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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Jolly Coroner: A Picaresque Novel

    by quentin canterel
    Amongst the strip malls, concrete blocks and empty parking lots of the Southern town of Hokum, the American dream lies broken. A helpless immigrant the state has declared dead finds himself unable to prove otherwise. Abused Mexican kids abduct their schoolteacher escaping back across the border. A haunted hillbilly dangles from a flagpole refusing to believe his wife and children aren’t ghosts. The Warden, a camo-wearing military obsessive pedals drugs whilst blaring Stockhausen. A down on her l... more
  • The Road to Rus'

    by Michael Hnatyshyn
    In the 9th Century, the Byzantine Empire was on the rise. The Vikings were also well on their way to influencing most of the known world with their spirit of adventure and quest for glory. Slavic tribes led by the Polians and their leader Vratymyr with the aid of the Vikings and their representative Askoldir organize a brazen attack at the heart of New Rome – Constantinople. Their goal is not only revenge but the formation of a new empire. There are battles, political plots, sea voyages, tr... more
  • Bridges to Survival

    by Jane Stallings
    Harry Rossi's story is a WWII behind enemy lines thriller and a coming of age tale set in Verona, Italy and the Brenner Pass. Eighteen year old Harry is forever changed by the friendships forged in the smelter of war. He does battle with his basic morals, witnesses friends tortured beyond recognition, and finds his instinct for revenge unbridled. Killing comes easy. When his team leaders disappear, Harry is transformed from trainee to leader. He and Resistance friends complete the mission.... more
  • The War Between Us

    by Sarah Creviston Lee
    Alex Moon is not the enemy. Six months after Pearl Harbor's tragedy, Korean American Alex Moon is sent away from his home in California for refusing his father's request to join the fight against the Japanese. On his journey, Alex is attacked and stranded in the small town of River Bluff, Indiana. To everyone else, he looks like the enemy. Unexpectedly, Alex is befriended by a local girl, Lonnie Hamilton, who comes to his defense, saving him from doubt and despair while placing herself in... more
  • Peeeeeniiiiiiiiis!

    by J. J. Ogden

    At the end of the Travens family anniversary celebration Amanda and her husband Brice say goodnight to her mother and father and spend the rest of the evening fighting with her two brothers Marcus and Thomas. Fussing with the two of them about their non-participation in the preparations for the party that they all agreed to throw for their parents, Amanda screams at them You two SHUT UP! while me and Brice were running around this past two weeks trying to prepare for this party that we all de... more

  • The Clouds Aren't White

    by Rachael Wright
    Emmeline MacArthur is in the eye of the storm, a period of calm in the unstable life of political intrigue. As soon as the future looks clear, three shots from an old revolver shatter her precarious peace. In minutes Emmeline is plucked from picking dandelions with her daughter, Sophie, to standing next to the steel grave of her husband and his bullet ridden body. In the months that pass, the assassin’s trail goes cold. Emmeline founders in a quiet depression, paralyzed by guilt and tor... more
  • Somewhere Night Falls

    by Neil Stanners
    We were all children once. Take this winding path through childhood past and present. A series of short stories presented chronologically. A boy living in a coastal town in WWII and longing for father to come home. A bunch of kids stumble on a famous star having a holiday. A farming family find themselves in a flood. Three siblings decide to take on and defeat a myth. A special relationship on an ocean voyage. A childhood love affair and it’s consequences. Teenage testosterone has it’s day. Bei... more
  • Caledonia Switch

    by Steven Lane Smith
    John Wesley Hardin is the smartest kid in Caledonia, New Hampshire, but his high I.Q. can't always keep his dream world separate from the real world. Named after an outlaw by a mother with the attention span of a hummingbird, John believes he's a genius, and he tries to rescue his father's hardware store from failure by making huge bets that threaten to ruin him and his family. He rationalizes committing one fraud after another until his confidence is shattered by the revelation of a life-changi... more
  • Salvation at Rio Feo

