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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Life and Times of Fuzzy Wuzzy

    by Craig Sidell
    The Life and Times of Fuzzy Wuzzy is the timeless story of a beloved bear born without any hair. Join Fuzzy Wuzzy as he lives life to the fullest. This book teaches children the importance of being kind and loving and that it’s not what you look like that is important. A great life begins with love for everyone and everything around you. The perfect book for reading aloud and sharing. The simple rhymes and beautiful illustrations are sure to engage your children for years to come. Fuzzy Wuzzy... more
  • FireWorks

    by Oliver Smuhar
    Majority of FireWorks' net proceeds will be donated to a variety of charities and non-government organizations across Australia through the FireWorks' Fund (FWF). Each donation made by the FWF will go towards sustaining Australia's environment, ecosystems, habitats, communities and cultural well-being. To learn more about the FWF, visit: Inspired by true events. Come gather, come gather, for Illuka, the koala, is ready to explain how he and his friends su... more
  • Wyandotte Bound

    by George T. Arnold

    Bound, like many other strong words, finds its meaning in the perceptions of those it affects. To the Van Sheltons, it is positive and deep-rooted, defining their ties to a vast amount of land abundant in the timber, cattle, and silver that make them the wealthiest and the most powerful family in the town of Wyandotte and influential throughout the state of Nevada.

    To J.D. Rohr, who has no money and few prospects, bound is a hopeful force, driving him to Wyandotte, where he assumes the ... more

  • The Slumbering Pearl

    by Tyler Oliver
    Deep beneath the turquoise sea there lives a Pearl. And when she sleeps, something wonderful and mysterious happens... The Slumbering Pearl dreams the Universe. But there is a problem. Although she is very tired, the Pearl refuses to sleep. Can the other creatures of the sea help her sleep so she can dream the Universe into existence?
  • I AM

    by Mary C. Allen
    Mary C. Allen’s I AM, is an inspiring narrative that chronicles a young athlete’s blind ambitions and follows her poignant journey of self-discovery while risking life and anonymity to become the only one of her kind after a history making medical procedure. I AM presents a coming-of-age story of first-time love, betrayal, friendship, and how helping others can open a path to a new beginning. Despite being painfully shy, skiing prodigy Kaylee Ingebretsen won four Olympic gold medals in alpine... more
  • I AM

    by Mary C. Allen
  • You Can't Tickle Me

    by T. C. Bartlett
    A little boy believes a Tickle Monster that wants to tickle him is hiding somewhere in his home.
  • A Dog Named Zero and The Apple With No Name

    by T. C. Bartlett
    Zero the dog wants to eat the apple with no name but needs the help of ten animal friends to reach the tasty treat.
  • sugar rush

    by oluwafemi okeowo

    Darulu is the protagonist who has joined the campus circuit unit to fight a crime through his encryption work. after some organization threatened to hijack their plan this lead to opposition of the good and bad colliding and facing off one another the story is a new era genre on wattpad . but while be coming out soon for every one 

  • These Scars Called Home

    by Milan Gupta
    Meet Cassie Martinez – intelligent, fierce, and independent. Her life, and her heart, are a strict no-enter zone for others. Mastering the art of survival at a young age, Cassie keeps her secrets close, and everyone else at bay. Looking out for herself, no matter what the cost. But then enters Ronnie Service. An introverted, socially-awkward man who gets nervous riding elevators alone. Asking Cassie to join him for an elevator ride, their journey begins. Cassie and Ronnie come from entirely ... more
  • Bear Woman Rising: Two Women, One Journey

    by Dorothy Staley

    In 1976 Yukon Territory, two very different women join forces. Jesse–a lone female scientist at an arctic outpost, single and pregnant–now on the run. Kara– an earth mother song writer–heading to the remote northern wilderness for the Alaskan winter, her daughter on her lap and gold-mining husband at the wheel. Join them at Whitey’s Roadhouse, where they first meet. Journey with them as they head their own ways, connected by the empowering forged bond of female f... more

  • Luz at Midnight

    by Marisol Cortez
    Deeply embedded in the landscapes of South Texas, Luz at Midnight tells the story of an ill-timed love that unfolds in the time of climate change. Booksmart but naïve, Citlali Sanchez-O'Connor has just been hired to organize a San Antonio campaign against “gleaning,” a controversial new mining practice that promises a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. Soon she encounters Joel Champlain, a journalist struggling to hide his manic-depression as he uncovers the scandals that surround gleaning... more
  • Forgotten Dragons

    by Dai Pryce
    Cherokee folklore tells of a brave group of moon-eyed, pale-skinned explorers who crossed the Great Water to reach their lands many, many generations ago. These people called themselves Welsh, and their story begins here…
  • The Monkeys of Kapok

    by T. H. Wunder
    Join Saimiri, a young Squirrel Monkey, on an adventurous journey deep inside the Brazilian Rainforest in search of his lost family. On his journey Saimiri encounters the awe-inspiring world of the Monkeys of Kapok, an entire colony of monkeys living in harmony with other animals of the rainforest within a vast Kapok tree. Saimiri meets many new friends in his travels, including Mira, the daughter of the Kapok Monkey's leader, Dax, a large, mouthy Tapir, Cappy, Dax's nervous capybara friend, Onca... more
  • Searching

    by Robin Merrill
    Nora hasn't seen her son in three days, and no one seems to care. His friends say they haven't seen him, but Nora thinks they're lying. The police say he's just run off, but Nora knows this isn't true. He might be a troublemaker, but he wouldn't do this to her. She will not rest until she finds him, but she's in it alone. Then one day, crippled by fatigue and fear, Nora finds her way to a weird little church. And suddenly, she's not alone anymore.
  • The 'Great’ Kickin’ Dog (A Family Tree)

    by Kenneth Allen Crutchfield, Sr.
    Ex musician, assembly line worker and alcoholic, John Coleman Sr. is a man with deferred and shattered dreams. Living in a Chicago housing project during the 60’s he is a father raising his eight-member family; four girls, two musical prodigy boys and a mentally unstable wife, in a drug, gang and gun infested environment among households with absent dads. During a competitive time of young musical prodigies, he fights for a pathway out of the projects through his talented sons. On a quest to fin... more