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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    Imaginings. Reflections. Some Other Stuff. Conjecture On My Part is a collection of short stories and poems, tied together by one common thread: there are no verdicts. Author Lee Joseph meticulously and poignantly details characters, circumstances, and events. But as to the meaning of any of it, he endeavors to leave that to someone else-you, the reader. Meaning is very personal. It’s about much more than what happened. Beliefs, values, and ideals all play a part in determining the meaning ... more
  • Evangeline The Seer of Wall St.

    by Clint Adams

    The stars are infallible; one's true destiny cannot be altered. Or can it? A descendant of presidents John and John Quincy Adams, and the black sheep of her family, astrologer Evangeline Adams flees provincial Boston in 1899 to launch her business in New York City. On the train ride, she casts her own horoscopic chart. Her findings--death on November 10, 1932 and an unusual intimate union--alarm her. Soon after, she meets actress and suffragist Emma Sheridan-Fry, and she spends the rest o... more

  • Help Wanted

    by David Scott

    Unsolved murders in Los Angeles.  Cold case homicides.  Peter Dale and Darcy Garcia become involved in solving these murders as their feelings for one another grow.**Peter and Darcy collect clues using the Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning process to pursue the killer to an exciting and climactic ending.

  • Sashi Adopts a Brother

    by Linda Greiner
    When we last saw Sashi, she had just been adopted by Anna and her family after a lonely time in the shelter. Her new owners provided a safe, loving home and helped Sashi understand the world around her. In this latest adventure, Sashi Adopts a Brother, the spunky little Sheltie assists her new family as they foster for Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, looking after other Shelties until they find “forever homes.” In this sequel to Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie, Linda Greiner gives us a moving account... more
  • Abenteuer Halbmond (German Edition)

    by Evadeen Brickwood
    Als ob Erwachsenwerden in den siebziger Jahren nicht schon schwierig genug wäre! Teenager Isabell Bertrand ist zu rebellisch und eine neue Behandlungsmethode mit Hypnose soll da Abhilfe schaffen. Dr. Albrecht führt sie in ihre frühe Kindheit - und immer weiter - zurück. Kann diese in Seidensaris gekleidete Schönheit wirklich sie selbst gewesen sein? Jahre später wird Isabell zu einer Hochzeit in Pakistan eingeladen und die Erinnerungen drängen sich ihr wieder auf. Mit unerwarteten Folgen.
  • Singende Eidechsen

    by Evadeen Brickwood
    Bridget Reinhold ist nicht gerade abenteuerlustig, doch als ihre Schwester Claire im südlichen Afrika verschwindet, hält sie es in England nicht mehr aus. Ohne viel zu überlegen macht sie sich nach Botswana auf, um Claire zu finden. Mit so vielen Hindernissen und Ablenkungen, manche davon nicht unbedingt unerwünscht, hatte sie allerdings nicht gerechnet. Auf einmal scheint alles schief zu laufen und Bridget fragt sich, ob das noch Zufall sein kann. Steckt etwa Übersinnliches dahinter?
  • The Adventures of Digbee: Have You Seen My Touque?

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    Digbee is a coelophysis dinosaur and he lives along the Bay of Fundy. Digbee has a colourful touque and yellow rubber boots. One day the wind steals Digbee’s touque away. During the search for his touque, Digbee meets many Canadian animals who become his friend. He also learns all about the colours in his hat. Great for ages two to ten.
  • Counting Kittens

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    This is the story of ten little kittens who embark on an adventure. While camping beside the Bay of Fundy, they participate in all sorts of activities. This book uses colourful artwork to help children read, count from one to ten, and learn basic addition concepts. Great for ages two to ten.
  • The Alphabet According to Dewey

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    Dewey is a large, fun-loving, orange tabby cat. One of his favourite hobbies is getting into mischief. In this book Dewey teaches the reader all about the alphabet as he uses it. The book uses photography, humour and questions so the reader can interact with him. A fresh, new way to look at the alphabet. Great for ages two to eight and cat lovers of all ages.
  • The Kitchen of Many Colours

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    This is the story of Lara Kennedy and her family. They have just moved to a new and remote community. Lara makes new friends who will be invaluable when a tragedy befalls her family. This book focuses on fire safety, making friends, diversity in the community, multiculturalism and acceptance. Great for ages four to ten.
  • Shaky Man

    by Mark S. Parker
    Stay away from Shaky Man. Every kid in the small town of Tonkaway, Texas, knows that. He eats little kids, murdered his wife, and mistreats his dogs, to boot. That’s what they say, anyway. Top doesn’t entirely know what to think about the rumors. He’s too busy settling into his new home, playing baseball, and making friends—like Mickey, a black boy who soon becomes his best friend of all. Everything changes when a shocking murder turns the town, along with Top and Mickey’s lives, upside down. N... more
  • Battle at Bogs Hollow

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    This story is about three friends: a frog, a fish, and a turtle. One day their home is invaded by humans with big, yellow, mechanical monsters. The three friends do their best to save their home with some inventive countermeasures. This is a wonderful story that focuses on friendship, human impact on the environment, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Great for ages three to nine.
  • Madame Noel

    by jacques magloire
    FORWARD and brief synopsis: Madame Noel, A Novel by Jacques Magloire New York, 2014 "Only two weeks ago I was a happy mother and wife in my own house, my own bedroom with a view of the Citadel, and my own chicken running free in my backyard…now I have this. But I must do what I can for my children. God give me strength," said Madame Noël, at her debut at the open market. Of course, she was referring to the new career she was forced to embark on selling embroidered drapes and pillowcases. H... more
  • Singing Lizards

    by Evadeen Brickwood
    Bridget Reinhold is not exactly the adventurous type, but when her sister Claire disappears in Southern Africa, nothing can keep her in England. Bridget launches herself into the search in Botswana and hits one obstacle after the other. Not all the distractions are entirely unpleasant, but soon, her mission is plunged into turmoil as everything seems to be going wrong. Just coincidence or is there something not so normal at work?
  • The Mind of an American Revolutionary

    by Jon Foyt

    A surprising Historical Novel about one of the Lesser Known but Equally Important Founding Fathers who played a Vital Role in Financing the American Revolution with his own funds and yet ended up in Debtor’s Prison.

    Real Men may eat quiche, but do real men do Talk Therapy?    

    That is the question Jon Foyt’s historical novel asks—and answers—in “The Mind of an American Revolutionary,” the life and motivations of one of the lesser ... more

  • Tropical Lies

    by David Myles Robinson
    Pancho McMartin, Honolulu's colorful, unpredictable and successful criminal defense attorney will soon take on a client charged with the most brutal, high profile murder in Hawaii's history. Pancho's client is a former mercenary, accused of the brutal murder of the man who was once Honolulu's most sought-after investment counselor. As the case unfolds and the lies are exposed, the evidence against Pancho's client is overwhelming and Pancho, now desperate, must find a way to prove his client's in... more