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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jerusalem Ablaze: Stories of Love and Other Obsessions

    by Orlando Ortega-Medina

    In Jerusalem's Old City a young priest and a dominatrix converse in the dying light; on Oregon's windswept coast a fragile woman discovers a body washed up on the beach after a storm; and in Postwar Japan a young protege watches his master's corpse burn, with bitter thoughts blazing in his mind.

    Jerusalem Ablaze: Stories of Love and Other Obsessions collects thirteen eclectic works of dark fiction, taking the reader from Los Angeles to the eastern townships o... more

  • Honeyball

    by Pete Liebengood

    After a distinguished career as a professional beach volleyball player, Rachel Haslett’s father hands her the reigns to the Santa Barbara Charros, a class A minor league baseball team. She shakes the very foundation of the sport by hiring an all female staff and creating a highly successful marketing campaign called honeyball. To baseball purists it represents marketing sex over baseball. It’s a concept that results in the Charros’ becoming the all time minor league leader i... more

  • Settling Down

    by Dawn Keable
    When Dayna Morrison spontaneously treats herself to a diamond ring for her 33rd birthday, she proves to the world that she doesn’t need a man to enjoy the finer things in life. The real question is, can she prove it to herself? Logically, Dayna knows she can survive solo; she doesn't need anyone to help her apply mascara, start her car or to clean up the messes she tackles daily as assistant to the editor at Mrs. magazine, where 'only wedded women find the ultimate bliss'. But she's always b... more
  • Certosnia: The Season of Tribulations

    by David Rattler

    Ingrid, Elizabeth, and Kelly face their greatest challenges of the season. Could Ingrid Vãduvã be mistaking cultural identities for reincarnation, will Elizabeth Khyler successfully escape the religious zealots and will Kelly Holland die in a plane crash and never see Liz again?

    Full Book Description:
    The journey to enlightenment has always been perilous. But after Ingrid Vãduvã meets an eccentric artist Alyssa Michaels and a photographer Tsukiko Fujioka... more

  • A journey of Souls

    by Michael Mckinney
    After ten people reach the end of their earthly life, they awaken to find themselves in strangely familiar surroundings. In a realm where the past, present, and future flow freely in and out of each other without contradiction they encounter a mysterious woman named Brianna who greets them in their souls journey. From an innocent child to a vicious serial killer, from a lovingly faithful wife to an unrepentant sex addict, all are directed to a destination that is woven from the fabric of their o... more
  • 978-1526200563

    by Kirsty Black
    Okalani and Teal is a children's picture book based around two main characters; Okalani the oyster and Teal the turtle. After overcoming his struggles with being different, Teal searches the ocean to find creatures like him who may need some encouraging to come out of their own shells. Teal comes across Okalani, a shy oyster who doesn't think she has much to offer the world! Okalani and Teal aims to encourage children to love who they are and to encourage them to share themselves and their kindn... more
  • Raju the elephant that wept

    by angela frank
    Days and nights pass in agony for Raju the elephant. He is the sweetest creature who roves the streets performing his act, like so many other circus animals, so that his masters can make money. Αt night, chained behind a shed, next to a small tree, winter and summer, in rain, wind or heat, without cover, he travels in his imagination. Only Rosie, the pretty rosefinch, a beautiful bird with melodious voice, keeps him company. Rosie is Raju’s only companion. In the evening, Rosie brings wate... more
  • The Seven Gods of Luck

    by David Kudler
    Fifteenth Anniversary Edition with new notes by author David Kudler Sachiko and Kenji just want to welcome the new year in the proper way, but their mother tells them they don’t have the money for a New Year’s feast. An act of generosity brings help from an unexpected source in this heartwarming Japanese classic. May the Seven Gods of Luck visit you!
  • Risuko

    by David Kudler

    Samurai, assassins, warlords... and a girl who likes to climb

    Kano Murasaki, you may not realize it, but I have done you a great favor. I have it in my power to give you a gift that you don’t even realize you desire. Make yourself worth my trouble, and you will be glad of it. Disappoint me, and you will be very, very sorry.

    - - - -

    Though Japan has been devastated by a century of civil war, Risuko just wants to climb trees. Growing up... more

  • Unification

    by Bridges McCall
    Unification is a story of love and adventure underpinning greater messages of finding our greatness and living in peace. It examines many relevant challenges facing our modern culture through two storylines. Through brilliance, humor and immense failure we progress individually and collectively. Our human story becomes more transparent as does our religious and social institutions, through a true spiritual and expansive investigation. The first editor who read Unification declared, “This... more
  • A sailor in Time

    by SD Ann
    The life of a sailor in the English navy, a short story about his missions.
  • Mama, I Want to See God

    by Vanessa Fortenberry
    Wanting to connect more with God, a child asks his mother countless questions in this rhyming verse book. In answer, the mother’s tender and patient responses model God’s love. At the story’s end, Mother has answered all of the questions, allowing the child a true connection with God.
  • TotIs

    by J Joseph Kazden
    TotIs invites you to join with the likes of Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking for a fascinating discussion about the nature of time and reality. This symposium, using Socratic questioning, guides the reader through the books surprising and extraordinary ideas in a sequential and comprehendible way
  • Skeeter Pan's First Big Adventure

    by Emma Beesley
    Skeeter Pan is not an ordinary pie pan. He is a pan with ideas and one of them is to escape the kitchen for a grand outdoor adventure. His friend Bella, a mixer, worries that it is not quite the thing to do. Travis, a grouchy toaster, who occasionally burns toast, says it is a silly idea, but Skeeter does not listen to them. Skeeter talks Bella into heading out with him to places no kitchen tool has ever gone before and so their first big adventure begins.
  • Re-enchanting Nature

    by David Vigoda
    Is nature sacred? What might that question mean in a scientific culture? An American photographer, retired from documenting disasters, seeks an answer on a personal quest in the mountains by the French Riviera. For years Frank traveled the world to wherever human misery was greatest; now he seeks redemption. He photographed evil and wretchedness, now he seeks the good and beautiful in people. He has no home. He is alone, and he has embarked on a quest that frightens him more than danger ever ... more
  • Still Skylarkin

    by Marlon Paul Moseley
    Synopsis June 1973, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: the mischievous Max is a few weeks off his ninth birthday, and asks his best friend Fred to ‘Break Biche' - leave school early - and have some fun by the sea. Fred, though older and wiser than Max, gives in to his friend's persuasion and off they go. As strange and interesting as their adventures prove to be, the question hanging over them is: what will happen when they go home? An entertaining little tale of boyish high-jinks.