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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Patching Time

    by Kathleen Curtin
    An irresistible tale of intrigue and suspense! PATCHING TIME takes us into the heart of contemporary rural Ireland where money lending, drugs, blackmail and murder are the back drop to a story about retribution, love and forgiveness. In the small quiet town of Killdoe, the lives of a cleaning woman, Lily Casey, and her daughter are threatened by one shop keeper’s obsession with vengeance for what she perceives as past wrongs to her family. Will Sheila O’Connell succeed in her twisted quest or ca... more
  • All The Dark We Will Not See

    by Michael Neff
    Under the presidency of former Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan, the struggle for America's soul has begun—a trial of conscience and idealism versus idolatry and political dictatorship. Democracy is fading, and one woman in a solitary small agency created by Congress, the Office of Whistleblower Counsel, is determined to save it. The White House officials who stand in the way, however, are adamant and ruthless. Their plan is to clear the field for their corporate clients by making the governme... more
  • Let's Have Fun Vol. 3

    by A.A Schenna
    A May/December romance, angels versus demons, and a plus sized woman who discovers love along with other great tales of the Summer Solstice. Authors A.A. Schenna, Alex Pilalis, Jillian Chantal, J. Wayne Williams, Maighread MacKay, Margaret Egrot, Rachael Tamayo, Susan Lynn Solomon, Tevis Shkoda, and Virginia Babcock delight you with stories from the longest day of the year.
  • Sierra Becomes a Search Dog (Sierra the Search Dog)

    by Robert Calkins
    Sierra, a Golden Retriever puppy with a knack for hide-and-seek, becomes an unlikely hero when a little neighbor girl gets lost in the woods near her home. With practice and persistence little Sierra turns a children's game into a life-saving mission, earning the vest that marks her as an official search and rescue dog.
  • Chompy Goes to School

    by Eric Christopher Jackson
    Meet Chompy... A lovable, huggable character created to grow alongside young children everywhere. Follow Chompy as he goes to school to learn about the ABCs. Each letter is highlighted in various ways within the scenes. Experience a typical day for a crowd of Chompys. Welcome to a new world. Let the adventure begin.
  • The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan, Book 1: A Day at the Park

    by Jennifer Norman
    Kyle is a boy like any other boy his age, only he has a rare condition that hinders his day-to-day physical abilities. It is when Kyle dreams that he transforms into his alter ego, SuperCaptainBraveMan! SuperCaptainBraveMan is a friend to all kids, helping them discover their own courage and strength to overcome daily challenges. In Book 1: A Day at the Park, SuperCaptainBraveMan helps Emily, a girl in a wheelchair, make new friends.
  • Hills Spirits II

    Past, Present and Future: through short stories, poetry and illustration Hill Spirits II reminds us of our mortality, immortality and every moment in between. Jennifer's short story, Stardust, is featured in this Anthology. That's also Jennifer's photography on the cover!
  • Still Life with Chattering Teeth and People-Shaped Things: and other stories

    by Daulton Dickey
    Violent and surreal, twisted and macabre—these stories will challenge your idea of normality and asceticism. From a psychopathic serial killer who meets her match in a family of serial killers to men and women lost and tormented by their minds, Still Life with Chattering Teeth and People-Shaped Things and Other Stories will burrow into your skull, and mind f**k you. Warning: This collection contains stories not suitable for children or the faint of heart.
  • Bastard Virtues

    by Daulton Dickey
    In this minimalist novel, Ram, Gummo, and Bettie are on a mission to celebrate a posthumous birthday. They have six hours to incite a riot, exact revenge, vandalize a museum, and torch a tree. But one disaster begets another, and their incompetence, the police, and even nature threatens to disrupt their plans. Can they wreak havoc without serious injury or arrest and accomplish their task before sunrise? Or will their incompetence, or the elements, doom them? Equal parts Hunter S. Thompson, Grou... more
  • Echoes from Punjab: Metamorphosis of a Woman

    by Daljit Ranajee
    Jasmine, a beautiful new bride of seventeen, leaves her humble village in India for America to begin her journey full of laughter and tears thereafter. With her innocent charm, beauty, and spontaneity, she finds her way in the strange new world, though her heart stays true to her upbringing-- no matter what peaks and valleys she must endure . Echoes FromPunjab is a poignant saga of love, disloyalty, sacrifice, the power of motherhood, and courage.
  • Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest

    by S.A. Jeffers
    Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest is a children's reading and activity book. Play hide and seek with the reigning champion and experience the thrill of locating the mysterious Bigfoot! Visit the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest habitat, where the search is on for the elusive creature. Through each of this interactive story's pages, the reader is tasked with finding Bigfoot, where he is cleverly hidden. Both child and adult are sure to feel the magic and excitement of a legend as o... more
  • Kiss'd

    by D. C. Reep
    Kissed by a ghost—Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tyler doesn’t believe in ghosts, but her recent concussion gives her strange visions. Her aunt’s séances to reach the dead produce even more odd sensations. After a séance, Jenny meets a ghost soldier who says he needs help and, with a kiss, takes her to 1914 Belgium during the invasion by Germany at the start of World War I. Hurtled through time, Jenny relies on her courage to survive constant danger in an unfamiliar world. When she finds Jack, a Canadia... more
  • Tales of the Foreign Service: Life on the Edge

    by Jack Tucker
    This book contains nine stories intended for adults, and set in the recent past depicting the life and times of a typical American diplomat confronting difficult circumstances overseas. The Wheels of Justice is set in El Salvador spanning the period of political turmoil and civil war in the 1980s up through the recent past. Career Conundrum is the story about how a young American Vice Consul serving in Melbourne, Australia during the early 1980s uncovers the truth about the cruel fate in a remot... more
  • Maiden

    by Chris Sorensen
    MAIDEN is my debut YA novel (also appropriate for middle schoolers). A clean, uplifting coming-of-age adventure loosely inspired by the life of Joan of Arc. Jeanette is not like the other 17-year-old, gray-eyed girls in the war-torn kingdom of Amarin. While the other girls hope to regain the green eye color of their ancestors at spring festival and win the prince’s favor, Jeanette has other plans to escape her stifled village life. After the caravan arrives, Jeanette fears that she will ... more
  • Effeminate Earth

    by Julia Flowers
    Men have been scientifically proven to be the cause of all troubles on Earth: wars, murders, violence, robberies, everything that is wrong with society. So what should the government do? Slowly eradicate all males of course! After over one hundred years of careful, scientific elimination, the male species is extinct. Sarah Williams, a high-ranking government official in the Department of Scientifically Generated Incubation (SGI) and convicted believer that all males are evil, decides it’s he... more
  • Blue Moon Over Fenway

    by Alden C. Glass
    . . . The year is 2018; the rare occurrence of two blue moons, Cubs and Sox in the World Series, tragic events at Fenway, the appearance of a mysterious scorekeeper, the deal for a Yankee superstar, and several mystical forces challenge the powerful new team owner, the beleaguered Red Sox team, and the fans in the city of Boston . . . Blue Moon Over Fenway follows the peculiar events that occurred over the course of a season when the Red Sox won the American League pennant and played the Chi... more