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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Passage Oak

    by K.M. del Mara
  • Whitebeam

    by K.M. del Mara
    A little girl growing up with her guardian in a secret glen, high on the shoulder of a mountain in Scotland, imagines her parents are really two of her favorite people. When she is told that her father is actually Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, she resists him with every particle of her being. She becomes enmeshed in his battles, though, when he forces her to leave her beloved mountain and uses her as a spy against the English army. At the very moment when she begins to understand what moti... more
  • Eureka Valley - Grandfathers' Grandfathers

    by Lisa Doerr
    Who won America’s Civil War? Lycurgus Bell and the more than 100,000 Southern soldiers who fought for Abraham Lincoln thought they knew. They were wrong. Eureka Valley – Grandfathers' Grandfathers tells their story. Grounded in northwestern Wisconsin’s glacial landscape, this powerful tale unravels the roots that bind a modern rural couple to their ancestors, Lycurgus Bell and Wood John Johnson. Born to an Alabama family loyal to the Union, Lycurgus serves in Lincoln’s Civil War army... more
  • And Face the Unknown: The Journey of a Lincoln-Freed Colored

    by CD Harper
    As Levy clings to a tree high above a river and tries to catch his breath, he doesn’t know what to do next. He has been a slave for Mr. Willoughby since he was little boy, and now things are changing. Unsure of what year it is, Levy escapes the jaws of slavery on the cotton plantation. He is a runaway slave without a plan.**As soon as he sees a boat floating in the river, Levy knows what he must do. With Mr. Willoughby on his tail, Levy boards the boat and hides behind the big wheel. As he someh... more
  • The One Eyed Albatross

    by David Pappas
    An action and adventure story involving five individuals from different parts of the globe brought together through a most unusual source -- to sail an expedition from Rio de Janiero, south through the "roaring forties", the "furious fifties", to the doorstep of the "screaming sixties", around Cape Horn-- the most inhospitable and dangerous waters in the world; every blue water sailor’s nightmare. And, if the tempestuous seas and man-killing storms aren’t enough to cope with, the expedition i... more
  • Out of Harmony

    by Patti Frazee
    No one paid much attention to Jude, the girl who lived in an abandoned building in the heart of Harmony, Nebraska. No one knew of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father or how she made her escape. No one, that is, except her best friend Alison. And when Jude suddenly disappeared Alison thought she had run away to pursue her musical dreams in New Orleans. Twenty years later, as Alison's life in Minneapolis begins to crumble and the tension in her longtime relationship begins to ri... more
  • Nail It: Breaking Into the Black Elite

    by Shonette Charles
    Black, educated, and possessing all the right stats, Sahara and Noah Kyle move to North Carolina ready to break into the area's black bourgeoisie social circle. This is a world governed by black socialites and movers and shakers, who hold membership in the Sphinx, Darlings, The Shield, Belles & Beaus, and the black fraternities and sororities. Being in the right circle could position the Kyles for even greater affluence, but being shut out could be the death knell for more than just their social... more
  • Token Woman

    by Bonnie Glee
    How can one very unhappy, suppressed housewife with a talent aching to be released, save three gay college men struggling with inner personalities that are trying to escape the chains of denial and the depths of total self-destruction? What could possibly bring them together in the 1980s, the decade of AIDS, in a small rural town? Could a silly childhood song, and crossed fingers be lasting bonds? Are subtle parenting and school day experiences to blame for what they become? Open the pages of To... more
  • The Color of Life

    by Claudette Carrida Jeffrey
    When 23-year-old Claire Soublet arrives in New York City to begin her new life, she has no idea that after only four days a situation will arise forcing her to return to New Orleans. Growing up mired in years of hardship and being abandoned by family through death and disinterest, she manages to scratch and claw her way out of that life. And in the process, get a college education. Back in New Orleans and not ready to succumb to her old life, she enlists the help of her high school friend. They ... more
  • Mollyville

    by T. Maxximillian Dafoe
    When Bjørn Olsen runs into a beloved ex girlfriend at a hotel bar, he makes the terrible mistake of approaching her. He had no idea she’d become so bitter. But before he can pleasantly end the conversation, she starts talking very loudly about his and his current wife’s private life. Everybody hears. And now, Bjørn is troubled. He had promised his wife that he would stay away from Goldie, and he hadn't… Bjørn struggles to maintain his cool, keep his woman and stay in character as things fall a... more
  • No Such Thing As Free Goldfish

    by Joan Wittler
    A barking kindergartner does not make for a very fun pet. Grace’s youngest brother has taken on the role of family dog while they wait for their parents to agree to a real pet. As luck would have it, Grace’s best friend’s dog just had puppies—but Grace is pretty sure she prefers cats. How will she get her allergic-to-cats mom and her I-had-fish-when-I-was-your-age dad to agree to a furry four-legged member of the family? See how the Ericksons take it one pet at a time as they start their m... more
  • Something's Lost and Must be Found

    by Lisa Begin-Kruysman
    An engaging Short Story Collection for dog-lovers and fans of Inspirational fiction; inspired by the search and rescue dogs of the soul. Based on the first one-hundred posts of a devoted Dog-blogger. A pawsitively dog-friendly beach-read (even if your beaches aren't).
  • I, Kidney

    by Chris Six
    Joe Zizzi's childhood in the 1950s had everything a kid could want--pro athlete dad, wonderful mom, cool big bro. When the '60s kick in, this ideal life is violently shaken: a car crash claims his mother's life and his father's career, and brother Matt becomes distant and disturbed. Over the years, Joe learns to cope and carves out a niche for himself as a college sports star, and later as a coach and writer, but he can't quite shake the family legacy. Diagnosed with kidney failure, the semi-pro... more
  • Risk the Wings of Sisterhood

    by J.R. Evangelisti

    Julie Pastel is a drama queen, spouts Shakespeare quotes when annoyed or anxious, never dated in high school, and views the romantic world through books and movies. She comes from a modest background and has no money, not athletic, hates dodgeball, is on her way to college on Scholarship and laments she never has had a true friend, boy or girl. Julie never takes risks. That is about to change when she meets the outrageous, outgoing, outspoken, Burkie Vivid. Burkie has great wealth, needs the ... more

  • Afternoon

    by Robert Lampros

    Afternoon is a novella for young adults about courage, faith in Jesus Christ, and growing up in a surreal and challenging world.

  • The Pastoral

    by Jon Lawrence
    The Pastoral is the semi-fictional account of British composers Ralph Vaughan Williams and George Butterworth during the First World War. Both saw active service and witnessed the horrors of trench warfare; Vaughan Williams as a member of the medical corp, while Butterworth fought at the Battle of The Somme. Following the events and timeline that we know to be true, Jon Lawrence offers a hypothesis of what might have happened and considers how the unimaginable terrors of war in France might affe... more