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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Battle Rattle (Kindle Single)

    by Brandon Davis Jennings
    For Derrick “Vez” Vezcheck, dwell time – the period at home between deployments – is a different kind of battle. Swap enemies for civilian expectations and you get a sense of what Vez is up against: a patient and loving wife who’ll stick by him no matter what, a young daughter who’s a little too OK with seeing dad every six months, and a community that’s quick to thank him for his service, even if he himself has long forgotten what he’s fighting for. In Battle Rattle, Brandon Davis Jennings’... more
  • Nesthäkchen and Her Dolls: First English edition of the German Children's Classic Translated and annotated by Steven Lehrer (Vo

    by Steven Lehrer
    KIRKUS REVIEW A new translation of the first novel in a children's series from a century ago introduces a sunny German heroine. Lehrer continues his important and approachable annotated translation of the series of beloved German children's classics with this English-language rendition of 1913's Nesthäkchen und ihre Puppen. This is the first installment in Ury's 10-book series starring blonde, blue-eyed Annemarie Braun, the "Nesthäkchen," or little pet daughter, in the family of a successful Be... more
  • Red: The Untold Story

    by Angela M Hudson
    Once every twenty years, pack alpha Luther takes a new wife. On the day of Selection, Red is chosen. Just as her family always planned. Just as she always planned. Until she met Alex Plain. Alex took Red to worlds she never imagined, where the ordinary is seen as magical, and the upright is abstract. With the help of this new friendship, Red begins to see a future for herself outside of the pack. But, unfortunately, Alex Plain came along too late. Red is obligated to marry Luther now, an... more
  • Maddie's Monsters

    by Jonathan Gould
    Strange things are happening in Maddie’s house. Objects keep disappearing, and Maddie’s family can’t imagine where they’ve gone. Only Maddie knows that her monsters have taken them. Can she get her family to believe her? And can she get her monsters to give everything back?
  • Specifics of None Specific

    by Bayan Tree
    This book is full of colorful and diverse short stories and poems. It's hard to categorize this book because there is something for everybody! You'll get a front row seat during rehearsal of the soul-singing living legends, GLOW. Sit through a week re-cap of a broken heart in Days Without Corey. Take a glimpse into the future with a short story called TIME. And share the grievances of a tired employee in the poem Another 8. This book is a rollercoaster ride of thought and emotion.
  • AutoFlick

    by John R Bancroft
    Isaac Yardley did not know what he was getting into when he and his father started chasing after people who threw cigarettes from cars. He did not know their “research” project would lead to getting gassed at an anti-poverty demonstration, befriended by an eccentric entrepreneur, a windfall at a race track and the New York City showing of “Magical Mystery Tour.” But he might have expected something. His father was born a Quaker, became an atheist, joined the Dick Mobius society of Herman Melvi... more
  • Fireflies in the Night: A Novel

    by Nalini Warriar

    Two sisters and a beautiful mother caught between tradition and love, a family torn apart by tragedy and betrayal.

    From the award winning short story writer of Blues from the Malabar Coast, comes a novel about two sisters once bound by love and loyalty; a beautiful mother torn between tradition and love; a gentle and caring father who loves his girls but is caught in the middle, seduced by his wife’s sophistication. Set against the lush backgroun... more

  • The Burden of Sweetberry

    by Carol Gosa Summerville
    When Deacon Josiah Hess beats Luther McGill to death on the grounds of First Macedonia Baptist Church, the community points the finger at Sweetberry, the married deacon's mistress of many years, and the dead man's fiancé. The deacon's trial reveals secrets about Sweetberry that shock the community, sending her veering towards insanity. But the cause of the murder comes in a shocking confrontation after the trial.
  • What All the Songs Add Up To

    by Greg Masters
    Forty years of poems from the East Village of Manhattan, a community of artistic and social vibrancy amid the nation's detritus. Extending from the mid-1970s to 2016, the poems range from expressions of youthful concerns – fueled by rock and roll, freedom and excess afforded by bohemian existence and rebellion against mainstream values – to perhaps more mature reflections and observances – and unease with mainstream values.
  • Finding the Raven

    by Patty Dickson Pieczka

    When Julia Dulac's father is murdered onstage  and her inheritance is swindled away, she must work through her grief and fear of poverty to find both the killer and a means of survival with help from the Raven, a black crystal that reveals images of past and future truths. While having the crystal appraised, Julia finds love and her life takes unexpected turns through mystery and betrayal against the backdrop of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. Through the boarding house windo... more

  • When Mommy Is in Heaven

    by Wendy Hackey
    Micah's school is having a Mother's Day Tea Party. Though he knows that his mommy is in Heaven, he believes that if he asks God to allow her to come to the party, since it is for mother's and grandmothers, God will allow her to come. It is a sweet and touching story that offers an important message about family, love, loss and healing.
  • Chuckaboo: an Appalachian Trail novel

    by Christopher Fitzgerald

        Nobody expects a runaway to hide on the Appalachian Trail.
        Don Gallagher, 16, joins a springtime migration of backpackers. They trek northbound in Georgia.
        Hikers nickname him Chuckaboo.
        Pent up frustration has led him to the mountains. He’s boycotting home. He will not return unless that skin-headed couch potato—also known as Mom’s boyfriend—moves out.
       &nb... more

  • A Faithful Son

    by Michael Scott Garvin
    A Faithful Son is a dazzling debut and genre-defying novel. This captivating coming of age tale chronicles the life of Zach Nance, a young man struggling to find his place in an ever-shifting world and the zany cast of local characters who help him come to an understanding of himself and the secret he harbors. The small town of Durango, Colorado provides the rural backdrop for Garvin’s masterful novel. A hunky traveling carnie, an eccentric gaggle of pious church spinsters, a flirty drag queen a... more
  • Green

    by Barry Cotton
    green beckons us. green evokes life. green is a sanctuary. Carbon manifests itself in green and humanity is a manifestation of carbon’s innate desire to organize itself at higher and higher levels of complexity. The story of green is interwoven in our DNA. We should listen to it. Especially now that so much green has been slashed and burnt by the poor struggling to grow enough food to stay alive. Ultimately, our addiction to cheap fossil fuels could turn green to grey. green is a... more
  • Love, Marriage and Divorce

    by LaQueisha Malone, Rashonda Jones Aiken, Alma Collins Thomas


    For DeShay, love meant war. She'd invested herself in many failed relationships that she had grown tired of fighting. Every time she got it right, she'd soon realize just how wrong she was. But all that changes when she discovers the love she's been looking for she's had it all along. 

    Marriage is about a partnership, a sacred bond between two people... more

  • Amie an African Adventure

    by Lucinda E Clarke
    Amie reluctantly accompanies her husband when he is sent to work in Africa. soon after she settles in she comes to the unwelcome attention of a government official and then civil war breaks out and Amie is fighting for her life.