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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Bootleggers Friend

    by Clare Blando
    BOOTLEGGER’S FRIEND is based on the true story of Johnny Lazia, a gifted politician who is admired and respected in Kansas City. Lazia embodies rough-and-tumble politics in the 1920s. He meets Giovanni Blando, recent immigrant from Sicily and nephew of Lazia’s mentor. Giovanni becomes a bootlegger and Johnny’s closest friend despite their outward differences. The men discover shared interests in liquor, poker and politics. For a decade, the friends live decadent lifestyles in Kansas City, defy P... more
  • The Road Renounced

    by Kaye D. Schmitz
    In 2015 Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, Suzanne Ryan uncovers her grandmother’s diary embedded in the binding of a century-old photo album. Thrilled to learn about her grandmother, Maude, who died before Suzanne was born, she reads the first entry, written on Maude’s, tenth birthday. In 1915 Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, Maude Brewer, her brother, Henry, and his best friend Buzz Ryan live a relatively care-free existence. But the darkening conflict in Europe looms, threatening all of them with the f... more
  • Tampico Gold

    by Margaret Hontos
    For nearly a hundred and fifty years, a manuscript left in haste by a Jesuit fleeing deportation has lain hidden in a remote area of Mexico. When Elaine Ross, a junior archivist at the Huntington Library sees a picture of the valuable tome, she becomes intrigued by its enigmatic owner, Richard Bordas, a Mexican oil tycoon. After a whirlwind courtship, she marries Richard and moves with him to his remote hacienda in Mexico. When they first meet, Richard is charming and solicitous but once... more
  • Owl Feather-Snail and the Light of the Moon

    by Allison Curran
    This wonderful poetic short story is set upon the treetops where you will find a kind and quite Owl dreaming of flight. His eyes saddened by a weight he cannot bear, as his wings remain (metaphorically) tethered to his back, for fear he cannot fly. Only with the help of many strange encounters does he realize the strength within himself. Feather-snail becomes a poignant character who revives Owl’s self-confidence, while provoking self-reflection. As Owl begins to meet various different chara... more
  • In the Garden of Sorrows

    by Karen Jewell
    The novel is a portrait of a woman, Isabel Fuller, grieving the loss of her son in World War I and harboring anger at her husband, who encouraged him to enlist. She agrees to allow a Pentacostal revival in the pecan grove on her farm, and when a young preacher arrives for the revival, his sympathetic attention to her leads to an affair that threatens her marriage.
  • Branded

    by S.G. Browne
    Sixteen-year-old Starbucks is a second-generation sponsee in Life Sponsorship, the worldwide program that provides financial assistance to parents in exchange for the naming rights to their children. Beholden to the contract his parents signed before he was born, Starbucks begrudgingly fulfills his contractual obligations while attending Dunkin’ Donuts High with his friends PepsiCo, Subway, and Kellogg’s—upon whom Starbucks has a not-so secret crush. Things start to get complicated for Starbu... more
  • Mad Druggist

    by Frank Hozeska
    Once upon a time, there was a very kind, loving, generous, and caring man who did good work. Unfortunately, the ungodly hypocrites in authority did not like his radical ways of counseling which made it very difficult for him to hold on to his livelihood. All he wanted in this unprecedented, unheard-of, crazy cruel spiritual journey is for someone to give him a break! The tumultuous pharmacy career finally catches up with Louie, and no one is willing to give him another chance or a break. Louie... more
  • Adventurer At Sea: On the Edge of Freedom

    by Margreit Maitland
    Thrilling twists and turns surround Robert and Michael as they continue their adventures around the world's oceans. Aboard a whaling vessel with their family of shipmates, a perilous hunt causes the death of a beloved friend and it is the catalyst for the boys renewing their vow to get to America. On a remote exotic island the boys hunt for wild boar and become immersed in the exotic life of the natives and missionaries. Robert falls for a beautiful young girl and his heart breaks when he has... more
  • Runaway At Sea

    by Margreit Maitland
    Are YOU looking for an adventure story filled with harrowing feats of survival set against an exciting historical background? Something bad and scary is about to happen to Robert. He must make a choice, stay or run. He runs! Fleeing from danger, Robert and his best friend Michael sneak aboard a ship and hide in a lifeboat, convinced they will start a new life at the next port. When they are found, the real trouble begins. Trapped aboard a British Naval vessel, the boys must learn to endure a har... more
  • An Adult Coloring Book: From The Mind Of A Burnt-Out Corporate Baddie

    by Luna Writes

    Take a break from the daily corporate grind and unleash your creative side! Enjoy 40 coloring pages filled with cute designs and colorful language.

  • Irreversible

    by Agata Duma
    IRREVERSIBLE, is the first poem by Agata Duma from her debut book of poetry called Addicted. It is a poem that makes you feel a strong desire to be yourself and take risks combined with humor and sensitivity, Therefore, it symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in life.
  • A Friend Of King Neptune

    by Wm. Stage
    The story follows Leo Kraszewski, known as Dingus, and his varied companions, particularly Francis Lenihan, an old army buddy who's made his way into a respectable career as a process server. Dingus, however, is much the same as he was 20 years ago when the two served together in the Army Medical Corps: impulsive, a bit unruly, but strangely wise. In a quest to recover some artifacts from WWII—the Speer Collection—his journey stretches through Southern Illinois cornfields and back to the boozy e... more
  • The Grain of Rice That Made a Difference

    by Loan Nguyen
    Rice is a primary source of food for many all over the world. This is a story of a grain of rice named Goldie. Goldie was sad because it felt small and unimportant. Every year, Goldie watched as other grains of rice sprouted from the soil and grew into beautiful golden straws. But Goldie wanted more from life -- it wanted to have a bigger impact on the world. Goldie’s chance encounter with a family in despair gave it an opportunity to help them, and through this kindness, Goldie found a deeper m... more
  • The Amazingly Awesome Amani Battles the Molar Monsters (BCBW edition)

    by Jamiyl Samuels
    Amani loves to eat junk food, but he is not brushing his teeth properly. The night before his dentist appointment he is visited by strange creatures trying to get to his mouth. Although the dentist tells him how to keep his teeth clean, the unwanted guests return. Does Amani have what it takes to rid himself of these monsters once and for all? This is a story about RESPONSIBILITY and the importance of prpoer hygiene.
  • Apokeri Bay

    by Jackie Watson
    Escape to Greece as a feisty young woman falls in love with a quaint seaside village and starts again. But paradise isn’t what it seems with a matchmaking café owner, a laid-back bike rental employee and a man desperate to escape island life. Enjoy an irresistible page-turner about life and love, friendship, betrayal and heart-wrenching decisions.
  • Sport It!

    by Pria Dee
    Bop it sock it roll and rock it! Jump and slam-dunk it! What’s your sport? From basketball to yoga to rock climbing to paddle boarding, this rhyming picture book celebrates a variety of ways to stay active and have fun moving! Lively, playful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, also capture the spirit of sport for young kids. A fun read-out-loud book about all the sports a child can play to stay fit, and healthy.