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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Please Write

    by J. Wynn Rousuck
    Two anthropomorphized dogs with distinct personalities, Winslow and Zippy, navigate the trials of life and loss in their human family through hilarious and heartfelt letter exchanges with "Grandma Vivienne." As their owner's life undergoes upheaval, these four-legged companions provide comfort, humor, and unexpected wisdom, showcasing the transformative power of connection, patience, and unyielding love… from dogs.
  • The Spearfisherman

    by Ric Szabo
    Steve Chambers is in need of better friends when he commences university. One will be Jason; virtuous, stalwart, and a gentleman. Together they play rugby, spearfish, and watch each other’s backs as they negotiate the highs and lows of first-year students in their prestigious, old-fashioned college. Then there will be Natalie; intelligent, big-hearted, and as devoted as a girlfriend can be. Two of the best friends a person can have. With a past like his, Steve will need both to pull him thro... more
  • Quack Along with Zack, Mack, and Jack

    by Jane Francis
    Zack, Mack, and Jack are three ducks that have an adventure as they learn about sharing and friendship. But can they help their new friends get out of trouble? A fun, read-aloud picture book where preschoolers can quack along with the story! Colorful illustrations show different ducks and their habits, while telling a tale about caring, kindness, and accepting others. Included in the back information pages are duck watching facts and more ducky fun resources to explore.
  • "Ra Finds A Kingdom"

    by Carlise G.
    This story takes place in the year 3,500 B.C. in Africa's Nile River valley. Princess Akilah rescues a lion cub she names Ra from the river. Ra was floating down the river tangled in a branch. He lives with Princess Akilah until he matures. Ra is courageous and noble. One day, he sets out to find a home in the wild. (God has a heavenly kingdom for you.)
  • The Elves Are Coming to Town

    by Kenise Brown
    Oh no! Santa is sick and is unable to deliver presents. Now it is up to the Elves to complete the job. Tag along with the Elves as they take over Christmas.
  • Spoilers: Essays That Might Ruin Your Favorite Hollywood Movies

    by Carlos Greaves
    Superman tries to apply for a Green Card but doesn't have the proper documentation from his home planet. The Little Mermaid writes a tell-all book about her struggle to fit in with her new siren-skeptical royal family. And an increasingly unhinged J. Edgar Hoover opens an FBI investigation into a counter-cultural rabble-rouser by the name of Forrest Gump. These are just a few of the scenarios explored in this raucous collection of essays from frequent New Yorker and McSweeney’s contributor Carlo... more
  • Abe's Place

    by NG Rippel
    Wannasea Island is a universe almost unto itself. A small independent island,45minutes from the mainland. Abe Stolz has spent the entire 70years of his life lost within the history of his family and the island. Abe knows that he should move forward but fears doing so will disconnect him from his wife and daughter, who were lost at sea 23 years before. Abe’s primary goal has become seeing that his granddaughter,Beth, the only surviving member of his immediate family, does not have her life consum... more
  • Living on the Dark Side of the Moon

    by Theodore Markus
    Jason was struck by fiery debris escaping the North Tower with his dad on 9/11. He was eight years old. Now in his twenties, Jason lives in the shadow of a disfigured face. He’s loved by many but has had no lovers. Then he meets Ling who has just moved to New York City to work for the National Braille Press. She is a beauty of Asian decent but blind since childhood, the result of a brain tumor. Ling is told of a possible surgery that would restore her sight. Jason is privately comforted by Ling’... more
  • Not-Yo-Cheeze

    by Amy Winfield

    No one ever said life was easy. Tone Provolone and Cheddar Chessman can attest to that. Their struggling shop – the Cheese-Ah-Breeze – is starved for customers and tormented by the stinking-rich Limburger, the big cheese of the town and their biggest rival. They seem destined for failure, until they encounter Vinnie Gouda, a young mouse looking to belong; Mrs. Asiago, a shabby old mouse with a heart of gold; Swiss Never Miss, a teen mouse with the perfect aim; and Fontina Dante, w... more

  • Super Short Stories

    by Mark C. Wallfisch
    Got a minute to be amused, entertained, or challenged? These 100 stories are super short. None is more than 300 words. You can read one in a flash. Some are funny. Some are poignant. All are short.
  • Santa's Magic Rocking Horse

    by Marlys Gadow
    One year, there are so many good children that Santa and the reindeer struggle to deliver all the presents and get back to the North Pole. Mrs, Claus packs a little magic to help Santa one Christmas eve.
  • Don't Be Mean to 13

    by Douglas Harris
    In this beautifully illustrated book, young readers meet Thirteen, who is feared and disliked by some people for no good reason. Don't Be Mean to 13 is a charming story with adorably drawn characters for pre-readers, while at the same time presenting the ancient historical roots of a popular superstition and introducing older children to evidence-based, critical thinking.
  • 978-1734805505

    by Megan Pighetti
    It is all work and no play when it comes to making a wish come true. And Suzie, a hard-working fairy, takes the matter with all seriousness. So, no kid's birthday wish will go in vain. Many things can go wrong during the nighttime mission. And if you think that fairy dust is all it takes, you are in for a surprise. Fairies have to do so much to make things happen. Good thing they love their job!
  • 978-1734805536

    by Megan Pighetti
    What happens when a Fairy-Tailed mission goes from bad to worse? When the children pretend to be sleeping, in order to catch the fairies, Suzie and her fairies-in-training must come up with a new plan. But when the fairies try to make their exit, one fairy has no place to turn when he is faced with a prowling cat. Will Suzie be able to save him in time?
  • Birthday Countdown

    by Megan Pighetti
    Begin your birthday countdown with this adorable children’s story about the magic of birthdays! It’s only three sleeps until Kyle’s big day! As he eagerly waits for the presents and birthday treats, he has one giant birthday wish – to be visited by the Birthday Fairy! Even though he doesn’t have his friend’s magical bracelet, he wishes with all his might. But will his birthday wish come true? Lovingly crafted as a fun children’s story that celebrates the joy and excitement of birthdays, th... more
  • A Birthday Fairy Tale: Holiday Birthday Blues Made Merry

    by Megan Pighetti
    Christmas and Hanukkah are over, and New Year’s is right around the corner. With so much on the calendar, no one has time for Reese’s birthday. Mom is busy. Dad is working. Her brother Charlie is no fun. December birthdays are the worst. It’s time for Reese to take charge and make sure she is celebrated on her birthday . . . with a little magical help, will all her wishes come true?