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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Stilettos in the Sun

    by Nadel Harvey
    Stilettos in the Sun by Nadel Harvey: The Synopsis Stilettos in the Sun is the story of Roberto Davila, a young engineer-mathematician. As a boy, his Panamanian parents sent him to live with an uncle and his family in Philadelphia. He is full of trepidation, having never lived outside his hometown, Colon. He spends his days musing over happier times, writing poems and songs as a way to assuage his longing. If his accent and his handsomeness are not enough to make the boys dislike him, he i... more
  • Little Bean's Funderwear Day

    by Roni Noone
    Little Bean isn't so little anymore. Now that he can walk and talk, it's time to start using the potty! Join Little Bean as he learns and prepares for Funderwear Day with his family.
  • Forgetting the Love

    by Roxanne Comegys

    During the course of our busy lives, we often forget one simple truth. We search for satisfaction and love in all kind of places, leaving us unfulfilled. Take a journey with the characters of this book as they learn about the simple truth: we should never forget God's love. 

  • The Exact Unknown and Other Tales of Modern China

    by Isham Cook
    A foreign teacher struggles with proper whipping technique on his female student, while another gives his student a mysterious substance known as LSD. In other stories, a sex robot rapes its owner, a female professor trolls cafés minus her underwear, a store clerk softens up a stingy customer with his fist, and a foreigner comprehends all too slowly the home he is visiting is not a family but a scam. Whether it's locals colliding with foreigners or with each other on the big chessboard with ... more
  • A Safe Haven: Flower from Castile Trilogy Book Three

    by Lilian Gafni
    The years are 1494-1496. The third book concludes the exciting trilogy of Flower from Castile where Isabella continues her search for Miguel, despite the truth that he has met his death on the pirate ship. Columbus’s promise to find gold in large quantities for the Spanish crown has become elusive, sifting as sand through his fingers. The refugees from Castile’s 1492-forced exile are now faced with a new threat—Portugal has promised the Spaniard Monarchs to expel all non-Christians from their la... more
  • Monsters In My Yard

    by Cary Robinson
    Cary Robinson debuts his beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. It is perfect for first time and young readers and focuses on using the imagination. With so many distractions and diversions for young children today, learning creative and imaginative ways to think and approach situations is of vital importance. Monsters In My Yard uses simple rhyming text that flows gently and stimulates the use of brain power at an early age – the old fashioned way. Eisner Nominated Cartoonist, Bosc... more

    by Kewalnam Christ
    LilyRed is a metaphysical, metaphorical puzzle, a diverting reverie and a primal nightmare. Devoted to constructing a simulacrum of reality, intended on seducing and enlightening its readers. It’s an extravagantly abrasive novel full of grinding electro, pummeling minimalist hip-hop poetics, and industrial gear-grind. Intentionally off-putting, ranging in syntax and exploring ranges of literary, biblical, and political allusions that are major concerns in our current century. The story begins wi... more
  • Mark Banana and the Broken Bullwhip

    by Marcus MacGregor
    The little boy with the EPIC IMAGINATION is BACK! Whether Mark is pretending to be a cowboy or an adventurer, one accessory is essential: a BULLWHIP! When his mother makes him a whip out of some old, rawhide shoelaces, Mark couldn't be happier. That is, until the day he spies a REAL bullwhip at the mall. With his birthday money he buys it, little suspecting that heartbreak is soon to follow...! This sequel to Mark Banana and the New Red Cape is infused with all the charm, humor, and ten... more
  • Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter

    by Marcus MacGregor

    Dangerous New World. Old-Fashioned Hero.

    For Wade Boss, creating the illusion of danger is all in a day's work. But when an unexpected phone call brings him face to face with a terrifying, nameless creature, it's life and death for real.

    Before he knows it, Wade finds himself enlisted by a mysterious government agency in a desperate race to contain genetic science gone mad!

    Who is behind the monstrous hybrids? How can they be stopped? Wade soon realizes that all he h... more

  • Mark Banana and the New Red Cape

    by Marcus MacGregor

    Mark Banana is a little boy with an EPIC IMAGINATION! Sometimes he is a prince, sometimes he is a superhero. Almost always, he needs a CAPE! At Mark's request, his loving mother sews him a new red cape. But when it does not turn out the way Mark had expected, he is torn between his disappointment, his concern for his mother's feelings, and his irrepressible need to Pretend! With hilarious illustrations and easy-to-read print, each Mark Banana book is ideal for read-aloud storytime and... more

  • Tales from the Hearth

    by Eleanor Edmonson
    Tales from the Hearth is a collection of short stories written in the Irish style of the fireside tale. They cover different eras, from pre Christian times to a true story that occurred just a few years ago. Each one has a mystical bent, as stories told in old times were made extra enjoyable this way.
  • Lust & Philosophy

    by Isham Cook

    To track down Cookie, an elusive woman fleetingly glimpsed around his Beijing neighborhood, expat Isham Cook employs tips from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Simone Martini's painting of the Annunciation and Louis Althusser's Lenin and Philosophy. Meanwhile, Luna, a woman of flamboyant sexuality who invites her dinner guests into bed, assists Isham in the seduction of a third beauty of ambiguous Asiatic ethnicity, Adalat. But revelations from the philo... more

  • To Be the Daughter of Two Worlds

    by Gita Bhattacharji

    Ask anyone who knows and loves her: Aunt Priya is a feisty little country bumpkin, a loud-mouthed, uncouth character--with a heart of gold. She loves her only niece, Sita, and has made it her mission to see that the young woman is suitably married. In the summer of 2001, Aunt Priya and her adopted four-year-old son Rohit arrive in New York. Despite her oddball character, limited English, and peculiar dress sense, she is determined to make a difference in her niece's modern and confus... more

  • A Teacher of the Holocaust and Other Stories

    by Milton Teichman

    Martin Greenfield, the middle-aged professor in "A Teacher of the Holocaust," enters into a romantic relationship with Rachel Klein, a therapist with children and a Holocaust survivor.  Gradually, Greenfield confronts the unhealed wounds of the survivor and--more disturbing--the limits of his own compassion.  In the story "The Request," Michael Arnold, wishing to fill his life with acts of loving kindness, makes a decision that costs him the wife he loves.  ... more


    by Nancy Lueckhof
    She’s a trouble-free teenager, and she could never imagine leaving her idyllic home on the remote island of Suluan. But Antonia Arceno is about to have the tropic adventure of her life. For fifteen years she’s grown up among old Filipino fishermen and youthful ambitious teens who have dreams of a better life far away. But Antonia wants everything and everyone to stay the same. This is home. This is safe. This is Suluan. Antonia’s childhood friend and secret crush, Carlo, is about to marr... more