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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by James Sherwood Metts
    Quentin is a boy who lives on the planet Gliese that has read a book from his local library titled Earthlings. He sees in the book that the people on Earth and Gliese look alike, but he learns that the Earthlings live a life filled with suspense. He wants to see what it's like on Earth because it's unimaginable. He's excited and asks his parents if he can go to Earth to see what it's actually like. His mother says, No! His father decides to give Quentin the respect he deserves by having a ... more
  • Isabella Castaspella: The Happy Little Witch and Her Friends

    by Parvati Markus and Radha Baum
    Isabella (known as Izzy) and her very diverse group of friends (and animals) use kindness, imagination, and the magic of love in their battle with Lavinia LaMeanie, a nasty old bully who is out to cause trouble. Each of Izzy's friends expresses a particular aspect or behavior of childhood that young readers can identify with—from trouble reading, to self-doubt, to being "scatterbrained." Even little witches need a mentor, and Izzy's is Witchie the Wise. The friends learn life lessons, find their... more

    by Pat M. Moore
    WELCOME TO HAPPY TOWN is a children's book about compassion and love. It illustrates how kids can feel better by being kinder to themselves and others. The book reminds us that nature's music, mystery, and miracles are everywhere but often go unnoticed. HAPPY TOWN offers enjoyable activities that help children pay closer attention to their world. By learning to connect with all types of life, kids can better appreciate that choosing kindness and joy is the best way to... more
  • No Entry Zone

    by Romuald Roman
    The hotel never had a name. Deep in the Tatra’s No Entry Zone, it was known only to elite members of the Party. At the far end of the Syroka Water Valley, the luxurious facility had a full detachment of Secret Service guards, not to “protect and serve” but to “protect and surveil” maids, waiters, bell boys, chefs, kitchen staff, and managers. Guests knew who would run them down if they violated the secrecy policy.…The abbreviation “NEZ” was used by the well-connected and those in the know, b... more
  • Conscious Kid-Adventures with Zane: Imagine & Create

    by Laura Leone
    Passionate about bringing metaphysical awareness to our youth by creating whimsical storylines? Laura Leone's book, "Conscious Kid-Adventures with Zane: Imagine & Create," features an author-led audio meditation and engaging coloring book activities, designed to nurture children's well-being. Motivated by her own experiences and desire to provide a mindful activity for her young child during lockdowns, Laura established Starseed Metaphysical Shop Publishing™️ and wrote the Conscious Kid-Adven... more
  • House Made of Sound

    by Freeman Jayce
    Thanks to a rickety 747 past its prime, Jensen Bennett has found himself in the afterlife. Normally this wouldn’t be great news for a guy trying to get his life back on track, but thankfully for Jensen, the hereafter just so happens to be the brand-new home of recently deceased rock star Hedley Grange – the only one who knows the earthly location of a lost, unreleased rock ‘n’ roll album worth millions. Can Jensen find Grange in the spirit world before a doctor vacationing near the crash site re... more
  • Boundaries by Millie

    by Jo Smoak
    Boundaries by Millie takes you through the day-to-day life of a donkey and how a donkey would communicate boundaries. It's an easy read with fun illustrations to go along with the texts. It takes you through how "No" means no. It's based on a real-life donkey though comes with funny twists.
  • Limitless Roads Cafe

    by Samantha Picaro
    Kinsey Fontana relies on lists to navigate the world as an autistic teen. #Goals list: win her dream event planning internship (she knows it’s an ironic dream); master the art of masking; and gain Mom’s approval. Instead, she works at a café hiring teens with disabilities. Although she loves the café and discounted macchiatos, she dreams of more than planning open mic nights. She has an opportunity to shine by throwing a fundraiser to save the café. The catch: allow her ex-best friend Melissa... more
  • Hysterical Hangouts with The Hindlegs

    by G. S. Gerry

    What happens when families stop being polite and start being real?

    In a world where reality is stranger than fiction, Viktor Sniperbone’s inspired idea takes you on a hilarious wild ride filled with near-death antics, secrets, and the crazy dynamics of one unforgettable family.

    Meet Viktor Sniperbone, a guy who seems to have it all — youth, good health, independence, and a promising future. But something’s missing. When he meets Mandi H... more

  • To The Grave

    by Caitlin Moss
    Three friends. A lifetime of secrets. No one knows you like your friends. At least, Emma, Steph, and Quinn have proven that time and time again. But as betrayals and life-altering revelations unfold, their friendship will be changed for the better. But also, for the worse. Emma is ninety days away from being officially divorced and is thrown into the hilarious trenches of dating as a single mom. Steph’s life is completely thought out and stable—the husband, the kids, the ten-year-plan—b... more
  • All Flavors: Based on True Events (Revised)

    by Julie Barnes
    Julie Barnes delivers a soothing story for a time of rapid change. Follow Rylee, the daughter of a struggling single parent, who questions the meaning of life after the death of a young friend. During her search for understanding, she learns three lessons that illuminate her world. Rylee must quickly put the sage advice into action, as one of Florida's most destructive hurricane seasons brews off the coast. Encouraging compassion and awareness, the novel also touches on the subjects of hum... more
  • A Woman in Search of…

    by Lynne Horn

    It’s the swingin’ 70’s–a time of change, when singers sang about making life better by being there for others. Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” became an anthem for the women’s movement while other songs like Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” offered comfort to people. This was a time for spreading peace and love.

    In 1973, Wendy, a recently separated woman, discovers a new life when she starts her own business... more

  • Chicken Coop Chaos ISBN-10 1955767484

    by Nancy Tavares
    Pearl liked the peace and order of her henhouse. So when Wendell, the rooster, tries to move in she squawks to kick him out right away. But he only crosses his wings and refuses to leave. Can Pearl hatch a plan to get him to leave? Or will she be forced to live in a chicken coop of chaos? Find out in this rollicking read-aloud by debut author, Nancy Tavares. Chicken Coop Chaos is a fun, read-aloud the whole family will love. A story about patience, accepting others, and living with our differen... more
  • A MOTHER'S GIFT: TEN LITTLE TOES: A Heartwarming Story - Wonderful Present For Mom Or Grandma For Mother's Day

    by Christine Adams

    "My eyes watered as I reminisced with the characters through the early years behind me. Then tears rolled down my cheeks as I traversed through the moments that still lay ahead of me. A beautifully written and illustrated journey that embodies both the simplicity and complexity of a mother's love." - V. Kessopa, Teacher

    This book also includes a designated Memory Page for the giver or receiver to save their own memories. It can be past memories or new memori... more

  • How It Was

    by Christopher Brookhouse
    The year is 1980. Leonard Grey, now in his sixth year at a prestigious Southern college, works various jobs to pay for the remaining class hours he needs to graduate. Hired by the athletic department to tutor a superb Black basketball recruit, Lenny becomes ensnared in conflicting conspiracies — one to use the player's skills for personal and institutional enrichment, the other to preserve the school's predominantly white athletic teams and tradition of academic excellence. Discredited by... more