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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Sum of His Worth

    by Ron Argo
    A prize-winning author returns to his Alabama childhood in this “profound, engrossing … and heartbreakingly real novel” [Kirkus Reviews] of the bloody South in 1958, a coming-of-age story of love, heroism and murder in the vein of To Kill a Mockingbird. Sonny Poe worries he’ll start ninth grade without a girlfriend when in the midnight woods he witnesses the most violent of racial horrors, the gruesome lynching of a black boy. Terrified, he runs, is chased, finds safety high in an oak. But his... more
  • Lalibela's Wise Man

    by Matshona Dhliwayo
    After his father passes away, Christian is denied his inheritance, disowned by his brothers, and thrown out of the family mansion. Life takes a terrible turn until he embarks on a life changing trip to Ethiopia to meet Lalibela’s wisest man.
  • "Miss?"

    by Laurel McHargue
    Written with love, humor, compassion, and exasperation, “Miss?”—a contemporary novel based on actual events—exposes the failure of our current public education system. McHargue presents an insider’s view of the issues that teachers in schools across the nation are too afraid to discuss openly for fear of recrimination, and provides a glimpse of the challenges facing today’s students. Maggie McCauley—a feisty young Army veteran—believes that her new life as a 7th grade English teacher will be... more
  • Naapiikoan Winter

    by Alethea Williams
    At the turn of a new century, changes unimagined are about to unfold. THE WOMAN: Kidnapped by the Apaches, a Mexican woman learns the healing arts. Stolen by the Utes, she is sold and traded until she ends up with the Piikáni. All she has left are her skills—and her honor. What price will she pay to ensure a lasting place among the People? THE MAN: Raised in a London charitable school, a young man at the end of the third of a seven year term of indenture to the Hudson’s Bay Company is sent t... more
  • No Pasa Nada

    by Brian F. Smith
    No Pasa Nada is an inspiring story that revolves around Orlando Lamont, a young adult who flees from Minnesota to Madrid, Spain, after experiencing a desolating breakup with his longtime girlfriend. Devastating post-traumatic anxiety and depression shadow Orlando’s ability to see the beautiful moments of life that surrounds him. Countless nightmares wake Orlando up, subconsciously telling him that he is running away from the deeply rooted insecurities inside of him. Orlando’s journey exemplif... more
  • The Fire in the Rock

    by Charles Henderson Norman
    Tzipporah, the widow of Moses, lives at the foot of Mount Nevo -- aged, blind and alone. The pilgrims no longer come to hear her stories of how she and her husband led the people out of Egypt; the wonder tales of the storytellers have grown more grand and glorious than the truth. She is tormented by her memories of the momentous things that she has seen and heard -- and of other, secret things that she has never told anyone, and now never will. Then a man comes, a stranger who does not believe ... more
  • The Pharaohs

    by Michael Tuberdyke
    Anthony is an artist in upstate New York who is just beginning to realize that his partying ways have the potential to lead to unsavory outcomes. When his best friend is arrested late one night at a party, Anthony hits the road with his buddy, Paul, in hopes of avoiding a similar fate. But Anthony is about to discover that life sometimes does not go according to plan. Through road trip adventures that take the men to Chicago and New Orleans, Anthony develops keen insights into the interconnec... more
  • Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure!

    by Karen B. Shea
    Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure is the first children’s book to feature the shy and secretive Mountain Beaver as its primary character. Throughout Clark’s adventure, kids will meet new friends and discover fun facts about animals, and most importantly, learn about friendship, trust and believing in yourself. A wonderful children’s book that has a positive uplifting message even adults will appreciate.
  • Isles of the Blind

    by Robert Rosenberg
    Off the coast of Istanbul, the Jewish billionaire Yusuf Elmas, who once challenged the Turkish state's denial of the Armenian Genocide, has been killed in a harrowing boating accident. Five years later, his estranged brother, Avram, returns to the city to search out the truth behind his brother's suspicious death. Living in his brother's crumbling island mansion, befriending his enigmatic staff, Avram steadily unearths deeper layers of the tragedy. Yet the more his actions echo his brother's fra... more
  • Our Lady of Righteous Rage: Extended and Uncensored

    by Nicole E. Woolaston

    Becoming a great guitarist and being the member of a band: those are the hopes and dreams of a young cat-girl named Amy Edwards. Amy and her friends spend their days hitting up record shops in search of the best vinyl, listening to their favorite bands and playing music. But as the group begins to grow up, things between them begin to change. Their childhood dreams have a chance to become reality, and Amy and her friends have a shot at making it big. However, not everyone in Amy's life se... more

  • The Little Car and the Beanstalk

    by D. S. Gill
    "The Little Car drove up the beanstalk as fast as he could, not knowing whether he should". Drive through the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when The Little Car and the fairy come face to face with Desire, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Ego ...... This rhyming story of a little car and the giant is part of a modern classic, and will enchant children for years to come. "Where are you going to little car have a rest the journey is too far.” The little Car remembered the w... more
  • Jagged Edge of the Sky

    by Paula Marie Coomer
    In Paula Marie Coomer's JAGGED EDGE OF THE SKY, connections of blood and\tcircumstance emerge from a kaleidoscopic narrative in which an array of interconnected characters navigate rugged personal terrains of loss and hope. The resulting literary landscape is spare\tand challenging as the Australian Outback, mythical\tas the American West. This fractured family\tsaga told and at times re-told from sixteen different\tperspectives, transcends continents and time periods in an intricate exploration... more
  • And The Puppy Ain't Here Yet ... A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale Begins ... The Prequel, Volume I & Volume II

    by Eric Paul Lee

    The Puppy ain’t here yet.


    It’s not even close by.

    Ziggy, Eric’s six year old dog, is scampering about the house in all of his attitudinal and happy glory, playing daily down in the backyard, or running after one of his toys upstairs on the terrace, or chasing his canine friends out front… or jumping on a raft in the pool and barking, barking, barking…

    Ziggy barking…<... more

  • Cole's Perfect Puppy

    by Frances Crossno
    Cole's Perfect Puppy is intended as the first in a series of "Perfect Puppy" novels filled with action, moral concepts, and, of course – puppies! Cole's perfect puppy is a red, golden retriever named Scarlet. When he sees her at the pet store, it is love at first sight. Cole wants Scarlet for Christmas, but gets a pot-bellied pig instead. Disappointed, he goes to work at the pet store to earn money to buy Scarlet. At the mall, he makes a new friend, Rachel, a poor girl who is teased by... more
  • And the Puppy Ain't a Puppy No More ... A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale Completed

    by Eric Paul Lee

    And the Puppy Ain’t a Puppy No More...

    There’s a full-grown, smiling, happy dog in Eric’s house now… a dog.

    And that sure is something different…

    But… it’s something familiar too. And it’s something good… something pleasant; different, but familiar… Somehow everything’s stayed familiar. Change must come, things are changing; but someho... more

  • And The Puppy Howls ... A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale

    by Eric Paul Lee

    And the Puppy Howls... But it’s not about the dog: it is a fictional journey through 21st Century modern American life, where different lives blend in confusion, loss, death, and renewal…

    There is a new puppy in Eric’s house though: Freud. And this should be a good thing. It’s definitely a start… It’s definitely better.

    But better?

    What’s “better”? ... more