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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Blocking Paris

    by Bill Thesken
    While the rest of the working world struggles to make ends meet, four friends play match golf, every day... When one of the friends announces his plan to propose marriage to his new girlfriend in Paris over the weekend, the others realize that their game will soon be coming to an end.
  • It's a Sin to Be Boring

    by Nancy Singletary
    It’s a Sin to Be Boring is a biographical-historical fiction that unravels the complexity of a family, where the actions of one touch the lives of others. The main character, Rebelle Palatine, born in Ohio, marries her high school sweetheart during World War II. While she yearns for the war to be over, she achieves her perfect job—modeling at a major department store in New York City. Only one thing throws a roadblock to her happiness—specifically the Battle of the Bulge. The contemporary politi... more
  • Today's a Yellow Day

    by James Roth
    Join us in this attention getting novel that keeps your interest from the first chapter to the very last page. Today’s a Yellow Day is a tale of murder and retribution, of the meek and the merciless, of good and evil, and of the river town life of a young man, Tim Ferrari. It is a glimpse into the blue-collar world of a carpenter’s family in 1960. It is a story of the impact one ruthless delinquent can have on a peaceful Hudson River village community. Tim will face the challenges of family illn... more
  • Brave in Ribbons

    by Holly Maholm
    In her contemporary take on the holiday classic, Brave in Ribbons, Maholm revisits the original Dickens’ classic to set the stage for a new host of characters and a contemporary holiday story. Readers will recognize the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future and will quickly find themselves attached to the colorful and heartfelt cast of Brave in Ribbons, including a recently deceased brother, his three daughters and his transgender sister, Connie. A retired lawyer and widower, Tommy pas... more
  • Life Is All This

    by Sheila Blanchette
    In the summer of 1975, Samuel Ryder sets off to hitchhike to the Grand Canyon where he realizes life is very good. Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona the road ahead appears to be one neverending smooth ride full of fun, adventure, and pretty women. Late at night in a vacant hotel lobby in South Florida, decades later Sam finds himself trying to come to peace with the fact that plans do not always work out and the life you imagined is not always the life you end up living. Alone at the ... more
  • Anna & Elizabeth: A Novel

    by Sophie Cook

    Set against the background of Hungary’s rich peasant culture and rigid class divisions, spanning the years from 1880 to 1944, Anna & Elizabeth tells the story of two very different women and their unlikely friendship --- Anna, a Baptist woman from the countryside, and Elizabeth, her one-time Jewish employer. The story shows how their bond develops and survives, despite war, revolution, and the ravages of time. Inspired by the author’s grandmother and the friend who tried ... more

  • An Angler's Tales

    by A G Palmer
    A collection of short stories about fly fisherman, their adventures and misadventures. Humorous and informative, the stories relate events in the lives of a small group of fly fisherman as they pursue their passion for the craft of fly fishing.
  • The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas (Volume 1)

    by Betty Davis
    Ten year old Nicholaas leaves his cherished home in Eden Prairie,Minnesota to live in Leiden, Holland. He leaves behind the game of football his friends to go on an a twelve day adventure on a Holland America Cruise ship. On their first stop in Half Moon Bay Nicholas journeys out to scubas out to see ruins of the lost ship through the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. In his next stop In Madeira Nicholaas and his family are stuck in a harrowing storm that nearly ended in crashing into the At... more
  • Preview

    by Orlin G. Oroschakoff
    Preview is a tragicomic novella with two main characters, Kaputev and Bogoman, strangers to each other who are “crossed-outs” - state enemies in a dictator- ship behind the Iron Curtain. As they sit in an empty theatre waiting for the previews to start, their personal stories unfold, high- lighting the absurdity, comedy and terror of living under a dictatorship, including the per- verse intimacy of the narrator’s realization that his thoughts are being picked up and read by his companion. During... more
  • Revisited Memories

    by Philippe Evrard with Joyce Peters
    Belgian Philippe Evrard was a vibrant man with a wonderful zest for life and a dream of one day publishing a collection of stories in the United States. Now a loyal and dear friend he met in 2009 is making his dream come true. Shared posthumously, Evrard’s stories—some fictionalized, some true—provide a nostalgic glimpse into his life and imagination, beginning with his childhood. In a small village in Belgium, Evrard details how a black singer at midnight mass during World War II captured the h... more
  • Nana Gets Her Dragon

    by Helen Furlong
    This book was written as a fun description of the life of young dragons, how they live during their first year, and whether it is possible for young children to adopt them if they have enough imagination. It brings the fun-loving type of dragon back into children’s storybooks.
  • Francesco's Song

    by C.M. Furio
    Set amidst the drama of Fascist Italy, Francesco’s Song is the gripping story of one man’s struggle to survive. Inspired by family history, C.M. Furio tells the poignant story of young Francesco as he grows up in the small seaside town of Mola di Bari. The saga of birth, love and death in rural southern Italy unfolds as the country is pulled into the cataclysm of world events. Francesco’s carefree youth ends when the oratory of Mussolini and the pervasive false sense of patriotism... more
  • The Heart's Journey Home

    by Nikki Jackson
    It’s summer vacation, and all seventeen-year-old Tori Logan wants to do is hang out with her two best friends, practice her mixed martial arts and go to FBI spy camp. Summer means freedom (mostly from adults) and Tori plans to fill every spare moment of her last summer before graduating from High School with all the fun things she and her best pals can come up with. Tori knows exactly who she is and what she wants to do with her life, or so she believes. While Tori is determined to be indepen... more
  • The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas in Arizona: Lost Cities

    by Betty Davis
    Nicholaas a teen at the age of fourteen and his friend embark on a trip to the Dragoon Mountains in a 4 wheel vehicle. Without warning powerful sandstorm forced Nicholaas and his family to change directions . They find themselves in the mountains without a trace of life anywhere. The young explorer decides to investigate finds ancient drawings in the inner walls of the cave that seem to be floating in the air. One of them was of Cochise using an arrow to show they way. Nicholaas continued go... more