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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Still, Life: a collection of echoes

    by Melissa Volker
    Life is made up of a moments, strung together like beads. This a collection of short stories, inspired by a love-hate relationship with life in NYC. They give us a glimpse into the private moments we normally do not witness; the moments when things turn in an instant, are born, die, or go astray. They lay bare the quiet, internal lives of people falling love, losing their way, reaching their end, or finding their truth. And they echo with something achingly familiar to all of us -- those momen... more
  • Delilah of Sunhats and Swans

    by Melissa Volker
    On a rainy afternoon an enigmatic, 18 year old girl steps off a bus in a small New England town, transforming the lives of everyone she touches. Amos Harrison owns the diner she first steps into, and something compels him to convince her to stay. Virginia Emmet, an older woman living alone, is drawn to invite her to stay with her. And Harold Reinman is a young man left with the mind of a child from an abusive event who connect to the world via quotes from the many books he reads. He and Delilah ... more
  • Sara Barefield

    by Marian D. Schwartz
    Pregnant and alone at the age of forty, with five hundred dollars in savings and no prospect of help from anyone, Sara Barefield wants this baby more than she has ever wanted anything. She figures that she was born poor and had pulled herself up so she can pull herself up again. But the poverty she plunges into after she has the baby is beyond anything she had imagined. Just days before being forced to live on the street, she must find a way out of this crisis so she can make a decent life for ... more
  • Where the Love Light Gleams

    by Roberta Kennedy
    A story of love, faith, loyalty and deception. Rowan Grace Brown age 34 moves to her father’s native Scotland to begin a new life. Divorced and needing a change she has always loved her father’s country and had planned to move before but didn’t have the courage to do so. Knowing that her Dad’s twin sister Grace would love for her to live with her Rowan takes a huge leap of faith and does just that. Plus there is Alex Corbett, a childhood friend in Rowan Tree, the town where she is going. She ... more
  • The curse of the ancient Greeks

    by Faris Nejad
    The Curse of the ancient Greeks is a contemporary novel based and inspired by real stories and current events. It is the story of a Greek newspaper columnist born in a magical and remote mountainous peninsular stretching out in the Mediterranean, hugged by glittering turquoise coasts and dramatic cliffs. At an early age, the boy loses his father at a tragic work-related accident, which influences the rest of his life. He is shortly after taken to Athens by his mother in search of a better life. ... more
  • Deployed: A State of Human Conflict: Pawns Laboring in the Clash of Wills

    by Daryl Horton

    This is a young adult drama about a young husband in his mid-twenties who joins the military hoping to make a better living for his family and ends up getting deployed during his first year as a Marine. He's a deeply religious man who believes his marriage is doing great, but everyone else who knows him and his wife seem to see things differently. Deploying to combat not only changes him, but it opens his eyes to what's going on in his marriage. As much as he wants to save his marriag... more

  • Exchange at the Border

    by Alexandra Goodwin
    Mexican agave farm worker Porro Camorra never meant to do anything wrong. He is in love with his girlfriend but when she becomes pregnant, his life is in danger. Fleeing the vindictive wrath of her enraged brothers who have sworn to kill him, Porro runs for the border. But when he reaches the barrier between Mexico and the United States, he finds more than the safety he seeks. As he is thrust into a mystical realm, he must agree to a fascinating and dangerous bargain in order to reclaim his plac... more
  • Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression

    by D, Helene
    Diary of a 99%-er takes a humorous look at the contrast between struggling to survive financially and expressing oneself creatively. It also delves into: politics; healthcare; work and micromanagement; spirituality; and yoga. It details the life of a fictional couple, Toni and Simon, who are struggling to make ends meet, set against the backdrop of Orange County, CA
  • Tested

    by Elizabeth Andre

    The year is 1993, and those in the gay community are dying of AIDS, caring for people with AIDS, infected with HIV or terrified of catching the virus. Edwin, Julio, Anastasia, and Jennifer are four 20-something friends who decide to spend a sunny Saturday doing the right thing: getting an HIV test at one of Chicago’s public health clinics.

    After, of course, they shop, have lunch, have coffee, gossip about what that person is wearing, talk about sex, lie about their sexual past, an... more

  • Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

    by Pawan Mishra

    Winner: 2016 eLit Book Awards for Literary Fiction (Bronze).

    Finalist: 2016 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor

    Coinman, a junior level office worker in India, has a number of eccentricities. The laughingstock of the office, he finds no relief at home; his wife Imli, an obsessed actress, completely vanishes into each role. When tough bully, Hukum, beautiful enchantress, Tulsi, and the office sage, Ratiram, unite the office to conspire against Coinman, they have no inkling of... more

  • With the Children

    by Henry Webb
    In 1969 to dodge the Vietnam draft young Neil Riley takes a job teaching 6th grade in South Harlem. He knows nothing about teaching. Yet to his immense surprise he finds himself driven to prepare his students for the gritty way that lies ahead. In the process he learns to open himself to both love and friendship. With humor, romance, pathos and wry observations of the customs of an inner city school, the novel follows the transformation of a raw youth into a caring adult.
  • Try! Try! Try!

    by Lindsey Craig
    ”You can roar you can hop, even slippity-slide! All you have to do is Try! Try! Try!" Oh, it's fun to learn new things! In Lindsey Craig's new get-up-and move book TRY! TRY! TRY! your children will hop with bunnies, roar with a bear, then smile to watch as animals overcome their shyness to do some very silly dancing, indeed! Lindsey Craig's musical text and Ying Hui Tan’s endearing illustrations will make this book a childhood favorite.
  • Madame Presidentess

    by Nicole Evelina
    Forty-eight years before women were granted the right to vote, one woman dared to run for President of the United States, yet her name has been virtually written out of the history books. Rising from the shame of an abusive childhood, Victoria Woodhull, the daughter of a con-man and a religious zealot, vows to follow her destiny, one the spirits say will lead her out of poverty to “become ruler of her people.” But the road to glory is far from easy. A nightmarish marriage teaches Victoria ... more

    by M.G. Crisci
    Call Sign, White Lily (Inspired by real events) A fastidiously created historical novel about the life and loves of the world's first female fighter pilot.....a daring and determined Russian teenage girl who recorded 268 missions, registered 15 solo kills, assisted on many others, fell madly in love with her commanding officer, and became Hitler's worst public relations nightmare....all before the age of 22.
  • The Distance To The End

    by Michael Aaron Casares
    Reunited with his estranged lover, Raoul, poet, Nicholas Duke has been invited for a celebratory weekend in Las Vegas with his friends Neville and Gladys Acosta. Recently acquiring a large sum of money, Neville wastes no time obtaining the finer things in life. In the true nouveau riche fashion, they book limos and lavish suites, drinking and enjoying the pleasantries easy access to their personal desires grants. There are under currents stirring though, as Nick deals with Raoul’s new found love... more