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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Seeking Blue

    by Andrew Kensley
    Jack Wasserman is resigned to living out his days isolated from his painful past. But when the lonely 53-year-old pharmacist receives a letter from Noah, the son he gave up two decades earlier, he finally takes the necessary steps toward fulfilling his overdue role as a father. On his voyage across oceans, cultures and generations, Jack's path—equal parts trying, amusing, and cathartic—intersects with those of his only child and the wife and mother once thought dead, as the end approaches for th... more
  • Thank You, Shadow

    by Terri Kelley
    Death is a difficult thing for adults to handle and to discuss; it's even harder for young children to understand what death means. In this story, a little boy's beloved pet dog Shadow isn't at his side when he wakes up one morning. When he rushes around to find Shadow, the boy discovers his parents in the kitchen; they look sad and tired. The dad lovingly explains that Shadow became ill during the night and had to be taken to the veterinarian's office where he died. The boy is very upset and be... more
  • Chase Bartholomew Hastings

    by Ehren Achenbach
    Chase Bartholomew Hastings—an inquisitive 10-year old with a love of physics—lives in a time after what is known as “The War.” Growing up without the modern electronic comforts his mother speaks of fondly from her own childhood, Chase and his two best friends must create their own fun—usually by exploring the limits of their town while being careful not to go beyond the safe zone. When Chase and his friends find a hungry and frightened family hiding in the woods nearby, they decide to take actio... more
  • What Are We Gonna Do Today?

    by Naeem K. Turner-Bandele
    “I’m bored, what are we gonna do today?” Has your child ever asked you this question? Are you in need of fun things to do? Is there a life lesson you’d like to teach your child but don’t know how to approach it? Well, worry no more! Author Naeem Turner-Bandele helps you turn a plain old day with your child into a new and exciting adventure with his simply illustrated and clever book, What Are We Gonna Do Today? What Are We Gonna Do Today? is filled with 52 opportunities for engagement, one... more
  • Detours

    by Emma Gates
  • Deep Down Things

    by Tamara Linse
    Deep Down Things, Tamara Linse’s debut novel, is the emotionally riveting story of three siblings torn apart by a charismatic bullrider-turned-writer and the love that triumphs despite tragedy. From the death of her parents at sixteen, Maggie Jordan yearns for lost family, while sister CJ drowns in alcohol and brother Tibs withdraws. When Maggie and an idealistic young writer named Jackdaw fall in love, she is certain that she’s found what she’s looking for. As she helps him write a novel, she g... more
  • Walking to Israel

    by Emma Gates
    Nine-year-old Lottie feels trapped. Her divorced mother has brought her three children from the U.S. to England, en route to what she believes is their religious destiny in the Holy Land. Her schoolmates think she’s odd. Her twenty-four-year old piano tutor, Rory, says he’s in love with Lottie – but she is as frightened by his insistence on keeping their relationship secret as she is confused by his touches.
  • Praying for Rain

    by Emma Gates

    In 1997 Saudi Arabia, American teacher Arden Armstrong and Saudi archeologist Faisal Abdul Aziz aren’t even supposed to look at each other, let alone admit any attraction, but their separate struggles for progress in the Kingdom bring them into an unlikely - and dangerous - alliance.



  • Private Lines

    by Emma Gates
  • Everyday Mercies

    by Evie (Yoder) Miller
    Everyday Mercies focuses on a young adult, Carrie Lehman, and her desire to become an organic vegetable farmer. During a four-day Thanksgiving holiday on her parents' dairy farm, she wrestles with her own self-doubts and makes known her departure from family expectations. Tensions and humor spring up among three generations with Mennonite roots, as what's spoken and unspoken exerts its pressure toward change.
  • Sequel to Puddin'

    by Aaron Friday
    This will be a sequel to "Puddin'"
  • Puddin'

    by Aaron Friday
    Join Frenchy Johnson as he takes to the mean Georgia streets. Will he fall victim to the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" lifestyle, or will he become the man he was meant to be?
  • Polly Wants to Be a Writer: The Junior Authors Guide to Writing and Getting Published

    by Laura Michelle Thomas
    From the creator of the International Junior Authors Contests and Conferences comes a 5-star, imaginative urban fantasy that does the impossible: encourages and trains young writers to create better fiction through an action-packed narrative. Polly, a fifteen-year-old wannabe writer, comes face to face with her inner dragon, a truculent, impatient creature who is a talented but frightful critic of her writing. With the help of Ms. Patience Whitford, a literary dragon trainer and leader of a g... more
  • The Naked Storyteller

    by Laura Michelle Thomas
    The Naked Storyteller, Thomas’s second novel, is an intelligent romantic comedy about a flabby, frustrated teacher who sledgehammers his way to love and happiness. Harry Tyke is a 52-year-old, divorced grade six teacher who has resigned himself to the wrong career, the wrong home, the wrong life. Dubbed “Beast” by his students because of his size and frumpy appearance, Harry begrudgingly attends a teachers’ conference where he unexpectedly ends up in a storytelling workshop taught by a smart,... more
  • Agnes Canon's War

    by Deborah Lincoln
    Agnes Canon is tired of being a spectator in life, an invisible daughter among seven sisters, meat for the marriage market. The rivers of her Pennsylvania countryside flow west, and she yearns to flow with them, explore new lands, know the independence that is the usual sphere of men. This is a story of a woman’s quest for freedom, both social and intellectual, and her education on the journey to understanding what freedom means. She learns that freedom can be the scent and sound of unsettled... more
  • Super Mom

    by Zarinah Curry
    Super Mom! A charming book told from a kid's perspective. This delightful story has rhyming text that highlights the many roles a mom plays to encourage and show love to her children throughout the day. "Oh, the multiple roles a mom plays to ensure her kiddos have a good day! She's a bus driver, chef, doctor and the end of the day she's a 'Super' mom to me!"