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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • City of the Legions 1.: The Founding Father

    by Anthony A Roberts
    Welcome to City of the Legions 1. The Latin history of events paint the Britons as uncivilised barbarians. The annuals dismiss the Druid hierarchy that lasted for a thousand years. The conquest did not happen in a month or a year, fifty years later the legions reached Orkney. Let no one pretend Britons are ever an easy prey. Neither race were saints, these peoples lived closer to nature than those of the 21st century, slavery was rampant and a part of every day life. Entertainments wer... more
  • Every Hero Has a Story

    by Mark Binder
    A flash flood rips a Prince and Princess from their carriage. Lost and alone in the deluge, they find refuge in a barn filled with strangers. Gathering around the fire to keep warm, one by one these unknown women and men began to tell their stories. From Giant Killer Jack and The Last Voyage of of Sinbad to the World's First Story, this chapter book of adventures will keep you turning pages. "You've heard of books that are meant to be read across an entire state? This is a book that can be... more
  • The Trouble With St. John: A Samantha Stone Novel (Book 1)

    by Katie Bloomstrom

    "After all that work and sleuthing and investment in my great detective notebook, I had nothing. In fact, the only successful thing I’ve done since stepping foot on this island was successfully believe all the lies everyone told me. Oh, I’ve also successfully been kidnapped, successfully almost drowned, and successfully eaten more Xanax than I’ve ever eaten before in my life. And in two days I’m supposed to just leave and pretend none of this ever happened. If I c... more

  • A Not So Virgin Mary

    by Jeffrey A. Michael
    Based on a true story, the extraordinary life of an ordinary woman from Brockton, Mass. The story ranges from World War II to the Korean Conflict and just beyond, Mary was involved in a top secret project in WWII then became an aide for South Korean president Syngman Rhee. Was she a spy? Only you, the reader, can decide.
  • Damaged Cargoes

    by David Turri
    Damaged Cargoes The story unfolds during the summer and autumn of 1870. It begins on the China coast. The protagonist, Thaddeus Galt, a mission priest, discovers, in the hold of a junk stranded on a sandbar, the bodies of thirty Japanese children, drowned in a storm. The children originated in the port of Kobe. Galt goes to Kobe to find those responsible for this terrible crime, and the reader is drawn into the sinister world of child trafficking, opium and violence. This is the world of... more
  • Ayatollah's Wife (Eruption Book 1)

    by Kayvan D

    At the crack of dawn of February 15, 2013,  in his immense, bedchamber of his palace, the white-bearded tyrant of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei screamed shrilly after a foreboding dream. It was a clear premonition of a calamity that posed a direct threat to his theocratic throne.

    Only two people could be trusted to share this dream with; one was his henchman, Vahid, and the other was his wife, Khojasteh. Since Vahid was in charge of governmental affairs, sharin... more

  • Claire's Dream

    by P. C. Simon
    Little Claire's not day is turning out to well. It is raining, her daddy has to work, and she has no one to play with. Claire thinks it just not fair for her day to be like this. She is bored and unhappy. What is a little girl suppose to do? What Claire does not know is her day is about to be filled with a great adventure. She will find out that her imagination can take her anywhere, even in her dreams.
  • Wolfsangel

    by Liza Perrat
    Family separation, ill-timed passion and world chaos irrevocably change the lives of the women of L’Auberge des Anges farm. Under the oppression of the 1943 German occupation, rebellious farm-girl, CELESTE ROUSSEL dreams of independence, escaping her harsh, abortionist mother, MARINETTE, and her provincial village of Lucie-sur-Vionne. When German officer, MARTIN DIEHL admires her, Céleste is suspicious of his motivations. Has she really caught his eye, or is he simply trying to garner vital i... more
  • Animal Short Stories for the Heart and Mind

    by Didier Strijdonk
    This is a collection of 25 animal short stories to both entertain and educate children. If you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids about appreciation, nature, meditation and more, then look no further. There's also an easy lesson summary that sheds some light on what can be learned from each story.
  • Healing Rain: The Rain King

    by Fred Raynaud

    Taken from The Back Cover

    The sky overhead turned charcoal-black. Methuselah was engulfed in chaos. The rain beating on the deck went horizontal—a force as heavy as a fire hose. John cried out, as waves battered the sides of their boat, “BRYON, get inside and secure the cabin…. Tie everything down and turn up the radio. I am going to drop sail….” The boat rocked from side to side. The rain and wind beat John to a pulp.

    ... more

  • 1,001 Chicago Nights Treasure Camp Complete Book One

    by Regi Belton
    Sam Deluca is hiding something. But so are others. Who is a truth teller? Who hides their pain? How long will friendships last? What will Sam risk to find a new home? And why does he care so much for Twinkies? Stay quiet now, and I will tell you the story. It was two outs, bases loaded, and Sam Deluca, age 12, entered the batter’s box.
  • She's Gone - A Novel

    by Joye Emmens
    It’s 1969. Jolie stands on the deck of her parents’ Santa Barbara home watching an uncontrolled oil spill. She’s outraged and motivated to do something about it. Jolie’s father may be an oil executive, but that doesn’t stop her from hitchhiking to the harbor and joining an anti-oil drilling protest. When a television broadcast shows her protesting, Jolie’s father prohibits any more involvement. This fuels the fire burning inside of her, and she flees home with Will, her older, activist boyfri... more
  • Children at the Gate

    by Ben Walker
    SYNOPSIS Children at the Gate is set in San Francisco during the 1970’s. The story is about a small group of young people from various backgrounds who are seeking meaning and direction during the turmoil of the 70’s, which of course includes Watergate, the end of the Vietnam War, the rise of black militant groups, and feminism. Travis Carter is a Vietnam vet who has returned to school at San Francisco State University and works nights at a popular San Francisco bar. On the way to work one ... more
  • Ella Mae the Courageous Cheerleader

    by Stephanie Cameron
    Ella Mae's love for cheerleading is strong, but so are the bullies on the cheer team. Ella Mae, the Courageous Cheerleader is a children's book written in rhyme, sharing a personal story of dealing with bullies. It teaches children how to respond to meanness with kindness, courage and confidence. Ella Mae will inspire children who are dealing with bullies at school to turn to their faith in God. By responding according to His Word, they too can receive God's promise of blessing and the confidenc... more
  • Peter & Lisa

    by Charles Katz & Linda Baron Katz
    Peter & Lisa: A Mental Illness Story is a story about two people affected with mental illness, in particular depression and mania, and how they got better and recovered through the proper medication and support by family and friends. This book manifests the true essence of love and support to help anyone overcome any storm that may pass.