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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Weeks and Days

    by S.E. Phinney
    Meet Emily, sixteen and utterly unremarkable. Enter Stephen. He keeps asking what she wants, and won’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. In spite of his bluntness, Emily can tell he’s hiding something big. She doesn’t know if he’s a liar, a drug addict, or just plain weird, but… maybe she doesn’t care. Because with Stephen, she finally realizes there’s more to life than just floating through.
  • Chosen: Commander in Chief

    by Judith M. Galloway

    The Republican Party is looking for a presidential candidate who will capture the public's imagination.

    Enter Brigadier General Rachel Ryland, USAF, retired currently serving in the U.S. Senate. Appointed to her husband s senate seat after he is killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, Senator Ryland is a thirty year veteran with extensive experience in foreign relations and strategic planning.

    When asked to run for president, will she accept? If she runs, can she win? How... more

  • Behind Closed Doors

    by A.L. Smith
    For Sierra, Alex and Latrice, the innocence of childhood was lost at an early age. Choosing significantly different paths, they struggle to deal with the psychological effects of abuse. The three are eventually driven apart and they transition into womanhood carrying a secret that would influence their lives and threaten to destroy their family. Through a series of unlikely circumstances, the three are reunited. The meeting would ultimately set the stage for atonement.
  • Valentino The Love Bunny and How He Came to Be

    by Margarita Fairbanks
    In Book 1, Valentino The Love Bunny and How He Came To Be, we first meet a charming, 3lb 4oz Netherland Dwarf bunny at the pet shop. A customer called “the Animal Lady” falls in love with him and decides to provide him with his “forever home.” She names him Valentino The Love Bunny because of his distinguishing features: a black heart around his right eye and a heart on his left cheek. His confident and engaging nature allows him to quickly become friends with his new animal family consisting of... more
  • In Defense of the Moth or A Meaningless Dance in Blinding Heat and Light

    by Johnny Newport
    The Moon... It is said the moon’s spell can move us and nobody understands her pull like Johnny Gomez. Johnny, a devil-may-care and fatalistic salesman, remains tethered to his privileged life by a love for his children, his career and the moon—and not necessarily in that order. In fact, it’s Johnny’s lifelong passion for the moon, through both obsessive, independent study and a communal involvement in an astronomy society, that serves as the only outward distraction as a life of standard ... more
  • If... Lost or Found

    by Jackie Mae
    Traveling abroad, Sabrina’s grand adventure is about to change. Needing to go home and rectify the wrongs that are hovering ever constant around her, she finds herself thrust into a whole new set of truths she must confront. What if she had chosen differently? What if she had followed her parents’ guidance? Acceptance, freedom, being a worldly woman, had all seemed so important. Now, however, her path will lead her into the unknown. On her own, she must confront her fears head-on. When she meets... more
  • Autumn Leaves: A Novel of Old Japan

    by Everitt Foster

    Four stories about one story. There has been a series of fires plaguing Edo, the city of paper and wood, and the fire chief, Kiru Jindo, has been unable to solve the crimes. Prince Juzo is becoming impatient. When a young ronin named Iga-no-Nikki arrives in the city he soon finds himself with arson. It appears Kiru has found a scapegoat. Nikki's only hope is to find the real arsonist before he is forced to reclaim his honor by committing seppuku. At the same time, two women in Kiru's ... more

  • Benign Flame -Saga of Love

    by BS Murthy

    The attractions Roopa experienced and the fantasies she entertained as a teen shaped a male imagery that ensconced her subconscious. Insensibly, confident carriage came to be associated with the image of maleness in her mind-set. Her acute consciousness of masculinity only increased her vulnerability to it, making her womanliness crave for the maleness for its gratification.

    However, as her father was constrained to help her in becoming a doctor, she opts to marry, hoping that Sathyam m... more

  • Santa's Little Angel

    by Rosa C. Thomas

    Abby is a little angel that lives at the North Pole. She has always dreamed of becoming a guardian angel. After breaking her wing, she learns she will no longer be able to fly fast enough to be a guardian angel. While taking a walk through the village, she runs into Santa. He tells her not to focus on the things she cannot do, but always seek to find the things she can do. Abby takes Santa's advise, and finds ways to help others at the North Pole, including a few elves, and... more

  • Mimadamos

    by Chadi B. Ghaith
    What if Fate is a man and you had a chance to enter the mind of Fate and peek a look at reality through his eyes—reality as never known or seen before? "Mimadamos" revolves around an ancient triangle of three of the most significant characters on earth paralleled by three of the most significant forces in life and their unique story in space and time. Journey through this fable and explore some of the most timeless concepts known to man: good and evil, heaven and hell, and the beginning and ... more
  • Cody The Cloud

    by Kevin Mulhern
    "Cody the Cloud" is about a cloud named Cody who cannot make it rain. The other clouds make fun of him, and he eventually retreats to the earth feeling like a failure. After all, what kind of cloud can't make it rain? Cody meets a young boy on earth who is similar to Cody in that he is too small and weak to work on his father's farm, and the other boys on the farm make fun of him. Cody and the boy become best friends. When a severe drought strikes the region and the farm's crops are in dang... more
  • Kingdom Cursed (Legends Of South Haven Book 4)

    by Helena Sustaita & J.T. Griffin
    An Evil Dark Tale That Will Leave You Breathless . Kingdom Cursed... Scholars still speak of the dark ages. They even teach classes about the 14th Century....What they never truly mention is the reason this time in history was called The Dark Age. Leaving out most of the true horror that the rulers of that era perpetrated onto their women and children. The penalties that certain kingdoms placed upon their people. Of how their rule plagued good men to turn into brutal warriors to protect th... more
  • Om Namah...

    by Kalyanii
    When the Quest for Truth Turns Into Betrayal... Determined to overcome the shadows of her troubled past, Kavyaa dedicates herself to spirituality, surrendering to the wisdom of the brilliant teacher Jaswant and his wife Shambhavi. Humble, willing, and trusting, Kavyaa eagerly accepts their assurance that with their guidance, she will be on the fast track to enlightenment. Instead, she finds herself sucked into a vortex of manipulation and ego. Jaswant's charismatic personality is a thin veneer o... more
  • Fables of the CIA

    by Benson Grayson
    Although written in fictional form, the stories are based on real individuals and events. The author has drawn upon his more than twenty-five years of service in clandestine operations to ensure that the actions of the characters adhere to standard intelligence procedures. Three of the four stories are written in a humorous vein, highlighting the incompetence and bureaucratic behavior behavior frequently encountered. Rather than the opposing intelligence service, the principal foe of the charac... more
  • Lily's Story

    by Don Gutteridge
    Lily’s Story is a novel about a remarkable woman, born in the backwoods of Lambton County, Ontario in 1804. Lily’s struggle to survive and grow and discover her place in the scheme of things is complicated not only by the ordinary travail of pioneer living, but by the impact of historical events themselves: the railroads and their cutthroat competition, the Riel Rebellion, the First World War and the great influenza epidemic of 1918. During her long life Lily witnesses the birth of a nation and ... more
  • The Truth about Cows: a Polcastro Reader

    by Riya Anne Polcastro
    With everything from heart wrenching memoir to dark transgressive laughs and unexpected tales of noir, The Truth about Cows is a collection of shorts perfect for a quick read wherever you might need one. Check out a little crime fiction while waiting for the bus and get a preview of the next character to emerge from Riya Anne Polcastro's web in the Teeth tales. Keep a copy in the powder room and catch up on the latest Hollywood gossip in Zoey & Katy (it's shocking! but not in the way you expect)... more