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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • BLOODLINES (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One)

    by Marcus Abston
    A grandfather confronted with the fact that his family is woefully ignorant about their own lineage and legacy is determined to educate them. So begins the tale of his great-great-grandmother, Annabelle. Annabelle was a slave born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and raised as a house servant thanks to the plantation master's daughters having a fondness for her. The youngest daughter protects her as best she can from the wrath of the cruel master and his wife, but then marries and leaves... more
  • Embrace of the Wild-Inspired by equestrian explorer Isabella Bird

    by Linda Ballou
    At the age of forty, Isabella Bird pushed all social convention aside, ignored failed remedies of the doctors and embarked on a world voyage in 1873 that changed her forever. A six month detour in the lush Hawaiian Islands gave her new strength and stamina. A tenacious horsewoman she rode with Hawaiian natives up the flank of Kilauea to the fiery home of the Goddess Pele’s and into the depths of Waipio Valley where the gods come close. From there, she determined to explore the wonders of Colo... more
  • Hallelujah!

    by Paul Brad Logan
    In a small desert town during the year 1936, Harold Felch finds himself in a predicament. Harold needs money. Quite a bit of it too. In an attempt to strike it rich, Harold lost everything. To cover his losses, he borrowed money from E.Z., the town’s ruthless loan shark, but that quickly exacerbated his predicament. To make matters worse, Harold is stricken with a curse: doubt. Doubt in himself, doubt in his family and doubt in the prophetic ten-year-old preacher at his church, the one called... more
  • John Brown's Women: A Novel

    by Susan Higginbotham
    As the United States wrestles with its besetting sin—slavery—abolitionist John Brown is growing tired of talk. He takes actions that will propel the nation toward civil war and thrust three courageous women into history. Wealthy Brown, married to John Brown's oldest son, eagerly falls in with her husband's plan to settle in Kansas. Amid clashes between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers, Wealthy's adventure turns into madness, mayhem, and murder. Fifteen-year-old Annie Brown is thrilled... more
  • Best Buddies

    by Jordan Bach
    "Your son's invisible friend is not imaginary..." Kate’s son has a new buddy, one he can’t see, hear or feel. Yet, it’s feeding him information about the future. But for every prediction, his friend demands favors in return. And as those favors grow increasingly cruel and depraved, it’s only a matter of time until people start to die.
  • All Possible Orbits

    by Adam Perry
    Fired from his job, recently divorced, and nearly broke, Tucker Merrill is ready to snap when he receives word of his brother's suicide. In full retreat, Tucker returns to his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi where the local industries have cut and run, the old southern mansions are devoid of visitors, and all that remains are gambling, hard drugs, and some serious cases of arrested development. The unforgiving criticism of Tucker's father, coupled with the less than sympathetic ear of his... more
  • And Tyler No More: A Novel

    by Stan Haynes
    In 1844, President John Tyler is weeks away from submitting to the Senate a treaty for the annexation of the Republic of Texas into the Union, doubling the amount of enslaved territory in the country and giving the southern states a majority in the Senate. Monty Tolliver, a former top aide to an influential senator, and his best friend, Ben Geddis, a naval officer and an abolitionist, determine to assassinate Tyler, an unelected president who, in their view, has already committed multiple ... more
  • A Walk in the Woods

    by Caroline L Thornton
    Sometimes our own unique abilities are just waiting to be found and sometimes the ones we've forgotten about are just waiting to be rediscovered. Join bunny for A Walk in the Woods and follow her journey to self discovery in this charming tale for children (and bunnies) of all ages.
  • Apricot Marmalade and the Edmondson Transmittal

    by Lon Orey

    A satirical romp through 1968 Thailand follows a team of US intelligence agents matching wits with enemy operatives.

    It was 1968 and the war was not going well. The surprisingly-effective Tet Offensive in January had humbled and embarrassed the South Vietnamese and their American allies. It had sent a powerful message to the folks back home that this Vietnam thing wasn't going to be over anytime soon. Americans in general were growing weary of its intrusion into their living rooms e... more

  • The Creche

    by Larry Forcey
    A fiery preacher is tried, convicted, and burned at the stake; an elderly monk is questioned and scoffed by a papal delegation; a father, in the outskirts of Paris, is tormented with the decision to protect his family or follow Christ's teaching of "turning the other cheek"; an abused wife leaves her husband, embarking on the unknown to protect her seven-year-old daughter; and an eleven-year-old boy, Carter Mason, despairs to find answers to the injustices and evil he encounters. The miracle of ... more
  • tEXt me

    by Kit Derrick
    It is the year 2000, and 32 year-old Tiffany accidentally bumps into her first true love (Martin Peters), an ex from her time at Warwick University. They swap numbers, and start flirting by text on those new-fangled mobile phones. Tiffany’s devoted husband, Nick, knows there are problems with their marriage and starts seeing a relationship counsellor on his own, to work out what he might do to fix things. He also confides in his work-friend Darren, who has had similar marital problems. Tiffa... more
  • Squeak!

    by Robin L Gordon

    "Squeak" is a story about a bird who does not like his voice.  Through coaxing and encouragement, he realizes that his voice is perfect and meant to communicate with another living creature.  Like a fingerprint, the reader will consider that each person has a unique voice and that each voice is valuable, and important to the harmony of life.

  • Poppy's Buzzing Brain

    by Simmonne Dyson-Holland
    WHERE is Poppy? WHY is his brain buzzing? Poppy's grandsons, Matthew and Richard, have found a way to keep him in their lives. However, Poppy is busy trying to get a new job. What will Poppy choose to do? Join Matthew and Richard on their journey to be with their Poppy again, even when it seems there is no hope. There is always hope
  • The Face of God

    by Brian Ray Brewer

    “A thoughtful, engaging meditation on the intersection of artistic and spiritual integrity.”              -- Kirkus Reviews

    “The Face of God is certainly a masterpiece…The story lingers on in the reader’s mind long after the reading is done. Fans of contemporary drama will find (it) a wonderful read!” -- Lily Amanda, Pacific Book Review

    “This metaphor for how people change through their work and relation... more

  • Stand a Little Out of My Sun

    by Angelyn Christy Voss
    STAND A LITTLE OUT OF MY SUN is a multicultural novel exploring the timeless issues of love, coming of age, the power of forgiveness, and the ties that bind families together. It’s the story of Sophie and her family. Sophie’s mother, Christina, joins the Army during WWII and marries Tom Peters, a brilliant, non-Greek soldier without “The Permission” from her parents. Hell breaks loose as Tom’s dispassionate ways collide with the family’s effusive temperaments. Twelve-year-old Sophie is the... more
  • Omicron Six

    by Endy Wright

    "Cooper stretched his arm over on top of Coupe to quiet him and hold him down. He then reached into Coupe's mind and urged him to sleep, told him to sleep, that he was safe and could sleep the night through without worrying about those . . . things that came to him. Coupe's thrashing began to subside. He did not scream at all. He returned to a peaceful sleep."

    Cooper Callister cannot speak. Coupe Daschelete is the victim of horrible abuse. No one would expect them to p... more