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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Mountain, Big Trouble

    by Chris Norbury
    LITTLE MOUNTAIN, BIG TROUBLE is an inspirational story about a young boy with a big dream and the courage to chase that dream no matter the obstacles. Twelve-year-old EJ is a short, unpopular, shy, self-described loser. He lives with his mother and younger brother on the wrong side of town and spends every other weekend with his hard-to-please, deadbeat father. Because surviving school and his home life are challenging enough, EJ’s the last kid you’d expect to dream of someday climbing Mount ... more
  • Cyberama

    by Arthi Vasudevan
    Maya is a curious Indian American seventh grader. Maya’s parents are part of a top secret project for the U.S Government, in which they are inventors of a medicine that could save millions of lives. However, criminals are trying to steal the formula of the medicine through Maya’s computer. It all comes down to Maya, her best friend Dave, and her artificially intelligent animal cyber pals to keep the criminals from stealing the formula. However, are her cybersecurity skills enough to save the d... more
  • LAST DREAM STANDING: A Welsh mining family finds its heart in WWI.

    by Jill P. Anderson
    LAST DREAM STANDING Instead of their prayers being answered, a Welsh coal mining family in the early 1900’s has their dreams shattered by the birth of their second child. The story eddies around a forced unthinkable choice, a secret too big to contain, and a tragedy of their own creation. This is a tale, both intimate and epic, of dreams—lost, found, and sacrificed—pulling the Ross family forward and into WWI when the truth will reshape them—not to who they used to... more
  • Agent 00: Volume I

    by Ramona Lee Soo-Jun
    During the reign of the Dragon Emperor, an ancient curse falls over the princess. Two generals and a young thief sacrifice everything to escort her to safety, but time is running out. In a parallel universe 2000 years later, three agents and a pickpocket are tasked with infiltrating the treacherous underworld of the Triads. As they delve deeper, they unknowingly follow the path of their Boss's tragic past. Martial arts, action, comedy and destiny collide in a high-stakes battle against an ... more
  • There Are No Rules For This

    by JJ Elliott
    United in friendship for over a decade, four women have weathered multiple challenges. When one makes a fateful choice, it forces the other three to redefine their relationships and question everything. There Are No Rules For This packs an emotional wallop. Author JJ Elliott skillfully delves into the complexity of friendship and explores what happens when tragedy strikes.
  • Hot Berry Punch

    by Bradford Tatum
    Emma May Shinnecock grew up wild on the remote Western prairies in the 1820s. Left free to roam and learn from the nature surrounding her, Emma’s hunger for life drives her to flaunt formal conventions as she discovers the world around her. After embracing her first romantic liaison with a mysterious stranger, she is left with far more than a confusing introduction to love. She is now a Beguiler, a “blood thirster” with exciting new abilities and a deeper lust for life. But her condition come... more
  • Lelya Dorche and the Coney Island Cure

    by David Rothman
    In April 2020, at the height of the pandemic in New York City, Andrew, the assistant director of a funeral home one mile from Elmhurst Hospital, the “epicenter of the epicenter,” meets a legendary Coney Island witch doctor (Lelya Dorche), who makes him an offer that could better his chances of keeping his COVID-positive elderly parents and his severely asthmatic 13-year-old son, Miro, off the ever-expanding list of virus mortalities. To keep up his end of the bargain, Andrew will have to find h... more
  • The Fortitude of a Little Hero

    by Edward Okaroni
    This is a novella that readers of all ages can enjoy. ​​If ​​you like African folklore with adventure sprinkled in it, try this fantasy story about termites that will intrigue you. As the realms of myths and reality intertwine, there is a queen who runs her colony. Proud of her realm, few oppose the undeniable credentials that accompany her words, shaping the very essence of integrity. With the rest of her colony, they emerge as enigmatic creatures with a secret power that shapes the very foun... more
  • The Kafka Studies Department

    by Francis Levy
    A highly original, quirky collection of short, parable-like stories infused with dark humor, intellect and insight about the human condition. A prism of interconnected and intertwined takes, inspired by Franz Kafka, the stories examine feckless central characters who are far from likable but always recognizable and wildly human. Booklife in an Editor's Pick review described the book as "sharp, incisive miniature fictions that pin down contemporary anxieties."
  • A Brand New Day

    by E O Elliott
    A BRAND NEW DAY continues the tale of Dahlia Ringo as she navigates her new status as a rich, single woman of distinction. There's the city-wide board appointments, her seventeen years as president of the exclusive Jefferson Park neighborhood association, an exciting new career in interior design and of course, 12.5 million dollars! Life for Dahlia looks great on the outside. But behind those beautiful doors on Bennett Street lies a different story.
  • The Lonely Ghost

    by Gitte Tamar
    Join a friendly ghost as they learn that being different doesn't matter when it comes to making friends.
  • Boris the Bossy Bear (Letterland Tales)

    by Gia Meloni
    Step into the enchanting world of Letterland once again and as we introduce another character. Join Boris the Bossy Bear on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and valuable life lessons. In the second book of the series, Boris learns firsthand the consequences of his bossy behaviour when a mischievous pixie decides to teach him a lesson. Featuring the beautiful hallmark illustrations that bring Letterland to life and pages sprinkled with words beginning with the letter B, this book will ke... more
  • Alex the Adventurous Ant

    by Gia Meloni
    Embark on a wonderful journey with Alex the Adventurous Ant! In this first book from the enchanting Letterland Tales series, young readers will fall in love with the daring and sometimes funny exploits of Alex. As the sun rises over Letterland, Alex the Adventurous Ant sets off on a remarkable journey of discovery. From scaling the tallest dandelion to meeting new friends, brave Alex leads us through a wonderful day in Letterland. Featuring beautiful illustrations that bring Letterland ... more
  • Bold & Brave

    by KA Cummins

    Sometimes courage is loud like an elephant, and sometimes it’s quiet like a llama.

    Lily, a young autistic girl with a vivid imagination, wants to sing the solo in the school’s choir show. However, the thought of standing at center stage turns her heart a gloomy grey. School is overwhelming enough when no one is watching. Now all eyes will be on her. Will she overcome her fear and be bold and brave?

    Bold and Brave is a whimsical picture book showcasing... more

  • A River Divided

    by George Paxinos
    A River Divided follows Evelyn, a geneticist and amateur archeologist, who discovers a tomb while vacationing in Israel. Believing she has found the remains of Christ, she attempts to revive the DNA found preserved at the site so that she can clone Him. But with human cloning being both illegal and unprecedented, she takes the risk of carrying the embryo herself. Though more a scientist than a zealot, she wants to do everything to bring Him back to the world. If her experiment were successful, t... more
  • Silly Cat and Friends Laugh and Play

    by Lorraine Abrams
    Silly Cat and Friends Laugh and Play is the second book in a trilogy about a cat named Silly and his best friend Dainty Dog. Silly and Dainty tease each other but deep down, they're true friends. A few of the other critters they encounter in Laugh and Play are Ray the Jay, Miss Dovey Mae, Jeep the Frog and his Cousin Truck the Polliwog, a bat named Bingo, and a green-eyed bug.