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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Red Right Return

    by John H. Cunningham
    Buck Reilly's a lot like the rest of us--trying to make ends meet and hoping for better times. He's living in a Key West hotel and operates Last Resort Charter and Salvage aboard a 1946 Grumman Widgeon flying boat, hunting for sunken treasure and taking on an occasional passenger, no questions asked. But when he delivers a mysterious woman to a mission boat destined for Cuba, things start going downhill quick. He faces down the dark forces of Santeria priests, Cuban Secret Police, and an FBI age... more

    by William Andrews
    A sequel to the Mayhaven Award-winning The Essential Truth, and from the author of the bestselling Daughters of the Dragon – A Comfort Woman’s Story, The Dirty Truth tells the story of Nan Smith, the state campaign manager for presidential hopeful George Bloomfield. Nan discovers a dirty secret about Bloomfield’s opponent, Senator William Howard when an old woman tells her, “he murdered my daughter”. The revelation thrusts Nan into the center of a massive conspiracy led by billionaire Sheldon Ha... more
  • In Times Like These: Forty Riveting Interpretations

    by Wayne Barnes
    forty riveting real stories on leading people, issues and events in society today using literary styles satires, elegy poetry
  • Loving Eleanor

    by Susan Wittig Albert
    When AP political reporter Lorena Hickok—Hick—is assigned to cover Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the wife of the 1932 Democratic presidential candidate, the two women become deeply, intimately involved. Their relationship begins with mutual romantic passion, matures through stormy periods of enforced separation and competing interests, and warms into an enduring, encompassing friendship that ends only with both women's deaths in the 1960s—all of it documented by 3300 letters exchanged over thirty ... more
  • Second Chances

    by Lincoln Cole
    Nichole is caught in a tough position, juggling too many responsibilities as her world falls apart around her. She isn’t sure where she can turn and is facing a lot of harsh realities about how life works. Richard wants to help, but he discovers that he’s been doing the right things for the wrong reasons for a long time. Everything begins to fall apart as he realizes he's swept problems under the rug for so long he might no longer be able to fix them. Can they overcome and get a second chance?
  • Katie P Grace: The Big Surprise

    by Heather M Morgan
    A sweet story of Katie P. Grace going on one of her many family adventures. The people, animals and places she encounters along the way always leave an impression on her. In this story, Katie is exited to find out what big surprise her family has for her. Along the way she shows us her neighborhood and the way she sees her family and friends. This is a wonderful story for the classroom during story time, independent reading or family reading at bedtime. With lots of colorful illustrations and th... more
  • Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick

    by N.R. Leigh
    Peace, Love, and a Dead Hippie Chick follows the intertwining journeys of three young women in the mid-1990s who go on the road and off the grid, and leave their worlds behind. Each woman falls into a dangerous subculture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in an attempt to attain her own sense of peace, love, and freedom. KARA, a middle-class Midwestern girl, flees her painful past after a tragic accident claims a loved one, only to learn—after a violent attack—that there’s no safety among friends... more
  • Shredded: Your Past Does Not Define You

    by Kimberly Rae
    Only two people know why Jean has stayed at the church all these years, why she won't let anyone else work with the children. Only Jean knows about Sunday nights, the leftover bulletins she covers with words, then shreds as she weeps. When Grant Henderson moves into town and starts to care, will Jean succeed in pushing him away, or will he break through to discover the truth? Is love enough to set her free?
  • Never Poor: Consider the safe path, keep feet from danger. Proverbs 4:2-27 TLB (Volume 1)

    by San Dee Wright Crabtree
    In 1899, a young mother with three young children is faced with an impossible decision. Most immediately assume they would not have made the choice she made, but how do you know what you would do unless you too were faced with that terrifying situation? Enjoy these lovable characters as you imagine what choices you might have made along the way. Observing the lives of cousins Georgia and Sue and their families inspire us to consider others more compassionately.
  • The Sacred Flame

    by Nanette Littlestone
    It is the year 216 BC. Livia is a Vestal Virgin, a priestess of the goddess Vesta sworn to keep Rome safe through the obligations of duty, dedication, and chastity. In just a few months she will end her vows and marry her childhood companion. But the High Priestess’s collapse extends Livia’s duties and thrusts her into the unwanted role of leadership. As summer heat and the threat of Hannibal descend on Rome, Livia dares to fall for Gaius, a married man and equestrian commander, who has loved he... more
  • Donald Doing's House of Verbs

    by Marianna Shek
    Everybody knew Donald Doing's House of Verbs was the place to go to look for action. He had music boxes for dancing, hat boxes for sashaying and treasure chests for buccaneering. But when little Nora Noisler asks for his help, Donald has to think outside the box to come up with a solution.
  • Hands of Other Men

    by Todd Ohl
    When Jacob Tyler rides into his father’s Wyoming ranch, he’s looking for a quiet place to spend the winter. Soon enough, he’s all too sure things will end in bloodshed. His brother has opened a store to challenge the local monopoly, and the man who runs the town is not about to lose his business to some young upstart. At the same time, Tyler is recovering from a loss of his own and grappling with the realization that the law, which he has fought so long to uphold, has left him with nothing. ... more
  • The Zonderling

    by Kersti Niebruegge

    A comic novel about a Midwesterner who moves into an eccentric old-fashioned residential hotel for women in New York City.

    Like scores of career girls before her, Heather Baumhauer leaves behind small-town life in the Midwest to find adventure and an exciting job in New York City. But when her apartment plans fall through, she worries that her dream is over before she’s even tasted a real New York bagel. Enter The Zonderling, a one-hundred-year-old residence for w... more

  • Wow! My Dad's A Consultant: For Girls (Terebinth Kids Early Learners Series Book 1)

    by Sara Littleton
    “Wow! My Dad’s a Consultant” was written for consultants and road warrior businesspeople, and for their children. Ella eagerly waits for her Dad to return from his business trip. She has missed him and wonders why he travels so much. As he tucks her in that night, Dad explains that he travels to different cities to helps his clients solve cool business problems. Dad’s client has invented a glow-in-the-dark ice-cream and Dad is helping make it available to kids all over the world. Through other c... more
  • Katambora Sunset: The Third Safari Chronicle

    by Rory Johnston
    In the 1980s, an era of political turmoil sweeps over Africa, offering opportunity for those who can move with the flow—not always for the better. Among those taking advantage of shifting political alliances are international rhino poachers who begin the rapid eradication of one of Africa’s most magnificent animals for their horns, much sought-after ingredients in Chinese and Vietnamese medicine. Colin and Annika Somerset manage a photo safari operation on behalf of the local BaTonga people... more
  • The Cult: A Novel of Two Norman Kingdoms

    by Richard Devlin
    A meeting of two worlds. A tale of forbidden love. A chronicle of heresy and crime. Set in the era of the Third Crusade, The Cult is a beautifully written historical novel that follows the fates of Elise, Edmond, and Martin, three pupils of a learned English scholar. Early in the story, all three become caught in a web of deceit and threatened by an ancient Gnostic cult reincarnated in a new and monstrous form. Pledged to each other, Elise and Edmond strive to keep their love alive despite great... more