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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mind F^^k

    by Renee Miller
    Someone is killing the nutters. Four deaths in as many months isn’t anything new for Detective Milo Smalls, but these corpses have too many similarities. Milo barely scratches the surface of the investigation before his boss, Captain Cunt (Captain Maines in the office) orders Milo to take a break. Get some psychiatric help. Milo doesn’t think his shit is a problem. So he’s a little neurotic. He likes order and mistrusts anything that isn’t divisible by three. So he writes everything down and... more
  • Closer Together

    by Juliet Aharoni
    In this remarkable sequel to Together They Overcame, Eyal and Rosalind piece their lives together as a married couple after the tragic accident that left Rosalind fighting for her life. Struggling to find herself as she slowly recovers, Rosalind returns home with a deeper awareness of what has been troubling her for so long. While Eyal does his best to nurse his wife back to health amid the tension still present from a mother who disapproves of Rosalind’s German Catholic heritage, his transfer... more
  • Together They Overcame

    by Juliet Aharoni
    Eighteen-year-old Rosalind, a German Catholic descendant, left South Africa for Israel with her doctor boyfriend, Foxy, so they could pursue their dream of helping the wounded soldiers together. But when his jealous temper again gets the better of him, she decides to end their relationship, but still continue her nursing studies. When she’s assigned to Ward 21, Rosalind finds herself inexplicably drawn to Eyal, the bearded soldier with the sparkling brown eyes who, even laid up in a full-bod... more
  • The Road to Santiago

    by Alison McMahan


    The Road to Santiago, (98,587 words), features Ibi El Moro, a converted Moor in medieval Spain who joins the first Crusade because he suspects one of the Crusaders killed his wife. First in a planned series.



  • A Slippery Land

    by Rick Conti
    Poverty was the only life Fania knew with her family in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but she was happy and her days were peaceful. All that changed in less than a minute on a January afternoon in 2010 when a horrific earthquake hit, uprooting her entire world. The quake propels Fania on a five year odyssey from an oppressive orphanage to life as a squatter in La Saline, one of Haiti's most desperate slums. A feisty and resilient old widow helps Fania, teaching her the skills she needs to survive in th... more
  • Out of the Garden

    by Kristen Reed
    The Miracle of Life. The Agony of Sin. Created from a rib by God's powerful hands, she awakens in paradise with a song of praise on her lips and jubilation in her heart. In the breathtaking Garden of Eden, she lives a joyful, contented life working alongside her devoted husband, Adam, and resting contentedly in her creator's presence. Charged with the responsibility of collecting fruit for their meals, she spends her mornings strolling through the aromatic greenery with chirping, roaring, an... more
  • Letting Go by Maria Thompson Corley

    by Maria Thompson Corley
    Even though she lives hundreds of miles away, when Langston, who dreams of being a chef, meets Cecile, a Juilliard-trained pianist, he is sure that his history of being a sidekick, instead of a love interest, is finally over. Their connection is real and full of potential for a deeper bond, but the obstacles between them turn out to be greater than distance. Can these busy, complicated people be ready for each other at the same time? Does it even matter? Before they can answer these questions, e... more
  • Goodnight Grandma Angel

    by Kathleen Alker
    This book was written with great love to celebrate all the grandmas who watch their grandbabies from above. After my mother died, I realized that the most wonderful grandmother in the world would never be known by her grandchildren. I wrote this book so that grandchildren may hear the stories of the magnificent angels that watch over them. My mother was an amazing artist. This book is illustrated with her paintings. The book is suitable for all ages, but may have special meaning for children... more
  • Passing through Perfect

    by Bette Lee Crosby
    It’s 1946. The war is over. Millions of American soldiers are coming home and Benjamin Church is one of them. After four years of being away he thought things in Alabama would have changed, but they haven’t. Grinder’s Corner is as it’s always been—a hardscrabble burp in the road. It’s not much, but it’s home. When Benjamin attends a harvest festival in Twin Pines, he catches sight of Delia. Before their first dance ends, he knows for certain she’s the one. They fall madly in love; happily, im... more
  • The Adventures of Lovable Lobo - Selfies in the Wild

    by C.L. Murphy
    Lobo and his sidekick raven find a trail camera in their neck of the woods, and it attracts the attention of forest friends. Images captured have never been sillier or more candid. Just as their wild dispositions are exposed, the photo shoot comes to an unexpected end and they're all left wondering why. The reason may be obvious.
  • Daniel

    by Robin Merrill
    Open Door Church has served as a homeless shelter for more than a decade, but when their pastor dies unexpectedly, those who remain struggle to take up the reins to keep the ministry going. And then there’s young Daniel, who seems to be working miracles in their midst, which of course, isn’t possible. Or is it?
  • Stealing Christmas

    by Matthew Sullivan
  • Trophy Life

    by Elli Lewis
    Meet Amy, the world's most improbable trophy wife. She has a degree, ambitions and something resembling a mind of her own. The trouble is, she just doesn't use it anymore. Married to handsome aristocrat, Harry Green, Amy’s world is a whirlwind of luxury, labels and lunches. But amidst the peerages and polo of the privileged few lie wolves in minks' clothing. Before she knows it, Amy's perfect existence is plunged into chaos by the poshest of plots. Ominous heiresses, simpering starlets ... more
  • Telling Really Tall Tales

    by Angel Berry
    A humorous, sometimes too realistic collection of poems and short tales that revolve around varying characters including treacherous Jinn that grant wishes from behind the huge wings of mythological birds, thuggish cockroaches, mafia drug dealers, and wicked gypsies who perform curses for the desperate. Telling Really Tall Tales is a mixing together of tales that mirror everyday life with unrealistic tall tales that humor the mature mind. Stories range from mild to erotic.
  • Savage: A Novel

    by Angel Berry

    The first time I saw him, I knew what he wanted from me. He was not a burden, but he was heavy." - Scarlett Ouo

    Set in 1950s Detroit, this is the passionate love story of Tomas Yusef, a young man that came of age during Nazi occupied Poland - a man hardened by the horrors of war, and his obsession, Scarlett Ouo, the woman determined to love him in spite of his cruelty.

    Savage takes a journey through time to explore the depravities of war, and also the redemption found by... more

  • Bravo and Elphie (Elphie's books Book 2)

    by Hagit R Oron

    It's a tale of a child vs. a slide. Elphie's new pet, Bravo, is stuck on top of the red slide. Elphie never climbs the red slide. It's so high, it goes up all the way into the sky. But now he must brace himself and help Bravo.