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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shaken Awake

    by Allen Madding
    When a homeless man freezes to death on the steps of the sanctuary of a church in downtown Atlanta, the church is challenged to re-examine their mission and priorities.
  • Beyond the Attic Door

    by Tracy Del Campo

    Faith, history, and humor collide in this hair-raising time-travel adventure story.

    The year is 1925, and the nation is at odds as the  "trial of the century" approaches. Mr. John Scopes, a schoolteacher, has been arrested for teaching evolution. Creationists and evolutionists are debating the existence of God and the authority of the Bible. Many believe religion may be doomed.

    Meanwhile, eleven-year-old Lulu and her seven-year-old brother, Buddy, are visiting ... more

  • The Night Before Christmas

    by Christine Brallier
    'Twas the night before Christmas and Santa's late night visit has a man and his curious kitty investigating. Mosaic artist Christine Brallier has created fifteen stained glass mosaic illustrations in her unique rendition of the classic The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.
  • The Beaver Papers 2

    by Dermot Lawrence
    For decades, Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones’s cult classic The Beaver Papers has been the only published chronicle of how the world’s literary, artistic, and intellectual communities rose up in a doomed crusade to stop the cancellation of the iconic sitcom, Leave It to Beaver. Now, at long last, it can be revealed that the story did not end that day in 1963 when ABC TV finally pulled the Cleaver family’s plug. In The Beaver Papers 2: The Fall of the Beaver, Jacobs and Jones detail the heroic quest... more
  • Other Lesser Men

    by G. A. Di Cintio
    A returning war veteran finds the issues that sent him off to war still remain and fester. Once accused of a crime, there are those awaiting who yet, seek vengeance. Suffering from a morose sense of loss and the shock of war, reprized scenes of his experiences haunt him. He realizes, he is still the subject of past scorn and now with a changing public attitude, a new form of ridicule has emerged. There is a long awaited confrontation coming.
  • Random Shootings

    by Frank Drury
    This new novel introduces John Watson, a crime reporter for the Denver Times, and his wife, Diana. We see how they struggle with a cancer diagnosis that has stricken her while she is still a young woman. At the same time, they are confronted with seemingly never-ending episodes of gun violence in their personal lives. Unable to have their own children, they adopt a nine year old boy and a nine year old girl. Their daughter, Trish, loves playing soccer and does very well in school. Their son, Bri... more
  • The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire: A Novel

    by Sandra Hutchison
    It’s the summer of 1977 in a small town in Western Massachusetts. Physics professor David Asken has just lost his young family in a plane crash he somehow survived. Sixteen-year-old neighbor Molly Carmichael used to be the babysitter, but now will be keeping house for him while he recuperates. He’s quietly planning to end his life just as soon as he can drive again. She’s trying to cope with being known as Tampon Girl, thanks to her notorious artist mother. Both man and girl are going to have... more
  • The Heavens Shall Fall (Winds of Betrayal Book 4)

    by Jerri Hines
    Be swept up within the Winds of Betrayal saga! Captivating! Spies and Traitors; Love and Betrayal! The world of spies and traitors-love and betrayal converge on the path to the ultimate betrayal—the treachery of the American's most infamous turncoat, General Benedict Arnold! The cry for Freedom is at its darkest hour! After the devastating loss at Saratoga, the British respond with a vengeance, aiming at taking a strategic hold on the South. In New York, the American spy network ... more
  • The Awful Mess: A Love Story

    by Sandra Hutchison
    Cast off by a husband who wanted children she couldn't have, book editor Mary Bellamy has left behind the Boston suburbs to telecommute from tiny, affordable Lawson, New Hampshire. All she wants is peace and quiet (and maybe a cat), but she's soon coping with attentions from Arthur, an unhappily-married Episcopal priest who’d like to save her heathen soul, but is susceptible to more earthly temptations. Then there's handsome local cop Winslow, an excellent kisser who confuses her by being in fav... more
  • LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL (A Kate Stanton Mystery Book 1)

    by Marta Tandori
    Combining the survival instincts made famous in THE HUNGER GAMES with the intensity of THE BOOK THIEF, LAST STOP KLINDENSPIEL is a tightrope of horrors that will make readers think twice about running away to join the circus… It’s been eight years since the Second World War has ended – long enough for people to forgive and forget – but feelings of hate run deep in Norway against people like fifteen-year-old Katya Holberg and her family. Separated from her father when the Allies liberated Poland... more
  • Daddy Forgot My Dinner

    by Jeff Minich
    Volume 1 of the Nuggies Illustrated Children's Book Series introduces Chomper. Chomper is a very hungry Nuggie. He'll do almost anything to for a treat or a bite to eat. See what happens when he's left home all alone with an empty bowl!
  • Citizen Lansky

    by Rob Gruen
    In 2006, five years before the Egyptian Revolution, media mogul Billy Lansky and his protégé, Charlie Cardinal, no sooner arrive in Cairo to join an archaeological dig in search of an alleged chamber beneath the Sphinx, when they are abducted by jihadis wielding AK-47s.
  • I Love You like a Kangaroo

    by Maria Ana Lum
    With all the different moods a child may feel and the varied ways a child may act, the parents embrace the child with love. Maybe sometimes your child feels like the adventurous kangaroo, a wild mustang, or the shimmering hummingbird. This story celebrates a child's natural way of being through the imagery of cute, cuddly, and playful baby animals.
  • Will You Be My Friend?

    by Linda Di Sante
    Will You Be My Friend? presents Nelly the cat who moves into a new home and wants to play with friends. She searches all over but can't find anyone. Suddenly, one by one, she meets a disparate group of new buddies - and then the fun begins.
  • Treasure Maid

    by Kendra Dartez

    Becky Blake, a recently orphaned young girl, gets caught up in a mystery and adventure as a new maid in an old English manor house called Kendree Hill. She becomes involved with the discovery of a treasure map with the eerie words, “The key to the treasure awaits, lying by the old sea’s gate. Find it near the majestic rock, where only the holy dare to knock.”

  • The Three Little Urban Pigs: A Modern Tale of The Three Little Pigs

    by Sharon D. Ulett, M.Ed.
    The Three Little Urban Pigs is a modern tale of the Three Little Pigs. It has a touch of single mommy issues as well as challenges one might face if things are not done right the first time. There is a moral to the story, but also lots of humor.