    by Steven Lane Smith
    Tommy Gunn is a star player for the Kentucky Barber College Cutters, the most notorious underdogs in college basketball March Madness history. A bookie named Igor bribes Tommy to lose the championship game by more than three points. A bookie named The Smelt bribes Tommy to injure an opponent and win the same game. That’s not how bribes are supposed to work. FBI Agent Bogart leads a task force bent on arresting conspirators like Igor and The Smelt and crooked players like Tommy. When KB... more
  • The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 3: Boddington and the Bicycle

    by James Zwerneman
    ALL IS WELL IN THE GREAT GREEN FOREST, and Ta and Boddington are happy. Sally, the tribe’s inventor, has even come up with a new invention! But when Boddington sees how wonderful it is, his emotions get the best of him, and soon the three friends find themselves caught up in their most exciting adventure yet... THE ADVENTURES OF TA AND BODDINGTON is a series of whimsical children’s books set a long, long time ago, when early humans were trying to invent society from scratch. Readers of all ... more
  • The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 2: The Chief's Dilemma

    by James Zwerneman
    TA'S MISSION TO FIND FRIENDS was a big success. But with so many new cavemen living so close together, Ta begins to worry that there will not be enough to go around. The tough choices Ta faces in THE CHIEF'S DILEMMA will determine the fate of the tribe. THE ADVENTURES OF TA AND BODDINGTON is a series of whimsical children’s books set a long, long time ago, when early humans were trying to invent society from scratch. Readers of all ages will delight in Ta, the kind-hearted caveman, and Boddi... more
  • The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 1: Into the Unknown

    by James Zwerneman
    TA IS A GENTLE CAVEMAN living in the Great Green Forest. He loves playing his drum and eating blueberries drizzled in honey. But there is something he lacks - a friend. So one day he marches out into the dangerous Unknown to look for one. He will end up finding much more than he bargained for... THE ADVENTURES OF TA AND BODDINGTON is a series of whimsical children’s books set a long, long time ago, when cavemen were just learning to live together in society for the first time. Readers of all ... more
  • Back Kicks and Broken Promises

    by Juan Rader Bas
    Ricky Gilbert's world has been turned upside down. The seventeen-year-old, Filipino, adopted son of American parents, Ricky tries to adjust to a new life after moving halfway around the world from Singapore to New Jersey. With the help of Max Parada, an American-born Filipino, and Amy Cho, his Korean-American classmate, Ricky begins to find his place and identity in his new home through Taekwondo training. The training, however, is more than kicks and punches. Instead, it becomes Ricky's guide... more
  • Harrington's Valley

    by Darrel Rachel
    Reminiscent of Lonesome Dove, Cold Mountain, and Gone With The Wind, Harrington’s Valley weaves together the lives of three people from very different backgrounds as they embark on an epic journey from the ruins of the defeated South, through the majestic Rocky Mountains, and to the valleys of northeast Oregon. James McKane struggles with the loss of his way of life, his family, and the prejudices of his upbringing. Kate McKane, a woman left on her own, struggles against greed and corruption on ... more
  • BEYOND PLANET REACH: The Possibility of Love

    by J. T. Bleu

    J. T. BLEU'S fascinating prequel to his novel MY ARCH EMILY.
    This novella (inspired by a kitten) establishes the author's reputation as a writer of wit, insight, and compassion for even the most self-deluding of his characters, in a poignant exploration of an intense romantic attachment at the edge of global madness.

    Beyond Planet Reach is the story of the spirited and wildly spontaneous Emily ... more

  • Weeks and Days

    by S.E. Phinney
    Meet Emily, sixteen and utterly unremarkable. Enter Stephen. He keeps asking what she wants, and won’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. In spite of his bluntness, Emily can tell he’s hiding something big. She doesn’t know if he’s a liar, a drug addict, or just plain weird, but… maybe she doesn’t care. Because with Stephen, she finally realizes there’s more to life than just floating through.