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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Solitude Tree - A Novel

    by COLIN Webster
    Emma, young and with a touch of attitude, spends the weekend with her parents visiting her sick grandmother in the country. It’s the last place she wants to be. When her parents unexpectedly need to return to the city for work, she is left to care for her grandmother alone and for longer than she expected. Reluctant at first she becomes determined to prove to herself and to her mother that she can cope. Emma’s mood lifts when her grandmother begins to tell her stories of the time she spent servi... more
  • 等闲女人的旧事 第一部 亲情

    by 南海北海
    年少时就有写作的冲动,不过多半都是凑凑字数或者是“为赋新词强说愁”,没有内核和灵魂。而今虽然没有秋鬓霜白,但早已在客舟听过雨,也多次静立在僧庐下感受点滴到天明的孤寂。人到了一定的年纪,就会不自禁地慨叹人生如朝露,对衰颜酒红的悲凉也难免惶恐不安,所以终于沉下心来创作了长篇小说《等闲女人的旧事》。小说是三部曲,三本书的内容前后相连,每一本也可以独立成书。当然,每本书有不同的侧重点,三部曲的名字分别是:第一部《亲情》;第二部《爱情》;第三部《异乡》。 第一部共57章,约19万字。第一章“生日”,第五十七章“没有离愁的别绪——旅途”。第二部共88章,约27万字。第一章“海口”,第八十八章“故园东望路漫漫”。第三部共103章,约34万字。第一章“温哥华”,第103章“他乡还是故乡”。 全书约80万字,以时间为经线,通过空间的转换,刻画了几个普通女人的心路历程,情感变化,同时展示了时代和社会的变迁。本书的时空跨度都比较大,惟其如此,才能展示出更真实的状态。书中对自然景观和人文环境都有不同程度的描绘,如果对旅游感兴趣,也可以作为闲书翻一下。全书试图以小见大,涉及更广博的内容,也许心有余而... more
  • My Fatima

    by Lydia Lin

    "My Fatima" is a historical novel for young adults and older readers. It describes the friendship between two teenage girls, one from Germany, and the other from the Middle East. Both girls attend a girls school in Beirut, Lebanon in the 1960s. The German girl, Trudy is the daughter of the ambassador to Jordan, while the schoolmate she admires and befriends is a Palestinian named Fatima. It turns out Fatima's boyfriend, Ali, is a PLO militant. Just before graduating from middle ... more

  • Whispers Through the Meadows

    by Anne Pete
    Secrets have always defined the Sweenys, a deeply religious Ohio farming family. But when a brother's revelation of sexual abuse threatens to destroy the family's carefully crafted facade, middle child and auto mechanic Maggie discovers that the secrets she knows about her family are minor compared to what lies beneath the surface. Falling into her traditional family role as helper and mediator, Maggie launches headfirst into finding the whole truth, believing that it will fix her brother and fa... more
  • The Speed of Life

    by Anne Pete
    The desert southwest can be an unforgiving place – thirsty and rugged, razor-sharp and venomous. But when funeral director Hope Moret moves from Pennsylvania, fleeing a painful past, she seeks solace in the temperamental land and the mysterious Night-Blooming Cereus that becomes the heart of her nursery. When she is diagnosed with a terminal neurodegenerative disorder years later, at 38, she realizes she must find herself … before she loses herself. A request to her husband to find and bring to ... more
  • Naked Truth or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit

    by Carrie Hayes

    Divisiveness. Chutzpah. Seduction. Politics. Opression. Spirituality. Gender relations. Betrayal. Healers-vs-scam artists. Fortitude. Dismay. Against all odd battles. Fighting the good fight. Just like the plight of humanity today, the historical and excellently well crafted novel, NAKED TRUTH OR EQUALITY, THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT by Carrie Hayes has it all. ***** INDIE READER


    Hayes has found a fascinating chapter in history to explore, and Vict... more

  • Angelica's Discoveries: Romance and Journey to the New World

    by Ladina Jaecklin
    High in the Swiss Alps in a quaint village far away from the chaos and destruction of World War II, Angelica leads an idyllic childhood haunted by only one thing--her fear of water. But as Angelica develops into a strong, independent woman, her desire to travel becomes overpowering, and she vows to overcome her paralyzing fear one day. Now her chance has come. Even as Angelica's father attempts to squelch her insatiable desire to explore Greece and eventually meet her Uncle Victor in the New Wo... more
  • Believe Our Fathers (Angels Lie) (Volume 2)

    by Joe Nuckols
    Wynn Truman has been attracting trouble. Life around him is torn apart as very rare tornadoes rip through Western North Carolina. A bigger threat descends on every one around him. The worst part is he can do nothing to help. He’s in a coma.
  • When Angels Lie (Lies)

    by Joe Nuckols
    Wynn Truman is a good guy with a big problem. He's in the positive-thinking business with a negative attitude. This is the first in a series of novels about - Lies.
  • Pling's Party

    by Arielle Haughee
    What happens when an exuberant exclamation point keeps taking over a story? Things get pretty interesting... Pling is an exclamation point--he adds excitement to stories. He has one rule to follow: he can only appear twice in the story. As the tale of three goats unfolds, Pling has trouble staying out of the story until he's needed. Things get a bit out of hand and hilarity ensues. In this book, children will learn to identify exclamation points in text as well as observe how an exclamatio... more
  • Yet Today

    by Anthony Caplan
    Yet Today, a contemporary novel from Anthony Caplan, explores the mythic fallout of a man's quest to save his family from the decay of a drug- riddled and conspiracy-addled world. To be released on Teacher Appreciation Day, May 5, 2020, Yet Today is set in a New England threatened by drugs and criminal organizations, a country on the brink of destruction from within and without. Gillum Kaosky is married to Sibyl and has three children. They have raised their family on a farm in central New Hamp... more
  • The Siren and The Swordfish

    by Andrea Reznik
    The Siren and the Swordfish happily swim the ocean aiding the needy and assisting the wounded. Marine Pirates move to the bottom of the sea to claim all of its riches. Will the Pirates break the bonds of love between the Siren and the Swordfish to claim the ocean as their own?
  • The Monster Dog - A Small Dog with a Big Attitude

    THE MONSTER DOG is a happy and funny book with delightful pictures. It is written for young children and early readers. The "Monster Dog" is a small Shih Tzu with a big attitude. Demitasse considers herself a high-classed Shih Tzu and carries her treats to the dining room to eat them there. She even has her own sidewalk as she prances down the curb. The book is written in "first dog" and deals with love and forgiveness. Carmen is introduced in the book as being like a mother. Carmen and Tasse la... more
  • Just Because...: A Story Book About Self-Acceptance

    by C.M. Harris
    Ms. Freckle has a secret she's worried that her students will laugh at, but the students try to show her there's nothing to fear -- or is there? What could her secret be? We all have differences, but once you step into the class of Ms. Freckle -- the nicest teacher of them all, there's no need to worry! Just Because... is a feel-good story about accepting who we are and finding the courage to be who we are despite what others may think. Viewed from the teacher's perspective giving children... more
  • My Name is Saul

    by Lin Wilder

    "The time I was born for is here. I will wage war against these Christians, and I will emerge victorious. My name is Saul."


    St. Paul the Apostle is a towering biblical figure, but almost nothing is known about his early life as Saul of Tarsus.

    As death loomed over him at Mamertine Prison in Rome, under the watchful eye of his jailer and final follower Aurelius, he wrote:

    I will die tomorrow. In the morning, around sunrise.

    ... more