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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Citizen Cárdenas: A Novel

    by Steve Cole
    Citizen Cárdenas is the story of a Cuban refugee living on the streets of Chicago. Jesus Cárdenas is a man who struggles—with illness, with alcohol, with homelessness—and yet maintains an indelible spirit and warm heart. Known by his friends as Gato, in the gentrifying neighborhood where he has lived for two decades, Gato makes up for what his monthly disability check can’t provide by panhandling, walking neighborhood dogs, mowing lawns, and collecting others people's treasures in the alleys.... more
  • Saving Nary

    by Carol DeMentf
    From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, refugee Khath Sophal treads a narrow path between the horrors of his past and the uncertainties of the present. Tormented by flashbacks and haunted by memories of his missing daughters, Khath befriends Nary, a troubled Cambodian girl the same age as his youngest daughter. The relationship proves healing, but is torn apart when events lead Khath to suspect that Nary’s mother Phally is Khmer Rouge. Phally vehemently deni... more
  • Finding Pluck

    by Peter Difatta
    It is 1995 in North Carolina and Taylor Hanes is struggling to escape his small-minded dying textile town. He finds his ticket out by being awarded a full-ride gay and lesbian equality scholarship to a state university. Problem is, he isn’t gay. He lied on the application. Abruptly, he is shocked to be faced with hometown intolerance, but worse yet, he awakens the wrath of the long dead scholarship’s benefactor.
  • November Keys

    by Michael and Brian Turner

    Funny, Compelling, Unusual

    A Riveting book readers will find hard to put down.

    American gangsters take a very active interest in a run down English football club located in a sleepy village called November Keys which boasts an unusual history.Their main purpose is to take advantage of the club’s geography for their own dubious and very illegal means.

    However, they do not allow for some tenacious villagers and things that go bump in the night to try and flaw their plans... more

  • The Games

    by Izai Amorim

    The Games is a humorous but dark, even mean, political thriller. This mother of all conspiracies starts slow but the action accelerates quickly. Good guys don’t win in the end because there are none. It’s a battle of evil against evil involving environmental protection organizations operating extortion rackets; terrorism without a cause; secret services running amok; global television networks manipulating the news; politicians and profiteers hijacking major international sport ev... more

  • Departure

    by Anne L Watson

    When Henry "wakes up," he finds himself walking along an empty stretch of road on modern-day San Juan Island. He doesn't remember much about himself, besides his name and the fact that he's dead. Part ghost story, part historical novel, part fable, Anne L. Watson's latest weaves island lore, human insight, and spiritual wisdom into a magical tale of redemption and fulfillment.

  • Have You Seen My Frog?

    by Bernice Seward
    When Duck went to the pond with Auntie Duck, she found a frog. She set him down for one tiny second and the next thing she knew, he was gone! Everyone Duck talks to points her in a different direction. WHAT is going on? And where, oh where has Duck’s little frog gone? While Duck searches for Frog, Auntie Duck settles in by the bond to enjoy the afternoon--unaware that she is just a few hops away from a big surprise.
  • 978-0986287916

    by Bernice Seward
    Whatever you do, do NOT open this book. Seriously. You never know WHAT trouble you might find yourself in. Don’t believe me? Fine! Turn the first page and see for yourself. This funny and engaging book is printed with large text and a dyslexic-friendly font (OpenDyslexic 3). It is perfect for seven- to ten-year-olds, including reluctant readers and children who struggle with reading comprehension.
  • Gaslight and Fog

    by Deanna Madden
    1888. Whitechapel. A woman wakes in the streets of East London where Jack the Ripper prowls. She can’t remember who she is but knows she has awoken more than a century in the past. Inspector Abberline also wants to know who she is. As the grisly murders mount, she finds herself falling in love with him, but staying in his time could mean she will be the Ripper’s next victim.
  • Brick by Brick: A Snippet of the Life of Booker T. Washington

    by Louie McClain
    A children's book snippet about the life, accomplishments, and achievements of the great Booker T. Washington - an inspirational African-American innovator, leader, scholar, and philanthropist.
  • The Lost Diaries of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    by Sarah Bates
    Johnstown, New York, 1823: It is a time when a wife’s dowry, even children, automatically becomes her husband’s property. Slavery is an economic advantage entrenched in America but rumblings of abolition abound. \tFor Elizabeth Cady to confront this culture is unheard of, yet that is exactly what she does. Before she can become a leader of the women's rights movement and prominent abolitionist, she faces challenges fraught with disappointment. Her father admires her intellect but says a woman ... more
  • Living with Markus

    by Florence Osmund
    Thirty-one-year-old Marc Nussbaum has visions of enjoying the finer things in life after building a successful landscaping business—no dependents, no commitments outside of work, no worries. And he's found the perfect woman to enjoy it with him. But when his dysfunctional family members come to him in serious trouble, he repeatedly shoves his own life aside to run to their aid. After losing sight of his own dreams and his girlfriend, Marc must decide whether to continue saving his relatives from... more
  • Over my Dead Body

    by Hazel McHaffie
    Carole Beacham is in her mid-sixties and planning to leave her husband. Before she can do so her daughter, Elvira, and two little granddaughters are involved in a fatal road traffic accident. Then a stranger appears in the Intensive Care Unit claiming to be Elvira’s boyfriend, insisting Elvira wanted to donate her organs. But Carole has her own reasons for rejecting such a possibility: a dark family secret which has been hidden for thirty years. She’s torn in two, but gradually her need to... more
  • The Diary of Norman K

    by Dimitrios Ikonomou
    After the untimely death of his distant and supposedly affluent father, twenty-one year old Norman discovers that his only inheritance is a staggering debt, forcing him to drop out of university and abandon his academic aspirations. His mother having died giving birth to him, Norman now finds himself alone and desperate for guidance. In an attempt to make sense of his increasingly alienating circumstances, Norman begins chronicling his past in a diary. Norman describes a solitary childhood popul... more
  • Proper Respect for a Wound

    by Lindsay Boyd
    Delgado, a resident of an intentional community in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, has railed against his lot in life since he was born and rejected all attempts to more fully integrate him into the life of the community. When Juan, a young male carer, arrives on the scene, Delgado becomes more amenable. However, he takes a step backwards when Juan leaves to undertake similar work in the Deep South of the United States. Juan struggles to adapt to the foreign culture and community.
  • The Other Side of Him

    by Alice Rene