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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Distortion

    by Sierra Ernesto Xavier

    "Distortion could be the most daringly original and breathtakingly powerful work of literary fiction to emerge in recent years.Highly recommended."
    Chris Riches - Daily Express

    “A literary masterpiece of restraint and intimacy that breaks down barriers to reconnect readers with the vulnerablemind and beating heart of humanity." Richard Moriarty - The Sun

    “Let's face it, literary fiction can be pretentio... more

  • Elly Robin : Bird in a Gilded Cage (The Ordeals of Elly Robin)

    by PD Quaver
    While studying piano with a famous Italian virtuoso, fifteen-year old prodigy Elly Robin at first considers the patronage of the immensely wealthy LaSalle family a stroke of good fortune. But her social ineptness makes her a laughing stock to the LaSalle children. And Elly soon realizes the ostensibly respectable family harbors terrible secrets.
  • Elly Robin in the Big Easy (The Ordeals of Elly Robin)

    by PD Quaver
    Still traumatized by her experiences upriver, Elly is just another penniless street urchin in the teeming city--until a ragged troupe of barefoot boys, who call themselves the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band, discover the secret of her colossal talent. With their help, Elly is soon playing nightly at one of the elegant bordellos in the city's notorious Storyville district. She becomes privy to the fascinating--and disturbing--secrets of the women who work there, and befriends such musical luminaries as ... more
  • Altered Estates

    by Chris Mathison
    English manor mystery meets magic mushrooms Kris Robinson, a scenarist with temporary drug-induced amnesia, enters a live-action manor mystery as a character in order to test his game, unaware that he wrote it. In the scenario, Kris learns his long-lost uncle left him a fabulous English estate. When he arrives there, he finds the butler trying to steal his inheritance, the caretaker’s precocious grandson expounding on Jungian synchronicity, the chef spouting palindromes, and a cast of other mad... more
  • Elly Robin On the Road (The Ordeals of Elly Robin)

    by PD Quaver
    While rambling through Kansas in the year 1912 in her Model T Roadster, Elly Robin and her pal Jimmy McGann, along with Jimmy's young wife Sara and her little brother Jonah, fall in with a troupe of down-at-heel actors. Thirteen-year-old Elly's sensational ragtime playing revives the troupe's fortunes, and both Sara and Jonah discover talents that help keep the troupe afloat. But a brutal murder and a flash flood lead to Elly's dependence on a remote community of ex-slaves and their descendants ... more
  • The Fallible

    by David Ewald
    A teen discovers a gun in the trunk of his car. A spider exposes a weakness a son has never seen. A young woman reaches a breaking point with her partner while traveling in Egypt. A serial philanderer uses the personal tragedy of September 11th to his advantage. In these stories and more, the author of He Who Shall Remain Shameless takes readers down paths punctuated by the mistakes of parents and children, teachers and students, spouses and significant others--imperfect people driven by love, y... more
  • Little Moe can't Fly

    by Pria Dee
    Little Moe is worried about surviving cold weather, for he is not ready to fly south and winter is coming. His flock leaves but little Moe keeps trying until one day he soars in this tale of survival.
  • Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal

    by Personal Wordsmith
    Introducing Charming Holly Chrystal is the story of a darling girl who struggles to understand the idioms often used to describe her. Beautifully illustrated and written in whimsical verse, this children's nursery rhyme book is perfect for a short, bedtime read.
  • Fearful Breakers

    by Janice Sebring
    Since his youth, José Albañez has wanted only one thing — to follow his father into the joiner’s trade. His uncle Domingo, however, drawn him unwillingly away form his comfortable life in Havana into his Caribbean web of trade and smuggling. He struggles to escape a life at sea, but his uncle’s plans, and the arrival of a British fleet in 1762 to besiege Havana, threaten to take the choice out of his hands.

    "Melissa Discovers Magic and Witchcraft”. A captivating work narrates Melissa's extraordinary journey through the realms of magic, healing, and spirituality. This book will immerse you in Melissa's life and experiences, a woman whose path leads her to discover the hidden powers of the world and embrace her true essence. Throughout its pages, readers will witness how Melissa delves into the world of magic, exploring ancient rituals and esoteric practices that have endured through the centuries... more

    "The Alien Island Friendship" is an adventure novel that delves into the mysteries of a remote island off the coast of Chile. The story follows Captain Lewis and his team of Parapsychologist Monica, archaeologist Esteban, and oceanographer Fernando as they explore the secrets of Friendship Island. As they unravel the enigmatic island, they discover connections beyond conventional science, including extraterrestrial entities, dimensional portals, and an intergalactic conspiracy. While the novel i... more
  • Guess How Marion Feels

    by Miss Kaye
    Marion is a kind, creative, and easy kid...but he's faced with BIG emotions. Help Marion identify those BIG feelings in this interactive children's picture book. This book is made to celebrate and honor the feelings of every little one, foster open communication, and create inclusive learning with our neurodivergent kids.
  • Cotton-Top Tamarin's Most Hairific Day (Endangered and Misunderstood Animals Book 5)

    by Terri Tatchell
    Book 5 in the "Endangered & Misunderstood" series is packed full of laughter and adventure as Cotton-Top sets out to fix the jungle's hair. Her disastrous attempts with a sloth, tapir and snake are nothing compared to what happens when she meets her first human! All proceeds from this series are donated to the conservation of the lesser-known endangered creatures featured in each stand-alone book.
  • The Patriarch and the Lord

    by Dennis Wammack
    In the final book of The Beginning of Civilization: Mythologies Told True, the mythologies of ‘Pharaoh Djoser and Queen Hetephe, Isis and Osiris, Set and Horus, the Lady of Byblos, Abraham and Sarai and Hathor, Yahweh and Asherah, Moses and his Lord all intertwine to provide origination stories for the Sphinx, the Ark of the Covenant, misogyny, the evolution of the gods of Canaan, the emergence of Mecca and the Ishmalites, plus, the nature of death and God are posited. These multiple secondar... more
  • A Hip Hop Christmas

    by Lori Nelson Lee
    It’s Christmas time in the city, and these two siblings are excited to fill the days leading up to Santa’s arrival with lots of holiday spirit. But not just any holiday spirit – HIP HOP holiday spirit! Where rhythm, style, and flavor inspire their holiday flow.
  • Istara's tale

    by ARS Nipun
    Istara is a superearth. Its people are stuck in the age of exploration. Will our hero, an earthling, survive his mission on this novel world where there's day, night and a daypause? Or will he succumb to Istara's strange beasts and even stranger phenomenon?