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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Stories We Cannot Tell

    by Leslie A. Rasmussen
    Rachel is a thirty-year-old married, Jewish woman who’s wanted a baby for a long time. Katie’s a thirty-two-year-old single, Catholic woman who has been trying to find a man who’ll stick around. We follow the women individually as they find themselves pregnant, Rachel happily, Katie, not. As they enter their second trimester, they’re shocked to hear that there’s something very wrong with the babies they’re carrying. The women meet in a support group and help each other through not only the excru... more
  • Red Winter Journey

    by Paul Rushworth-Brown
    England, 1642. When bloody civil war breaks out between the King and Parliament, families and communities are driven by different allegiances. Red Winter Journey is a sweeping tale of adventure and loss, sacrifice and love, with a unique and unforgettable story of a mother’s love for her son at its heart. A historic journey of twists, turns and a dash of spirited passion.
  • Boo Boo the Shih Tzu. Happy Birthday Boo Boo!

    by Michelle Blanshei
    Boo-Boo is celebrating his first birthday and he is inviting all his friends. Boo-Boo will have breakfast in bed, delicious cake, brightly wrapped presents, colorful balloons. He will play games; pin the tail on the cat and enjoy a bone shaped piñata filled with doggie treats. What an exciting day! Happy Birthday Boo-Boo! Boo-Boo will steal your heart with his sweet disposition, big brown eyes, wagging tail, big personality, and sense of adventure. Boo-Boo the Shih Tzu - Happy Birthday Boo-Boo!... more
  • One Friday in Napa

    by Jennifer Hamm
    Vene feels like she and her mother have always been at odds—since she was a child, the first word she used to describe Olivia was “cold.” When news of her mother’s imminent death comes, Vene returns to her family’s home in Napa to see if their strained relationship can be mended, only to find Olivia as harsh as ever and their reconciliation seemingly unreachable. But when Vene stumbles upon Olivia’s old cookbook, she discovers a passion within her mother she didn’t know existed. The clipped t... more
  • Tiepolo's Greyhound

    by E. Merwin

    "Call me Piccolo." So begins the tale of a young Italian greyhound who leaves his native Venice to seek his lost father in the City of York they call New. Eager to make art, Piccolo is soon thrown off the scent of his father's trail when a great American sculptor offers him space in his Brooklyn-based studio. Duped by his own desire, Piccolo labors for neither fame nor fortune--until his baptism by the fire of a hot chili pepper ignites his career. But it is only after his retur... more

  • The Stockwell Letters

    by Jacqueline Friedland
    From USA Today best-selling and multi-award-winning author Jacqueline Friedland comes a gripping work of fiction based on the true story of female abolitionist Ann Phillips and her connection to Anthony Burns, a young man who briefly escaped American slavery and rocked the nation with his astoundingly heroic story. A passionate advocate of abolition from her earliest years, Ann’s activism was derailed just before her twenty-fourth birthday, when she fell sick with a mysterious illness. In o... more
  • The Brill Pill

    by Akemi Brodsky
    In the not-so-distant future, organs can be re-grown from a handful of stem cells. For patients who can afford the treatment and hang on to life support for long enough, the prognosis is good. Even the most complex organ of all can be reproduced in the lab with nearly perfect accuracy. Nearly. Patients of brain regeneration face a wide range of problems, from loss of motor functions or intelligence to sociopathy. Spurred by personal tragedy, research scientist William Dalal works feveris... more
  • A Guide to Indian Grocery Shopping in the USA

    by sagar patel
    Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavors, aromatic spices, and diverse ingredients. If you are an Indian living in the USA or someone who enjoys cooking Indian food, finding the right ingredients can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, there are numerous Indian grocery stores across the country that cater to the needs of the Indian diaspora. In this blog, we will explore the essentials of Indian grocery shopping in the USA and provide you with valuable tips to make your shopping experienc... more
  • The Miracle at Assisi Hill

    by Pat Camalliere
    Emotionally scarred after\t battling cancer, amateur historian Cora Tozzi is troubled by religious doubts. She immerses herself in the life of a convent in her home town, Lemont, Illinois, agreeing to coauthor a book about the history of the religious order. Soon she discovers her problems are only beginning. She befriends a harmonica-playing young nun who is guarding a secret, and when Cora’s husband, Cisco, becomes seriously ill, she prays for help to a mysterious visitor from heaven. Soon Cor... more
  • The Present Perfect

    by Cynthia Wishengrad
    A 28-year-old half French/half American linguist and her father, a cardiothoracic surgeon, attempt to redefine their lives after a transformational family tragedy, ultimately making very different choices. What begins as a story of grief and regret evolves into an examination of personal choice: how to live life. The diverse cast of characters in this novel grapple with a diverse set of issues including friendship, gay identity, same-sex adoption, deafness, sibling rivalry, the wisdom of ancient... more
  • Bison Blog: An Erutuf National Park Novel

    by Kathy Arnold Cherry
    Reese and Dean return for another exciting visit to the magical Erutuf National Park. The siblings arrive in the valley part of the park and meet a talking bison named Lamar. Lamar needs their help. Can Reese and Dean work together while facing new challenges to protect this national park? Will they get some unexpected assistance on this mission? Can they guard the secret map from a new set of pirates?
  • Beyond a Thousand Words

    by Michael Rose
    As 1954 Vietnam roils from its conflict with the French interlopers, American photographer Coty Fine leaves Hanoi in a rush on the flatbed of a truck. Also on the truck is a French priest, Laurent Sabatier — a man who will forever change the course of Coty’s life. Decades later, Coty struggles to repair the frayed bond between Jette, her often-absent, widowed daughter, and Evelyn, her only grandchild. Evelyn, at the behest of her grandmother, travels to Vietnam to locate a nun, Sister La... more
  • There Are Dinosaurs in the Library

    by A.G. Allen
    It’s library day and Mrs. Barker would love to take her class for a visit. But it will take some creative thinking and imagination to persuade a distracted student named Alyssa to get with the program. When Mrs. Barker reminds the class there will be dinosaurs in the library, everyone including Alyssa is eager to go. Boy are they surprised (and a little frightened) when the library transforms into a Jurassic playground. There Are Dinosaurs in the Library! is for readers age 4 to 10.
  • Beside the Still Waters

    by Jacqueline T. Lynch

    Four towns…dismantled as an entire valley is prepared to be flooded. Based on actual events that displaced four entire towns in central Massachusetts in the 1920s and 1930s for the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir, three generations weave a tapestry of isolation and stubborn independence, battling the forces of nature, the Commonwealth, and each other in this family saga. Families are torn apart, divided between those who protest the construction, those who give up and leave while... more

  • Rhyme of the Aged Hummingbird

    by Kirsten L. Marie
    Second book in the Nature’s Li’l Samaritans series. Inspired by a true story, with allusions to Samuel Coleridge’s mariner’s tale. In Rhyme of the Aged Hummingbird, an Anna’s takes readers on an informative, interactive journey from his bird’s-eye view, looking for resources and hinting that he has a deeper story to share. Fans discover what a day in the life is like for these tiny birds and witness the symbiosis between humans and nature. Compelling verse weaves together S.T.E.M. content and vi... more
  • The Carpenter Bee

    by Kirsten L. Marie

    Book One of Nature's Li'l Samaritans children's series. The Carpenter Bee, told in verse, recounts a parent and child’s extraordinary encounter with the unknown. Based on a true story and an allegory, the tale promotes understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things, while encouraging a sense of mutual responsibility and community. Beautiful illustrations and photographs accompany what will undoubtedly grow to be a childhood treasure among books. Will also encou... more