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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Imaginary Morah

    by Tony Esposito
    Cassandra has a best friend in Morah, even though she is imaginary. They do everything together. But they get worried when they learn mom is going to have a new baby that Morah will disappear forever. Since she doesn't want to disappear they come up with a plan to keep that baby from coming.
  • Ripley Robinson and the Worm Charmer

    by David Stricklen
    In this fast-paced, unpredictable story, a talented wrestler gives his all to win a worm charming competition. Ripley’s introduction to his new middle school is with his head held down in a toilet bowl by Dirk, the varsity football star. During his escape, Ripley inadvertently breaks Dirk’s nose and Dirk dedicates his life to retaliation. The only bright spot in Ripley’s life is his wrestling ability…well, that and a cute and kooky girl named Getty. But Getty is obsessed with winning a worm... more
  • Voyage Out

    by Mireille Pavane
    Lucia and Charley are the products of Old New York's ruling elite. Prestige. Wealth. Tradition. Scandal. No one is immune. Not Charley, reckless, blithe courtier of trouble, heiress to the Montrose fortune, who has been conspicuously absent for over a year without a word of truth or explanation. Nor Lucia, as docile a daughter as any parent could wish for, carrying secrets of her own, slowly awakening to a yearning for things beyond obeisance to the established order, as deeply ingrained as O... more

    by Ron Goodwin
    "There is nothing new in the world, except the history we don't know …" Harry Truman Joshua and Salinda meet in the South of 1857 and are immediately transfixed with each other. They can only be together at random times and under restricted conditions- because the two of them are slaves. The relative peace of the plantation is shattered when the son of the plantation owner comes home, and is also taken with Salinda. Now tensions rise and for slaves and slave masters things will never ... more
  • The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan, Book 4: Down on Safari!

    by Jennifer Norman
    Kyle is a boy like any other boy his age, only he has a rare condition that hinders his day-to-day physical abilities. It is when Kyle dreams that he transforms into his alter ego, SuperCaptainBraveMan! SuperCaptainBraveMan is a friend to all kids, helping them discover their own courage and strength to overcome daily challenges. In Book 4: Down on Safari!, SuperCaptainBraveMan helps a girl with Down Syndrome find her brother.
  • The Haunted Hanging Tree

    by David and Michael Krumboltz

    The Haunted Hanging Tree is a story that suggests that maybe children are superior to adults in their ability to hear or see what adults cannot.

    Scooter Kane, aged ten, a self-proclaimed detective; and his accomplice, twelve-year-old sister, Mary, accidently learn that William Kayne, their great-great-great-grandfather, was hanged in Dry Gulch, California, for murdering the local sheriff in 1873. Kayne swore he was innocent as he stood on the hanging platform in front of the locals and ... more

  • In Light of December: A Story of Japanese Internment

    by Andrew Hayes Williams
    “America is under attack.” With those words, life would change forever. Before December 1941, Yoshi Yamaguchi thought nothing could be lousier than being seventeen. He hated high school, his crush didn’t notice him, and his only future was working at his family’s grocery store. But after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II, the Yamaguchis were told they would be forced to “relocate.” What would the Manzanar internment camp be like? What awaited them behind the ... more
  • Grace: Stories and a Novella

    by Dan Burns
    "We're all flawed and confronted daily with sometimes slight but often apparently insurmountable challenges. But if we dig deep, what we unearth from the depths of our souls, if we're lucky, can allow us to overcome and carry on to live another day with an untortured heart." This is the sentiment Dan Burns explores in his exciting new collection. Five stories and a novella highlight Burns's range as a storyteller and his ability to see life and all its emotions through a unique lens. This col... more
  • Touch the Sky

    by Alison Blasdell
    Touch the Sky intertwines the past with the present as it tells the story of two women--one a priestess in Britain's Bronze Age and one a contemporary American woman who, after striking her head, sees life through the eyes of the young Bronze Age priestess. Rich in historic detail, this novel blends mystery, fantasy, and romance. The possible connection between two women seperated by three thousand years; the purpose of Britain and Europe's stone megaliths; the powerful pull of the sky thoughout... more
  • This Will Never Stop

    by Joan Spilman
    West Virginia is hidden, and in no way more hidden than in the lives of its women. Joan Spilman's new novel This Will Never Stop explores the painful and half-buried bonds between four generations of Appalachian women. A mother of three, Lorraine, deserted by her own mother when she was young, overprotects her brood -- fighting off the ghosts of the past in the challenges of the present, in small steps learning to adapt and heal. Then she receives a long, confessional letter from her absent moth... more
  • The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 2: 2004-2016

    by Nicole Dieker
    The Gruber sisters grow up in this second volume of The Biographies of Ordinary People, navigating jobs, friendships, and relationships in a constantly changing world.
  • Driven by Conscience

    by Rachel Goss
    The story begins in 1942 Berlin. Uwe Johannes was slated for a brilliant career as a physicist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. As the illustrious Werner Heisenberg’s graduate student, Uwe would have remained in the inner circle if not for his family’s humanitarian work. The Third Reich intervenes and Uwe ends up fighting on the front line in Tunisia. Before Uwe leaves, Heisenberg shares classified documents detailing their work towards constructing an atom bomb, which Uwe carries out of the cou... more
  • While Mommy Was Fast Asleep

    by Lisa Cole
    Worldwide, an estimated 1.3 billion people live with vision impairment. Roughly 36 million of those are completely sightless. Little sister is one of them. Tonight, she doesn’t feel well so her big sister steps up to care for her all night while they believe mom is sleeping.
  • Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk: Picture Book about a Spunky Vehicle for Children age 2 - 6 (Stories from Sri Lanka)

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    *** Includes a JIGSAW PUZZLE for you to print and play*** There are hundreds of books about cars, trains, trucks and various construction vehicles in the market. So, what makes this vehicle book unique? 1) It is the ONLY tuk tuk children's book with a talking vehicle 2) It is set in Sri Lanka (which is designated the best place to visit in 2019 by Loney Planet) Whether you wish to introduce cultural diversity to your kids, encourage them to travel or explore exotic places through a boo... more
  • The Dogs of Lenin

    by Linda Freeny
    The DOGS OF LENIN involves the story of the doomed love affair of Lisa Danton and Grant Chandler. From the moment they met they knew that each would follow a different path but tried to keep it together because their love was real and obsessive. They spoiled themselves to ever love anyone again. Lisa wanted to be a journalist, net work TV her goal. Grant, an activist, hated the media and its biases and the fact that they were unwittingly helping the Russians take America without a shot or a mi... more

    by Eilidh McGinness