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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Murgatroyd's Christmas Club

    by Stephen Bailey
    Skint! Broke! Pennyless! Hard-up! Willie Arkenthwaite, an ignorant, rude and terribly crude dyehouse worker in Murgatroyd’s Mill is feeling a bit poor after his Christmas break and returns to work a troubled man. Not only does he have to put with the nagging mother-in-law at home, but he has a family (and pigeons) to look after and he fears next Christmas will be just as tight. Until one day this normally docile and inarticulate man does something he’s never done before – he has an idea. Willi... more
  • Hermit: A Novella

    by Joel R. Dennstedt

    A man alone.
    The girl who finds him.
    "I love this. I love everything about this!" - Amazon Reader
    On a hill above the beach, old man Gabriel lives in isolation. Removed from everyone he loves, he has his books, his cat, and the ramblings of his mind. He killed his former self, the selfish failed man. He follows the teachings of a long-dead guru. He believes he ... more

  • Walter Brown and the Magician's Hat

    by Karen Inglis
    When Walter Brown is woken on his 10th birthday by his cat Sixpence he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. A large present wrapped in silver paper reveals an old top hat, a tiny pair of white gloves, and a magician’s wand -- together with a mysterious note from his late Great-grandpa Horace. But Walter gets the biggest surprise when he puts the top hat on and discovers that his cat has special powers and they’ve been chosen for a secret mission. What better place to st... more
  • Notes from the Nineties: Stories and Poems

    by M Thomas Apple
    A beach in Ireland, a mountain temple in Japan, a hot summer drive in the Bronx, a dentist's office in Michigan, a hospital in San Francisco, and a bus ride through the Hudson Valley. Notes from the Nineties ties these disparate stories together with poems and photos between, with raw emotions: rage, tenderness, vindictiveness, jealousy, terror, sorrow, loss, acceptance. Stories featured in this collection include: Cois Fharraige - A group of exchange students in Ireland finding more to do than... more
  • Pre-Bot Learns Not to Hurt

    by Rod Lowe
    Pre-Bot is Timmy’s first robot! Pre-Bot is VERY curious, and learns by imitating his teacher’s actions. When Timmy gets aggravated by his little brother, he decides to pick on him. Problems arise when Pre-Bot copies his actions. Timmy soon discovers that setting a good example isn’t as easy as he thought. With a great toy, comes great responsibility! Will Timmy be a good example, or will Pre-Bot prove to be more than he can handle? "Pre-Bot Learns Not to Hurt" is the first release in... more
  • The Nest

    by Beatrix S. Tambunan

    A story of Papa and Mama Bird who lived in a small nest. Papa Bird said they were going to move to a new nest after Baby Bird hatches. Mama Bird was very patient waiting for the new move. Sometimes plans don't happen when it's too late.

  • Neither Have I Wings

    by Alice Degan
    Yorkshire, 1945. Charlie came face-to-face with the supernatural once before, but that was twenty years ago. He didn’t think anything like that would happen to him again. At the tail end of World War II, serving in the RAF, he rescues a young man who looks like a stained-glass window, and realizes he was wrong. Evvie’s life changed dramatically six years ago, when a vision led her to the island of Patmos. But war intervened, and now she’s back in England. There may be a murder to solve at the ... more
  • From All False Doctrine

    by Alice Degan
    Toronto, 1925: An ancient manuscript and a modern cult promise the secret to personal metamorphosis. An atheist graduate student falls in love with a priest. A shiftless musician jilts his fiancée and disappears. From All False Doctrine is a metaphysical mystery wrapped in a 1920s comedy of manners. Thrown together when their best friends fall in love, Elsa Nordqvist and Kit Underhill don’t think they have much in common. But when Kit’s friend Peachy drops off the face of the earth, and the m... more
  • Planting My Values

    by Lynn Powell
    Values are important, but figuring out what values to plant and how to make them grow can be difficult. In Planting My Values, a young boy shares his journey of self-discovery as he learns how to develop values in his life.   It's never too early to inspire your children to work toward discovering themselves. Set in a simple rhyming scheme, Planting My Values offers children a set of questions to help them get started on their own journeys of self-discovery.   Give your little ones a head st... more
  • The Flame Eater: Murder, Mystery and suspense in the 15th century

    by Barbara Gaskell Denvil
    Nicholas, now heir to the earldom, has no desire to marry his dead brother’s cast-off mistress. And Emeline has no desire to marry the brutal monster who murdered his brother, the man she loved and hoped to marry. This arranged marriage is a disaster, it would seem that it can’t get any worse. But it does. Fire rages through the castle and takes over the wedding night, and any hopes of reconciliation. But not everything is as it seems. Murder and arson are destroying more than just one allianc... more
  • Cinnamon Diamonds: A Short Story

    by Mark Piper
    Cinnamon Diamonds is a short story based on the amazing events of a stormy night in 1847. The Felix Lighter a three-masted schooner survived a hurricane off the east coast of the United States. Reaching port wasn’t its most significant achievement. A young man named Hanson Gregory became a savior when he was inspired to create the first ever doughnut with a hole. His creation during the hurricane has become a thing of legend. This story couples his one and only interview with The Washington Post... more
  • Satin Cinnabar

    by Barbara Gaskell Denvil
    The battle is over. Jack scrambles from the wreckage, to find himself still alive although his friends and family are lost. He must forge a new path ahead, and adapt to an ever-changing world. There is a new Tudor king on the throne, new laws and new challenges. But what he never expects to find is his favourite cousin’s murdered corpse, and himself suspected as the killer. A growing romance helps Jack discover his courage, but there are many more obstacles to overcome. Arrested and thrown int... more
  • Escape From Smoothie Island: A Fruity Adventure

    by Charles and La-Toya Renthrope
    A zany bunch of fruit head out on the vacation of a lifetime, but somehow, find themselves making a daring escape from The Big Hungry Blender and his army of Not Nice Ice. The characters learn that when you work together, you can conquer anything - even a big hungry blender.
  • Suddenly (So It Began...) (Volume 1)

    by Rachel Diane Ramey
    SO IT BEGINS... As the world is thrown into chaos, a teen girl's life moves forward learning about family, friends, love and the discovery of a changing life all around her. How does Ginger stay centered when everything around her is spinning? Part One of an ongoing series.
  • The Coconut Crab

    by Peter W. Fong
    Like people, coconut crabs are long-lived, agile, and inquisitive. They are sometimes brave, sometimes fearful. They cherish friendship, enjoy a good feed, and appreciate a nap in the heat of the day. Youngsters are vulnerable to attack, and soon develop a protective shell. There are differences of course—most notably in the appendages, and in the lidless, jutting eyes—but this story emphasizes similarities and convergences. Crab meets bird meets goat meets gecko: that’s the plot in a nutshel... more
  • Hope Refreshed: A collection of powerful Bible parables that have been refreshed and retold to demonstrate how messages of hope,

    by Robert J. Goluba
    Skillfully blending life’s dark and light moments, Hope Refreshed is a collection of six thought-provoking short stories that illuminates the results of choosing one of life’s paths over another. Each story is a modern-day retelling of powerful Bible parables as they have never been told before. In “Judgment Day,” John confronts a major decision when he must choose between what his fiancée says is right and what his political allies need him to do. In “The Good Sport,” angry fans gravely h... more