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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • After the Sucker Punch: a Novel

    by Lorraine Devon Wilke

    They buried her father at noon, at five she found his journals, and in the time it took to read one-and-a-half pages her world turned upside down… he thought she was a failure.

    Every child, no matter what age, wants to know their father loves them, and Tessa Curzio – thirty-six, emerging writer, ex-rocker, lapsed Catholic, defected Scientologist, and fourth in a family of eight complicated people – is no exception. But just when she thought her twitchy life was f... more

  • Hayden's Halloween

    by Brenda Spalding
    It's time for the annual Halloween Party on the farm. The guest come in costume and enjoy a bon fire and haunted house. Some special creatures of the night arrive and a Halloween treat for everyone.
  • Hayden's Garden

    by Brenda Spalding
    Hayden want's to grow a vegetable garden to help the family. things don't go quite as planned but with help from his family and the local farm stand he learns a valuable lesson in commerce.
  • Everywhere Man

    by Jim Nelson

    "It was a year ago today we discovered the Everywhere Man." 

    So begins the search for a man obscured and faceless in millions of tourist photos taken along San Francisco's historic cable car routes. Never identified, his anonymity quietly frustrates the fabric of the city's digital history until the explosive moment arrives when he can no longer be ignored. 

    Everywhere Man invites the reader aboard a cable car and into a mystery ... more

  • A Concordance of One's Life

    by Jim Nelson
    • A young man indexes his memoirs into a concordance, creating a media sensation as millions of readers jockey to decode his unpublished life story.
    • A man constructs his new girlfriend from scraps of photos collected off the Internet.
    • A shortwave radio threatens to demolish a South Pacific island culture's traditions.
    • Two Americans in a sleepy Mediterranean seaside town witness a bizarre annual ritual performed by the locals.
    • A professional obituary writ... more
  • Searching for Nada

    by Jeff Haas
    "A collection of amusing stories that will pique the imagination." --Kirkus Reviews
  • Over the Yahoola

    by Johnee Cherry
    Lilly Corn doesn't have time to believe in old penny-behind-the-ear tricks. She's been bamboozled by a man too many times. Voodoo, shaman tricks, and omens are make-believe as far as Lilly is concerned and the mention of folklore will strike flames in her eyes She has a full-time job, her aging father, a rambunctious son, a tiresome ex and Sally's Pick-Ur-Own blueberry farm to upkeep. When Hudson McGee shows up, after her father put up a help wanted sign, looking for a place to camp-out, she bal... more
  • A Word to Rhyme with Orange

    by Matthew Wilson
    Suppose you live in a world where the only way to court a girl is to write her a rhyming poem, but the girl you're in love with has a name that doesn't rhyme with anything. What would you do if you had to find a new word? This is the plot of "A Word to Rhyme with Orange", a story told in rhyme with hand painted illustrations. A treat for fairy tale lovers of all ages.
  • Just Batty

    by Brenda Spalding
    Hayden learns about bats in school and how they are struggling to survive. His family helps him build a bats box on the family farm to help the bats survive.
  • The Hoppernots

    by Deborah Blake Dempsey

    The Hoppernots deliver an unforgettable adventure about friendship, strange alliances, and community.
    When frightened Elders announce a Hoppernot sighting, Max, Cristobel, and Spyder think they know exactly what to do. With a nose for adventure­­­­­--and because the Elders are all talk and no hop--they sneak off to find out if the legendary creatures are real and discover Hoppernots not only exist, but they are destroying their home. 
    &n... more

  • Lincoln Raw: a biographical novel

    by DL Fowler

    A rare journey into the heart and mind of Abraham Lincoln, because events don't make history ... people do.

    Abraham Lincoln is inescapably human, reliving the gauntlet of tragedy and abuse that should have consumed him, exposing his private reasons for standing firm on the brink of war.

  • The Truth About Emily

    by Madi Brown
    29-year-old Emily Greene looks the part, but she’s still working on becoming a modern-day woman. Not that she’s one to back down from a challenge, but living as an eternal work-in-progress wasn't exactly the goal that she had in mind. It’s a harsh but true realization---the idea that that time isn't on her side, and the notion that wanting to have it all, doesn't mean getting it. The verdict is in; with zero prospects for a relationship and a stalled blogging career, Emily has every reason to be... more
  • Girls.

    by Jo Vraca
    Good girls and bad girls, they're everywhere. Which one are you? Girls is a collection of short stories about young women in the city and the country, who are living with choices made by, and for, them. Dive into their lives.
  • The Dragon's Daughter

    by Sharon Honeycutt
    Mariah Baxter only has to make it through two more years in Fountain Park and then she can get away—away from her small town, from the kids at school who hate her, but most of all from her dad who just happens to be a grand dragon in the Ku Klux Klan. For more than ten years, Mariah’s worn the robe and hood. She’s gone to the rallies, carried the torches. For more than ten years, she’s toed the line. She’s been the good Klan daughter her father expected her to be—there were no other option... more
  • Taking Stock

    by Scott Bartlett
    Just as Sheldon Mason is about to end it all, he meets his upstairs neighbour, a drug dealer named Sam. Sam gets him professional help, as well as a job at a local grocery store. As he struggles to make sense of his life, Sheldon starts to notice something odd about one of his new co-workers, Gilbert Ryan. Gilbert seems to know about Sheldon's mental health issues - in fact, he seems to know secrets about everyone. And Gilbert sees value in Sheldon...
  • The Women of Great Island

    by Dianne Comiskey
    A colonial English public house, on an island in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, between the years 1690-1740, provides the setting. Established as a refuge and lookout station for on-shore whalers, the tavern becomes home to six women. First and third person narratives trace their stories and relationships--bonds that mirror the social, matriarchal behavior of the pilot whales the men hunt.