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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jacob and Sam

    by Kristi O'Callahan
    In the story of Jacob and Sam, Jacob a new student in an inclusion classroom wants to befriend Sam and autistic boy. Jacob doesn't understand why Sam doesn't play with anyone, won't make eye contact, why he wears headphones, or why he's always ripping up paper. Jacobs teacher tells him to try to find something that Sam likes to do and maybe it will be easier to be friends with him. Jacob does just that...he figures out what Sam does with the ripped paper (it's pretty awesome by the way). After t... more
  • The Magic Straw Hat

    by Karen Jonice Bricker
    The Magic Straw Hat by Karen Jonice Bricker is a charming story of a young girl,named Caitie, and her adventure with her great- grandmother's straw hat. Parents and children, alike, will enjoy reading and learning of the true magic of Caitie's great-grandmother's straw hat...and revealing a little magic of your own.
  • Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings Book 1)

    by Millie Thom

    A tale of Viking raids, hapless thralls, noble kings and their sons and friendship and love. Above all else, a tale of unforgivable betrayal and the ever-present desire for revenge…

    The life of Eadwulf, ten-year old son of the Mercian king, is changed forever when his family is betrayed to the Danes by his treacherous uncle. In a Danish raid, his father is killed and his mother is raped. And along with his tutor and childhood friend, Eadwulf is captured and taken to the Danish la... more

  • Floating Upstream: What would you be willing to leave behind for your freedom?

    by Jo Vraca
    Julia Marconi has a simple dream—to get out of Goldburne, the stinking hot town in rural Australia, where she’s followed the rules her whole life. She dreams of adventures far away from her violent father whose only goal is to maintain his old world values in changing times. Julia longs for true love rather than the match “made” for her years ago. Super spunk Robbie Ventura and the arrival of the Carnival add unseen complications to her life, just as she’s ready to settle in and stay out of tr... more
  • Randi's Steps

    by Frances Judge
    If only her life were a story on paper, she could tear it into a million pieces and start over. Ten-year-old Francie wishes she could go back to days of running through sprinklers and riding in Randi’s father’s Corvette with the top down. Her life hasn’t been the same since her best friend started battling brain cancer. Francie wants to be loyal and caring to Randi, but when put to the test, she fails. Will their friendship survive the disease that changes everything? Set on Long Island in 1979,... more
  • Beneath The Greater Sky

    by Andrew Voelker

    Ryan Quinn is a man haunted by tragedy and despair. The unexpected death of his unborn daughter shatters his world and his marriage. All he has left of his previous life is a quilt sewn by his wife for their daughter. It’s a constant reminder of the life he should have had, the life he so desperately wanted. Trying to set himself free from his torment, he decides to bury the quilt in a grassy meadow in the mountains of Wyoming: the place of his daughter’s conception. But closure i... more

  • by Kimalie Wassick
    Basil and Prune, the pug, visit the Farmers' Market every Saturday at noon. They love to buy fresh veggies and organic dog biscuits for Prune.
  • Basil and prune the Pug Love Yoga

    by Kimalie Wassick
    Basil and Prune, the pug, love to practice yoga. You can practice with them , they can teach you a new pose.
  • 9780996146197

    by Kimalie Wassick

    Prune, the pug , was always happy. He was the only little one in the household. Everyone loved Prune. Then one day a new baby arrived. Prune felt sad and left out. He tried everything to get attention, but got time- out instead. Then one day Basil, the new baby, decides to teach him how to share and they become best friends.


  • The Shakespeare Conspiracy - A Novel: The Story of the Greatest Literary Deception of All Time - Based Entirely on Historical Fa

    by Ted Bacino
    The book has been made into a stage play that has had successful productions nationwide and the novel has been optioned for a movie. England's foremost playwright is suspiciously murdered days before he is to be tried for treason. And an unknown actor suddenly becomes England's star playwright virtually overnight. Murder, mystery and manhunts in 1593. How could Christopher Marlowe, a known spy and England's foremost playwright, be suspiciously murdered and quickly buried in an unmarked g... more
  • The Three Keys

    by Don Ackermann
    There comes a pivotal moment in a man's life when his mettle is truly tested and he discovers who he really is. The Three Keys tells the inspiring story of a man torn apart when two irreconcilable worlds collide. Faced with his wife's affair and embroiled in a bitter court battle involving a land dispute with a powerful and unscrupulous builder--a dispute fraught with bribes, ominous threats, and mysterious phone calls--surveyor James Schroeder finds himself locked in a desperate fight to save h... more
  • Unraveled - a novel

    Billy Rubin is the living embodiment of every red-blooded American male's fantasy. He has it all - extraordinary athletic abilities, movie star looks, and an arrogant sense of entitlement. That arrogance serves him well until the final, crucial game of the College Baseball World Series when the unthinkable happens. The game he's waited so long to play has somehow already been played and won, thanks to his home run and heroic game-saving catch in the bottom of the ninth. Except, Billy has no me... more
  • Cold Havana Tomb

    by Mark A Dean
    For over-worked Manhattan lawyer Martha Warren, taking the ashes of her Cuban uncle to Havana for burial was not supposed to end in a searing examination of her life choices. When Manolo wrote to her from Miami shortly before he died, she agreed to help, driven by the need to reconcile losses of her own. Now, staring down into the cold darkness of his tomb, Martha learns the most valuable lesson of her life – that what she has doesn’t matter. And what she doesn’t have – the white-hot love of a f... more
  • Cocoa's Mission

    by Bea Michelle Ramirez
    Discover the world with Cocoa , a real chocolate Labrador Retriever who arrives on planet Earth for a very special mission. Find out where Cocoa came from and her purpose for being here.
  • Phase

    by James West
    In "Phase", Alison Reilly works in an office like any other by day. Office politics and ill-advised romances rule the halls, though she has no patience for either. By night, Alison bangs away, alone, on her beautiful blue drum set. When the two worlds collide, Alison will finally start making music and enter a new phase of her life. But the road won't be a smooth one. One of Alison's bandmates is also one of her coworkers, and the strain of such a complicated relationship just might be too ... more