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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • David: Rise

    by Mark Buchanan
    Mark Buchanan’s first book in a trilogy of novels vividly recreates the life and times of David, a man of many contradictions – poet, killer, God-lover, adulterer, brigand, fugitive, war hero. It’s a tale told through many eyes, those who love David and those who don’t, in details both intimate and epic. Three thousand years after he lived, David: Rise reminds us why he still captures our imagination and rivets our attention.
  • COVID-19 IMAGES: Pandemic Contemporary Art

    by Tom Zatar Kay
    And So The Sun It’s been honking all morning The highway is filled with cars Of people trying to make it someplace different than where they are Trying not to be late But the traffic’s making them wait. The cars pass by a school They pass by some stores and shops They pass by some restaurants and salons All working non-stop The day had only begun And there’s so much to be done Today’s a morning Just like any other morning Of human civilization under the sun. And so the ... more
  • Tapestry

    by Beth Duke
    Beth Duke, Author of #1 Best Seller It All Comes Back to You, delivers an emotional and inspiring novel about family, from the roots that ground us to the branches that allow us to take flight. "Beth Duke is a poet disguised as a Southern novelist. Tapestry made me laugh, made me think and in the end, made me cry. Tapestry delivers on ALL counts.” -Dan Brown, Author of Reunion Twenty-one-year-old Skye Willis lives in Eufaula, Alabama, a tourist mecca of stately homes and world-class b... more
  • Venice

    by Jaye Burke

    Treasured memories tell the beautiful, yet heartbreaking story of two young lovers torn apart by social class, greed, and the brutality of the Great War.

    Set in the aristocratic Garden District of old New Orleans and the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, wealth and poverty meet at the onset of World War I.



  • Kwanzaa Gets an A

    by Steven Thedford
    African storytelling is a tradition that has existed for centuries on the continent of Africa. Using history as a guide, Kwanzaa Gets An A tells the story about how the name of the holiday came into existence using a griot, an African Storyteller. As a result, the book was written to be an interactive experience where children participate, call and Response. In other words, as the griot tells the story of Kwanzaa Gets an A, the children will respond Ashe (ah-Shay), which is a West African word... more
  • Teddy Dee in the World of Shadows

    by Mark T. Sneed
    Teddy Dee is no boy scout. He is a corporate finger breaker who was imprisoned. Teddy Dee learns that he is dying. He wants to die having done some good. All the people that he has double-crossed do not want him to die nobly. He is trying to right some wrongs before his past catches up to him. No one said that dying was going to be easy.
  • VoIP Fundamentals

    by robbie wilson

    Whether you are planning to set up an all-new virtual phone system or scale your existing one to support business telephony, knowing about the different choices stand undeterred. The age-old business phones are no longer fruitful and replacing them or restructuring them is the only way to use them for organizational profits.

  • Honeymoon Packages From Hyderabad

    by Hopper West

    Arranging a significant Honeymoon starts with picking an energizing destination that facilitates your marvelous desires for a perfect escape. Regardless, picking a place that both of you will absolutely revere isn't basic. So in case you are so far endeavoring to figure where you should be, you should encounter our Honeymoon Packages From Hyderabad. Go to our official site to see l... more

  • A Tomorrow Worth Living For

    by Todd McGee
    France, 1940 – Like every frightened boy in France, Raoud Le Meir dreads the arrival of the rampaging German Army. Rumors of fields drenched in blood, endless caravans of tanks and skies filled with airplanes dropping bombs by the thousands spread like a virus through the French countryside. Days after Hitler enters Paris, a garrison of soldiers appears in Chivegny. Raoud’s father, the mayor, urges neighbors and friends to cooperate and works to maintain an uneasy peace, but Papa cannot quell ... more
  • Luke Under Fire: Caught Behind Enemy Lines

    by D. C. Reep
    It’s 1914 when Luke Sawyer finds himself in the first major battle of World War I when his regiment is ordered to “resist to the end.” Luke fights to save his friends, dodge enemy bullets, escape a German prison, and evade heart-pounding danger behind enemy lines.

    by Steve Grandinetti
    Songs of a Prodigal Son is a new American novel by Steve Grandinetti. Set in 1992 our young musical protagonist Tony Benedetto experiences an epic Saturn return triggered by his estranged mother Sofia's death which forces him to make a cross country journey from Los Angeles back east to the Bronx, NYC for her funeral and wake. We join Tony on his trip meeting new and old friends alike; Blues legend Moses Law, The Rabbi our narrator, Isabella Della Croix, and many more fascinating characters as ... more
  • L.E.T.H.A.L. Short Stories

    by Elaine Dodge
    A sharp, witty, and sometimes heart-warming selection of stories. Original retellings, hilarious witches, tales that taste of old legends, murderers getting caught or getting away with it, dark comedies, mad scientists, tragic love-affairs, fantasy, and magic realism - L.E.T.H.A.L. has it all.
  • The Duplex

    by Lucky Stevens
    Los Angeles, 1956. Shangri-La. Palm trees, swimming pools, movie stars. And if you’re gay—persecution. In a society that demands conformity and lockstep conventionality, gay people find out quickly and the hard way, how difficult, dangerous and downright terrifying it is to be different. So, when the constant fear of arrests, evictions, job loss and ridicule become too much, four gay friends and lovers pull together to hatch an ingenious scheme designed to allow them to live freely, wit... more
  • The First Sin

    by Jessica Brawner
    Espionage! Sabotage! High profile heists, unexpected twists, and daring escapes! Captain Jac and her airship crew of misfits are the best at what they do. When an unknown agent offers them a job with a payout too good to be true and a heist that will go down in history, Jac can't refuse. Against the backdrop of 18th century Europe, Jac soon finds herself pitted against the might of Rome, on a collision course with the Pope, and poised to unleash a dark secret the Catholic church has been hid... more
  • Lamar's Folly

    by Jeffrey Kerr
    \tMirabeau Lamar seeks nothing less than a Texas empire that will dominate the North American continent. Brave exploits at the Battle of San Jacinto bring him rank, power, and prestige, which by 1838 propel him to the presidency of the young Republic of Texas and put him in position to achieve his dream. Edward Fontaine, who works for and idolizes Lamar, vows to help his hero overcome all obstacles, including the substantial power of Sam Houston. Houston and Lamar are not only political, but ... more
  • 978-1980797715

    by Tom Krengel
    When the old city zoo closes for the night, Brrr, the new, little snowman springs to life. He slides along a frosty walkway on a snowy evening visiting the zoo's residents - Brrr is looking for something important. Can you help him find it?