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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Thanksgiving. Book Two of the Trail Markers Series

    by Cym Aros
    Book 2: Jesse returns from Nevada, but struggles to rejoin “normal” family life in California, burdened by unresolved bereavement and post-traumatic stress. His sister reaches out to him by way of a rescued horse in need of similar healing. Jesse travels to the impoverished mining town of his childhood to discover something of the horse’s past, and to seek out Ruth, left alone after the deaths of Thea and Deborah. His siblings travel with him, and each, in their own way, comes to a deeper unders... more
  • Proprietor of Theatre of Life

    by Donna LeClair
    Proprietor of Theatre of Life is a gathering of fact and fiction interwoven into multiple eras, continents, and thresholds embracing the authenticity of diverse ethnicities, life conditions, and testimonies. Entrusted intuition guide storylines plaguing the world today and visionaries of faith who elevated sensibility while gifting their existence to the survival of this illusion we christen home and the mentality of its inhabitants. The challenging but enthralling task of sifting through histor... more
  • Trail Markers

    by Cym Aros

    This tale - the first in a series of three - opens in the summer of 1874, in a prison camp south of Carson City. Falsely accused and incarcerated, two brothers find themselves in a losing battle to survive corrupt and brutal conditions.

    Jesse Thomson and Cole Franklin are half-brothers, strictly speaking, though Cole is lately inclined to fight anyone who might call Jesse a bastard. Cole, twenty-nine, is the scion of the late, much-lionized patriarch of a wealthy and powerful California... more

  • The Story of Rusty Pliers

    by Rusty Pliers
    Rusty invites you, along with his two best friends: Meatball and Waffles, to have the best rip-snorting, knee-smacking puppet show in the world. By adding color into the scenes, you can fill his adventure with brightness, joy, and artistic expression. Just what he needs to fulfill his dream of having a puppet show.
  • Zoe's Scavenger Hunt Fun: A Lake Vacation Activity Book

    by Rinda Beach
    Zoe may be the youngest in the family, but when her mom reveals the Roberts' Family Scavenger Hunt Fun to complete by the end of the trip, she becomes determined to beat her older siblings. The more answers she finds, the more points she will earn towards the crown of her choosing—and bragging rights for the rest of the summer. Follow Zoe and her family on their lake vacation at Norris Lake, plus have your own adventure along the way. Read along as Zoe records her answers for the hunt and use th... more
  • Acts of Dreams

    by Martin Elsant
    Jews Can Not Live in England--Case Closed? The Defendants: William and Maria Ames—English Jews who dared to challenge the Edict of Expulsion in the Court of the Star Chamber. The Prosecutor: Nicholas Barham—arrogant barrister who never lost a case. The Defense Counsel: Richard Shaw—humble-but-brilliant lawyer willing to risk everything for justice. The Judge: Christopher Hatton—Protestant who tolerated Catholics but had no use for Jews. The Monarch: Queen Elizabeth—the verdict’s... more
  • Morning Star: A Play

    by M.J. Lopergolo
    He was the Morning Star, Jehovah’s beloved Angel--but then, some unavoidable circumstances changed everything. Morning Star is a theatrical adaptation of the Biblical story of Satan and his interaction with Almighty. It covers every miniscule detail relating to Lucifer’s origins, his relationship with Jehovah,his betrayal and his vow to destroy humanity as a revenge against Jehovah. While we interpret the story of Lucifer as a classic tale of loyalty and treachery, we fail to realize that... more
  • Sour Borsht

    by Cornii Chub
    The first part of the Expat trilogy. Following an unnamed young man that is trying to find belonging in an unknown Easter-European country. When seemly, out of nowhere he confronts himself with a choice. Will he make the right one?
  • I Escaped The Salem Witch Trials: Salem, Massachusetts, 1692

    by Scott Peters
    A brave young orphan is caught up in the Salem Witch Trials, the largest and most lethal witch-hunt in American history. Can she escape disaster?
  • Masking the Truth

    by Max Parker
    A VICIOUS KILLER Join East India Company Agent Andrew Green and Bow Street Runner Scarlett Pembridge as they hunt down a brutal murderer in 1840's London. The opening chapter of the Green & Scarlett series arrives with MASKING THE TRUTH, a shocking tale of murder, corruption and revenge. A SPY AT HOME The Opium War has just broken out, and Agent Green is no longer required in China. Reassigned to a post inside of London's burgeoning Metropolitan Police force, Green finds that many of th... more
  • If I Can't Eat Flies, What Am I?

    by Alicia J. Pfaff
    I'm sure you know that frogs eat flies, but if Tad eats flies, then he breaks out in hives. So, he must not be a frog, don’t you see? A frog is something he must not be. He goes on a journey, wanders out and about, to discover what he might be (he’s determined to find out). Things don’t go as planned. That’s often the way life goes. But, Tad learns some important lessons, and by the end of the story he knows that he is still a fabulous frog who just happens to not eat flies (and that include... more
  • Escape

    by Emma Eggleston
    Laila is Richardsville High's quirky girl. She's just biding her time until graduation when she has an unusual encounter with Matty, the all-American boy next door. When Matty and Laila start to talk, he shares a secret with her. He's a part of a clinical study for a medication called effugium and it can really transport him to other places and times. Will Laila trust Matty enough to try the effugium?
  • The Accident Victim & Other Stories

    by Gopal Ramanan

    A collection of wonderful stories filled with irony, compassion, wisdom, and love. The author has masterfully brought forth to life his characters, settings, and plots. Each story has its own twists and turns that will draw the reader into each tale.

  • Junk Drawer at the Edge of the Universe

    by Steven Reed Johnson
    \tIn the beginning, Reed, the narrator of the story, is living in a red storage shed near the apartment building where Woody Guthrie wrote Roll on Columbia, Roll On. He has been living in the storage shed for five years, trying to carry out the last will and testament of his friend and mentor, Jack Ainsworth. \tThe stories begin and end in a tiny place on earth, that the narrator calls the shire, but his wanderings--often "accidently" inspired by Jack Ainsworth, leads him to far places on the e... more
  • Izzy the Cowgirl Corgi

    by Kady Toole
    Izzy, the cute but often-ignored pet corgi of Saddle Summit's sheriff, must take matters into her own paws and save the town from some pesky varmints. Don't miss this cute and clever adventure.
  • Jackson... Demons and Desperation/Love and Hope

    by Lynn McLaughlin
    Jackson battles to take control of his own mind and life but is haunted by demons. His mother faces her own turmoil and anguish, struggling to accept and understand the unthinkable, as she desperately tries to save her son. With unwavering empathy, Jackson is a bold and unforgettable story of a family navigating through the terrifying waters of mental illness. While there is no simple fix with a kiss to the forehead, will Jackson learn to hear the chatter in his head and know what to do about... more