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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Journeys into the New World

    by Jay Prasad
    The year is 1492, and the place is Spain. The Inquisition against the marranos, i.e. converted Jews, is in full force, and Isabella and Fernandez have signed an Act of Expulsion of Jews. On the day the Act of Expulsion goes into effect, Columbus leaves Spain for the Indies to meet the fabled Khan described by Marco Polo in his Travels, raising questions about his Jewish origin. The de Avila family, three generations of marranos persecuted by the Inquisition, take part in Columbus’s voyages and... more
  • The Deserter of Alamut

    by Omid Banyasad
    Set in the 12th century Iran, when assassins of Alamut are the most feared secret militia fighting the ruling Seljuqs and the caliph in Baghdad, The Deserter of Alamut tells the story of a young shepherd who joins the fighters at Alamut in order to avenge the kidnapping of his bride-to-be on their wedding day.
  • Harold and the Legend of the Singing Turtles

    by Jeanne Conway
    Many years ago on the island of Tigo Tigo, there lived a turtle named Harold who dreamt of learning to sing like the birds. All the other turtles on the island discouraged him from trying to sing, telling him that turtles just couldn't sing. But Harold was convinced that he could learn to sing and even the strange grunts that he was able to make did not discourage this melodious turtle. One lucky day, Harold met Melanie, the meadowlark, in the forest. Did she teach him to sing? Yes, she did... more
  • The Lies We Tell

    by Jamie Holland
    The Lies We Tell is a coming-of-age novel set in 1974, after the Watergate scandal has left the country grappling with an unnerving sense of deceit. Thirteen-year-old Martie Wheeler, whose father has suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack, is consumed by nagging questions: How could the president lie? How does a healthy heart just stop one day? Could hers do the same? To add to her anxiety, two girls her age have disappeared from the local mall. Could she be the next victim? When her mother an... more
  • A Doubtful Inheritance

    by Bookpal Publishing
    A Doubtful Inheritance A novel by Dr. Ted Todd (Tibor Weisz) A brief synopsis Author Ted Todd (Tibor Weisz) approaches his story under the heading of a new genre – autobiofiction – a blending of true reminisces from his own fascinating life, overlaid with a heavy dollop of imaginary plotline. We first meet the narrator Tim in the 1970s where he attends the Esalen Institute, a quintessential 70s Californian organization designed to help participants on the path to self-awareness. There, Tim comes... more
  • A Strange Beginning

    by Gretta Curran Browne
    He was later to become known as "The most beautiful and most famous man in England" — but not yet... Beginning when he is a boy of ten years old, we join George Gordon when he is living a miserable life with his manic Scottish mother in a few rented rooms above a shop in Aberdeen; unaware that his true surname is not Gordon, and that his true heritage is with the English aristocracy - who soon come to claim him. A life of wealth and privilege is then bestowed upon him, which eventually sets th... more
  • Phil K Swift and the Neighborhood Street Rockers 978-0-9967425-3-5

    by Philip kochan
    A crudely-Funny, hella-crazy novel about a sometimes cocky sometimes awkward high schooler that build relationships with fellow Bboys (break dancers) and learns how to deal with bullies, gangbangers, and tough peer pressure situations. This is a 1980's flashback to an era of parachute pants, ghetto blasters, and roller rinks, and is a not to be missed young adult gem.
  • Four Seasons in the Spring House

    by Susan R. Shutt
    In Four Seasons in the Spring House, Ronan the Regal and Fizz the Fish work together to save a salamander’s life. This is a story of rescue and redemption that takes place in the marvelous Spring House of Safety, where all animals are kept safe from harm.
  • Round Seventeen & 1/2: The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Inefficient

    by Rich Siegel
    Round Seventeen &1/2: The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Inefficient. It’s advertised as a ruthless satire about advertising, but it’s about more. It’s about what we all do to make a living, to get our kids through college and to put food on the table -- the good food, not that crappy generic ketchup or that rubbery farm-raised salmon that other fish make fun of. Steve Hayden, the copywriter who wrote Apple’s classic 1984, once told me the most powerful forces of persuasion inc... more
  • City Jungles: A Tale of the Inner City

    In this work of contemporary British fiction, be drawn into the urban crime drama of the lives of the men at war in the shadows of London's inner city, where war and peace are dealt in drugs and guns, and every day becomes a struggle for survival. When Anthony Spencer was growing up, his family was more well-off than some, but still the pressures of poverty, the need to have what everybody else has and to live that dream life took their toll and pushed him deeper into the life favoured by ga... more
  • True Tails II from the Dog Park

    by Max and Luther
    True Tails II is both entertaining and educational in its collection of short stories, fun dog facts and top ten lists all told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther.
  • True Tails from the Dog Park

    by Max and Luther
    True Tails from the Dog Park is a fun and charming collection of short stories, tips and advice told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. Both entertaining and educational, it is a perfect book for dog lovers of all ages.
  • Mumbai Mornings

    by P.A.Chawla
    In this interconnected collection, an Indian-American woman visits her mother in Mumbai and hears family stories. When Saya, long settled in New Jersey, comes home to Mumbai, seeing extended family and listening to them talk about old times is an essential part of the visit. Each story gets a chapter, as in “Cardamom,” about Hero Harish, a cousin on Saya’s father’s side who came to Mumbai to break into Bollywood films and somehow got a screen test: “He had to lend expression to the word cardamom... more
  • The Shenanigans of Time

    by P.A. Chawla
    The Shenanigans of Time is an absorbing, vivid collection of interlocking stories. P. A. Chawla, reveals myriad emotions - the turmoil and transcendence of childhood, parenthood, sex and love – that shape immigrant lives. Whether it is the motelier Deven Shah and his deep seated desire to be embraced as the quintessential local only to be regarded as a foreigner by his own child, or Saya Sharma who fades in and out of her suburban life like a migratory bird, or the visiting Feroz grasping for... more
  • The Sock Princess

    by Julie Thorpe
    Mornings can be a difficult time of day when you're a sock princess, feeling very lump and bump in your socks. Emily struggles to get her socks just right. "Her mom watched as Emily reached up inside, Turned her socks inside-out, and then she replied, 'My socks are all lumpy and bumpy in there, I don't like the feeling inside of this pair.'"
  • Uneven Odds

    by Caylen D. Smith
    The battle may be over, but the journey is yet to end. A few months have passed since Aly received news she has an estranged half-sister, Samantha. After the attempted overthrow of Aly’s homeland, Republic City, she believes danger still lurks. This realization sends her in search of Samantha to warn and prevent her from falling victim to their family’s enemies. Aly gathers her most trusted companions to take on her quest. Along the way, she faces dire situations and learns, when you gain someth... more