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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gold Rush Barons: Book Three of The California Argonauts

    by Suzanne Lilly
    It's 1852 during the California gold rush. Dr. Lucinda Arnold and George Arnold have built a dream home and a profitable mining operation employing many workers in the town of LuciArno. But miners begin falling ill with a mysterious ailment. The town preacher convinces the workers the mine is cursed and they threaten Lucinda and George with their very lives. Lucinda solves the mystery of the illness, but it spells disaster for the mine. Now she must convince George to give up his dream in order ... more
  • Gold Rush Deluge: Book Two of The California Argonauts

    by Suzanne Lilly
    Sacramento is underwater. A deluge of epic proportions has engulfed the town, leaving Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold stranded. Lucinda uses her medical skills to help save the citizens of Sacramento, working as a physician’s assistant to Dr. Mitchell Kersey. When she uncovers lies and treachery in the doctor’s past, she becomes enmeshed in dangers even more deadly than the flood. Lucinda must fight to save her life, her dreams, and her future with George. Based on historical events of 1... more
  • Gold Rush Girl: Book One of The California Argonauts

    by Suzanne Lilly
    When Lucinda Martin York arrives in California at the beginning of the gold rush, she is alone and destitute, but holding fast to her dream of becoming one of the first women doctors. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. George Arnold has a dream of his own, one he left his family and friends behind to pursue, one that will make him a key investor in California’s golden future. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for his goal. Although their dreams are divergent, L... more
  • In-Between Reflections

    by Linda S. Browning

    Elizabeth Pickett Sloan dies peacefully at the age of ninety six in the family mansion known as Pickett House. The last of her line, Elizabeth leaves her estate and mansion to the town of Bigby, Tennessee for the purpose of establishing a Bed & Breakfast. Laura Dole, a recently widowed thirty seven-year-old, is hired to supervise renovations and manage Pickett House. The relocation from a posh Nashville suburb to a rural town is a major adjustment for Laura, her fourteen-year-old daughter, Ca... more

  • Biona, Monarch, and The Coral Reef

    by Todrich W. Estelle
  • My Perfect Imperfections

    by Jalpa Williby
    My Perfect Imperfections is about a young girl with cerebral palsy who faces many challenges throughout her life. It is about overcoming obstacles, wiping away the stereotypes, and finding love.
  • Electric Love

    by Philip Palios
    After years of living amidst the fog of addiction, Jordan Santarelli is cut off by his dealer and on the run over a past due debt. As he emerges into sobriety, he chooses to fight the overwhelming injustices that he had previously turned away from. Jordan believes the only way to spark action among the uninspired is to create a significant disruption. Impatient and angry, he attempts to shut down the Internet to force social change. Will he succeed?
  • The Promise at Koonville: A Fictional Tale of a Promise That Could Not Be Broken

    by C. Anthony Sherman
    Author C. Anthony Sherman tells the story of two young boys from different worlds who form an unbreakable bond in his new book, "The Promise at Koonville." Robert and Buddy meet in the back woods of Koonville in a time when the racial climate separated whites and blacks, yet their brief encounter forms the basis of a lifelong friendship based on a childhood promise. The book carries the reader on a journey through the lives of these two friends and the life choices that set them on different cou... more
  • Benny the Biplane (Volume 1)

    by Fritz Carmichael
    Benny the Biplane loved to fly! He flew pilots everywhere during the war. But then Benny lost his job. Now he sits in a field with other jobless planes. Benny hopes he can find a new job and get to fly once again.
  • Redefining Darkness, Stories

    by Alaric Cabiling

    While not quite a radical departure from his debut, Alaric Cabiling's Redefining Darkness presents as a break from the mould. Redefining Darkness presents the sort of winding plotlines that build up tension and intrigue from beginning to end, leaving readers embroiled long after each story's close. Witness the dark landscape of the world you once knew, redefined.

    A scandal besets a parish community. A forensic pathologist desperately aims to dissect a troubled ... more

  • The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant

    by Jason J. Marchi

    In this compelling story of a young Quinnipiac brave named Blackbird, award-winning author Jason J. Marchi and painter Jesse J. Bonelli teamed up to capture the magic and history of a time before our own. Through young Blackbird's eyes we learn the Quinnipiac tribal legend of how the Sleeping Giant land form in Hamden, Connecticut came to look like a giant man sleeping on his back. The story, brought to life with 14 fine art oil paintings, gives us a renewed appreciation of the natural wo... more

  • I am sooo Lucky!!! III ISBN-978-0-9964633-2-4

    by Sharon Insul

    This sensitive, and often amusing love bond between two young sisters, learning to find, and express their individuality. The day to day learning process of kindness, patience, understanding, and responsibility falls mainly on Emily, but not without often funny and heart warming rambunctious incidents. Emily as the older sister, carries this learning process with grace, love, and at times even moments of understanding for her little sister. 

  • I am sooo Lucky!!! ISBN -978-0-9964633-1-7

    by Sharon Insul
    Take one part fascination, add a pinch of curiosity, a dash of learning, a heaping cup of kindness, and mix in a whole lot of joy! *** Come join Emily & Abby to see what fun, and mischief they are up to in book 2 of... I am sooo Lucky!!! II
  • Secrets in the Sky: a Saffron Sweeting novel

    by Pauline Wiles
    No-one ever accused Sophie Campbell of being a coward. From caving trips to rooftop pranks, it appeared nothing could hold her back, especially once she landed a dream job promising travel all over the world. But Sophie’s jet-setting lifestyle is not what it seems and she’s been spending more time in the quiet English village of Saffron Sweeting than she cares to admit. When her beloved Great Aunt Wol dies suddenly, Sophie loses one of the few people who truly know her. As friends, family and a... more
  • Skyline: Tales of Manhattan

    by William Ivor Fowkes
    In SKYLINE: TALES OF MANHATTAN, award-winning playwright and author William Ivor Fowkes presents stories of New Yorkers—gay, straight, and confused—making startling connections and discoveries. On the West Side, a man approaching his 60th birthday tries a new haircut, with disastrous consequences. On the East Side, a Park Avenue Republican gets a taste of life on the "down low" in Central Park. In the East Village, a struggling writer papers his kitchen wall with rejection letters. In SoHo, a gr... more
  • "Christmas and Carol"

    by Steven Saylor
    A children's book for all ages. True animal stories based on the adventures at the Triple S Ranch, were hundreds of rescued animals live happily together. Written and illustrated by Johnye and Steven Saylor who own the ranch in Northern Nevada. Cats, dogs, rabbits, wild horses, burros, peacocks, chickens, turkeys, bunnies and more enjoy shelter, food, medical, dental and the promise of love and care for their entire lives. "Christmas and Carol", a tale of a mother hen who hatches her ... more