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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fred & Red Say Goodbye

    by Austin Schlichtman
    Fred & Red Say Goodbye is a touching story about the emotions associated with the loss of a loved one. The story follows Fred the penguin as he begins to process the news his beloved Red is sick and unable to be cured. Created to help children understand emotions associated with loss. While providing adults with valuable insight into the developmental understanding of grief in children. The simple narrative allows readers to connect with Fred & Red without competing with the reader's own... more
  • The Airshipmen: A Novel Based on a True Story

    by David Dennington
    After WW1, Lou Remington leaves the Marine Corps and joins the Navy to fly airships. He is sent to England to train with his crew to fly R38 back to New Jersey. After a terrible accident, he falls in love and settles down to a blissful life in rural Yorkshire. But the British come knocking at his door with offers for him to assist in building the safest and mightiest airships the world has ever seen. Accepting the position could lead to a spectacular career with infinite rewards—or maybe cost hi... more
  • Desperate Straits

    by Janet Squires

    Arizona Territory 1887…

    An immigrant Irish girl and a veteran lawman battle for their lives when they stand between one man’s obsession and the Lost Adams gold.

    Nineteen year-old Sarah Ryan sets forth alone from Ireland to make a new life on her sister’s homestead, but her future is shattered by gunfire. Determined to raise her orphaned nephew, Sarah struggles to overcome the hardships of life on a cattle ranch, confront a venomous town sheriff, and bridle her d... more


    by David Ssembajjo
    Kalamchi opens up a café business which turns up and is converted into a place of resistance against a military dictator Bamutu. In the café they discuss ways and methods how to oust Bamutu a self styled president for life and after death. Speeches are given in the café and articles are written and distributed clandestinely across the country to create awareness against Bamutu. How Kalamchi initially had suffered and toiled to open the café. He had to give up his fortune to open up Café Royale... more
  • Revenants, The Odyssey Home

    by Scott Kauffman
    A grief-stricken candy-striper serving in a VA hospital following her brother’s death in Viet Nam struggles to return home an anonymous veteran of the Great War against the skullduggery of a congressman who not only controls the hospital as part of his small-town fiefdom but knows the name of her veteran. A name if revealed would end his political ambitions and his fifty-year marriage. In its retelling of Odysseus’s journey, Revenants casts a flickering candle upon the charon toll exacted not on... more
  • Correlation

    by Mia Grace
    Hailey's summer plans are shattered when a car accident puts her brother into a coma. Knowing she could have stopped him from going out that night, Hailey is plagued by guilt. She takes refuge in a magical old abandoned house with a story of its own to share, and there she meets a young man she knows will die in the Vietnam War if she doesn't stop him from going. But why would he believe her, and what must she do to convince him to listen? And what happens when you attempt to mess with history?
  • Eleanor's Wars

    by Ames Sheldon
    It's 1942 and the globe is aflame. Eleanor Sutton, matriarch of a prosperous New Jersey family, struggles to fight the war on the home front. But then long-buried memories rooted in Eleanor's service in the Great War come to light. These decades-old secrets threaten her marriage to George--and bring his own carefully guarded secrets to the surface. As the relative peace of the Sutton household is upended, son Edward leaves for the front lines. Younger brother Nat wrestles with shocking revelatio... more
  • Brendan of Kilrush

    by Michael J. Schneider
    The year is 812 A.D. Vikings have invaded Ireland, burned and pillaged the village of Kilrush. Among their booty is Kaileen, a pretty 16-year-old colleen. Can Brendan, a lame teenage shepherd boy, save her? In this Dark Age saga, Brendan and Kaileen, along with Brendan's mute friend, Dungal, are relentlessly pursued by the vicious Norse barbarians across the Irish countryside and on the high seas. The trio seek the protection of King Finian, a powerful Irish monarch. His beautiful daughter, ... more
  • Awakening Kali

    by TS Ghosh
    It’s the 1930s. A small house in Bengal houses a shadow. Chhaya is the youngest daughter in a family that doesn’t want her. Shunned for her gender and dark skin, she has no choice but to conceal her feelings. Imprison herself. Shackle herself into a life that has no proper outlet for emotion, whether it be sadness, joy, or unrepentant rage. An unexpected marriage to a stranger turns Chhaya’s life around. Suddenly, she is wanted, loved, and cherished. Arun is a man with the patience and the ... more
  • Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner

    by Maria Hoskins
    Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner is a special treat for children with no experience of farm life. They will be drawn into a world filled with love, doting parents, guardians and community members, and lively farm animals. Hoskins aptly shares a brief history lesson with her young readers about rural America and the age-old traditions of farm living.
  • McKean County and Other Stories

    by Matt Lang
    McKean County, Pennsylvania is located in the Allegheny Mountains, three hundred miles north of Pittsburgh, ninety miles south of Buffalo, New York, and twenty-five years behind anywhere else. Matt Lang grew up there and moved away. He lives in Chicago now. So begins the title story from this startling debut collection of short-stories. In “Key West”, “Manila, Mindoro, Manila”, and “McKean, County”, Matt Lang is a man a notch or two out of place. “384 Miles to Omaha” is an unflinching... more
  • Between Will and Surrender

    by Margaret Duarte

    Silicon Valley resident Marjorie Veil has been conditioned to ignore her own truth, to give way her power, to subjugate in relationships with others, and to settle for the path of least resistance. But she has many surprises in store, for there are synchronistic forces at work in her life that, if she listens, will lead her to her authentic heart and happiness. The seemingly impossible happens in the wild of the Los Padres National Forest where Marjorie goes on retreat to make sense of her li... more

  • We Are the Warriors

    by Theresa Nichols Schuster
    How did Blake Newman end up on a Montana Indian reservation? There is no snowboarding on this flat prairie, all his friends are back in Bozeman for their junior year, and his dad's the school principal. Could it get much worse?Blake's fears, hopes and new-found love all come to the forefront within a culture so different from what he has known.
  • Becoming Phoebe

    by J Michael Neal
    Eighteen-year-old Phoebe Rose spent her childhood in one foster household after another, never having a place she could feel safe or a group of friends she could say she belonged to. What kept her going was hockey. The rink was the only place she felt at home. Now what she wants more than anything is to play on her college hockey team—where she hopes she can leave her past behind and create a new life. But she knows things are never that simple or easy. Becoming Phoebe is about painful sec... more
  • Can We Escape the Eternal Flame?

    by Ron Jacobs
    Three individuals are present in Manhattan on the day known as 9-11. This novella explores love in the context of the world made that day.
  • Crossroads Blues

    by Israfel Sivad
    A dark blue love story coloring the crossroads of the world. Andrew, Charlie, and Michelle have known each other since high school. And it’s no secret, at least to Charlie, that Andrew’s love for Michelle is the main reason his friend wound up in New York City. But on September 11, 2001, as the Twin Towers collapse rattles the entire City’s very foundations… everything changes. Live inside the life and mind of 24 year old writer Andrew Christian for six months and six days – from 09/07/200... more