersey to tiny, time-warped, segregationist Gumball, Georgia in search of the kind of peace and contentment they are convinced only the Old South can offer two deserving, God fearing Episcopalians. Bent on establishing an orthodontic practice and basking in the gentile So... more
  • A, B, See The Beatles

    by Jill Davis
    Arguably the most influential band in history, the Beatles shaped an era and were the soundtrack of a generation. What better way to celebrate their influence than with a book that can be shared with the youngest generation of all? With whimsical illustrations commemorating special moments in the band's history, this book is a keepsake for children and their parents alike. Rhyming couplets bring the lyrics and band to life for even the littlest Beatles fans. Hidden references tucked into the il... more
  • Billy Buys a Backpack

    by Ivy Valentine Pate

    Book 2 in the These Kids of Mine series. Caring, compassionate Billy wants to help a friend get a backpack to stay organized at school, but how will he get the money? This book teaches social responsibility and kindness while showing that kids can earn money by WORKING! Illustrated by popular children's artist Chris Padovano.

  • Afraid of Love

    by Maria Psanis
    Yiannis, a pragmatic dreamer who grew up in an orphanage and wondered about his parentage, lives in Mytilini, Greece, a society to which he is unable to conform. He is disturbed not only by his past but troubled within himself. He is confused about the nature of truth, worries about aging, and is introspective. Nature plays a big role in his personality. Bad weather brings to him particular memories. His deep emotions and psychological behavior are being explored. When in private, he unfolds his... more
  • Furry Weather and a Storm of Feathers

    by Scott Schafer
    Things are going to get furry--and feathery, when the wood that a beaver needs to build his dam happens to be the home of a very grouchy bird that he just awakened from his afternoon nap. Sometimes, the one you push away is the one you needed on your side all along...especially in the very end. Furry Weather and a Storm of Feathers tells the story of two animals, a bird and a beaver, who cross paths turning into a conflict of words, mainly due to the birds bullying and his resiliency to share w... more
  • Ms. G's Shadowy Road to Fame

    by Meteorologist Mish Michaels
    Ms. G, resident groundhog at Stoneymeade Farm, and Ashlee, a first grader at Hunnewell Elementary School, both share a love of weather, including all kinds of storms. The two meet while both chasing the same thunderstorm and quickly become close friends. Share in their "shadowy" road to fame in this "true" to life story of how Ms. G became the Massachusetts State Groundhog. TV Meteorologist Mish Michaels, along with her daughter and her daughter's elementary school classmates, led a real-life ca... more
  • Soul of Toledo

    by Edward D. Webster
    From the courts of kings in Naples and Castile to the chambers of Pope Nicholas and the torture cellars of Toledo, this gripping novel brings to life an era of little-known history in fifteenth-century Spain, a time when a rogue inquisition threatened to destroy the very soul of Toledo.
  • As It Is In Heaven

    by Neil Ostroff
    At the end of impermanence lies the beginning of true existence! Collin Weaver died today. His spiritual journey begins with a difficult purgatory during which he will observe the final moments of ordinary and extraordinary people to decode the human experience. Reasons why he was born must be discovered before his soul will advance to higher embodiment. Participating in harrowing and heart-wrenching incidents, he never expected these episodes would provide the conclusive answer to the ti... more
  • Drop Out

    by Neil Ostroff
    Two separate lives, one impossible love! An unimaginable, life-altering journey through Hell and back! Life is full of unexpected tragedies. Confronted with the unthinkable, Nathan Cruz loses everyone he loves in the doomed twin towers collapse. Battling despair, he flees from human contact to live isolated aboard a houseboat moored in the Florida Keys. Crushing grief does not diminish with time. Nearly drowned by a hurricane, he unwittingly seeks shelter in the home of Miriam Kanter, a yo... more
  • Elphie and Dad go on an Epic adventure (Elphie's books Book 1)

    by Hagit R Oron
    Elphie and his Dad have a great time together by seizing the day and enjoying the magic that exists in everyday life.
  • The Sisters Find a New Home: The Green Flourish Pentalogy Part 1 (Volume 1)

    by Thomas Peters
    Imprisoned in Europe in 1936, a woman begins recounting the tale of her extraordinary life at the request of her captors... From her very birth in 1878, queer happenings have been the norm for Mary. With each step on her journey towards adulthood adding yet another fresh layer of oddity to her life, Mary's greatest concern is in deciding whether she can trust anyone - including herself. Part 1 follows Mary's journey from a small fishing village in Scotland. After the death of their father, Mary ... more