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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Zenji & the Muzzy Bug: The Mindful & Magical Sleep Solution (Buddabugzz Sleepwell) (Volume 1)

    by Aisli Madden
    “Zenji & the Muzzy Bug” is the ultimate ‘feel-good’ bedtime story, for kids of all ages. Enriched with mindfulness, “Zenji & the Muzzy Bug” helps children become relaxed and sleepy at bedtime. Characters Zenji and Karma teach us how to feel better physically and mentally, by being mindful and focusing our thoughts. They encourage readers to listen to their inner voice, believe in their inner strength, and be mindful of their hero within. The Story: Zenji the Buddabug is feeling rather unwe... more
  • The Bright Side Of Life

    by Annette Freeman
    Charlie Brightman is young, talented, self-confident, well-dressed (very well-dressed), and a bit of a drip. His first attempt at a theatre job is with the rather seedy Dengate Theatre in Soho, where a cast of dubious characters ensnares him into helping with an improv show which descends into chaos. He does, however, meet Lilly, a candidate for the position of his girlfriend. While pursuing this woman of his dreams, Charlie is hampered by the unexpected cancellation of his acting scholarship, r... more
  • William the Conqueror vs King Harold ISBN 978150524138

    by Jesse Lee Vint

    In the tradition of Sir Thomas Mallory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, this historical fiction depicts the people and events leading to the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

    Damsels, Druids, Kelts, Vikings, mysterious knights-errant, jousts, mighty steeds, and chivalry are all part of this thoroughly enjoyable, well-written historical novel. Jesse Lee Vint breathes life into history with beautifully drawn c... more

  • Seven Voices

    by North Fork Writers Group
    In this notable anthology from a group of Long Island, New York, authors, you will find more than two-dozen stories and reflections. The selections range from wistful reminiscences of parents’ visits to Wisteria Cottage to a look at Aunt Mimi’s eccentric world ... from Eddie’s grandmother to garden-loving Agatha … from a lost Jerseyite to a reunion of college chums … from an alien of a planet called Howff to a denizen of the old neighborhood in Flushing, in Queens, New York ... they’re all here ... more
  • Marty's Mind

    by Jenner Kosmis
    Marty learns to control his mind—and in the process, he learns that he and his ever-active mind can live together peacefully. Author Jenner Kosmis makes a memorable debut with a warm, rhyming text that includes a subtle mindfulness message even the youngest reader will understand. The book includes 24 original illustrations in Jenner’s modern and colorful style.
  • GJS II

    by Shawn Stewart Ruff

    Self-made Griffin Jewells Saunders II is a man of means: covetable connections, immense wealth, a glamorous TV-celebrity and fashion icon wife and five telegenic children. The sterling qualities that have made this handsome black embodiment of the American dream a Cincinnati mayoral prospect prove his undoing. A lucrative business alliance with his Clinton cabinet-appointed half-brother ensnares the partnership in the Republican attack machine. As the Monica Lewinsky scandal engulfs the White... more

  • The Middle Man

    by Gregory A. Kompes
    Duke Donovan’s despot and dictator clients pay him handsomely for the information he provides through psychic and tarot card readings. When not helping others to overthrow the world, or walking his golden retriever, Duke picks up stray men off the New York City streets—artists, musicians, writers, and actors, usually—and nudges their careers forward while sharing his bed with them. His latest find, Broadway conductor, Sam Teak, begins mysteriously poisoning Duke’s butler, Malcolm. Duke has secre... more
  • Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling Angry

    by Corine Hyman
    Does your child have trouble expressing their anger? Do they call names when angry or hit when mad? Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry helps children understand and manage the difficult emotion of anger from a biblical perspective. Once again, Corine Hyman breaks down what the Bible says in a way that children can understand. Like all of Corine’s books, Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry is designed to speak directly to the child, and acts as a discussion starter for chil... more
  • The Sound in the Basement

    by John Micklos, Jr.

    Share young David's adventures as he attempts to overcome his fear of going into the basement and discover the source of the

  • The Little Summer of St. Luke

    by Doris Dix Caruso
    Maggie McBain at age four is sent to live with her godparents on the Isle of Skye, Scotland where she is imbued with mysterious ways and mystical beliefs:the 'Beasties' and the Green Fairy Dog among others. At sixteen she is reunited with her widowed mother in Glasgow. and after a yea rof working there in a grand food establishment, mother and daughter leave Scotland for her studies in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here she meets the man of her destiny, a sea captain of a whaling ship out of New Bedf... more
  • Sunset In April

    by Louisa Brown
    * COMING IN OCTOBER* Sunset In April is a time where one loses her nana that practically raised her as a child and the u just watch the life fizzle out of her just like that. You feel alone. You start to think, why ? And when ones question isnt answered. One turns insane and hurts everyone around them. A psychopath. No one believes that she can see her nana in her outer body experiences and everywhere she turns. She is alone. She self harms. Until she dies of the infection but mainly the ... more
  • The Violet Shawl

    by Doris Dix Caruso
    An innkeeper in one of the loveliest small towns in Italy told me a story one evening of an American honeymoon couple and of how the artist bride was stolen from her professor groom during their month long stay. I asked what occurred then and she said she did not know! What could I do but write this story to complete this fateful couples journey and to finally release it from my tortured brain. The Violet Shawl plays an important part in this love/mystery story that takes place in Florence, It... more
  • Test Title

    by Rob Mangelson
  • A Defect of Character

    by Pamela Kay Hawkins

    In 1920s Arkansas, prominent yet self-centered attorney, Jake Witherspoon, returns to his hometown with this family to care for his widowed mother.  But soon, a tragic accident occurs robbing him of five years of his life. When he finally resumes the life he knew, Jake ends up in the middle of a shocking web of lies, deceit, and murder that forces him to confront a painful past. As the truth unfolds with the help of some unlikely characters, Jake discovers the man he was, as well as... more

  • The Rad Misfits

    by Marlina Williams
    Storms have destroyed the world. Radiation wreaked havoc with survivors causing everyone except pregnant women and animals to perish. Now a group of mutant teens, horses, and a neurotic dog must go on a journey to save their people. They live life in a protected valley, but will not live long if they cannot find a cure for the sickness that is killing them. Along the way they will meet animals they’ve only seen in books, make new friends, and learn the truth about a secret one of them has been k... more
  • The Truth About Caroline

    by Randi M Sherman
    THE TRUTH ABOUT CAROLINE by Randi M Sherman offers a funny, quirky alternative novel featuring Caroline Matthews as she navigates to, through and around honesty, life and her sexuality. After being acquitted for arranging the long-distance, cross-country assassination of her husband, Caroline attempts to rebuild her life. Without skills of any kind and with no work experience to speak of, she has a challenge ahead of her. Then she remembers she has one supreme talent… she’s a natural liar. Using... more