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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Feast for the Beasts: a rhyming story with a twist

    by charlie parris
    A fun rhyming jungle story for 4-7 year olds. Ryan the Lion celebrates his birthday, as all the beasts bring along food that rhymes with themselves! But they are in for a BIG surprise!
  • Elephants In The Room

    by Charlene Wexler
    Elephants In The Room is a collection of short stories and essays that will tickle your funny bone, and pull at your heartstrings. It examines life, love, and the tragedy and comedy of human life. Coming of age features essays and fiction about growing up in the fifties and sixties. Animal Magnetism deals with life with our pets. The passing parade deals with life in our changing world. Senior Moments has humorous and serious observations on our mature years.
  • Wild West: Lawmen, Outlaws, And Indians

    by Stanley Morganstein
    Original historical novel of lawmen as Wyatt Earp, outlaws as Billy The Kid, Jessie James, Indians as Cochise, Geronimo, and the Mayans. Provides historical basis as the Civil War, Lincoln County War, and Apache raids in the United State, and Mexican Territories.
  • The Reading Parrot Named Darwin

    by Mary Sage Nguyen
    This is a Children's Picture Book for children ages 2-12. Lana is a writer, and who is suffering from a case of writer’s block. She receives an African grey parrot from her elderly aunt. She later finds out this parrot is no ordinary bird, but one that can read. The parrot assists her with overcoming writer’s block. They become friends, and she learns that inspiration can come from anyone!
  • Dark Matters: Seven Variations on a Theme

    by Benet Kolman
    Benet Kolman’s debut collection of short stories is a rare opportunity for readers of literary fiction and and its theological underpinnings to explore themes related to what Immanuel Kant called the “crooked timber of humanity.” Although each of the stories creates a distinct world of its own, Kolman’s characters share a tendency toward human disarray, the “dark matters” in the title. Love, confusion, doubt and hope coincide in deeply felt tales that ultimately convince readers that our stru... more
  • Little Miss Lotsie At The Play

    by R. Melvin McKenzie
    Coach Melvin, award-winning author of The Book on Internal STRESS Release wants children everywhere to discover the wondrous, fun, and sometimes humorous ways they can understand and enjoy the usage of the sometimes confusing words of homonyms. Homonyms can particularly befuddle immigrants who have a hard time just understanding the basic English language. 20% of the 2016 profits from his book are being donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.
  • Rahley the Silent Slug

    by N.D. Byma
    The story of a friendly slug who is afraid of the sound of his own voice. It isn't that Rahley can't speak, he just worries that he will either sound scary or silly and chooses to remain silent believing it to be the safest thing to do. One day, Rahley must face his biggest fear in order to save his friends and will learn a valuable lesson in the process.
  • Sela Blue and the First Day of School

    by Alisia Dale
    Meet Sela Blue, a charming 6-year old girl living in the town of Chateauguay. She lives in the Musical Village, where all the streets are named after classical musical composers. It is Sela Blue's first day of school and she has been dreaming about it all summer. Experience her excitement and anticipation as she counts down to the big day!
  • American Tango

    by Jennifer Vandever

    A comic novel about men and women, love and loss, grief and healing, regaining passion and, of course, the tango. Rosalind Plumley needs something. She's a thirtysomething aspiring artist in Portland, Oregon whose sole output consists of decorative paintings of hummingbirds for the upscale children's boutique where she works. She’s coping with her marriage to a blocked writer more interested in smoking pot than writing his screenplay about Stalin's pursuit of an ape-man race while her eccentr... more

  • A Blazing Gilded Age

    by Rich DiSilvio

    “A Blazing Gilded Age” is the epic story of a volatile nation burning with ambition, yet bleeding with injustice. It was a time of profound change, boldly transforming from an agrarian backwater into an industrial powerhouse.

    Center stage is the Wozniak family; poor coal miners struggling to achieve the elusive American dream. Suffering a string of calamities at the hands of their ruthless and depraved boss, Archibald Desmond Huxley, the Wozniaks are thrust into utter turmoi... more

  • 9781634911092

    by Michael Zielinski
    John Daniels is a criminal defense attorney who reinvents himself as a rock singer known as Jack Daniels. He then finds himself caught in the crossfire of handling two divergent careers. His struggle to find his true inner self reaches a ceasefire when he leaves his law practice to capitalize on his skyrocketing music career. The ceasefire is brief as the crime of the century back home lures him into straddling a cross-country tightrope.
  • Fortune's Wheel

    by Victoria Lord
    Set primarily in London in the 16th century, “Fortune’s Wheel” follows the life of Jane Morgan from 1525 to 1580. Jane’s life takes her from her small village to London, Paris, and Florence. Her marriage to a Duke brings her into the company of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and many other notables of the time, including Thomas Cromwell. As a young girl, Jane wanted to “ride horses to the ends of the world.” Her adventurous spirit is the driving force of her life which is filled with highs and lows ... more
  • Heavenly Khan: A Biography of Emperor Tang Taizong (Li Shimin)

    by Victor Cunrui Xiong
    This historical fiction is based on the true story of Li Shimin (also known as Tang Taizong), the greatest sovereign in Chinese history. About 30 years younger than Muhammad, he grew up in a world of devastating upheaval that tore China asunder and was thrust into the role of a military commander in his father’s rebel army while still a teenager. In the process of vanquishing his enemies on the battlefield, he proved himself to be a great military genius. As emperor he encouraged critical sugge... more
  • The Sea Whistle

    by Laurens van Veen
    About to turn sixteen, Nami revisits her only three birthdays that fell on February 29 – the leap day. Something happened on those days, of that she’s sure, but the memories are vague and her mom is weirdly evasive. Determined to find out the truth, Nami turns to the notebook of her grandmother, a Japanese ama diver. By acting out the ama routine at the local YMCA, Nami hopes to rekindle the memories that stir in her unconscious. But the main ama practice – the breathing of the sea whistle – is ... more
  • Inside of Me

    by Hazel McHaffie
    Victor Grayson adores his 8-year-old daughter, India, so why does he vanish leaving only a neatly folded pile of clothes on a windy beach? India is devastated and bargains with God: I’ll stop eating chocolate if you send my Daddy back to me. Now 15 and seriously anorexic, she’s convinced that she heard his voice on a crowded London station, and sets out to track him down. Isolated and overwhelmed, her mother, Tonya, succumbs to gnawing doubts about the man she thought she knew. Who exactly was h... more