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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Evolution of a Revolution: Volume One

    by Conallan Power
    Raised in the Mississippi backwoods by his loving father, Andre Braden learns early on that the world can be cruel and unfair. This causes Andre to begin a journey for enlightenment, and he finds a world of contradiction.
  • Not Just Another Pretty Face

    by Louis Flint Ceci
    Twenty-three photos of male go-go dancers become the basis for stories, poems, essays, and drama by twenty-seven authors, revealing unexpected mysteries, romance, fantasy, and humor. Contributors include 2015 Sue Kaufman Prize winner Michael Carroll, 2013 Lambda Mid-Career author Trebor Healey, and Lammy winners Jeff Mann, David Pratt, and Jim Provenzano.
  • Observation Hill: A Novel of Class and Murder

    by Tim Jollymore
    Police Detective Paul Tuomi has his hands full: He has just been assigned the highest profile murder case of his career, is in the middle of investigating the strange death of a family member, and is about to cross the line on a long ago failed marriage. Paul’s love of his working-class beginnings—embodied his involvement with his high school sweetheart and her son—and bond with his private detective father who lives under the cloud of a 40 year-old bootlegging murder fray the ties he’s mad... more
  • The Last Casualty: A Modern Civil War Short Story

    by Brian Jaeger
    A high school senior on a class trip in Tennessee finds a flag from his home state that has been borrowed and never returned. While he's not generally the type, Ray Huebner channels Private Rice from the Battle of Perryville in order to recapture the flag for his home state of Wisconsin. The escape north involves meeting people and hearing opinions, some anticipated and some surprising, but all demonstrating that the war that tore America apart is not long forgotten.
  • Heartbreaker

    by Thomas Duffy
    Heartbreaker is the story of a down on her luck young woman named Amber. She comes to New York City and gets into more trouble than she ever imagined when she becomes an independent escort. When a client kidnaps her, she begins to value her life more than she realized she could. This is the story of Amber's journey to overcome her past and present on her quest for a better tomorrow.
  • The Jeff Movie

    by Brian Jaeger
    The story has nice girls and slutty girls, drunk guys and less drunk guys, a wise friend who speaks with a Southern accent no one understands, an angry Vietnam vet, Club Ugly, and more debauchery than you can wave your index finger at in a shame-on-you kind of way. The story is also sweet and kind, but the reader has to search really deep for that, and it would pay to download copies for all your family and friends so that you can search for those elements in some kind of book club.
  • Eighth Grade Ends: The World Probably Doesn't

    by Brian Jaeger
    This story is so much more than hormones exploding, however. It forces readers to ask questions they've been avoiding after ten or twenty years of marriage, like, "What if it had been someone else?" Or, "Why aren't we friends anymore when we had so much fun then?" Or, "What would I have done had I seen a teenager dragging an ATM machine down the road if he was the totally coolest teenager while I was a goofy middle-schooler?" Young readers will enjoy the story because it's them (only without ... more
  • Philadelphia Store: The Musical

    by Brian Jaeger
    Brian Jaeger is not a director or actor or musician, but he wrote one of the best musical plays you will ever read. Why? He's a writer who can find the funny. He's a former department store employee who knows the subject matter. He's even horribly bad at picking up ladies, which means he's good at writing about it. Or bad. Whatever, it's realistic, yet fantastic. You'll hear the rhythms of the yet-to-be recorded songs. You'll hear the voices of the yet-to-be acted out characters. You'll join the... more
  • Numbers Cool Book

    by Brian Jaeger
    This book was conceived, written, and illustrated by James Brian Jaeger when he was five years old because of his love for numbers. Each number has a short description of what that number is doing, along with an illustration depicting the action. If you have a child who is interested in numbers, writing, drawing, or just being creative, this book can serve as inspiration. The imagination of a child is quite powerful, and the Numbers Cool Book proves that young minds can do more than be babysat b... more
  • My Father Is in Prison

    by Patrick Baker
    Louis is a fourth grader who is moving into his grandmother’s house and is starting his first day at a new school. Louis’ father is absent from his life because he is in prison. Louis’ denial and disappointment in his father’s absence is displayed by his series of imaginative lies about his father’s whereabouts. Louis quickly learns he can only keep the lies going for so long and is forced to face the truth.
  • Delbert's Weir

    by Carmen Peone
    Delbert’s Weir Home > Books > Delbert's Weir Delbert’s Weir Author: Carmen Peone Series: Gardner Sibling Trilogy, Book 1 Genres: Young Adult, Fiction Publication Year: 2015 ISBN: 9781519414953 Buy from Amazon Overview In a time when the west was still untamed, sixteen-year-old Delbert Gardner leads two friends into the backcountry for a three day adventure. Little did they know three days of hunting and fishing would turn into eight days of near starvation, injury and illness. When hop... more
  • "Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons"

    by Sheri Poe-Pape
    In this delightful story, Cassie is welcomed to a new home filled with music, but when Mrs. Applebaum doesn’t seem to understand what Cassie is saying, or how talented she is, the happy little dog becomes an unhappy little dog. Fortunately, with a good ear and a kind heart, Mrs. Applebaum finds the perfect solution to Cassie’s problem, proving once again that music is the universal language.
  • Mount Silenus: A Vertical Odyssey of Extraordinary Peril

    by Petronius Jablonski

    When novice climbers Trevor and Gaspar attempt Mount Silenus they discover that inspiration from a famous book makes a poor substitute for experience. Accuracy is important on mountains, especially one darkened by legends of a prehistoric sloth — the Abominable Unau — and the indigenous people who make sacrifices to it. As the text bears less and less resemblance to the terrain, squabbles over its interpretation become a battle of faith vs. reason. Those are best fought on flat su... more

  • Urban Mermaid

    by Howard Parsons
    A loveless mermaid is on the verge of suicide when she throws caution to wind and plays a prank on an unsuspecting human. She thinks she will never see him again but on the following day, she reports to her new job on land only to discover the human is sitting in the cubicle next to hers. Against her better judgement, she decides to trust the human and subsequently falls in love with him. The only problem is how they reconcile his life on land with her life by the sea.
  • Womb Town

    by Vlad Bunea
  • The Diary of Stephanie Dane

    by Casey Bell
    Picture In High Schools across the country, students' dropout rates soar as high as 50 percent. Literacy levels are at an all-time low. After decades of false promises by the school system, parents are still demanding educational equality, blaming the school system for their child not excelling academically and not realizing what students face while trying to obtain a good & thorough education. The Diary of Stephanie Dane examines the impact students' deal with in school and challenges parents... more