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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Immortal Africanus: Belisarius And The Roman Empire's Return to Rome (Legend of Africanus) (Volume 3)

    by Matthew Jordan Storm
    Sixty years after the Western Roman Empire was toppled by the Goth warlord Odaecer, a new Caesar ascends to the throne in Byzantium. This man, the Emperor Justinian, refuses to accept that Rome's best days have passed. With the help of his extraordinary young General Belisarius, Justinian will attempt the impossible - to expel the barbarians from Rome's Lost Lands and to restore the Empire to its former glory. Join them on their stunning adventure in the LEGEND OF AFRICANUS trilogy. IMMORTA... more
  • From Africanus: The Story of a Young Boy's Quest to Save the Last Roman

    by Matthew Jordan Storm
    For centuries children of the West have been taught that sometime in the 5th century Rome “fell” and with it, the world fell into the Dark Ages. This is only partially true. The Western Roman Empire did fade but in the East, in the old city of Byzantium on the Bosporus, the Romans would survive for a thousand years longer. FROM AFRICANUS is a work of historical fiction and the first book in the LEGEND OF AFRICANUS trilogy. The story is set in this “other” Rome during the reign of Justinian... more
  • The Best Bear Hugs Ever

    by Scott Washburn
    A parent goes to see the bears at the zoo to experience the best bear hugs ever. On his way to the bears he bumps into other animals. Each animal tells the parent he doesn’t need to see the bears because their baby animal gives the best bear hugs ever. After hugging all the exotic animals, he goes home sad because he never finds the best hugs. But, when he opens his front door, his child runs to him and gives him the best bear hug ever.
  • Surprising Mrs. Rhubarbson (Marble Mangosteen's Good Deed Collection Book 1)

    by Reena Bhojwani
    What do you get when you put a monkey a squirrel and a raccoon together with a bunch of old folks? That's right, a surprise! Come join Marble, Shooz and Roxy as they set off on the first of their good deed collection!
  • Making Amends

    by Melinda Clayton

    On a beautiful fall evening, in the middle of a game of hide-and-seek, five-year-old Bobby Clark is kidnapped by his estranged father, a shiftless man with a history of domestic violence and drug abuse. Bobby’s twin brother Ricky watches, terrified, from his hiding place behind the bougainvillea, while mother Tabby, who also struggles with addiction, lies inebriated on the living room floor.

    Bobby isn’t seen by his loved ones again until a fateful morning twenty-five years l... more

  • Green Summer

    by Karen Colibri
    Andalucía, Spain. CLARA LUNA, archaeologist and curator, discovers a Phoenician bracelet in the dark waters under the ruins of a Spanish Moorish fortress. After wearing the bracelet, she is taken on a journey into Spain's Moorish past and the legends that surround the Alhambra Palace.
  • Kid Miracle: Readers Are Leaders

    by Yales Smith
    It’s a new school year at Lemon Elementary and Joshua finds himself thrust into a new school, where he has to use friendship, faith, and hard work to survive. In this story Joshua overcomes the challenges of growing up with the help of his friend Madison. She helps him to understand the true meaning of friendship and hard work.
  • Sergeant Stone, Sentinel of the Crescent City

    by Daniel Barker

    Sergeant Stone, Sentinel of the Crescent City follows the adventures of a superhuman time traveler’s adventures through history as he struggles both to protect Earth’s timeline from malevolent outside interference and to understand humanity itself.

    The inimitable Sergeant Stone returns with fifteen new short stories in this exciting follow up to Sergeant Stone, NOPD! He still guards the Crescent City against threats both ordinary and otherworldly, but that is not his only be... more

  • Fairy Tales

    by Thomas Gonzalez

    The Old West, Cowboy Boots, Sheriffs, Mayors, Horses….

    Dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs….

    Fairy Tales is a children’s story about Western pooches Spike, Princess, Rocky, Wilbert, Black Jack, Chiquita, and of course the main man Mayor Tom. Set in an old west town, follow the dogs on their adventures, even being sworn in as deputies.

    The author has used the names of his real life dogs for his story because he loves his dogs and wants the world to fall in love... more

  • LUZ, book i: comings and goings

    by Luis Gonzalez
    Cuba, August 1994, where a shocking event is currently unfolding. For the first time in 35 years, Cubans are openly revolting against Castro’s regime and, likewise, the government is not stopping anyone from leaving the island. But this time nobody is coming by to pick anyone up. This time there is no boatlift as during the Mariel Crisis. Those who want to flee the country are free to do so, as long as they take to the sea in their inner tubes and contraptions and homemade rafts. Nineteen year-... more
  • Welcome to Foxyland: Great Adventures of Little Foxycat: English Edition (Volume 1)

    by Wald Peterson
    The curious and imaginative Foxycat must explore his village to find the ingredients needed for his mother to bake his favorite dessert, in this delightful, fully illustrated children’s book.
  • Battlefields

    by Vance N. Smith
    From the outside, the middle-class James family appears better off than many African-Americans living in Los Angeles—but what appears to be a fairy-tale home turns out to be a breeding ground for despair. Between his inattentive, alcoholic father and his abusive, emotionally unstable mother, Wilson grows up never knowing the selflessness of real love and the resulting void makes him vulnerable to a predator at the formative age of thirteen. Attracted to other males since childhood, Wilson now fa... more
  • Journey to Polonia, Book One, The Polish Americans

    by Geraldine Prusko
    This debut novel describes the lives of Polish immigrants who came to the United States at the end of the 19th century, starting new lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The book is set in the 1960s, but it also highlights the history of Poland in the late 1800s, when it existed mainly in the minds of its people because the country did not exist. Like the narrator’s ancestors, Poles found community in the Milwaukee neighborhoods and Roman Catholic churches where they could speak their language an... more
  • Twelve Months of Heaven

    by Sam T. Coleman
    Sam T. Coleman's literary novel, a moving tale of a man and his lifelong battle against fate, chronicles the journey of the protagonist, Maxwell Bodaway, through love, hope, despair, and lasting friendships stretched over the span of his lifetime. Set in three different continents, from the bustling cities of China to the jungles of the Amazon, Maxwell tries to redraw the lines of his destiny as he tries to keep his love for Katherine Bodaway alive.

    by fatima abdallah
    Maryama seems to always be in the wrong relationships for the right reasons. Too concerned for others and unable to chart a course for her won life, Maryama continuously becomes perplexed with how indifferent the world is. Will she continue staying shocked with the lack of emotions displayed by people she hold close to her heart. Or will she define herself, set her own goals and move on with her life. Though she is having a difficult time putting back the pieces of her and getting her life back... more
  • Romeo is Homeless

    by Julie Frayn
    Yearning for more than pig slop and hand-me-downs, August Bailey runs away from the farm. But in the big city, reality and fantasy don’t mix. When her money runs out, seventeen-year-old Reese rescues her. He has electric eyes, a gentleman’s heart—and a heroin addiction. When they fall in love, August wants to save him from his horrid existence. But the truth behind his pain is more than she can bear. Could their love ruin her life?