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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Destination Adventure

    by karen jonice bricker
    When young Kit's spontaneous father takes the family on vacation, they never know where they might end up or what might happen. Discover the challenge Kit and her two brothers face on the rocky coast of Maine and how Kit and a new friend help save the day and bring inspiration to one unforgettable summer adventure.
  • Account of a Mild Haunting

    by James I. McGovern

    A chance meeting at a winter party signals the blooming of young love, but the young woman dies soon after. The young man is bereft, lastingly though they only shared one evening. His studies, interests, and relationships are impeded in ways he can't understand. He struggles with an aversion to intimacy. One night, to the best of his perception, he receives a visitation from his lost love. She remains in his consciousness as he seeks quality in life, and a woman on her exalted level.... more

  • He Beat Past My Skin: Redemption of a Broken Spirit

    by Jessica Green
    When Dr. Angela Morrison agrees to facilitate a women's meeting at her church, she becomes engrossed in the traumatic stories of four women. As she listens to the horrific tales, Angela is propelled back into the terror of her own harrowing past and forced to confront her demons. Anita Harrison, the pastor's wife, lives in a theatrical production where she is a character in a tragedy and her husband is the director. Unlike the theater, the action is real; the beatings are real, and her fear i... more
  • A Day in the Life of a Squirrel

    by Alexandria J. Snowdon
    A Day in the Life Of A Squirrel is an interesting story about two fascinating friends, one name Greenlee, and the other name Amber. Join in the excitement by reading about them.
  • Wilful Misunderstandings

    by Richard Foreman
    In each of the many worlds of ‘Wilful Misunderstandings’ the meaning of a word, phrase or saying is not the one with which we are familiar. So in one of these thirty four short stories, ‘Beast’, we discover that a ‘parapet’ is a paranormal creature assigned to would-be mystics as a familiar. In another, ‘Short’, we find that if you go out ‘to stretch your legs’ you will return an inch or two taller. Sometimes based on puns or word associations, sometimes pure whimsy, in tale after tale the ... more
  • Whispering Vines

    by Amy Schisler
    When Alex O’Donnell’s world falls apart, she finds it hard to imagine that a door to a new world will open. Leaving everything she knows behind, Alex moves from her Baltimore apartment to a villa in Italy where she discovers the inherited vineyard she never knew existed and a life of possibilities beyond her hopes and dreams. Arriving at the villa, Alex is taken aback by the animosity and scorn of the vineyard’s co-owner, Nicolas Giordano. Resentful of Alex’s sudden appearance, Nicolas stru... more
  • South of Justice

    by Joni M. Fisher
    At thirty-five, veterinarian Terri Pinehurst has achieved the financial, social, and personal goals in her life, except for one. She wants a lifetime kind of love, but like all her goals, this one, too, has high standards. When she meets FBI Agent Blake Clayton, he exceeds her hopes and wakes up dormant passions in her. The day they marry at Blake’s family’s ranch in North Carolina, fishermen find bones in the nearby river that lead to an investigation into the death of a missing neighbor. After... more
  • The Blow-Up Man

    by Nina Blakeman
    It has been said that you really never know someone, but what happens when you don’t know yourself? Thirty-year-old Faye Brady has had a sheltered life. With a deceased father, and an emotionally detached mother, Faye exists in a world derived from the imagination of the many authors she’s read …and falling in love means living happily ever after. Life without a father has left Faye with many unresolved issues. These are major contributors to her falling long and hard for her older mentor, Dr. T... more
  • Different Ways of Being

    by Alan Balter
  • Magic Bullets

    by Frank Tracy
    Magic Bullets is the story of a man who lives a double life. One for God and Family and one for his country. Based on a true life experience
  • Magic Bullets

    by Frank Tracy
    Magic Bullets is a story of a man who leads a double life. It is based on a real life experience

    by Charlotte Zoe Walker
    It is the summer of 1963, with stories of past political violence in Colombia and hints of the coming assassination of JFK in the United States. Laura, a young North American woman, visits Bogota with her Colombian husband Andres and their two small children, though strange, seemingly mystical messages have warned her not to. Conversations with her husband’s “mad” sister Francisca, and Señor Vargas, a revolutionary jewelry maker who lives in the dismal hotel run by Andres’s mother, help Laura co... more
  • Big Nana and Joey

    by Joey Tormino
    A suffocating family…High anxiety…Hot Latino beauties…Joey doesn’t have a chance in hell of becoming a babe magnet until he confronts these adversaries. Big Nana and Joey is a comic, graphic novella about a boy who fights his insecurities and a stifling Sicilian grandmother to persist in his pursuit of libidinous pleasure. The story is crafted from humorous and inspirational events in my adolescent life. It’s the sixties in Valencia City, an ethnic Florida community, Latinos and Sicilians liv... more
  • The Sound of Starlight

    by Christa Willis
  • Grape Spunk: Wine Memoirs 2015

    by S J Reeves
    This superb testament to fine wine fermentation emanates like a huge constipated turd from the Whippet Digest’s Food & Drink team. Featuring the marvellous reviews by their in house connoisseur’s, Felicity Cockstraddler and Roderick Cameron – Nightterror, it provides a cutting edge survival guide to navigating some of the lesser established 2015 vintages. Flirting a distinct luminous broken nose poca dot colour, infused with hallucinogenic tartan and a prominent cattle ranch nose, this belter o... more
  • Rest Now, Beloved

    by Blake S. Lee
    Seven-year-old Christopher Abkhazian refuses to be forgotten. This child's death took place during the waning days of Prohibition in San Diego. Some said it was accidental death; pathologists disagreed. Unsolved, it gathered dust on cold case shelves for over sixty years. When a team of forensic detectives reopens the investigation in 1990, it expects to put the case to closure. But this victim demands justice, not obscurity. An unlikely duo begins an investigation of their own. Ex-police... more