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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Tangeled Web: Rejecting Technology's Assault on Mother Nature

    by M.P. Zarrella
    This book is a cautionary tale. It looks at the future through the eyes of a group of animal/nature loving people. In their future world, water is so scarce that animals and plants (grass, trees, flowers, etc) are outlawed. Digital animals and artificial ‘green space’ prevail. Science has learned to create photosynthesis using machines. Technology prevails. The common theme is “everything in the modern world is stark and cold”.. NO longer to they hear birds, or bees, or barking dogs. The charac... more
  • Snippy the Square Backed Snail: The Playground Hero

    by David Paul
    Snippy’s having a bad day at the playground. He is bullied, teased and almost eaten by a huge beetle! In this adventure he gains self confidence and courage by facing his fears. Includes hidden characters on each colorful page. Educational snail facts included.

    by Rosemary Gallagher
    Rose O’Carroll is the eternal optimist and never stops believing that she will one day find’ her one’ even though she’s still single and hitting 40. In her search for love, she bravely decides to pack up her comfortable life in Australia and move to London. Guided by her special friends — her angels — she quickly settles in her new life; lands a great job; makes new friendships and begins her spiritual journey. It didn’t take long until Joe DeMarco, the handsome American business man tur... more
  • Fearless in Alaska

    by Izzy Ballard
    et out the bear spray Double up on the vodka Hide the glock . . . It's Valentine's Day in Alaska! Abbey Vertccuio, reluctant clairvoyant, meets Ben, the brother of an infamous MI6 agent, and together they take on a reported porn king by day and drug lord by night, as Abbey, who's had an extremely scary Valentine's Day wedding vision, tries desperately to avoid V-Day in any way, shape or form. What follows can only be described as Kismet meets Crazy.
  • The Heart of Annie

    by J.S. Foote
    THE HEART OF ANNIE tells the story of Lilly Roche and Curtis Walker, whose lives have flourished socially and professionally, but who find themselves single through a combination of circumstance, choice, and heartbreak. Lilly's mother passed away when she was a teenager, leaving her to an adolescence spent coping with her father's depression and her brother's ceaseless bullying. The divorce of Curtis' ill-matched parents at age thirteen, and later his own failed engagement, leaves him on emotion... more
  • Suicide Supper Club

    by Rhett DeVane
    Sometimes, life dishes up more than you can take—cancer, abuse, loss, isolation. Four small town Southern women bound by their backgrounds, friendship, and their serious miseries band together to forge “the easy way out.” But life has a way of turning out opposite of misdirected plans. And it’s stupid-hot, so why would things go as planned? Abby has no husband, no children, no living kin, and a painful family secret. Loiscell is a two-time breast cancer survivor facing recurrence with dwindling... more
  • Elephant Summer

    by Douglas Channell
    Only three weeks had passed since I had arrived in Africa with my two best friends, Jackie Cooper and Smiley O'Dell. We had left our small town of GeorgeAnn, Texas, to spend the summer with my Uncle Keeno in the jungles of Kenya. As an archeologist, it was his job to explore the region for clues of pre-historic man. For Jackie, Smiley, and me, it was just supposed to be a lot of fun. Now, we were running for our very lives! With others from the camp, we hung to the trail as it wound along the ri... more
  • The Crypto-Capers in: The Circus for Hire

    by Renee Hand
    THE ASSIGNMENT: The Circus for Hire is a whirlwind of an adventure where the Crypto-Capers travel to Russia to save Max and Mia's parents, Mitchem and Martha Holmes, from going to prison for a crime they didn't commit. Finding themselves caught up in a scandal that is beyond their control, they use their skills and talents to try to outsmart the most notorious criminal of all time, but can they do that without sacrificing one of their own? Lies become intermixed with truth, yet, with the help of... more
  • Rebellious Women

    by Farruh Yusupov
    Based on the true stories of prostitutes, the interesting and exciting novel Rebellious Women shows how two sisters fight against an appalling, painful, inhumane, and hopeless life. These girls, like other women, dream about a life of happiness, family, and children but … The usual lives of Indian sisters Kate and Gauri, who are living in New York City, change dramatically when a man named Anand forces them to become sexual slaves and prostitutes. Despite facing their misfortunes in life, ... more
  • The Dark Side of Glory

    by Richard McMahon
    In this suspense novel set during the Korean War, Matthew Clark, the biographer of a respected and highly decorated Army general, learns that there is a hidden side to his life, involving a brutal, covered-up murder, a secret mistress, and an abandoned illegitimate daughter. As he delves deeper, Matthew discovers an intriguing mystery and a tragic love, in a world of surprises where nothing is at it seems. Tracing the general’s earlier career during the occupation of Japan and through the early ... more
  • Days of Amber

    by Alex Chu
    Amber & Associates is the most successful software company in the industry’s history, which is surprising since all of its employees are aloof, lazy, and downright dysfunctional. When they’re not obsessing over their next smoothie fix, or walking around the office half-naked, they’re doing everything in their power to avoid working. As they approach their long-awaited IPO date, hackers start breaching the company’s system, and messing around with Amber’s clients. Still, nobody seems to care. It’... more
  • One Hundred Miles from Manhattan

    by Chris Orcutt
    One Hundred Miles from Manhattan is a novel about an upscale rural community (Wellington, NY), where the hills and the seemingly quaint village conceal lives of love, lust, adultery, tragedy and small wars. Unlike other novels in the pastoral tradition, which tell the story of a place and a time through the eyes of a single character, this modern novel uses 10 narrators, a different one per chapter, to shed light on this exclusive community. In Wellington, a trophy wife undergoes a shockin... more

    by Ged Ruggles
    Most men of ambition would kill for the chance to play a bracing game at Pine Valley, the most celebrated, and exclusive, golf course in the world. And in the summer of his 30th birthday, Jeff Carpenter gets his chance. Trouble is, Jeff isn't exactly a man of ambition, having put his literary dreams on hold 10 years ago for a soulless back office job. Nor did he ever master the art of the swing farther than once making par on the giant dinosaur hole at his local childhood mini golf. But ... more
  • The Secret Life of Tumkit

    by Billy Garrett
    Amazon best selling children's book, ages 6-12. Left behind in a cold and dark burrow, a baby rabbit named Tumkit was destined to die of starvation until Vella, a shrewd and fearless mockingbird, discovered Tumkit and brought him a magic berry. The berry came from a solitary bush that grows in a cave near the top of Laurel Mountain. Vella warns Tumkit the bush is struggling to survive and unless they act quickly the supernatural powers of its berries will be lost forever. Tumkit, Vella and S... more
  • The Dragon Phoenix Bracelet

    by Monica Li
    Three children – Phoenix, Jade and Choy – are born into a privileged family in early twentieth-century China, each destined to face a dramatic struggle for survival. Set against the backdrop of political instability and war, The Dragon Phoenix Bracelet follows the fortunes of the siblings as they try to negotiate life in a violent and unpredictable society. When Phoenix marries, her father gives her a valuable gold bracelet as part of her dowry. As life becomes hard and money is scarce, the br... more
  • The Black Pony (The Black Pony Adventures) (Volume 1)

    by Connie Peck
    A lonely pony, left out because he's too small. An outcast girl who has moved so many times she's tired of being 'the new kid'. But when they finally meet, magic happens. Can 12 year old Annie actually Midnight's voice in her mind. With a bond no one can explain, she is able to save the pony from colic, and travel into the exciting world of barrel racing and trail rides. But can they stay out of trouble?