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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Never Has a Rain Storm Not Cleared

    by Robert E. Barrera
    “Never Has a Rainstorm Not Cleared” is a story of a guy that crashes financially, losing everything, including his family. As he begins picking himself back up, he scratches upon certain abilities within himself. He begins to awaken some occult forces ... that seem to bite back! Along his journey back he finds help and wisdom. There is some romance, witty moments, and clever dialogue.
  • Where Mice Meet the Sea

    by Victor Orne
    Woodbury the boatbuilder needed to rid his house of mice but could not bear the thought of hurting them. By choosing to trap a mouse "the same old way everyone else did", Woody realized he made an awful mistake. However, true to his nature, Woody was able to surrender to "the calmness of the endless sea". In so doing, he found a way to resolve the age-old conflict between heart and mind, as well as mice and men. It was just what the world needed!
  • A Shepherd to Fools

    by Michael Drew Mendelson
    A Shepherd to Fools is the second of Drew Mendelson’s trilogy of Vietnam War novels that began with Song Ba To and will conclude with Poke the Dragon. Shepherd: It is the ragged end of the Vietnam war. With the debacle of a failing South Vietnamese invasion of Northern Laos as background, A Shepherd to Fools tells the harrowing tale of a covert Hatchet Team of US soldiers and Montagnard mercenaries. They are ordered to find and capture or kill a band of American deserters, called Longshadows, be... more
  • The Great Quiet

    by Bekkah Frisch

    On a quiet Polynesian island, 14-year-old Ari and her father Manu live alone after her brother’s death in a crash. Ari is plagued by nightmares and secretly feels at fault for the accident, while her activist father blames the French government.

    Ari’s best friend and his mom barely scrape by due to chronic illness and a failing hostel. Manu wants to informally adopt the boy for stability, but Ari resists. Ari then gets diagnosed with a rare blood cancer which may be related ... more

  • Shackles of a Freeman: The Untold Story of Lewis Sheridan Leary

    by Don Alexander
    "Shackles of a Freeman" is a captivating journey through the Anti-Slavery movement of the 1850s, based on a true story. It follows the inspiring narrative of Lewis Leary, a free Black man who fought against slavery and became a key figure in the famous Harpers Ferry raid. The book offers a thought-provoking and impactful read that explores the sacrifices and bravery of those who fought against slavery, inviting readers of all backgrounds to reflect on this important moment in American history.
  • Princess Ella and the Great Squirrel Chase

    by Ken Waldecker
    For Princess Ella, nothing could be better than eating a delicious sucker and swinging high in the sky on her royal playground. But when her sucker flies out of her mouth and a mischievous squirrel gets his paws on it, Princess Ella realizes her adventures have just begun. Join Princess Ella on a hilarious romp through the castle yard as she tries everything she can to get her sucker back. Princess Ella and the Great Squirrel Chase is filled with action, humor, and the important lesson that w... more
  • Die Naiewe Stouterds

    by Odile Olivier
    It is a short story about three animal friends who were not happy about their feeding habits. They tried to teach their owners a lesson but learned a bigger lesson. Its a book about friendship, forgiveness and appreciation.
  • Leena Lulu: The Lost and Found Fairy

    by Camille D'Ambrosio

    A resource has finally arrived that helps kids keep track of their stuff so parents can stop losing their minds! “Leena Lulu: The Lost and Found Fairy” combines charming rhyme, stunning illustrations, and an essential lesson in responsibility. Leena Lulu educates children about what really happens to unclaimed belongings. She teaches kids a catchy song that instills a sense of responsibility and encourages them to care for their things. The story nurtures a sense of responsibility... more

  • Late Winter

    by Michael P. Charlton

    "Michael P. Charlton's novel Late Winter is so gritty that he could eat Charles Bukowski for breakfast. It is raw, it is real and it is utterly decadent. Not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend it."

    "Late Winter is an unusually strong literary debut; an artistic statement that has the reader turning the page as his characters plummet ever deeper into hell. Michael P. Charlton has a skill for writin... more

  • Dance to Fashion

    by Carolyn Doyle
    A young mother, Zoe Hill struggles to break free from her abusive, drug-dealing husband in 1970s Wisconsin. After a family tragedy, Zoe chases her dreams by moving to NYC in hopes of a job in fashion. Through her journey, Zoe encounters fascinating new friends but faces numerous obstacles in order to survive in the city while supporting her young daughter. Zoe heads down the road to disaster when she turns to go-go dancing to pay her bills. Her quest for a career in fashion takes a few detours a... more
  • Where Martyrs Rise Snowflakes Don't Fall

    by Albert Jabara
    The novel’s blend of war, journalism and poetry presents a fresh experience, rare in style and diction. Soulful love episodes pop up startlingly. The soothing solace intimately strikes, lacing the heart with a breeze of oxygen. Grief, anger, and the world’s shame dominate the novel, but not short of roses, flowers, love stories and wedding bells.
  • Willie the Worrying Dog

    by David Yuen
    Willie can't help but worry. Worrying is the worst thing ever. And now his owner wants to take him to a new park where everything's different. Oh no, Willie feels doomed! What if things go wrong? What if something bad happens? Will Willie make it? Or will worry get the best of him?
  • Sam's New Sister

    by Michelle Olson
    Life in the craft box just hasn't been the same since Sam’s new sister arrived. The other buttons only seem to notice Maggie, and Sam is feeling invisible. They don’t watch his fancy scooter tricks or look at his new artwork. They’re even mad that he refused to share his favorite toy with her. Running away sounds scary, but it’s the only way to escape her... unless, of course, she follows him. When Maggie gets into trouble while looking for him, Sam must decide whether having his old life back ... more
  • The Yoga Teacher

    by Jules Cooper
    Sharina Mathews, a young Abenaki woman, finds herself pregnant with a child whose DNA reveals there is no biological father. At a farmers’ market in Oregon, she meets Chana, a young Asian woman who is also pregnant although still a virgin, and their lives are instantly intertwined. As the babies grow in utero and the young women spend time together, their distinctive abilities increase, ultimately threatening to disable the most powerful military technologies on Earth.
  • My Name Isn't Joe

    by James Thomas
    Modern loneliness and the absence of intimacy amongst London's millions are the ills suffered by the quirky yet deeply melancholic 30-something, Joseph Bogart. Weighed down with emotional baggage and feeling lost amidst a mass of failed relationships, Joseph uses his sharp wit and tragicomedy to fight the hopelessness gnawing at him. Through his trials, we discover if Joseph is able to find a successful way out of his life of 'quiet desperation'.

    by James Sherwood Metts
    Quentin is a boy who lives on the planet Gliese that has read a book from his local library titled Earthlings. He sees in the book that the people on Earth and Gliese look alike, but he learns that the Earthlings live a life filled with suspense. He wants to see what it's like on Earth because it's unimaginable. He's excited and asks his parents if he can go to Earth to see what it's actually like. His mother says, No! His father decides to give Quentin the respect he deserves by having a ... more