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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lemmon's Journey

    by Philip Oyok
    Lemmon Grandee is sad and bitter about life. He is fighting the retirement blues and mourning the sudden loss of his wife. Lonesome and heartbroken, his friend and neighbors fear the worse. Suicide seems like the perfect antidote for him. Things change when while cleaning out his late wife's studio, he uncovers hidden letters from his runaway daughter, Gloria, currently living a new life in New York City with her eight-year old son. Lemmon suddenly finds the spark of life he thought he had l... more
  • Bloodroot

    by Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
    Virginia, 1622. Powhatan braves prepare war paint from the sacred juice of the bloodroot plant, but Nehiegh, the English son-in-law of Chief Ochawintan has sworn never to kill again. He must leave before the massacre. England, 1609. Matthew did not trust his friend, Richard’s stories of Paradise in the Jamestown settlement, but nothing could have equipped him for the privation and terror that awaited him in this savage land. Once ashore in the fledgling settlement, Matthew experiences the un... more
  • You Are A Computer Who Is Your Programmer?

    by Leir Williams
    You Are A Computer is designed to help you achieve growth and understanding of God and His Word, by using the computer and computer terminologies. It provides basic computer jargon with simple explanations for comparison, with important facts about God and the Adversary’s motives. Also, it will address the disabling and destructive issues that can occur in computers and in life. So, speaking in computer terms can be a witty and instructive way to learn about God, His Word and His plan for your ... more
  • Cute for a Black Girl

    by Amy Watkins
    Cute for a Black Girl is an insightful coming of age story that follows Chloe Wilcox, a beautiful, smart and talented African American girl with a promising future. Though her beginnings were rough, she was adopted by a rich, successful, and loving father then whisked away to a great neighborhood with a top-notch school system. Unfortunately, being the only Black girl in her entire school, her complexion sets her up for being an outcast. Insecurity develops as a result of the common belittling s... more
  • Home Is Love

    by Ashley LaRue
    Home is Love is about a young child who comes from a family where her parents are no longer together, and she asks her mama about where her home is. Her mom explains in detail with different scenarios involving love, memories, or ideas that will help the little girl understand what makes up her home. The main point is that wherever her daughter feels love, and wherever her heart is, with her mom, dad, her siblings, etc. is where her home is. Love is what matters, and home is where the heart is. ... more
  • Scout

    by Kiersten Hall
    A spunky little dog named Scout gets adopted into a wonderful family who loves him and gives him a bunch of attention. Unfortunately, Scout soon finds out that his new family has to leave him at home alone sometimes while they go off to work and school. They task him with protecting the house while they’re away. Is he up to the challenge? What’s the worst that could happen? Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.
  • Bob E. Bear Graduates From Kindergarten

    by A.J. Sullivan
    THE BOB E. BEAR BOOK SERIES - 3RD OF 10 BOOKS Bob E. Bear is having fun as a new big brother and now he has even more reason to be excited. Kindergarten graduation is only days away and he can’t wait. That also means first-grade is coming soon, though. What will it be like? Will all his friends still be in his class? Will the teacher be nice? What will he learn? It’s a big change for Bob E. and he has a lot of questions about it. Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Bob E. Bear was born one ... more
  • Bob E. Bear Becomes a Big Brother

    by A.J. Sullivan
    THE BOB E. BEAR BOOK SERIES - 2ND OF 10 BOOKS Bob E. Bear has enjoyed all of the attention from Mommy, Daddy, and Gram P. But Mommy has been getting bigger and bigger in her belly. A new cub is on the way! Gram P. and Bob E. have fun while Daddy and Mommy are in the house. Just before dinner time, they are called to the house to see the new cub. They are in for a big surprise! Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Bob E. Bear was born one night when I was putting my sons to bed. They always w... more
  • Making Old Bones

    by Amanda Given
    As winter approaches, life goes on in the upmarket Essex care home, Grantham Glade. Residents, staff and visitors alike coexist in the puzzles and frailty of human existence where, it is apparent, that old age is much like any other. Grantham Glade is a place of fun and games, sorrow and exasperation.
  • Redshift

    by Ted Byrdon

    Part I : Eric.

    After his wife's funeral Eric Adler, a successful architect, gradually he falls apart. He nearly assaults a client and leaves his business partners stupefied when he chases after a woman whom he believes to be his wife, in the middle of a discussion. He ends up in a sweatshop and is beaten up.

    When Eric emerges from the building, Mickey Crebb and Debbie McTollliver, two detectives from Sun Slope... more

  • Is This My Grandma?

    by Paula Morhardt
    When two young children go to visit their grandma in a hospital, the little brother is scared. There are lots of people everywhere, loud machines with flashing lights, and nurses giving shots. Worst of all, Grandma doesn't look like Grandma. The little boy's big sister has visited Grandma in the hospital before, though. Can she help her little brother overcome his fears and recognize their grandma? Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.
  • The Best Magic of All

    by Paula Morhardt
    Toe Stubber the troll has a bad problem and the other trolls are teasing him about it. How does Wise Crone teach him to help himself? What do the other trolls learn about judging others? The Best Magic of All, written by Paula Baysinger Morhardt and illustrated by Kayla Surface-Olson, tells the tale of Toe Stubber and how his bullies learn that looks don’t make the troll. Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.
  • Eyes Can Talk

    by Lana Jean Mitchell
    Eyes Can Talk is two funny stories and an informational bridge about how human eyes communicate, The stories and bridge form a pair of glasses.
  • Five Friends Deep

    by Paula Morhardt
    Having friends is fun, but what if your friends have crooked noses and button eyes? Extraordinarily long tails? Four feet? Blue ears? Can be stacked in a pile five friends deep? Then it's even more fun, of course! Read about one child's collection of unique friends in Five Friends Deep, a collection of short poems and charming illustrations for children ages 4 to 8.
  • Flash Flood

    by Paula Johnnson

    Flash Flood is a mini-anthology of five quirky short stories.

  • You

    by JoAn Stevenson
    ‘You’ is a beautifully illustrated poem about a parent’s love for their child. Though best read together at bedtime, this colorful and charming book is sure to delight readers of all ages at any time of day. Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.