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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Other Side of the Trench

    by G S Willmott
    Garry Willmott has released a revised edition of The Other Side of the Trench: this second edition streamlines and refines the events of the first edition, without losing any of the essence of the earlier version. This is a more tightly woven, more precise narrative that intertwines historical fact with imagined characters. Structurally it is a tour de force; Willmott skilfully creates a contemporary drama among the ‘pilgrims’ travelling to various battle sites of World War 1 to honour their a... more
  • Down, Set, Hut: The Untold Story of College Football

    by Matthew Nighswonger
    “Down, Set, Hut” illuminates the real world of college football. Learn about all the human drama that accompanies the high stakes world of America’s favorite sport. Charlie is trying to lead the Puma college football team to a championship that could change lives forever. Is the building pressure and stress too much for him? Mary tries to be the supportive college sweetheart, but it is not as easy as she thought. Will their relationship make it through the season? Blake chases his dream of b... more
  • The Disciple of Beauty: A Philosopher's Tale of Love, Tragedy, and Transcendence

    by Steven Q. Fletcher
    What happens to Eric James, a brilliant professor of the humanities—and a hopeless romantic—when his beloved wife of thirty years dies? How can he reconcile his shattering loss with the philosophical and spiritual ideas that he has been comfortably teaching for decades? More importantly, will he ever be able to cherish life and be willing to risk loving again? Perhaps the answers to these questions await him in the fabulous city of Paris, where an ancient society struggles to save mankind from i... more
  • Forgotten Soldiers

    by Warren Martin
    A Cold War POW/MIA Mystery surrounding Jacob Walden, an Air Force Captain shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and the untold story of why he never returned home. Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the reappearance of Jacob Walden and encounters Charlie Smith, a secretive operative who may have answers to the question about “What Happened to Jacob Walden.”
  • A Scorpion's Sting

    by Pink Maxwell
    Tammy has become a successful young woman despite her abusive, tormented past. She thinks it is well behind her and is enjoying life with her newfound love, Mason, until she receives a phone call from Dr. Howard that her Aunt Brenda is now on her deathbed. Brenda desperately wants to reunite with Tammy because she is seeking her forgiveness for the abuse and she wants to reveal a dark secret that will expose the family’s true history. Will Tammy forgive her before she dies and allow her aunt to ... more
  • HitList

    by k rawson
    Quinn Cotti has a 4.0 GPA and can hack the school database. From her phone. While driving. And when her reputation is trashed by cyberbullies, she can concoct the perfect revenge. But when her computer virus posts a secret video and a classmate commits suicide, she learns her detractors had unexpected motivations. She’s had a low-grade crush on Jake since seventh grade, when she imagined him the noble prince of the Cybertown family. A darkly funny modern tragedy that lands fresh a... more
  • IN FOR A PENNY :: Book One :: The Granny Series

    by Nancy Naigle and Kelsey Browning

    IN FOR A PENNY Kelsey Browning and Nancy Naigle Book One:: The Granny Series Honey, these are not your momma’s grannies… When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot mess. While Lil was busy being a proper Southern lady, Harlan squandered dang near the whole family fortune on lottery tickets. To keep her financial skeletons in the closet and give him a decent bu... more

  • Guion the Lion a Colorful World

    by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits
    Where did all the color go? That's the question an irrepressible little lion asks in the brand new children's picture book titled Guion the Lion: A Colorful World. Guion (rhymes with ''lion'') is a rainbow-colored lion who stands out in a world of black and white. He wants to find a way to bring back the color, but how? While on his quest, Guion encounters a variety of animals, each struggling with a unique problem. Always kind and friendly, he does his best to help. To his delight, Guion ... more
  • Freaks I've Met

    by Donald Jans
    A college graduate from Spokane moves to California determined to prove that money does buy happiness via the seedy underbelly of the 80's bond market.
  • The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle

    by Shirin Zarqa-Lederman
    Harraf Namrattle lives in Tweeville and is a girl who always says what she thinks—no matter what! She doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes words can hurt others’ feelings and that some things are better left unsaid. Today, however, Harraf’s mother reminds her to think before she speaks. Harraf sets out to play baseball with her friend Bo, who has a new baseball mitt. What will she say when she sees it? Then she meets her friend Hennaj, who has a lemonade stand. What will she say when she t... more
  • The Wrong David

    by Christa Wojciechowski
    David is a disillusioned American wine broker who meets his partner and best friend, Brian, in France to tour the vineyards of Provence. Brian brings his wife, Vanessa, who David has been desperately in love with for years. David has cultivated his obsession with Vanessa, using it as a distraction from his otherwise unfulfilling life. As the threesome drink themselves through The French Riviera, David is losing his ability to hide his feelings for his best friend's wife.
  • The Bloody Shoe Affair: A daring and thrilling adventure with the jailer's daughter

    by Joy York
    A daring and thrilling adventure with the jailer’s daughter In this mystery set in 1968, Christi, a shy and awkward teenager, never expected to get sucked into helping her cousin, Lily, the “double-dare-you” daughter of the county jailer, try to solve the grizzliest murder the town of Roselyn, Mississippi, had ever seen. Then again, Christi had been entangled in her misadventures before. So a whirlwind week of spying, lying, crawling through tunnels and sneaking into the jail should have com... more
  • Kulture Klash: An Allegory on Organizational Culture

    by Terry R. Barber
    In his book, "Kulture Klash: An Allegory, Changing the Culture in the Corporate Workplace, Terry Barber uses an ancient site as a battlefield for the modern day confrontation between the good and evil of a hostile takeover in the corporate workplace. It is an allegory that is brilliantly presented for today's leaders and followers who struggle in their job of trying to make their companies and lives relevant. Barber highlights three groups of combatants: King Klash, the Enigmatic Emperor, the ba... more
  • The Trotters of Tweeville

    by Shirin Zarqa-Lederman
    The Trotters of Tweeville is a series of children's picture books dedicated to demonstrating random acts of kindness through fable-like tales that exemplify these random acts of kindness.
  • Flight

    by Charlene Moncrief
    18 year-old socialite Camille Vanderhale’s life is not going the way she had planned. Her days are normally spent attending one vapid social event to another. Ballroom galas, charity auctions at the Met and afternoon tea with New York’s elite is how she spends most of her time. The Vanderhales are American Royalty and she is the perfect gilded princess. Between her countless social obligations, and watching over her partying 16 year-old sister and best friend, Noelle, her path is clear and her d... more
  • The Ash Tree

    by Daniel Melnick

    [Powerful prologue and other parts now streamlined, seeking a larger publisher:] The Ash Tree – a novel -- tells a timeless story of the romance and marriage between an American Armenian girl and her immigrant husband who survived the 1915 Armenian Genocide in Turkey. In the aftermath of the Genocide from the twenties to the early seventies, the couple and their three children become vivid, quintessentially American characters, only for tragedy to find them again in ... more