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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Redneck Opera

    by Margaret Mooney
    Redneck Opera is a sweeping tale about an East Texas oil boomtown. The discovery of oil in the 1930s and 1940s transformed sleepy farm towns into hotbeds of greed and corruption. Redneck Opera tells the story of one such town, Bullard, where Junior Peck arrives fresh from a difficult childhood. Here to seek his fortune and respect, Junior, like other outsiders, preys upon unsuspecting locals, swindling everyone from dirt-poor cotton farmers to his wife Priss. His wildcatter escapades, social eve... more
  • Flames

    by Ginny L. Yttrup
    When betrayal’s flames explode, can Jessica Weaver save what matters most? I preserve legacies... So begins the story of Jessica Weaver—wife, mother, and fire archeologist. Preserving Yosemite National Park’s natural and cultural resources is Jessica’s job. Preserving her family’s legacy is her obsession. But when she discovers her husband’s infidelity, betrayal’s flames threaten her family and all she’s fought to protect. Haley Weaver, a sophomore in high school, is a daddy’s girl. As ... more
  • Big Data Is Watching You!

    by Bruce Hartman

    It’s way past 1984.  Your toothbrush, your coffee maker and your Rice Krispies are running your life.  But don’t worry... BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU!

    Welcome to Goozle Earth®, a dystopia where the all-knowing and all-powerful force of Big Data rules humanity through the Internet of Things and the corporate power of Goozle Inc.  Where English® and every possible combination of words has been copyrighted and the only law is the Terms of Service, which has ... more

  • Capitol Kid

    by Bill Gourgey

    A homeless teen with nothing to lose… A corrupt politician with everything to lose… What could possibly go wrong?

    On the run from local drug dealers, a young hacker hides out in the U.S. Capitol and soon finds himself entangled in a dastardly political conspiracy. 

    From the shadows of the U.S. Capitol, can a runaway change his country?

    When thirteen-year-old Boot doesn’t have the money to pay his mom’s... more

  • Poems of the Elder Edda

    by Bruce Van Deventer
    (Audiobook) Thor, Odin, Loki, Brynhild, the Valkyries – the gods and heroes of old Norse mythology live on today in popular culture. But where did they come from? Much of what we know of the myths of the Norsemen comes from two collections: the Prose Edda, a collection of oral histories compiled in the thirteenth century by the historian Snorri Sturluson, and the Elder Edda, a collection of poems compiled by anonymous scholars and contained in a single surviving manuscript, the Codex Regius. ... more
  • White Coat Fever

    by Roland Jefferson
    While attending college, four childhood friends are thrown into the civil rights movement and its conflicts of race, class, color and ideology. But noble ideologies can sometimes go tragically awry.
  • Delivering Virtue

    by Brian Kindall

    Hilariously inappropriate, squirmingly irreverent, and oddly charming, DELIVERING VIRTUE will deliver you on an epic journey out of your comfort zone and into a mystical transcendence you didn't see coming. Didier Rain, bumbling ne'er-do-well and dissolute poet, is hired by the Church of the Restructured Truth to deliver a child-bride across the frontier of 1854 to their prophet Nehi in his stronghold a the City of Rocks. The landscape is rife with hooligans, carnal temptatio... more

  • Motivations

    by Peter Stockwell
    Roger and Mary Waite have the ideal marriage until her suicidal history returns and raising children and pressures of life cause anxiety and depression. Roger asks Victoria Johnson, Mary’s adolescent, attractive sister, for help with keeping Mary stable. Emotional attachments become entanglements as Roger sees the woman he married in Vickie and Vickie wants to explore becoming a woman with the man who transformed her sister into a vibrant satisfied woman when they met in college. Can each person... more
  • Across the Border: Interview with a Refugee (Volume 1)

    by I.C. Rivera
    In a bold search for new life experiences—and the eagerness to alleviate deception with traces of an international romance—the beautiful and ever-independent Isabel Alvarez trades her cozy American Dream for a chance to live within the notoriously-multicultural Kingdom of the Netherlands. Holding on to her ambitious mindset and vast work experience, she assumes to have the expat life completely under her control, unsuspecting that she would soon end up at the very bottom of the social pyramid. A... more
  • Peter the Slug and the Great Forest Race

    by Jennifer Klath
    Peter the Slug has a dream. An impossible dream. He wants to run in the Great Forest Race. But slugs always finish last. Everyone says so.
  • Two for the Heart (Stories in Pairs Book 1)

    by Ekta R. Garg
    A man and a woman get their divorce papers right after the wedding. A woman learns she's suffering from amnesia. Two stories about relationships and the power of love. Two stories with characters to remember. Two stories for the heart. "The Proposal": Pooja and Akshay don't want to bother with relationships, but they get cornered into marriage. The two devise a fool-proof plan: get married, then get their divorce papers ready. But will they have the guts to go through with the break up? "R... more
  • The Paper Boat (a novel on the life of Percy Bysshe Shelley)

    by Elizabeth McKague
    The Paper Boat, (604 pages), is a novel based on the life and work of the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). The novel begins in Pisa, Italy, nine months before Shelley’s death and flashes back to trace his vigorous interior and multifarious exterior life. The book exhibits extensive and thorough research and although most of the scenes stem from accurate historical facts, it is a work of fiction. Shelley’s relationship with his wife Mary is tender yet complicated by financial hards... more
  • There Ain't No Justice

    by Norman Shabel
    There Ain’t No Justice takes place in 1976 and portrays the life of Joshua, “Josh”, Gordon, a New Jersey Assistant Prosecutor, assigned the daunting task of convincing a jury that Jesse Springfield, a poor country girl, was raped by Robert Anderson, an honored war veteran. This story highlights the relationships Josh has with his friends, family and colleagues and how each one ignites his never-ending pursuit of justice. Every chapter divulges a new layered character and their pinnacle rol... more
  • Counting with Common Cents: Penny's Journey

    by Deirdre McCarthy
    Counting with Common Cents: Penny's Journey is the recipient of the 2015 Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award. It won in the category of Children's Book of the Year, Saving and Investing. The book is a clever children's picture book that takes the reader on a magical counting journey. It's memorable rhymes and page turning text encourage the reader to be an active participant throughout the story. The main character, Penny, inspires children to count by ones using pennies... more
  • First do no harm

    by Peter Sykes
    It is 1974 and the City General Hospital is in crisis; the nurses furious that their claim for better pay has been refused, the consultants insisting on the right to treat private patients and the junior doctors demanding a reduction in their hours. The NHS is about to be disrupted by the worst industrial action it has ever seen. This novel interweaves the twists and turns of the political struggle with stories of day to day life in the hospital. It follows the nurses as they march to Downing... more
  • Claire and I

    by Kailey Haynes
    Keira Gregor, a 17-year-old cancer patient, always knew the hospital as her home. Due to becoming ill at a young age, Keira never knew what life was like outside her cancer. Everything begins to change when Keira meets Claire, a mysterious girl who is up to no good. When they come to a deal, the two are thrust into a trip together as part of Keira’s final wish (courtesy of the Wishes for Dying Kids Association). As Keira and Claire travel around the world, they begin to open up to each other, bu... more