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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • He Knew a Firefly

    by Smita Bhattacharya
    Six-year-old Akshara watches her mother die. At thirteen, she watches her best friend die. She’s heartbroken, but their deaths don’t surprise her. She has a secret ─ she can glimpse into the future of those she loves. For her it’s not a blessing, but a curse; every life she touches is thrown into turmoil, friends abandon her, and she is overwhelmed by more guilt than she can bear. Then, one day, she sees her own unhappy fate. Does Akshara bring upon her loved ones the misfortunes they blame ... more
  • Just One More Game

    by Martha Hamlett

    "Just One More Game" is about a young boy named, Corey, who won't eat, sleep, or play with his friends because he is so obsessed with playing his video game. He is determined to get to Level 10 and beat the Black Knight so he can be in the Video Game Hall of Fame. His sister, parents and friends are upset with him. His mother finally makes him go to bed where he dreams of facing the Black Knight one more time. This time, however, he skips over the stones and past the cross-bones... more

  • The Prophet of Marathon

    by Bob Waldner
    James Bennett didn’t come to the Florida Keys to find a new father. As the rebellious, serially underemployed scion of an old-money New York family, he’d spent years disappointing the one he already had. But when smooth-talking ex-televangelist John Wainwright takes an interest in him, he spurns an invitation to grow up and finally join his family’s business on Wall Street in favor of staying in Marathon to help Wainwright rebuild his church. When James’ faith in his new mentor and his infat... more
  • Willow's Gift

    by Connie Myslik-McFadden

    CreateSpace description: "Believing in yourself and your own unique gifts, even in the wake of tragedy and grief, is a difficult feat to accomplish.  It's in these darkest of moments that we see what we're truly made of.  In Willow's Gift, author Connie Myslik-McFadden introduces us to modern heroine Willow, who has just survived a heartrending near-death experience.  In the days that follow, Willow discovers a new telepathic bond with the animals around her an... more

  • The Hour of Parade

    by Alan Bray

    Winner 2014 IndieReader Discovery Award - Best Literary Fiction

    B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Winner

    One violent act draws together three very different people in Alan Bray's haunting debut, The Hour of Parade.

    The year is 1806, and Russian cavalry officer Alexi Ruzhensky journeys to Munich in disguise to kill the French officer responsible for murdering his brother in a duel.

    Alexi, obsessed by the main character in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's novel Julie, procrastinat... more

  • Windigo Moon

    by Robert Downes
    Set 400 years ago among the Ojibwe Indians of the Upper Great Lakes, "Windigo Moon" is about a blood feud between two rivals over the love of a woman, Ashagi, set against an apocalyptic time of warring tribes, disease epidemics, and the Little Ice Age of the 1600s.
  • The Adventures Of Stupid The Cat

    by Brenda Borders, Bruce A. Borders
    All cats can be a little strange! Some might even be crazy! But it takes a smart cat to pull off some of the things this lovable cat named Stupid does! Follow his adventures, told in his own words. (Based on the life of a real cat, who thanks to his head-shaking behavior, earned the nickname of Stupid).
  • Exploraurus ABCs

    by Avery Nubson
    A prehistoric ABC adventure where dinosaurs play, act and waddle. Read about your favorite dinosaurs and learn more about new unknown dinosaurs.
  • Internet Exodus

    by Timothy Grayson
    Ashley Madison, Edward Snowden, Home Depot, government breaches, Sony and North Korea…today’s headlines prove that our confidence in the security of the Internet is seriously misguided. Starting Tuesday morning, David Boyko and his STANCO colleagues will discover the consequences of arrogance when their systems are hacked, exposing the personal information of more than a billion people and government secrets for all the world to see. As David and his colleagues desperately race to control the d... more
  • Winners and Losers

    by Steven Arnett
    Set in a small southern Michigan city in the early 1990s, Winners and Losers is a rollicking dark comedy starring Tom Slotrak, a young man who wins the jackpot in the Michigan Lottery and the crazy and (sometimes) romantic adventures he has afterwards. He learns the hard way that money can’t buy happiness but that it sure can lead to some very funny and bizarre experiences!
  • Aldar and the Leprechauns

    by Dotty Anderson
    When a family of elves from Ireland moves to Iceland, they are not welcomed by most of the elf villagers, who have only the heard false stories about leprechauns painting them as greedy, gold hoarding creatures who steal human children. Aldar, a young adult Iceland elf, befriends the strangers. The villagers become more hostile when Aldar’s sister starts dating a young leprechaun man. When a little girl mysteriously disappears, the elves blame the leprechauns. How can Aldar help the leprecha... more
  • "Aldar Visits America

    by Dotty Anderson
    Aldar Sigurdsson, a young Iceland elf, travels to the United States stowed away in the backpack of a tourist family. When he sees the unhappiness of a ten year old boy in the family, he reveals himself in an effort to help. Poor Edwin is the unfortunate victim of bullying at school, and it is ruining is life. Aldar disguises himself as a fellow 6th grader and sets about to help Edwin. In the process Aldar enjoys exploring the differences between life in America and his elf village.
  • The Court-Martial of Benedict Arnold

    by Richard McMahon
    Benedict Arnold was the most notorious traitor in American history. Entrusted with the defense of West Point by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, he attempted to surrender it to the British. The conspiracy, had it succeeded, might have been the death knell for the American cause. Fortunately, his treachery was discovered at the last moment. Warned of the plot’s failure, Arnold just barely evaded capture and escaped to British lines. But what if Benedict Arnold had been captured and... more
  • Hidden From the Face of Humans

    by Susan J. Slack
    A warm story of a family pulled into political intrigue of the 4th century BCE. Visit ancient Egypt, Persia & Greece and discover their cults, traditions, and history. And of course, there is the murder to solve...who killed Priestess Thermafi? Why? What were the world changing consequences? Seven years of research insures a plausible treatment of of actual historical events and characters.
  • Journeys into the New World

    by Jay Prasad
    The year is 1492, and the place is Spain. The Inquisition against the marranos, i.e. converted Jews, is in full force, and Isabella and Fernandez have signed an Act of Expulsion of Jews. On the day the Act of Expulsion goes into effect, Columbus leaves Spain for the Indies to meet the fabled Khan described by Marco Polo in his Travels, raising questions about his Jewish origin. The de Avila family, three generations of marranos persecuted by the Inquisition, take part in Columbus’s voyages and... more
  • The Deserter of Alamut

    by Omid Banyasad
    Set in the 12th century Iran, when assassins of Alamut are the most feared secret militia fighting the ruling Seljuqs and the caliph in Baghdad, The Deserter of Alamut tells the story of a young shepherd who joins the fighters at Alamut in order to avenge the kidnapping of his bride-to-be on their wedding day.