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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mercy First And Last

    by Katie Hanrahan
    The youngest daughter of a prominent radical politician, Sarah Curran comes of age in an era of rebellion and revolution, buffeted by tragedy and scandal. She has long known Robert Emmet, but not until she is caught up in the fevered calls for Irish independence does she fall in love with the budding revolutionary leader. Her father forbids their union, but a child raised in a climate of insurrection veers towards her own small rebellion. Determined to win her father's acclaim, she strives t... more
  • Sangama: A Story of the Amazon Jungle

    by Raymond Enstam
    Early in the twentiety century the Amazon jungle was as it had been for millennia—wild and lush, beautiful, rich, and full of danger at every turn. In his first novel, Sangama, Peruvian author Arturo D. Hernández takes us deep into the Amazonian jungle during the time when the modern quest for riches first began to invade this primeval, unspoiled world. Abel Barcas, a young man who hopes to make his fortune in the rubber industry, meets the wise man, Sangama, a direct descendant of the Incan rul... more
  • The Song Journey

    by T.E Scott
    The Song Journey is the story of a young singer who inherits a box of sheet music from her famous great-grandmother. The music, once played, serves as a portal to the past, places as varied as 1900s Chicago, 1940s New Zealand, and antebellum Louisiana. In order to return to her world and time, Julia, the singer, must discover the significance of the music and how each piece links into her future. It is a story of human relationship, self-discovery, and the power of music.
  • Gateway of India (Omnibus Edition)

    by Ken Doyle
    The Gateway of India, built in the early twentieth century, served as a ceremonial entrance to the city of Bombay. Today, it remains the city’s most famous landmark. Set in 1980s Bombay, this collection of stories and a novella provides a gateway into the lives of ordinary citizens. A doctor who retires to begin a new life, a bus conductor, a police inspector, the residents in an affluent neighborhood, a schoolteacher and his students—each vignette captures the unique struggles and triumphs ... more
  • The Heart's Journey Home

    by Natalie Ducey
    Poetry for the soul. The Heart's Journey Home is a collection of 23 poems that capture the essence of the fragility and the resiliency of our hearts - the brilliant beauty of life's journey. We all love/loved deeply and most likely have been on both sides of goodbye. We know the immobilizing force of grief; we experienced hardships that have brought tears, revelations, and self-discoveries of strength unknown. These trials could easily dishearten us, but instead we choose to be more loving, comp... more
  • Building it up

    by KAT ROSE
    It was supposed to be the start of their lives, not the end. After a tragic accident as teenagers, Jensen Owens and Autumn Miller found themselves miles apart but fate would soon have other ideas. Jensen returns to the place he ran away from, but he is not the man he once was. He struggles with something that no one can see, a secret that could forever take him under. Autumn Miller was at a crossroads in her life. She had long since faced the past, or so she thought. That is until Jensen com... more
  • Carson Chance, P. I.

    by N. E. Brown
    Set against the rock and roll era of the early 1960’s, when casual sex and recreational drugs were the norm, a chance meeting on a road trip finds twenty-five year old, Viet Nam vet, Carson Chance, is smitten with a young female hitchhiker he picks up on the highway. Sparks fly as the two loners reach out to each other for companionship. Is she who she says she is? Maybe, maybe not. Fighting the demons from their past ,they are like two pages torn from the same book that fit together perfectly, ... more
  • Life Sliding

    by S.L. Mauldin
    As his junior year in high school comes to an end, Gavin Bailey realizes his privileged world as the most popular kid in school is a lie. To make matters worse his father, feeling his overly-indulged son needs redirection, sends him off for the summer to assist at a camp for children with special needs. Suddenly forced to dabble in a world less familiar, Gavin’s past catches up with him at Camp Lift Me Up. An event from his sophomore year comes to the forefront at the same time he encounters... more
  • Intrusion

    by Rosalind Minett

    Book 1 of a WWII cross-over trilogy, A Relative Invasion. 

    1937, South London.  The Wilsons's worry about the threat of war blinds them to war developing in their own home. Their lonely son Billy is excited when his cousin, aunt and uncle move to live nearby. His excitement soon turns to dismay, for Uncle Frank is a bully who resents Billy’s sturdiness, while the frail and artistic Kenneth is hideously devious. The adults only see is his porcelain looks, not his... more

  • Lyla Lyte and the Loot Tree

    by I'deyah Ricketts

    What if money grew on trees? What would you buy with it? Would you use it to satisfy your own pleasures, or better lives with it?

    Everything is going good for 9-year-old school girl LYLA LYTE. MAYOR CRINKLE has changed his evil ways. He lifted the ban on reading books, the town has a new name, Coverfield, and the new library is going to be built. Well…everything except for the new library. While watching Crinkle News, Lyla finds out that financial troubles are to blame for... more

  • Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit

    by I'deyah Ricketts

    Nine-year-old LYLA LYTE is desperate to use her imagination, but she doesn’t know how. Several attempts end in failure before Lyla’s mother, MRS. LYTE, reveals that, before Lyla was born, there were objects called books that helped people learn how to use their imaginations. But MAYOR CRINKLE banned all books and ordered them to be buried.

    Despite promising to keep this newfound information a secret, Lyla tells all her best friends, MEGAN, SAMANTHA, and NICK. They join her i... more

  • The Soul Dick: An American Romance

    by Em L. Smith

    Set in Seattle, Washington, this humorous probe into serious angst introduces Private Investigator Mason Burr. A mysterious, unorthodox figure, Burr claims he can debug personalities in twenty-four hours - anxiety, mid-life crises, Weltschmerz. One day catharsis is his specialty.

     And then he meets Jerry Zobec, the most challenging client of his career. Jerry has had it, with politics, with religion, with healthcare, with cable companies - just about every institution in America ex... more

  • Unbridled Holiday: A Novel

    by Kristin Dow
    Brook Holliday has set sail on her honeymoon cruise…only she’s missing a husband. Her fiancé fled town just two weeks before the wedding, and although distraught, Brook departs for the Caribbean with her sister in an attempt to turn lemons into frozen daiquiris. Soon after boarding, Brook meets Scott Webster, an aspiring writer who lives just miles from her back home. Forget cabana boys. He gets her cylinders firing again, but turns out to be traveling with a vixen determined to stake a claim on... more
  • Liberty and Means: A novel

    by Kristin Dow
    Someone is tracking Shannon Clark, altering the course of her life in a most unexpected, thrilling way. But as the familiar is gradually stripped away, she starts to feel disconnected and doesn’t know who to trust. Family, friends, dating, work...nothing is the same and everything is complicated. Will Shannon learn to embrace her new world filled with golden opportunity or get lost amongst its trappings? She now has the chance to follow her dreams. Trouble is, she doesn’t know what they are.
  • Christmas Runaway

    by Deborah Kulish

    Christmas Runaway

    Happily Ever After Series Second Novel

    For Christmas, all Jan Nichols wishes for is a celebration with her husband they'll never forget. But, can she convince him to go with her to their small-town, family farm before it's too late?

    Growing up, Jan Nichols always spent a traditional Christmas with family on her Grandparents’ farm. So, when the newlywed loses a bet to her husband, she expects to endure the worst--holid... more

  • Backlash: A War of 1812 Novel

    by Mike Klaassen
    In 1812, with questionable justification and inadequate preparation, the American government declares war on Great Britain, the most powerful nation on earth. In Backlash, five young Americans wage a war that drastically changes their life—and the history of the world.